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Found 9 results

  1. I have fitted a PID and have a K type thermouple which is held to the boiler in the shell of the coffee thermostat housing using JB Weld. What I am noticing is that the solonid dumps water back into the tank at about 125 degrees C when heating for steam. Not sure if the pressure is set to low - it was adjusted to 9 bar some time ago but I no longer have a gauge, or if this is normal or finally if my temporary reading is too far off and it's a lot hotter ( although unlikely, it's water being dumped not steam) - I also have a leaky steam valve and no steam escapes till the PID reads almost 100. Any Thoughts?
  2. Hi I am selling my Izzo Alex II E61 Heat Exchanger Coffee Machine. This is a single boiler and has a rotary pump. Fully descaled just over a month ago, always run on Britta plumbed in large filtered water. Backflushed after every 5 shots. Used for 1-2 shots a day. It has an upgraded vacuum valve and also has a solid state relay fitted to take the strain off the pressure stat (but can be removed / reverted to normal if required). As you can see I have also lightly insulated the boiler on it. (can be removed easily). It can do both tank supply and also plumb in. Waste can also be plumbed in if required. It comes with two portafilters, 1 single spout, 1 double spout. backflush adaptor, single and double baskets. I don't have a hose to plumb in but they are available from bella barista for a few quid. Two hole steam tip included, obviously it does hot water too. Perfect working order. It has a couple of minor marks on the group head, but nothing significant. Drip tray has very light marks from general use of placing cups on it. I expect I could probably polish back to mirror finish if really required. I have used it with both tank and plumb in and both work perfectly. A lovely machine and a great E61 starter! Size is 46cm deep, 36cm wide, 41.5cm high. £475. Any questions, please ask. Collection from near Melton Mowbray (home) or Nottingham (work/after work weekdays) please. Thanks Will.
  3. Hi - just wondered if anyone could give some advice. I am using a Select Deluxe (almost a classic) I prime the pump and wait 10 mins - however (especially with latte) I get complaints about the coffee being 'tepid'. I often have to give a 10 second microwave blast to keep the wife happy ;-) I would also prefer the Espresso to be hotter. Is there any adjustment I can do or am I doing anything wrong ? cheers
  4. Hello, I'm new to these forums. I love Costa Coffee and am looking to recreate the Costa experience at home as closely as possible. I recently purchased a Tassimo machine and whilst it makes perfectly good coffee, I am sure that Bean to Cup machines are the way to go for long term value and quality, looking at the cost of the Tassimo discs compared to coffee beans. I've been looking online at the Delonghi Magnifica machines and the Miele 5100. Both look good but I've heard that the coffee is not hot enough. Can anyone recommend a Bean to Cup machine that makes nice hot cappuccinos similar to a coffee shop? There just seems to be so much choice I don't know where to start! Thanks.
  5. Situation: I bought a Gaggia Baby Class D on eBay from a guy who clearly hadn’t been using it for some time, nor had he cleaned it - possibly not once. I cleaned it out, descaled it, backflushed it and got it running really nicely. It now makes great espresso. HOWEVER, it switches off when it gets hot, sometimes only after four minutes. The lights on the control panel go, none of the controls work and to all intents and purposes the Gaggia is dead. Left switched off for a while - sometimes it takes over an hour - it will switch back on. When left off for a couple of days it stayed on for much longer again (I even thought it had “fixed itself”), but the more frequent the use, the shorter the period of time it will stay on. Now, recently I discovered the boiler does heat water for the steam even when the machine is “dead”, as long as I keep it switched on at the back. It obviously can’t go on for a long time, as with no working control panel I can’t start the pump to suck more water to it. But it means the switch at the back works, and the boiler unit heats up. What I’ve done so far to fix it (with no luck): Changed the thermal fuse Changed both thermostats (for coffee and for steam) - numbers 30 and 31 in this diagram Taken out and cleaned any dirt off the circuit board and checked for visible faults Dismantled and reassembled the main power switch - no dirt. So - in a word - HELP!
  6. I’ve just won a Gaggia Evolution on ebay. I was really pleased, its the red version which should fit in perfectly with my kitchen and the machine has had very little use (a shot a week over 2/3 years) in a soft water area. However, the vendor has just contacted me to say that they tested it before sending it to me and they think there’s a problem with the water getting hot enough, even after 20mins. They have already refunded my payment, but as this is the machine I really wanted, I’ve offered to pay the postage +£5 to take it off them on a spares/repairs basis. Does this sound like something that can be fixed?
  7. First post here having done some research and learned a lot from the wealth of posts on here. One thing I haven't learned: how quickly does a 'typical' machine take to be hot enough to pull a shot? I'm looking to make a significant upgrade from my DeLonghi EC220 and have my eye on a number of machines, from the Expobar Leva to the Rocket R58. The machine will be principally to satisfy my addiction to double espresso although it would be remiss not to have something capable of making the full range of drinks. Currently, I get up in the morning, switch the machine on and then 75 secs later the thermoblock has warned the water to a workable temperature. Now don't get me wrong, I appreciate the low-end nature of this and the obvious compromises in taste, quality etc but I also like the speed with which I can pull a shot before doing anything else. That said, I'm happy to accept that a better machine will take longer, but hence it begs the question, how long do I need to allow from switching on say, a Rocket R58 dual boiler machine to pulling a shot? Is there a difference between single and double boilers in this regard or indeed a HX machine? Grateful for any insight.
  8. So one thing i really dislike about summer is the heat, it plays havoc with my espresso, the same grind setting can go from a 35 second pour in the morning to a 25 second pour in the afternoon when the temperature has risen and heated my south facing kitchen up quite a bit. The only way i've managed to kind of fix the issue is to start single dosing as normally i would keep 100 to 150g of beans in the hopper. Does anyone else have similar issues and what do you do to avoid it?
  9. For sale is my Cherub and Mahlkonig Vario - both for sale due to lack of use recently. Fracino Cherub I bought this from forum member Working Dog in December 2014. It was purchased new by Working Dog in 2013 and has had the steam arm upgraded to the Londinium version, which is a large improvement apparently. It is in good working and cosmetic condition, however, it is rather loud. Since I purchased the machine, there has intermittently been a noise that I would best describe as a slight leaking sound from within the machine. This may be completely normal and coming from an over-pressure valve but I have never queried it as it has never affected the performance of the machine. I've attempted to record the sound, however, this has been unsuccessful. £270 collection only from Kendal, Cumbria (10 mins from the M6) Mahlkonig Vario - Spares / Repairs - SOLD Again, this was bought from this forum via member ifunky Selling this for cheaps as I believe that it needs new burrs. Recently it has not been able to grind fine enough for espresso, which I am presuming is due to the burrs being worn but may be due to other causes. (Attempting to be honest here as I cannot guarantee the problem is with the burrs having not looked into it extensively.) SOLD collection only from Kendal, Cumbria (10 mins from the M6)
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