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Found 22 results

  1. hello folks! I have a dilemma that I would love your input on, now see it is the girlfriend's birthday next week and I've decided too get her a £50-£100 machine, (we haven't much disposable income) she does love her coffee if not an expert. Me on the other hand, and ready yourself for this... I hate the stuff ! Once more I know NOTHING about coffee, when I say I know nothing I mean, zero, I made my first cup of coffee the other day at the tender age of 28 and no zero terminology so these things are bamboozling me! So I'm looking at machines and I haven't the foggiest what is good, what's not, but so far I've narrowed it down too these two makers (although for all I know they are pure trash) https://www.amazon.co.uk/Ninja-Coffee-Auto-iQ-Brewer-Carafe/dp/B01LYU71LX https://www.amazon.co.uk/Russell-Hobbs-Chester-Machine-22000/dp/B00OZM77VY I know that she DOESN'T like pods, she's mentioned it in passing, I also think a timer setting on the machine so she has a coffee when she wakes up would be Ideal as she tends too rush out in the morning, she prefers her coffee black and ordered a filtered black coffee in Starbucks today (I haven't the foggiest what it is! I just got myself a hot chocolate!) But she likes iced coffee and other types far as I know! Do you have any advice? I have no idea which would be better/produce a better coffee Heck do you know any other machines better than the two I've pointed out? Within my budget! Thank you for any help you can give me!
  2. After some help if possible? i bought a Feldgrind secondhand 2 months ago, perfect grinder for me for where I am on my cofffee journey but I’ve used it today and the cover over the grind mechanism started to slip, end result cove4 has come off. Has this happened to anyone else? if it has what adhesive did you use to fix it? thanks Neil
  3. Hi I need to reconnect all of the wiring in my Achille, I had detailed photos that were lost and now I’m left with a few poor images I can find on google, if anybody has any images they could put up that would be fantastic. I’m in the process of deciding on a new machine but want to get this working at least to demonstration standard. Thanks
  4. I have just bought an old Mythos grinder as a bit of a project. There are a couple of parts missing, Hopper and Grinds tray, was also going to fit new Burrs, Clumper thingy and portafilter switch. Looking to buy them all from one place at the moment can only buy them from three separate places, they are low cost items and the postage is as much as the parts, anyone know where I can get all parts together. Not to worried about the hopper may have to wait until a cheap one appears on flebay. I was also going to spay or powder coat casing any thoughts which may be best.
  5. Hi, we've been members of the forum for ages but have never said hello. We are Andrew & Claire Bowen, 'The Authors of The Daily Grind - how to open and run a coffee shop that makes money' http://www.dailygrindbook.com. I'd like to thank Glen for recommending our book on the forum as well. We are coffee shop and cafe consultants working with start ups and established businesses across the world. Our main website http://www.cafesuccesshub.com is full of great info and regular blogs. Andrew & Claire
  6. Hi ladies and gents, My business is looking to buy a dual fuel Fracino Contempo CON2 coffee machine so can provide a quality cup of coffee at events that we attend. To begin with we have been using small scale percolators which as I'm sure you can imagine isn't ideal. Fracino seem to be a leader in the market for mobile coffee vendors but their literature on setup isn't the best. So I'm hoping I can get some help here. I have a few questions, do you need the inverter and battery? we can get a 240 electrical supply at the events we do as most are indoors, I assume 240 is enough? if thats enough can it run solely on electric? We've been looking to purchase it with the water tank and flow jet pump, do you need to have an additional high pressure pump as depicted and is a softer a must have? also what type of water hose works best? If running on gas what connections are needed on the gas hose? I'm happy with the regulator and connection to the machine but in the diagram (on fracino website) shows a 1/4" BSP Fulham nozzle, I'm not overly familiar with these is there a male female connection and what exactly are they needed for? Ive attached the diagram from their website, Any help what so ever on a mobile setup with this would be fantastic. Thanks Ryan
  7. I've been gradually getting more and more into coffee over the past 3 years from when I bought my first espresso machine (delonghi dedica). I'm currently using a hario skerton as my grinder. I feel as though my current setup is giving little consistency and that I could get more out of my beans with better equipment! I'm just a little confused as to the best way forward.. I consistently read that the grinder is perhaps the most important part of the process and so am thinking of going for something like the sage smart grinder Pro. I know it isn't the best grinder but I really don't want to shell out more than £200. Then, as far as the machine goes, the lelit anna/gilda ranges (with PID) seem good and in my budget of around £400-500. I drink milk-based coffee drinks and know that a single boiler creates problems, but cannoy afford a dual boiler option (briefly looked at the sage dual boiler). Do these seem like sensible options and is upgrading the grinder and then the machine the best way forward? (I can't afford to upgrade both at once)
  8. Hi all... I've painted all my life and within the past year decided to pluck up the courage to set up my own online shop to sell my watercolour paintings and prints, i've exhibited but I'm trying to think of new ways to push myself and get my work out there.. I was wondering about coffee shop wall art? Do you ( or anybody you know) display artists work for sale? Do you think my work would fit into a coffee shop vibe?? which prints? I thought i'd ask around relevant places online first before going into my local coffee shops ( i'm nervous!) Any advice much appreciated. Don't want to offend anyone through posting links, but if you're interested in having a look at my online portfolio i've attached it. https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/inkinfusions Take care Lauren x
  9. Hi all... I've painted all my life and within the past year decided to pluck up the courage to set up my own online shop to sell my watercolour paintings and prints, i've exhibited but I'm trying to think of new ways to push myself and get my work out there.. I was wondering about coffee shop wall art? Do you ( or anybody you know) display artists work for sale? Do you think my work would fit into a coffee shop vibe?? which prints? I thought i'd ask around relevant places online first before going into my local coffee shops ( i'm nervous!) Any advice much appreciated. Don't want to offend anyone through posting links, but if you're interested in having a look at my online portfolio i've attached it. https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/inkinfusions Take care Lauren x
  10. So I have 9 Hue colour bulbs ready to fit in my lounge. They are the E27 fitment type, so not standard GU10, which seems to host about 99.9% of standard downlight fitments. So, my question is which downlighter fitment works for the E27 fitment as all the ones I see at the moment show E27 fitment but for R80, R63, R50 lamps and want to make sure they are correct and not oversized or random in any way. If any of you have E27 fitted in downlighters, do you have pics and then where you got them from/model numbers etc. Thanks in advance
  11. Getting ready for my next work trip ( 4 weeks away) and the handle for my Feldgrind is missing .... Anyone had this problem before and can suggest a solution ? I have emailed MBK to ask if they can supply a replacement but as we know comms are not their thing. There is a slight possibility that I have left it at work but cant risk getting there and having nothing to grind with for 4 weeks and really dont want to take ready ground with me for that length of time so may have to purchase a temporary grinder ( open to suggestions on that too please) I'm hoping someone has got a mate with a machine who could make a handle for me but any suggestions would be welcomed. TIA Steve
  12. Hello! I bought a secondhand refurbished (new group head seal, new boiler seal, descaled, OPV adjusted to 10 bar and a Rancilio Silvia steam wand fitted) 2012 Classic in January, it's only had light use since then (few times a week). Last week when I turned it on and tried to pull a shot instead of it making the normal pump noise and water coming through it, there was just a gentle hum and no water. I opened the machine up (I know only a little about the inside of a classic - "there is a pump and a boiler and some electronics") and had a look at the pump, took the pump out, and had a brief look at the plastic tubes connecting to and from the pump to see if maybe it was blocked with something but couldn't find anything. I then read about priming the pump (with the machine off opening up the steam valve, turning the machine on and immediately flipping the 'make me coffee' switch). After a few tries this did bring the machine back into life! But I then had to prime the pump each time I turned the coffee machine on to get it to work. And alas, this morning, that is no longer working So I'm at a loss as to what to do, and I'd appreciate any suggestion / help! (I'm also currently uncaffeinated)
  13. My dear brother has just bought me one of these from ebay, with no accesories. To my dismay I cannot seem to find one to fit this model anywhere. People on forums are discussing taking another portafilter to a metal shop to get it machine altered. You can buy them for the other later models, but not this one. I'm at a loss, this is my first real coffee machine. I'm not sure if I could get away with using another portafilter, or which would even fit if any. Maybe I'm missing something obvious. I'm new to all this. Thanks in advance for any help
  14. Ok so I've just wired in a PID to my delonghi EC710 to see if it made any difference. It's an inkbird itc 100hv and is just wired up the usual way to try control the boiler. Im just wondering if anyone has had any previous experience of this PID and if they know how to set them up? Cheers
  15. Afternoon all, I'm looking for some advice as my grinder isn't performing as normal lately, usually a grind setting of around 18 to 22 seems to give me a decent shot with 22g in and 36g to 40g out, but after a recent clean out and hoover etc to make sure everything was spotlessly clean I decided to remove the conical burr as I could see a build up of ground coffee that I'm sure was impeding the movement of ground coffee upon grinding. Just for info I always order freshly roasted beans (light to medium roast) from the likes of Rave,Square Mile, Union etc so I'm confident it isn't a stale bean issue. I carefully removed and cleaned the burr and replaced it being extremely careful not over or under tighten the bolt, I've since noticed that I'm having to open up the grind setting to 25 to get a decent shot? Any suggestions would be greatly received! Thanks in advance Leigh
  16. I have a case of upgraditus. I've been recently considering upgrading my first set - Gaggia Classic and MC2 from about year and a half ago. Originally I set my mind on Rocket Appartamento + Eureka MK2 but lately I've started considering expanding that to possibly R58 and maybe Zenith 65e. I guess the reason why I was thinking of getting a Appartamento/58 was mainly that I really like the aesthetics and they seem to have a good opinion around here. But once I started thinking of upgrading the grinder to Zenith the voice in my head woke up and started asking why not go step up and get 75e or something in similar price range and so on... So I guess my question is would it make sense to make the jump from Classic to R 58 with potentially Zenith 65e or maybe start with Appartamento, use the difference to upgrade the grinder, and then if the itch doesn't go away move up to R58 or something similar in some time. What I haven't really seen answered anywhere(possibly my bad searching skills) so far is how does Appartamento compare with R 58 - it's mentioned that R58 should be a step up, DB and all but what sort of upgrade would I expect from roughly twice the price in difference? I usually do between 2-6 cups a day between me and SO. Kitchen space is a somewhat consideration and the size of more expensive grinders is slightly worrying, though I understand that after certain point they become commercial grinders rather than home ones so it's unreasonable to expect them to be as small. Am I doing this completely wrong way, maybe I'm missing some other things I should be thinking/asking myself? Thanks!
  17. Hi all, I've received my second hand Gaggia Classic today. I picked it up for a really good price but it does need a little bit of work... (I'm completely new to this so any help or guidance would be really appreciated) From first impressions the machine seemed to be in good condition. I plugged it in and tested the pump and steam wand - both seem to be in working order. ------ Then I took the shower screen off... Mmmm...Nice! The portafilter was also in lovely condition:
  18. Hi all, I could do with some help in making a decision on my first grinder: Mazzer Super Jolly - £160 (in good condition, no hopper) or Eureka Mdx - £30-50 (looks like it needs a really good clean, possibly new burrs etc) Either be paired with a Gaggia Classic. Any advice would be really appreciated!
  19. Hi everyone, my name is Carrie and I am looking at starting a Mobile coffee van Business I seen a company called coffeelatino that does packages with a piaggio ape van all kitted out and ready to work. Plus they do a course where they teach you the in and outs of making great coffee ect. Have any body gone with these guys and is it a good deal as I've searched and there are a few different company's doing this any advice help would would be much appreciated..Also how do you guys and girls go about getting a pitch train station, town centre parks ect, Thanks for your time and advice.. regards Carrie ..
  20. Hello all, Like everyone else here I really love coffee, so when an opportunity came up to work in the coffee industry I jumped on it without thinking it through properly. I have a friend who's family owns a coffee plantation in India. He tells me it's really high quality arabica beans which they have never exported and he wants to start exporting it to the UK as the price he gets for it in India is too low. He wants to send a sample amount of 10-16kg and, if that goes well, a shipping container of green beans, which is 18 tonnes. What I want to do is get the sample roasted and get the quality certified, or get it onto a tasting panel. I don't think my palate is refined enough to judge the quality. Could anyone give me some guidance on how best to go about this? I think he'd be happy if he could supply coffee to one company as opposed to packaging and selling to the public.
  21. So I bought my first machine yesterday a second hand gaggia classic and after doing some reasearch ordered the Krups GVX242 Expert Pro Combi Grinder...... unfortunately I found this forum afterwards and now I’m worried I have bought something substandard and will be disappointed.... I want to make espressos which I am learning I will need a fine grind for and was wondering if anyone knows the Grindr and if it will be ok or I should just send it back!!! Cheers Matt
  22. Hello Baristas, please help me. I got my new Sage/Breville Barista Express coffee machine and I am not able to make a decent single shot. It seems that the settings that I use are not good, but whatever I change, it doesn't have impact on the extraction, which is always really is fast. The single shot double wall filter is used in the portafilter. /By the way a black plastic thing is inside the portafilter, I am not sure if it should stay or not./ I use 8 gramm of grind coffee and I use fresh beans. Even I change the grind size from minimum to the maximum the extraction is very fast (far less than 10s). The pressure builds up in a strange way and the end it's too high. And the coffee tastes bad in the end... I posted my coffee making process here: Can you advise me what to do, please? What should I do different? Thank you!!! Attila #s3gt_translate_tooltip_mini { display: none !important; }
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