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Found 16 results

  1. Morning everyone, I'm new to the home roasting game but have worked in a roastery for the last year so have some idea of the roasting process etc. I'm ready to make the leap into the 1kg market and have been looking at the following roasters: Toper Cafemino Dalian Amazon Golden GR1 North TJ-067 (From Mill City Roasters in the States) Now I did also have a good look into the Aillio Bullet but there's still not much information out there even though it has been on the market for a little while. There is currently no distributer here in UK and I'm worried about cost of parts/if it ever needed repairs etc. The tech seems pretty advanced but I can't help but think that this means more could go wrong and be harder to fix. I've also read that it has no tryer and had been designed with a monthly roast limit of 100kg which has put me off. We had a 30kg Toper where I previously worked and although this is obviously 30 times bigger, as a manufacturer I found the build quality/reliability was good. It didn't break down the whole time I was part of the company and I can't remember a bad batch coming out of the drum. However, the price of the Cafemino is twice that of the Dalian. Would I just paying the additional cost for the name alone? The TJ-067 seems quite similar to the Dalian in build quality/features but I couldn't find a distributer in the UK. Does anybody know if there is one? The reviews on the Mill City site look great and it is affordable. Just a shame about that little stretch of water that is known as the Atlantic Ocean! The GR1 is a bit of a mystery. The only info I can find is on a distributers website and have been unable to uncover any reviews. I've submitted a price enquiry so maybe I'll get a little more information from them. Would be great to get my hands on feedback from the public though. My main aim is to find a machine that I can learn on. Roll my sleeves up and get hands on with the process. So if it doesn't come with software etc I'm not too bothered. Probably out of my price range anyway. I want to be able to produce consistent, high quality roasts with the ability to batch roast if I decide I want to sell coffee in future. Lastly, I'm looking for a tried and tested machine that is safe, solid and parts are easy/cheap to come by. Would be fantastic to get some insight from anyone who has owned one of the above or used one. It would be a great help. Many thanks, James
  2. Are there any home roasters out there?, how about showing off your set-ups and getting some roasting discussions going.
  3. I do, but I have no idea how to go about it! In my post about Costa beans people have started talking about roasting their own beans. Now this has always seemed like Nirvana to me and probably too complicated for me to attempt. Am I right or is it easier than I think? Do I need any special gear? I like an Italian style roast which I understand is a dark roast, but what beans is it made up of? Does it matter? Can someone give a few pointers on home roasting, please?
  4. Hi, I'm thinking of dipping my toe in the water to see if home roasting is for me. So I'm thinking of buying a cheap popcorn maker for a few attempts before making the decision on whether to continue down the home roasting route. However, the internet is full of advice on what popcorn maker to get if you are in the US, but no advice on what makes are available with side vents in the UK. So my question is.... can anyone point me in the right direction of models available in the UK that are side vented? Thanks, Colin
  5. I've been tinkering with espresso for the last 6 months or so, constantly checking grind size, tamping, input, output etc. and getting a bit obsessed with the whole thing. Due to a postal f$_€ up, the only beans I had in the house this morning were some green Nicaragua finca el bosque. So, I chucked some in the popcorn popper, roasted and cooled them, ground them and brewed them up in a caffetierre. The whole process took me about half an hour and the result........the most satisfying cup of coffee I've had in a long time!
  6. Once upon a time, in a land not so far away... I though coffee was a straightforward proposition. And then I came upon this forum and learned that I was only partly right. You see I am not a coffee technician but I love the ritual of grinding beans and making an espresso with my Caravel. I'm no master barista, but the output is lovely and I'm happy. I've found a good balance for now but no doubt I'll come looking for a more advanced machine in due course. But for now I'm intrigued by home roasting and am tempted to cross over to the BST section and keep an eye out for a Gene (shame to miss one the other day!) or similar. I know I'll not spend hours roasting and that I'll be a mere weekend warrior, and wonder whether decent results can be obtained by the likes of me or if it requires total commitment? Are there others out there like me who obtain consistently good roasts or am I deluded?
  7. Hello everyone. Just joined after 15 years plus of making cappas on a gaggia evolution. Liked costa beans, but when they decided to stop selling whole beans it was time to get more serious (obsessive ha). Started trying lots of single origin beans.....then blending my own coffee........then home roasting each origin and then blending......modifying my grinder......and buying a gaggia classic.....superb machine. Next step is borrowing someone's pressure gauge / OPV adjust......so if you have one Please message me....and if you live in Newcastle / Northumberland and have one, could I come round and borrow? If you are local and interested in trying my home roasted blend at it's peak of three days after roasting, let me know.......if you have a pressure gauge I could send you some of my home roast back with your gauge........nice eh? Great forum and people, good to find it.
  8. P.B

    new here...

    ...but I've been lurking for a few weeks. Nice to find such an active UK based coffee forum (TMC is a shadow of it's former self and H-B is very US-centric) so I thought I'd join and that way I'd be able to see the pics and contribute in some way. Been into coffee for a long time but only in an expensive way for about 6 years when I brought a KitchenAid dual bolier espresso machine (a Gaggia in a posh frock) and grinder. Took them both back after two weeks and ended up with a QuickMill Andreja Premium and Macap M4. Now a few years later I have a Olympia Cremina and a Mazzer Mini-E. I also home roast but don't particularly enjoy it and I don't think I'm that good at it so I'd rather buy from a pro. Paul
  9. ycymro


    Just a quick introduction. I have been interested in coffee for a number of years but recently found hasbean and square mile and taken me up a level. Based in north Wales and unfortunately I fit the steriotype of working in it . Much excitement today my roaster arived
  10. I live in Reading, UK and am just about to start using my popcorm maker to roast my own beans. My problem is that I can't find anywhere in the UK that sells them. Ideally I would like to find someone around Reading but an online UK web based shop would do me fine. Does anyone have any ideas please. Thanks, Phil
  11. Order of 10k yesterday received this morning, super fast delivery, as its my first order from SBR, so looks like further orders from me.
  12. Glenn

    The ultimate gadget?

    For some, this might be the ultimate gadget However, I put my trust in the professional roasters from around the world, who, to borrow a quote from Steve Leighton of Hasbean Coffee, 'just brown the beans'. The quote is very tongue in cheek as there is a science to roasting coffee and practice makes perfect. The professional roasters often have direct links to farms and access to a greater variety of greens than the average home roaster, although some are willing to sell green beans now. I'd be really interested in providing a kilo of greens that will be home roasted, to compare alongside the offering of a professional roaster (eg 4 x 250g of the same beans roasted by the home roaster and the professional roaster) So, if anyone has one of these machines and would like to step up to the challenge then get in touch.
  13. I've got my eye on a cheap, second hand home roaster, the iRoast 2. I've read reviews and, while being a good roaster, it's obscenely hard to use, but it's next competitor is £200 more than this is going for. Anyone else roast at home? Any tips or tricks, or horror stories about the iRoast? Love ya, Seamus
  14. building my roaster and looking at adding one of these for monitoring my temps (also has pc logging and works (apparently) with artisan) anyone had any experiences with one, are they any good?, do they respond quick enough? and any other questions you think i should be asking. MASTECH MS6514 Dual Channel Digital Thermometer Temperature Logger http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/201730624535?_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
  15. Hi all, this weekend I've been looking into the merits of home roasting and I've come to the conclusion that it isn't the expensive hobby I thought it was! I'm thinking of getting a popcorn popper to get started with the basics then maybe next year looking at the behmor 1600. The main draw for me is bring able to buy a couple of kilograms of green beans and then not feel under pressure to use them quickly like I do with roasted beans. Plus it's about 25% cheaper than buying roasted! Does anyone else roast at home? Any tips to get me started?
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