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Found 12 results

  1. Im looking to buy a Hottop roaster, B model - Does anyone know of any new or used for sale at a reasonable price? Needs to be 240V UK model hence US suppliers are out...:-( Any help appreciated - or better still, let me know if you have one for sale - i'd collect from almost anywhere! Thanks, MrShades
  2. About 16 months ago I purchased new Hottop KN-8828-2K. I've made over 70 roasts so far. I keep the roaster at home. For roasting time I take it to the shed outside. I follow the maintenance guide to keep it good condition. Nevertheless last winter I had a problem. RCD tripped sometimes in the last stage of roasting (after 1st crack). I found that solenoid was causing the tripping. I didn't know how to fix it, so I unplugged it internally. I can still empty the roaster when needed using the knob on the rear wall of the roaster. Tripping occurs sometimes but I can't find the root cause just because my electrical skills are quite limited. Spares are available from on http://hottopusa.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc? They have also office in UK where I ordered the machine and spares may be also available there if needed. Why I am selling my Hottop? I can still roast and enjoy great coffee but I got a little bored with the weekly procedure of roasting another batch. On the one hand I still love to drink quality coffee on the other hand I think that I am not passionate enough about roasting. I'll be happy to show in person how the roaster works before a transaction. Price: £750 Payment: cash or instant bank transfer on collection time Postage: I would suggest collection in person. Before transaction I'll show how the machine works by roasting batch of coffee. Location: Leigh (near Manchester)
  3. Hi All, im afer thoughts and reconendations for a home coffee roaster ans thought there dosn't seem to be a topic listing all the options in the UK! im starting off having never roasted however i want to get a roaster that is going to be able to product a close to commercial (a speciality roaster) coffee. as far as i can see there are the options Gene Cafe from BB @ £500 - a small roaster, great to learn on but maybe a little limited on control. Un-modified it will do on OK job of roasting 250g from what i can tell in the threads. Hottop roaster from the London warehouse (i emailed the supplier through the e-portal last week) @£1450 + £80pp this will allow you to have greater control with both fan and heat, also giving the ability to connect to software such as Artisan. it will roast you upto 250g. Cormorant CR600 £c.1600 this is Gas roaster and looks the business (looks are subjective) and will roast up to 600g per batch. I do have a concern that its not CE rated. Again this roaster will give control over heat, fan and drum speed. this also has the ability (with additional thermocouples, allowing software connection). Then we are on to the Amazon Dalian and Aillio Bullet, im less aware of these but
  4. It is in the US but they are offering shipping anywhere . . . And what? Antique/Vintage? Well, whatever it is it is overpriced, in my view. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vintage-Antique-Hottop-Coffee-Bean-Roaster-Model-KN-8828-120V-Green-Label-/253209895006
  5. Much as I love the Gene Café its about time Genesis updated the design. Its been around for 10 years now with no updates – and its begining to look very old fashioned, particularly compared to the Aillio. I’ve just completed 3 back to back roasts and to be honest, I’m getting fed up. I want:- 1. Larger capacity 2. A large modern slowly rotating, QUIET fan 3. A proper control system – preferably with blue tooth with software for Windows and OSX. Am I asking to much?
  6. I've got my eye on a cheap, second hand home roaster, the iRoast 2. I've read reviews and, while being a good roaster, it's obscenely hard to use, but it's next competitor is £200 more than this is going for. Anyone else roast at home? Any tips or tricks, or horror stories about the iRoast? Love ya, Seamus
  7. Don't see them often . . . https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Excellent-Condition-HotTop-Home-Coffee-Roaster-KN-8828B-2-w-Extra-Filter-/113746706701
  8. I can't find any specific owners thread on here although with the proliferation of great sources of beans these days home roasting isn't as busy a subject as it was when I got mine... Ok. I am about to bring my KN-8828B-2 out of retirement. It has been mothballed since a move a few years back. I have found the US site a great source of info for any model queries etc. but I am after some help from anyone who is still using these or who has any top tips. I have never ever been concerned with the in depth profiling and obsessive data mapping available with the more expensive P version and software. But I am hoping someone can suggest how to get the best from my B version. Beyond looking at panel upgrades. Which I am not fussed about, are there any tweaks, mods, or tips? Or links to help? Otherwise I am going to inbox, clean off the dust, and carry on my old habit of just sticking in about 200g and running until I determine end point by the sounds I hear (usually trying to pitch where second crack is starting and dumping about that point). Without over complicating it I suspect there may be a better way!
  9. I have been away for a while & although I completed the work involved in computerising my Hottop P Roaster before I departed, I only managed to complete a few trial roasts at that time. Over the past 2 days I have really got into it. Have now put through some 14 roasts of various beans & I am delighted with the results. Here is a synopsis of the roasts. Taste - the most important in my view, has become that little bit deeper. Control - simplified almost beyond belief. My Hottop is the 'P' programmable. Very difficult to obtain desired results through the 8/9 segments with the heater only either full on or off . I know the 'B' version is better as you are able to make changes 'on the fly' but it requires constant attention & adjustment. Possible but not easy to repeat a satisfactory result. Having the ability to set everything up on the computer in advance by scripting the heater & fan operation is a remarkable asset. Couple this with the simplicity of doing just that makes it an absolute joy to use. The program retains the manual override so that you can adapt to any unforeseen circumstances. Bring back the stored program at any time & it will repeat exactly what has happened before. Operation - I have chosen to drop the beans in at 130C with max heater & no fan. At 180C I ask it to keep heat at 100% but start the fan at 30%. 185C I drop the heat to 80% & the fan remains at 30%. Thus to 1st crack which I mark by a touch of the spacebar. At 45 seconds after 1st crack the heater drops to 45% & the fan remains at 30% I mark the end of 1st crack & from that time onwards I can eject the beans to suit the degree of roast required for each specific bean. I have the ability to lengthen the gap between end 1st & beginning second at will & play with the so called 'drying time'. Noticeable Differences - above all, smell. You can follow the roast progress almost by smell alone. Things happen generally at a lower indicated temperature than before. This means less wear on the Machine, more use out of the rear filter, easier cleaning & louder cracks. Finally, in my opinion, if you have spent £700+ on a Hottop and you choose not to computerise it you will miss out on how good a machine it really is. As indicated elsewhere total cost £150/£190 dependant on TCs you choose A lot of folk have showed interest on what I have been able to do thanks to GreenBean & Co. I don't like to cross post but please excuse me on this occasion due to the interest.
  10. Quickmill Andreja Premium 2008, supplied via Bella Barrista. My own machine, light personal use (average 3 shots a day) and regularly maintained. Recent de-scale of vacuum valve, boiler de-scaled last year. We live in a moderate hard water area, all water used has been filtered. Complete with both single and double portafilters, naked portafilter, blind basket, original and extra instructions and metal tamper. The group head has been regularly cleaned but group is due for a full service. When taken out of the kitchen last week was fully working and pulling great shots. Reason for sale new kitchen, different space and drinking less coffee, gone La Pavoni! The only issue I am aware of is repeated limit stat failure, a well known problem with these machines when water splashes from the vacuum valve during warming up onto the stat. Mine went three times so it is now bypassed, the stat has never popped due to overheating. There are various mods for this but have not tried any. The machine is available for pick-up in the Lancashire/Merseyside border area. I have limited mobility and can not pack well enough plus I would rather buyer test machine first. Will email photos to interested parties. Open to sensible offers, might also part with my hottop roaster too Email: davidwest AT locomobile.plus.com Please replace AT with @
  11. Been Espresso addict for over ten years Home roasting for the last 8 years Currently using: La Pavoni Pro (new acquisition) Just leaving a Quickmill Andreja Premium (now selling) Anfin Best grinder Hottop , Behnor and Cafe Genie roasters yes I know too many Other things you can do with steam check my website: http://www.locomobile.plus.com/ Hope you enjoy looking David
  12. I have a problem with my HOTTOP KN-8828B-2K. I've been using the roaster for seven months now and it's 38 roasts old. I always roast 250g batches. And then during the 28th roast, somewhere between 200-210 degrees Celsius the RCD in my shed tripped (this is where I roast coffee). I could not switch it back on while the machine was physically connected to a socket. I had to wait several minutes before I could turn it on again and dispose half-burned batch into cooling tray. Same story happened during the following roast few days later. My first thought was that it was heat related issue so I decided to replace the back filter to improve airflow. I washed the old filter before in a coffee machine cleaner solution after 12 roasts before. Having new filter installed I could enjoy another 6 roast from the beginning to the end. Then the 36th roast was unsuccessful again - the RCD has tripped in similar temperature range as before (200-210 degrees Celsius). This time I decided to align the heating element because it was too close to the wall of the roasting chamber. It was nearly touching it looking from the front side of the roaster. It was aligned like that from the very beginning so I didn't alter the factory alignment for quite a long time. 37th roast. I finished roasting just after the first crack. The temperature was 210 degrees Celsius when I disposed the beans to the cooling tray. I was happy that there was no RCD trip this time and then during the cooling phase it tripped! My first thougt was - it is not heating element failure because it was off during cooling phase. 38th roast. I decided to warm up the shed before roasting. It was 5 degrees Celsius inside and quite high level of moisture. I warmed up the air to about 18 degrees. Moisture level dropped to about 60%. RCD has tripped during the first crack... I keep my HotTop in my house in dry and warm environment. I take it out to my shed only for roasting. I have no idea what is wrong. Can anybody help me?
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