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Found 20 results

  1. Hi all, just after some info. Hopefully easy for someone to answer. I’ve just been unable to find the answer. Can the above I’ve noted Machine be plumbed in it it is reservoir only? Thank you
  2. Ok i need a machine for work either ECM or Profitec only problem is where it needs to go has a curved wall behind it i pnly have a space of 14" wide and 17" deep has i have the measurements of the ECM and profitec machines but the front to back measurements go from the very back to front but as the front feet are sat back from the front this dont give a reflection of the true front to back measurement has anyone here got a machine that they can measure from the very back to the middle of the front legs to see if i can get a machine that will fit my space ?
  3. A big ask I know, but having agreed a deal on a Royal DIY project, a change of plans mean I can't now get it from Rugby to London - I've heard promising things about the Forum Courier Squad™ so thought it was worth seeing if anyone might be able lend a hand! If anyone happens to be driving between Rugby and West London in the next couple of weeks and could help out it would be a great help in getting my project off the ground! If it helps, as many coffees as you like available upon delivery, Brewster Cafe is currently serving Foundry Rocko Mountain...
  4. Hi all, I'm wrestling and learning with my Europiccola, which I picked up a few weeks ago (and still struggling to get a decent shot), but having fun/making mess none the less. One thing I am noticing in trying to nail this machine is that I get a lot of air bubbles in the flow of the espresso when pulling the lever, especially towards the end of the pull. Does anyone else experience this or any ideas what might be causing it?
  5. I'm new here so bare with me I have a second hand classic which I've had a for a few months now it's Been running very well apart from some specs of residue which are left in my cup After every time I flush water through the group head either before a shot and definitely after a shot is this normal i have backflushed with pully caff as well as soaked the shower plate holder on a couple of occasions and still the same results Help
  6. Evening all! I have been looking through as many threads as possible as not to try and ask any questions that have already been answered but I cannot seem to find the right outcome. So... Could someone please advise on power requirement. I have a Bezzera Ellisse single group machine, a Brasilia rr45 grinder and a flojet pump that I need to power in a mobile setup. I have been looking at a Warrior 2.5Kva Lpg generator with built in inverter to power the espresso machine and flojet and was hoping that I could power the grinder via a battery and inverter. Could someone please offer any advice on this as I am driving myself crazy. Many thanks in advance as usual. Chris.
  7. Hello all Due to personal circumstances I haven't been able to test my second hand grinder properly since I bought it a short while ago. Very annoying as it doesn't seem to be working properly. It just seems to make noise and doesn't actually grind any coffee. Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks Matthias
  8. I've currently got an E8 - that I'm very happy with and I'm sure is doing a good enough job for my espresso at the moment. In addition, I have a Hausgrind, Baratza precisio and Sage Pro grinder. I'm essentially considering these as brewed grinders and am also likely to move one of them on (not likely to be the Hausgrind but you never know). I've also got a ROK handgrinder on the way from the crowdfunding (on the way being eventually it'll arrive once they're ready), a feldfarb should be "soon" winging it's way to me and I think it's time to admit I have a problem. I've also recently purchased a VST refractometer but haven't had the chance to read enough to feel confident using it but will be cracking that open soon (I've taken the highly unusual decision of trying to read the manual before using it and that's holding me back so far). Anyway all of that just to show you the equipment I'd like to evaluate and in addition for brewing with said grinders I have aeropress, Clever coffee dripper, sowdens (2 n 4 cup), behmohr brazen plus, v60, impress, french press and chemex (I think that's it anyway). So my thinking is I should pick one of these brewing methods and start trying to get what I consider to be a tasty cup with one of these grinders and using the same brewing technique and dose (as much as possible). Then perhaps refracting the brew to get some stats and see when I think is the best I can get out of that grinder. Then rinse and repeat with each grinder, until I've decided which grinder is best for that brew and then perhaps try a different brewing method and repeat (I understood they could be different strengths of grinder even between brew)? Or do I just assume that Hausgrind is best for the smaller uses, because it's supposed to be very well received by many people and then worry about trying to use either the sage or precisio for the Behmohr and Chemex (because it's a 6 - 8 cup) and see which one wins there? After doing all that I'll probably also take a look at the E8 as a brewed grinder but first I'll try and not throw my espresso settings out too much. Any advice gratefully received. Also, it may just end up that I buy a "superior" grinder after all this but I'm thinking this would be a good way for me to learn more about grinders, grind settings, looking at grinds, brewing, repeatability, refracting and so on but it might just be madness and I end up sticking with one because I haven't got the patience for the long haul (just the initial rush of the purchase ). Thanks in advance.
  9. Hi I am new to coffee forums and live in Plymouth and am struggling with my coffee set up. I have an mdf grinder and have just bought a rancillio Silvia (upgraded from a gaggia baby twin). I wondered if there was anyone around here who might be happy to spare half an hour to give me a few tips? I have had basic barrista training and know about brew ratios etc grind etc.. But putting it into practice on this kit is proving hard. It is a bit of a coffee desert here in Plymouth so I thought I'd try the forum route. If anyone could that would be great. Cheers Robert
  10. I recently bought a 2nd hand 3 yo gaggia classic from eBay and it arrived today in mint condition, I read loads of reviews before I purchased one, and also about the rancilio wand and how it's better than the wand that comes with the classic, however I watched a video on YouTube and the process on how to remove old wand and attach the rancilio wand, im having great massive difficulty removing the bolt from the original gaggia wand, the wand does not bend like people say, I even brought it into work to let my colleagues have a go and no one could budge it! Even if I did magically remove it the rancilio wand looks like it has similar curves, I need help, what do I do? How do I remove this bolt? How do people do this in 15 mins? #epicfail
  11. Howdy gang, so I recently picked up a Brasilia RR45 grinder second hand and stripped it down to clean it all up. When rebuilding it I was unsure of how tight to tighten the burrs and calibrate the twisty dial on the side, has anybody experience of doing this? Also, how does the anti static guard work? That's the little pad that the ground beans hit after going between the burrs while going into the doser. Thanks, any feedback is appreciated, Philip
  12. I opened a café/food place and need some help. The café has 20 indoor seats, facing a street with reasonably high footfall, about 150m from a major transport stop. There are plenty of other cafes about, including in an indoor shopping mall at the transport stop. The premises is small, entirely glass-fronted. The cooking area is intentionally in the window, with seating to the rear. There is on-street seating, with a brightly-coloured branded wind-breaker, and on-street signs. There is a big takeaway coffee market in the area and we should get a chunk of it. The food concept is hugely successful in other countries, includes sweet and savoury, not so well know here but by no means unknown. It is very suitable for eat-in or takeaway, and we have branded packaging for takeaway. There is a strong tradition of takeaway food here, with a huge number of outlets serving a pretty narrow range of food, often low quality. We are open 10 months, and the business is growing, but it’s much slower than I would like. First of all, the things that I think I have right: The food – we have large portions and more than 95 per cent of plates are scraped clean. The coffee – we go for an expensive brand and people like it Friendliness – in the city where we are, service can be distinctly abrupt. I hired/trained people making it clear that they always had to be cheerful and welcome with customers, and I’m confident that they do this in a genuine way. Cleanliness – again, our city has poor hygiene standards and we are way above the standard Online – we have a website including location and menu (a couple of hits a day) Facebook (260 fans) and are listed on all the review sites. Trip Advisor: ranked in our (large) city’s top 5 per cent, plus good reviews on Yelp/Qype, Google and Facebook A huge portion of our custom is repeat business, frequently tourists who find the location come back several times during a short stay, and the locals that keep coming back, to the point that I fear we are over-reliant on a small number of customers Things that may be going wrong: The core problem is getting people to come in. New customers often comment that they hadn’t noticed us despite living on the street. There are advertising A-boards, outdoor seating, a brightly-branded windbreaker, and the exterior is brightly painted in the branded colours. We opened last March, and hoped the summer would build business, but this wasn’t helped by the landlord, without warning covering the building with a scaffold for six weeks from June, making the place invisible Three brightly-painted old bicycles at nearby junctions with advertising boards attached Despite all this, I think we lack a certain street-shout that would bring people in. Perhaps the vision of the interior from the outside is not so appealing. I wanted a busy counter with cooks making food visible from the street, with a till at the end of that counter, but because of the low activity, that space is not so busy. Busy spurts are often self-perpetuating. We have very quick service and the turnover rate of the customers (even eat-in ones) is fast. This would be a plus if we were busy, but it can make the place look empty even on good days. The interior has off-white walls and (an inherited) linoleum floor, which is a bit soulless, but I have tried to fill the walls with menu blackboards, posters, wall decorations and other items, but I don’t feel that we are quite right yet. I have tried Groupon, but it mostly attracts the sort of extremely price-sensitive customers who I would hardly want even if they weren’t moving straight on to the next offer. When the weather allowed, we gave out street samples and this works, but is not so time-effective, and both staff and frequent passers-by are resistant to it. Basically, once people come in, they love us. Getting them in is the problem. Anybody got any ideas? I'm happy to send private messages with menus, photos or whatever other information to anyone who is interested in making suggestions.
  13. Hallo, fellow coffee aficionados. Has anyone dealt with the above company? Any information gratefully received. Many thanks.
  14. Hello all, I'm new to the world of home espresso and so far I'm loving it. I bought myself a second hand Gaggia Classic 2014 model. So far I've only been messing around with the pressurised baskets. Mine didn't come with a non pressurised basket but I'll get to that in a second. So I have few questions on upgrades I've read that will be good for me. 1. Everyone recommends I should upgrade to a Rancillo Silvia steamer. When I looked for one I saw there is a V1, V2 and V3. What's the difference and what one should I go for? This is the one I have bookmarked https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B00MZA8OVU/ref=ox_sc_act_image_1?smid=AV1Z2IJNS752K&psc=1 2. I've ordered myself hand grinder so I can grind my own beans, and from what I understand I need a standard basket. Do I just put this straight into the portafilter and I'm good to go? Is the standard pressure from the Gaggia Classic enough or will I need to upgrade something else? Thanks and for welcoming me into this amazing community.
  15. Hi guys, I am having an issue with my EK43s and hoping someone here could help me with it. This issue has been bugging me for months, and I couldn’t find a solution for it. Here’s a video of my problem https://youtu.be/cKwwuP_i5WY 1 I’ve set the zero to about -0.5. From the video, the machine started ringing as soon as it grind some beans. When I turned the dial to a finer setting, all the way to zero, the grinder makes a chirping sound. And when I turned the dial to finer then coarser, the chirping stops until I put more beans through or restart the grinder. Before the grinder stopped completely, it makes a loud grinding sound. I’d aligned the stationary burr to about 0.01mm with the Titus alignment tool. The shear plate was filled so that it sits completely in the carrier, suggested by Frank from Titus. I’d also replaced the burr carrier to the one from Titus. But nothing works. This is my second EK43s, the first one has the same problem too.
  16. Hi, I have this currently at home. Was used at a friends company for a pop up they ran from August until November 2018 and no longer needed. Its in great condition as expected and I expect barely ran in. Still have the original invoice for Ozone Coffee showing a purchase price of just under £1300. So whats it worth. Ill add pics shortly.
  17. Hi everyone, I recently helped a friend of mine set up the first coffee shop in Liberia, West Africa. In September last year I brought out a new Fracino Little Gem (needed to be hand fill, use a normal power supply, low frequency etc). Unfortunately, it has stopped working, and being in Liberia, there are no espresso machine technicians within a thousand miles, so it's up to me to try and get it going again! The machine turns on. If I turn on the switch as if to pour a shot, the vibration pump goes on and water comes out of the group head. However, the water is cold, and according to the gauge, there is no pressure at all. Nothing appears to be burnt out, and the connections are secure. Does anyone have any advice to offer as to what could be wrong? I'm concerned the element could have stopped working. I read elsewhere that some machines have a cutoff it if overheats. Does the Little Gem have this? Any help greatly appreciated. It's quite tragic to have lugged the machine all the way here, be producing the only good coffee in the whole country, then for it to stop working! Thanks
  18. Hi All, I am just about to start my own business importing an established brand of coffee from Italy. Although this seems relatively straight forward and I am quite excited, I also feel a little bit out of my depth so i'm seeking any words of wisdom, encouragement or advice anyone can offer. My 21 year career so far has been in social housing, so as you can see I am now venturing into unknown territory. I do have a love of coffee (I drink far too much) and through many years of holidaying in Italy and sampling many, many cups of coffee I realised social housing was definately not my cup of tea but maybe coffee could be! Through local connections in Italy I have discovered a great coffee producer and have the vision that I may be able to make this work. I am wanting to sell my coffee to any business (will start locally at first) and eventually hope to have a website which may also venture into selling other produce. I would like to hear from anyone that has done similar that may be able to offer some good tips or anything really. I am also interested in finding out as much general inofrmation on coffee as I can. I have considered Barista training and would love to go to a coffee tasting event (is this called cupping?). Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  19. hi, im interested in giving the syphon a go,i like the idea of a clean tasting coffee maker for higher acidity beans plus it looks really cool:D so i like the look of the cona table models at hasbean and believe the hario ones are good aswell,are the FJY ones hario just rebranded,look remarkably similar,anything to sway me to any particular make? as far as size go can i use less liquid in a bigger model so i can make 1 cup or 4 or do they just work for the volume they are designed, are the meth burners any good they all seem to come with or is a butane burner a must? and any recommendations or other things i should be looking out for would be appreciated, thanks
  20. I have a fiorenzato grinder which sometimes sprays the grinds and it seems to stick to the sides of the doser in a static way (rather than dumping into the doser). I clean the grinder out a check for blockages but find nothing ! The extractions always come out badly and it really annoys me - this genuinely makes me an unhappy person !! Eventually (after wasting loads of coffee) it comes good again. Wondered whether this is familiar to anyone / anyone knows whats going on. Many thanks in advance - Adam
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