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Found 10 results

  1. I have used the following instructions successfully to replace the group gasket on my Gaggia TS: http://www.bluebox.com.au/jcrayon/gaggia/
  2. Refer to http://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?3634-baby-twin for details
  3. Does anybody k ow of a good source of beginner videos, a bit more specific than just search YouTube lol ? I appreciate their are some great how-to's on here but sometimes a video can really help.
  4. Ok, not an in-depth how-to really, perhaps more of a nudge for people that might have left it for too long. Backstory is that, in my E61 HX circa 2004, the pump started making sounds I didn't really care for. Tried reasoning with it, tried complimenting it, even went as far as trying to threaten it, but no joy. With that out of the way, and upon discovering that a replacement pump was only £17, I pressed "shut up and take my money!!!". The new pump arrived today; must admit that even though it looks exactly like the old one, there's something exciting about her. Might have something to do with the fact that I have only had 2 hours of sleep, and the possibility of bleeding fingers and knuckles trying to replace her was high. I mean who amongst us doesn't jump at the opportunity to bleed a little while doing "manly" work. The rest as they say is history, the old girl put up a fight, my fingers bleed, tools allegedly fell onto the glass table, but I emerged victorious. Currently drinking an IPA to celebrate the small victories in life.
  5. Sorry I know this is an absolutely stupid question, and most of you guys who are used to manual brewing can do this for one second or less but I'm not sure how to fold this thing. I folded it the wrong way and my chemex didn't come up clean because the grounds fell into the water. I searched through google and youtube but none of them helped me enough for this thing. If anyone would create a 5-10 second video or send me pictures/links showing how this should be done, I would totally appreciate it. Mine is the square filter just exactly the same as the picture. Cheers!
  6. Hi all, I have decided to make and post some videos, showing my workflow, regarding various coffee making techniques. I've already posted a video of flat white done with Rancilio Silvia, but I would like to aggregate these in a one thread. I will be adding more as I get time to create them. Thanks! The first one is making a flat white at home, using Rancilio Silvia with PID and the Kinu M68 grinder: [video=youtube_share;u5tGpp_MCnc]
  7. Hi guys, Hi have a slight issue with my extractions and I am having trouble finding a solution. When i make an espresso I often have some water left on the top of my ground coffee inside my portafilter. The coffee I make is good but I stil think I am doing something wrong, I had a look at having a longer or shorter extraction but the results are quite similar. I was wondering if any of you had the same problem and if someone found a solution? I know they are loads of parameters to look for when making an espresso but I was wondering if there was a simple solution out there? Many thanks C.
  8. Ok folks, took the plunge and ordered a generic e61 group service kit from BB. It arrived yesterday, and today spent a few hours taking the group apart and replacing washers and seals. What I found is: For a 16 year old machine, the group is in pretty good shape! All of the seals and washers needed replacing. The cams and mushroom, even though are slightly worn, don't appear to need replacement. Finally, this is indeed a "generic " kit; in my case, only the seals and washers could be used, and even those with a bit of risk as they where thinner. The springs supplied are all either shorter or longer or have completely different "thread spacing ", being the distance between the coil revolutions. Since my springs appear to be in good condition and stiff enough, I decided not to risk putting in different spring lengths. Below are a few pics I took for everyone's amusement. If you see a glaring mistake, feel free to point it out. Have to break these into multiple posts due to size limitations. I tested the machine after putting it back together, using a blind portafilter, both while cold and again after reaching proper temperature, and it seems to work fine without any leaks.
  9. Hello everyone, This is my first post, but I'm hoping you'll be able to help me, as I fear I may be soon going through coffee withdrawal symptoms! My Fabulous Sage Barista Express (which I've owned since 2013 making anything between 4 and 10 espressos per day, every day) has developed a leak. Initially I thought it was just a case of the seal in the release valve broken, but after I've managed to open the machine, it looks much worse. I've attached a few photos here and a short video pointing to the leak (hopefully the link is working!). It seems the leak is from the white tube (apologies for my inaccurate technical language) and water drops on the black square rubber seal and is then dropped further down. https://photos.app.goo.gl/VqdQAqgSb38puF8P7 Is there any hope in fixing it and if so, what would be your suggestions? I await your responses with anticipation!
  10. Hi All, I have tried different beans from several roasters in London and whilst I've managed to make a decent coffee with other brands of beans I always had trouble making a good cup of coffee with the Red brick blend from Square Mile. I've read the instruction on the website but I still end up with quite a weak taste, I always drink my coffee with milk and the milk always seems to overpower the coffee. When I do taste this blend in a coffee shop the coffee is always stronger and have a distinct flavour I really like, I just don't seem to be able to recreate it at home. Here's my set up. Grinder: Gaggia MDF Coffee machine: Gaggia classic with naked portafilter (and new steam wand) Weight of ground coffee: 16g Weight of brewed coffee: 30g Time: 30 - 32s I have to grind the coffee quite fine to get to a acceptable brew time and weight, could it be that the gaggia classic's pressure is too high? I've read somewhere that some people reduce the pressure on their machine and as a result of that the coffee taste better. Anyway I've tried quite a few things and so far nothing works, I'm a bit stuck really so this is why I'm asking for help! :-) Please let me know if someone had the same problems and found a way to extract Red Brick! Many thanks Claude
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