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  1. Received this in an email from LW: HG-1 Hand Grinder is now back in stock at LWW You have been sent this email because your email address was registered on a waitlist for this product. If you would like to purchase HG-1 Hand Grinder please visit the following link: http://lynweber.com/product/hg-1/ I had seriously considered one off these until Niche came along.
  2. Up for sale is my 2013 HG One with Ti Burrs. This was FranBrandariz HG one which I have de-motorised. It has the titanium burrs which in my opinion are superior as it grinds much more easily. This ease of grinding is particularly of benefit with light roasted beans which are harder and require more force and can be a little tough with the Mazzer BB burrs which can give inconsistent grind speed and therefore grind inconsistency as a result. It has a couple of small imperfections which were there when I bought it and I've tried to photograph. I'm happy to post this if the buyer wants to organise this. It pairs excellently with the Olympia Cremina and I'm happy to do a package deal price of £1350 for the pair or £700 on its own.
  3. whiteyj recently 3D printed a disc to fit over the chute of my grinder. For a while, I had been wondering about something to reduce or preventing popcorning and this seemed like a good approach. I piloted it with a cardboard disc and then asked whiteyj if he could produce a 3D version, which he has. It works a treat. All that needs to happen is to lift the PP (popcorning preventer) disc up the axle and by the same means, I have to check that all the beans have gone down the chute.
  4. One used hand coffee bean grinder, with 83mm, conical, titanium coated burrs I imported this beautiful looking hand grinder from the manufacturer in the summer of 2014. I waited for the upgraded 2014 version with the clearer marking system and of the coated 83mm burs. The design of this smart looking machine means you can smell the aroma from the beans soon after you have started turning the wheel a few times. 18g of beans can be ground in just 20 turns. It has ground only about 12Kg of beans during the two years I have owned it. That’s two, 250g of beans a month. I have the original shipping box, two hex keys, grease and user guide These currently retail for $985 plus shipping of $448 and import duty Price £600 ono Item located in South Northamptonshire. Photos are located in my dropbox account, link https://www.dropbox.com/sh/d1m4n69o1hh0isr/AABK4SyLpyvOXM1GMc_yYj9Ta?dl=0 Original Manufacturer website http://hg-one.com/the-hg-one-grinder/
  5. Barely used hg one blind tumbler barely used, is the latest version £30 delivered
  6. Where to start... Like everyone, I'm trying to improve my coffee. I've chosen my equipment, which is a Cremina and HG One, and I want to stick with this equipment because I love using it, amongst other reasons. My results have been a bit variable. It's probably taken me a year to work out how to consistently get good-looking pours. I'm there. If the visual indicators are right, I am getting my distribution right now, and the coffee should taste good. So the most important variable should be the bean... well I'm sure that's true anyway. I started with Hasbean. I've always loved their way of doing things. They obviously know what they're doing, obviously care about both customers and suppliers, and they're doing a superb job. As I got deeper into my hobby, I realised that the coffees I've enjoyed the most are generally low acidity, and in some ways I don't want ultra complex layers of fruit. I like chocolate flavours, and not so much boozy or fruity. I started to experiment with other roasters, and found various forms of great coffee, generally darker roasts, and generally less complex. I also found that generally the darker coffees seem to be easier to get a good pour.. perhaps the bean splinters more easily or something. When they've been lighter, it's usually been the El Salvador or Brazilian beans that have floated my boat. In the meantime, I kept up the SSSSS subscription with Hasbean, which keeps reminding me of what a wonderful job they do, and probably 2/3 of the coffee I've had on SSSSS goes straight into the yummy category. This gets me thinking that I've given up too easily, and maybe need help and advice. So... for the first time, I started to look at which beans have been washed, natural, or pulped natural. I discovered that I've never had a pulped natural I didn't like. As far as I can see, none of the SSSSS was a pulped natural, which surprised me... they're mostly washed. I was thinking perhaps a good approach would be to order some pulped natural beans from Hasbean, or am I barking up the wrong tree here? Do people choose their beans based on the processing? I notice that Hasbean have a 5-pack of Santa Petrona which is different processing for different packs. Quite tempted to give that a go and see whether my pulped natural theory stands up. I welcome any and all advice, but especially any help from @garydyke1 who must surely be the expert on the Hasbean range If I had to summarise what I'm looking for, it's low acidity, but perhaps a little more complex (but not too much) than what I might get from a darker roasted bean. I do recognise that this post is probably all over the place and doesn't make much sense!
  7. How should I clean the burrs, or is a good brush down all that's needed?
  8. Looking at a new grinder and keep looking at HG One (and Versalab)! Do I have to pay import duty on top of the website price - I guess I do? Anyone know what the final cost would be? Purchase and shipping is $1,206.88 / ~£775
  9. Very reluctant sale but i'm Buying a custom verselab my verselab should be with me in 1 to 2 weeks so I can ship one of these grinders straight away but the remaining grinder will be shipped when the verselab is delivered to me both in excellent condition, original boxes, packaging, instruction, purchase receipts Ceado e37s comes with 83mm flat burrs and the short hopper, purchased from Bella barista 9 weeks ago, £885 HG One comes with 83mm TIN aftermarket burrs, makes it very easy to turn, it really is effortless 16g dose takes less the 25 turns, purchased new 3 months ago, £785 no offers at the moment please
  10. I've wanted this since I got a Cremina. The boys at HG One created an adapter for the Cremina to take Marzocco-size steam tips, so I ordered one. I was unable to find a UK supplier of the Sproline Foam Knife, and the shipping on the Espresso Parts website was almost as much as the overpriced tip, but I persevered, and in the end Espresso Parts shipped it to me for $15, albeit without 100% insurance. I've had my first few goes with it tonight, and I don't have a clue how to make good foam with it yet. It's huge compared with the usual steam tip, which I hadn't appreciated. Opening the wand up seems to give lots of "wet steam", so there's obviously going to be a bit of a learning curve. I got what I wanted, though. Huzzah.
  11. I have been researching grinders for some time now and was set upon either a Eureka Mignon or a second hand Mazzer Mini. I then came across the HG One hand grinder. This grinder really appeals to me as it is relatively small, looks good and appears to offer a top end grind for less money. I notice a few on here have it from their signatures so would ask how it compares to the Mignon and mazzer and are there any downfalls? The main aspect that i like is that it is designed to have beans added as you go. To keep beans fresh i notice many don't have a full hopper on their grinder. Empty hoppers look ugly to me and grinders with no hopper look even worse(like somthing is missing). I know it is trivial but still a factor in my decision. Any advice/opinions? Spukey
  12. How are those that have them, finding life with then now that they have had them a few months? Is it your only grinder and if not, what % of the time do you use it?
  13. A quick thank you to everyone on Coffee Forums UK for the wealth of knowledge here, and to Peter over at Espresso Underground (EU) who helped me finalise a few things before he pulled out all the stops to make sure my order arrived for the wife's birthday this weekend. As way of returning something to the forum and in the hope I may be able to help someone in future in a similar position to where I was five days ago, I wanted to share my journey. Monday: Usual situation, wifes birthday approaching fast, no idea what to get her. She has enough bags, shoes and makeup to last a lifetime (IMHO anyway). As I sipped on our regular crappy instant "coffee", a bright idea hit me, why not get her a coffee machine!? She likes coffee...and the small bonus that I do to sealed it! I recalled a friend of ours was raving about his Nespresso machine so of I popped into town to get one but on discovering the price of the pellets I was put me. It reminded me of the printer ink cartridge business model....get the printer cheap and forever be paying for expensive ink cartridges so was put off that idea. Then I noticed the bean-to-cup machines which looked in theory a much better deal, until I noticed the price of the beasts, circa £1200 for the one I liked the look of! Shocked & stunned I wandered off and had a beverage from a nearby Starbucks whilst I took advantage of their wifi network to google and see if the machine I wanted could be purchased on line cheaper. Thats when I discovered Coffee Forums UK.....and thats where the fun/trouble/mess/expense started! I quickly discovered the coffee game is serious - WBC, really!?, obviously much more serious than I initially understood anyway. So off home I went and spent the next 12 hours reading all the various discussions and reviews on here, and a few other sites, about all the different aspects of brewing coffee at home. I set my revised budget at £500 and was happy to discover that I could purchase a Gaggia Classic, Ibertial MC2 and a few accessories well within that budget....but for just a bit more I could step up to a machine with slightly better specs like the Fracino Cherub or Rancilio Silvia. Having found a great deal of positive comments relating to Peter at Espresso Underground, I decided to call him to talk through my needs and see if I could understand the benefits from spending "a bit more" on a higher end machine. As other posters reported, Peter spent time explaining all the different options and helped me decide to go ahead and order the Cherub. Given the proximity of the wifes birthday, I wanted a one stop solution, Peter helped me understand the differences between the grinders he offered and I confirmed an order for the Fracino grinder and knock box too. It came as a bit of a shock to learn the lead time was 7-10 days, I'd foolishly just assumed these things were sat in a stores waiting to be sent out but luckily Peter spoke to the guys over at Fracino, pulled a few strings and confirmed they were shipping my order for delivery Friday....just in the knick of time, bacon saved The wife wasn't that keen on all the faffing around dialling the grinder in and I think would probably have preferred the click-and-go Nespresso setup however, now I've got it roughly dialled in for her, its close enough that she can make a coffee easily enough and with time. I'm sure will start to fiddle as she begins to feel more comfortable with it. I think she's more impressed with the milk frother which makes a rather excellent hot chocolate too! Here's some pics of the setup we ended up with..... the beast of packaging that arrived today... Fracino standard vs Faema Bottomless PF
  14. This funky cradle is made by HG One - have a look at their website. It's machined from a single block of aluminium with a protective delrin lip around the top. Weighs 610grms. Bought it to go with my HG grinder but, sadly, it doesn't work with my portafilters which have offset lugs and are ridiculously deep at almost 7cm. On the HG website, the portafilter used is, I believe, a Rancilio. The stand is beautifully crafted and has a dinky adjustable knob (red) so you can adjust the height. It's sitting in a drawer gathering dust which is a shame as someone could get good use out of it. If you are interested, drop me a PM. Not expecting much for it - would like to see it go to a good home. Any questions, feel free to ask. [ATTACH=CONFIG]2139[/ATTACH]
  15. Ok, I think I may have just got the nod for a new grinder once we have some building work finished later this year. Hoping I'll have enough left to cover an HG one. Currently working with a macap m4 and a gaggia classic. I'd rather update the grinder before sorting a new machine and I'm happy still working with the classic for now. I like single dosing as I only make one or two drinks a day unless we have a few people round. The thought of a bit of effort for my coffee doesn't put me off. HG one seems to give the advantages of large burrs without the retention issues. Any other grinders i should be thinking about. Aware that the bill for an hg one plus import would buy a lot of second hand grinder. It's a wee while off yet so no rush to make a decision. Can someone remind me how much the duty is on an import. I know it's on the delivery cost as well.
  16. Reiss is advertising a HG One on his Londinium website - see blog for 21 April.
  17. Hello from a long term lurker - a positive side-effect of being stuck at home is I’ve dragged the La Pavoni out from under the stairs and given my whole setup a spruce up! 2 weeks ago I built this coffee bench which sits in the dead space above our kitchen bins - a big upgrade from trying to steal some counter space. The shelves on the right were my project for this weekend - really chuffed how they turned out. Unfortunately the ply wasn’t great quality so the finish isn’t fantastic, but it’s what I had to hand. Feel like I’ve brought some order to the chaos. Putting the tamper or v60 in their respective holders is very satisfying. The La Pavoni is a Millenium with Brass Piston bought ages ago from ebay. Last week I drilled out the portafilter to convert it into bottomless, and gave the whole thing a good clean and lube. It’s not exactly the quickest way to make a coffee, but I do love the tactile nature of a manual lever, I just wish it had a bit more temperature stability. I’m getting pretty good at judging how long to hold a wet rag on the group head to cool kit down. It’s much easier to dial it in with the consistent grind from the HG-One vs the Iberital MC2 I used to use. (I’ve leant the MC2 and an aeropress to a coffee-fan colleague who’s stuck at home) I actually bought the HG-One grinder on this forum a few years ago and I’ve just given it a good clean and lube. This is my favourite possession, using it just makes me happy. (Actually it’s a pretty close competition between this, my bicycle and my camera). I’ve just bought one of the Tenura sticky mats to go under it which is awesome - makes a big difference, you can almost grind espresso one handed. It’s pretty quick swapping between Espresso and Filter. I just wish they used numbers and not Braille dots to denote the grind settings, figuring out the Braille alphabet before coffee is not my strong point Really enjoying getting into espresso again after relegating the Pavoni to storage for a few years due to the faff factor. Making lots of notes on grind settings and dosing (sticking with a 14g dose). Did a bit of a cupping exercise which I’d not done before which was fun - I think my palate is pretty unrefined! (Also have been binge-watching James Hoffman’s YouTube channel - I think my wife is getting a bit jealous of all the attention he’s getting) One day I’d love a Londinium - but can’t really justify it at the moment. Back in the day as a student I actually helped Reiss @ Londinium put together his first big roaster - would love to go full circle and have one of his machine. Next things I want to try are more beans - after something chocolatey for the espresso and lighter for the v60. On the Pavoni I’d like a stainless steel grille for the drip tray and a single hole steam-tip. I don’t really drink milk drinks but feel like I should have a go at this steaming thing. And thanks to everyone for all the info I’ve hungrily consumed from the forum!
  18. OK, here's the thing: I fell into lever world almost by chance; I was just about to treat myself to a Rocket or an Expobar Dual when a second-hand Olympia Cremina came up for sale. I loved it. The Londinium I came along and I was so impressed by that I bought it and sold the Olympia. Lever machines make great coffee, no doubt about that. But I've never owned an E61 machine so I can't make a direct comparison. What interests me is that the particular mechanical qualities of the lever group which has evolved over decades - pre-infusion, pressure and temperature profiles - are what the E61 group and electronic controls seek to emulate. Do they do it as well? Do they, in fact, do it better? Obvious advantages of the dual boiler/PID/E61 machine is that it temperature and other variables can be adjusted very easily. Advantage of the lever group is the beauty and simplicity of design and its reliablity. There is also a belief that the column of water pushed down by the lever cylinder extracts better than the bursts of water that come from a pump - whatever it is, there does seem to be some sort of lever magic. But I want to cut through the myths and prejudices and get to the truth. Has anybody here owned and or operated a lever machine (ideally with full-size commercial lever group) AND a fully equipped E61 machine and can make a direct an honest comparison? And if not, is it something we could set up for a shoot-out?
  19. I am starting a thread, for anyone who has one of these. I know one other, but perhaps there are more. Mine arrived yesterday, well packaged etc. Fairly simple to assemble, and away we went. It is always a bit of a let down as you read others experiences, and after 2 adjustments they are pulling shots to dream of! Perhaps I am unlucky.....LOL Anyway, my first shot certainly tasted nice enough. then, I started to play around, and realised that I was suffering from terrible static. I mean static, worse than anything I have ever experienced. So, I tried a total of 3 bean varieties and it was the same with all of them. So, I stopped and started reading the forums etc (Home Barista and Coffee Snobs) and it seemed fairly widespread. The culprit seemed to be anything from the type of bean (and we know certain beans are worse than others) but also atmospheric. Now, my wife has the heating on all the time and the windows closed, so I went with that theory. Now, why the Hg suffers from this when my Eureka does not, I do not know, nor really care! So, after a lot of reading, the RDT technique was suggested. This basically means adding a couple of drops of water before grinding. So, I went for another play this morning, determined to dial her in and solve the static. The dialling in was easy enough. I started with 2 drops of water using a pipette, and the result was no different. I then upped it to 4 drops of water and lo, no static at all. 18.03 gms in, plus the weight of 4 droplets, and 18.27 gms out, with zero retention. So, now I can concentrate on the other aspects that the grinder brings. 18 gms takes roughly 30 seconds of turning, which is basically effortless. The more I use it I guess the better the experience will be. First impressions are that it is probably as good as the hype! Certainly well made and beautifully engineered. I am packing up my Expobar on Sunday which is going to a forum member, and my Eureka going to another forum member. My L1 arrives on tuesday so I do not suppose I will get much work done next week! Out of interest, Reiss told me that since posting his request on his blog, that anyone with an HG who disliked it, he would buy it from them at full price, he has indeed bought one and is delighted. No observations there, other than what is one mans meat, is another mans poison.
  20. About 2 hours ago, I had a little delivery... The nice man from DHL dropped by with my new grinder, all the way from the good people at HG. I have the 83mm model, I have set it up and wasted about five shots whilst I confuse myself about which way the hands go around the clock... Duh! ...Anyway, I am getting there, and I am just off to dial in some of Londinium's Tanzanian roast. More later, unless I get too wired!
  21. Here are a few more shots of the Londinium and HG One. The eagle eyed may spot a bit of blue tack on the lip of the HG's burr adjuster ring. That's my reference point (very high tech) for tuning in the espresso grind. Haven't attached the stick on markers until I am happy I am in the ball park. The HG One delivers wonderfully fluffy grinds thanks to its massive burrs. Takes about 30 seconds or so to grind enough for a double shot - 16grms. Effort needed to crank the flywheel was a bit more than I expected but in no way excessive. First trials had a bit of static retention but tapping the lower cover caused most of the grind to fall into the blind tumbler which is a wonderfully elegant design. You place it on top of the portafilter and lift out the spindle and allow the grinds to drop into the basket - simple and effective. I can see that, as a manual grinder, the HG isn't for everyone but I like the slow coffee approach - as long as I have my electric grinder for when I am in a hurry!! When the Londinium arrived I paired it with my Vario. The results did not disappoint - loads and loads of depth and complexity without any bitterness, but the HG One takes it to the next level. The only way I can describe it is that the flavour profile is more open, i.e. it is possible to detect more flavours in the shot. Still got a long way to go but I am very pleased with the choice I have made in the Londinium and HG One.:D:D [ATTACH=CONFIG]2103[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]2104[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]2105[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]2106[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]2107[/ATTACH]
  22. Hands up all those who have heard of the HG one hand grinder the HG one grinder is being shipped in the US at present and I know of a handful of people eagerly awaiting theirs in the UK For those who have not heard of the HG one grinder - go and visit the HG one website and take a look at the videos
  23. Many delighted owners have received their LONDINIUM I spring lever espresso machines and have been using them for the last month or so. The following link is to the original review and discussion: http://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?7632-LONDINIUM-I-spring-lever-espresso-machine
  24. Hi, I'm Frans and I've been enjoying home coffee machines for about a year now, starting off with a MyPressi, then adding a refurbished old La Pavoni lever, a Rocket Giotto and a Ponte Vecchio Lusso 2 which got some modification. Expecting to pick up my Londinium sometime later this month. In the grinders section I started off with an iSteel and then got a Mahlkönig Vario Home and a Mazzer Mini with Super Jolly discs. Can't wait for the HG One to arrive. With the Londinium I it will make a dream match, I expect. Haven't done any home roasting yet and I'm glad that there are a few good places in Amsterdam which offer freshly roasted beans. Right now I have some Guatamala beans which were roasted just 3 days ago and they taste a little sharp still.
  25. Having been playing around a little over the last few days, and am becoming more comfortable with the setup. Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us
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