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Found 30 results

  1. Does anyone know the pitch of the thread that adjusts the grind. I know they changed to a finer thread after the first few batches but don't know what it is now
  2. Black anodised made by knock hausgrind, does what it says on the tin Will upload photos tomorrow, but it is in excellent condition.
  3. After the postie has been today I should be a proud owner of a new walnut Hausgrind (thanks nick) As its new I am assuming from what I have read in other previous posts it's burrs will benefit from 'seasoning' as I have never had to do this before any tips or guidance would be appreciated .
  4. If anyone wants one of these, his site has just gone live. Visit the store, click on the image then you pay a £30 deposit to secure. Good luck!
  5. I’ve started to notice weird transparent floaty bits on the surface of my black coffee. Anybody else got the same effect. Does anybody know what it is? I’m using the Hausgrind and V60 and AeroPress.
  6. Hey guys I'm planning on selling my Hausgrind. Had it for about 6months now so the burrs seasoned. Not sure what its worth currently / a reasonable price to stick on the forum. Cheers
  7. Since drinking some great brewed coffee at various coffee shops I've started brewing more at home. Currently use an aeropress and a v60, and I'll be adding a chemex to this when Christmas rolls around. Up to now I've been using a Porlex for grinding but definitely feel my brews could be improved with a better grinder but have no idea what to go for. A lot of the advice out there focuses on espresso grind. Budget would be £200ish, although I may sell my classic to add some extra to this since I don't use it very often anymore. I've looked at the Baratza encore but the plasticky look wouldn't go down well in the kitchen. Any advice would be great!
  8. Have just received a new walnut Hausgrind which should have been good news. However, as I'd sent a number of emails and various voicemails cancelling the order a few weeks ago it was a suprise to see the wooden box delivered today. Especially as I'd bought a Lido 3 from Coffehit (next day delivery - excellent) in the meantime! Immediate reaction was to put it up for sale but it looks so nice I am tempted to keep both. Run some beans through to do a quick comparison between the two grinders. On the Lido 3 the range from Espresso to Fine Drip for me is from 1 notch from zero to 10 notches, not a massive amount of turn (there are 16 notches on the ring). At 1 notch though it is fine. However on the Hausgrind I dialled in the grind that equates to a 10 on the Lido 3 which was to my eyes 1 full revolution plus 9 o'clock (1 plus 9/12). I went down as low as 3 o'clock which was like talcum power with Espresso at about 6 o'clock, a little finer than the Lido 3 So a Haugrind at 6 or 7 on the dial equates to 1 notch on the Lido 3 (very slow output at this setting). This looks to me as though there is more headroom / finer adjustment for Espresso on the Hausgrind than the Lido 3 although both can produce for Espresso. I know that the Lido 2 setting 16 is the equivalent of 10 on the Lido 3 - seems the new swiss burrs is the difference. Both grinders are very easy to grind with, the Hausgrind probably a bit smoother but not much in it After doing this grind comparison, if I sell one it will probably be the Lido 3 but more likely we're going to stay a 2 grinder family
  9. Anyone got one of the first ones then? Let's hear if you did. Picking up some very favourable reviews on HB threads currently. Looks like next lot due end of jan.
  10. Hi, We have a Vario (steel burrs) which we use for brewed coffee (V60, Chemex and syphon). However, I've been wondering whether we might get better results with a decent hand grinder? I have looked at the Lido 2, and the Made by Knock Feldgrind and Hausgrind (although reports of their customer service and not knowing when more stock will be available put me off a bit). I'd be grateful for any thoughts! Nick.
  11. Been doing alot of brewed coffee this month , as a result i feel I've got alot more consistent cups , hit alot more flavours in the cup and its something ill certainly be doing more of with each bean i get from now on ... So whats putting you off trying ? Time to do it? -Well i think I've got my v60 recipe down to under 4 minutes , using a hausgrind , and a kettle ...( I'll do a workflow clip later to see if this is true or not ) Here is one i made earlier 12 g of coffee ready to be ground ( this one is from - Small Batch Burundi Shembati Buziraguhindwa 250g -) Ground with a Hausgrind - one whole turn and then between number 4 and 5 on the dial ) . Grind size wise looks like this Then we are off to brew using the Matt Perger Method for v60 - Volvic Water in the Kettle Start with 12g of ground coffee add 50 g water stir or whisk , let bloom of 30 seconds add 50g more of water let drip for another 30 seconds at one minute mark add the other 100g ( we now have 200g added in total ) Hopefully you will get a nice even bed as the water draws down ....... With this coffee i brewed at 95 c and the total time was 2 minutes 11 , a few high and dry but not awful..... I was like a slightly less strong cup than Mr P for v60 ... So how did it taste.... For the first time ive brewed this coffee , its pretty spot on .. There is a thick syrupy aroma and mouthfeel that's really great , its got sweet red fruitness to it ( poss cherry ? ) . Whats really outstanding on the first sip , is the perception of thick , syrup taste ( it isn't thick or in body per se ) How did it measure.. Ill put this in to show that not only did it taste great , but it was within the preferences of extraction yield I like I measure nearly all my brews , i find it easier to look back at and get dial in points on various grinders.....Ill also change the grind and see what taste come bout compared to the extraction . I always taste a cup before i refract it and note down descriptors.... 1.31 tds ( little less strong the Matt ) and 20.30 extraction yield ( could argue a little over or under depending on your preferences ) ill try a recipe on the rhino for the same coffee and brew method ..... If anyones fussed , ill do a v60 brew clip ( with whisk how exciting .... )
  12. Hi All, Long-time lurker, first time poster. I have had my Knock Hausgrind for about 3 years and love it. I recently purchased an Aergrind and have been using it for about a month at work. I have found that it takes between 3-4 times as long to grind (same beans, brew method, etc,: 50 rotations for Hausgrind; between 170-200 for Aergrind) and the grind is not as consistent. Has anyone else noticed this? Or is my Aergrind defective? Thanks! Rob
  13. As title anyone have a steel Hausgrind they wish to move on ?
  14. I have a Hausgrind and a Feldgrind. The Feldgrind handle comes off, and so it has a little lid which stops the beans jumping out. The Hausgrind handle stays on at all times, but as a result there is no popper stopper, and beans sometimes jump out. Is there such a thing as a popper stopper for the Hausgrind, or do people have any innovative solutions I haven't considered?
  15. Hi, My Hausgrind arrived today (black aluminium). I have a few questions as there are no instructions. Alternatively would love to know where I can find instructions. O-rings - I have a pack of O-rings in the box. There seems to be a large O-ring already fitted to the body to hold the grind-cup in place, but the little O-rings don't seem to have been used anywhere. Where do I put it? Grind settings - I've been using 2.4 as my drip setting with the Feldgrind. The same setting on the Hausgrind seems to produce a much coarser grind. Is there any correlation between their grind settings? Grind cup - this seems to work itself loose whilst I'm grinding. Any easy solution? Thanks, Simon
  16. Low mileage walnut hausgrind for sale. Used it for one pour over a day for around a year before replacing it with a Lido 3 as I wanted something a bit more travel friendly. Comes in original box and a spare set of varying sized o-rings for holding the bottom in place. The bottom is sometimes a bit loose (seems to change as the seasons change), but is easily solved by a layer of sticky tape wrapped around the o-ring (not visible when assembled). Photos below - there are a couple of very small indentations in the body work that I've tried to capture. These photos are directly under a light and in more "normal" conditions are much less obvious. The walnut hausgrinds are fairly hard to come by as MBK only seem to make them occasionally. The website lists them as £140 + P&P (which I think is £10, so £150 total). £115 posted in the UK (tracked and insured), or £105 collected in Nottingham.
  17. For sale black anodized aluminium Hausgrind. Had it for a couple of months, it's probably only nicely run in. Their are some lines inside the catch cup where the main body of the grinder is pushed on to the catch cup. Doesn't seem to be getting worse, I think it was just initial bedding in and it doesn't affect anything that I can see. My assumption is this would happen on all of them. I'm selling because I have a preciso electric grinder for home use and a Feldfarb which seems to achieve similar grind and is more portable. £135 delivered - a slight saving on buying direct. I'm not open to offers, this is something you can buy and know that I'll ship it in a day or two. It will come with the spare O rings you get when buying one new (and hopefully the initial one I've used, I'll have to obviously take the crank arm off to ship it). I still have the wooden box it was shipped in as well. Let me know if any questions. I can add a photo or two tomorrow if needed.
  18. Hi all, I'm guessing the answer is wait / save more but I'll ask the question anyway. I've been using a Hario mini mill for Aeropress at work and the little bugger has broken on my after 6 months of pretty light use. As with a lot of the cheap grinders I had a real issue with fines at the courser settings and all research has basically pointed me towards the Hausgrind and Lido's. The Lido just looks a bit big to have on my desk at work and everything is out of stock on the Hausgrind website. On top of this before I shell out £100 - 150 on a hand grinder is there anything that's going to come in remotely close for cheaper? With the Aeropress and Mini Mill I was getting quite a bitter coffee regardless how I brewed it (different temps & brew times) so I'm assuming it was down to the level of fines.
  19. Hi there - forum newbie/long-time lurker here! I've been a keen coffee drinker for ages but over the last couple of years I've become a bit more serious with first the acquisition of an Aeropress and more recently a refurb Gaggia Coffee Deluxe (having developed a taste for espresso on a trip to Italy). I've been 'making do' with a Porlex mini for a while now, to the extent that it is now suffering from serious loose-handle-syndrome. Since starting making espresso, I've realised I need a better grinder for the sake of grind consistence and my arm muscles. However, finances are limited and although I could stretch to £200 at most, I'd really like something that will do the business for both my Aeropress and espresso needs. To complicate matters, I tend to use an espresso blend for espresso, and single origin for aeropress (maybe even switching between a couple of different single origin beans), with the occasional decaf. My typical coffee drinking day might go espresso, aeropress, espresso, espresso, decaf aeropress. Therefore, I need a grinder that will: (a) give me a decent grind for both espresso and aeropress (or at least an improvement over the porlex) (b) be easy to switch between at least two grind settings © work OK with only one cup's worth of beans in the hopper, and have very little retention, because I switch around beans so much (d) be reliable & easily repairable so as to hopefully last me many years (e) not take up half the kitchen Since my Porlex mini experience has made me a little weary of hand grinding, I was initially looking at electric grinders, specifically the Sage/Breville smart pro or the dose control pro. I'm now not sure either will give me the best grind quality or have the reliability I'm looking for. I then (thanks to these forums) discovered the Hausgrind, and thought this would be a perfect solution, and was willing to give hand grinding another chance with a quicker/more efficient grinder. But now I'm wondering whether I wouldn't be better off with a Eureka Mignon mk2 (if I can pick one up second hand), but I'm not sure about a couple of things. Is it easy enough to change back and forth between grind settings? Would I be able to use it with only 15g ish in the hopper, running the motor until after the beans are all ground and possibly a bit of a tip and tap to get the last couple of gram out, or will this be too much faf? I'm sure someone will suggest an espresso dedicated grinder and to continue to use my Porlex for Aeropress, but it really is on its last legs handle/shaft-wise, and I'd rather save it for travelling/camping trips. Any thoughts/advice would be great! Thanks.
  20. I bought this in October 2014, but only used it a few times before I developed some health problems and my wife "tidied up" while I wasn't looking. So, it's been at the back of the cupboard most of it's life; in it's original packaging and virtually brand new. I'm asking £95, plus £5 UK shipping. To save on shipping I'm happy to drop it off somewhere in the Sheffield/Derby Nottingham area, at no charge, or you can collect from me in Chesterfield and try my Londinium L1 / Compak K8 Fresh set-up.
  21. As above, anyone know the measurements and where's the best place to get them, fired off a email to peter but won't hold my breath
  22. Bought from the latest batch to be released. I managed to obtain one each of the Hausgrind and the Feldgrind (getting into my side by side comparison tests!). The Feldgrind arrived first and I have been extremely impressed with the ease of use. Consequently I am happy to stick with it and offer the Hausgrind for sale, completely unused. It comes in a wooden wine box and is ready to post. Not sure of exact postage but will be passed on to buyer at cost. I checked Royal mail and the Special Delivery 1pm next day service (with cover up to £500) is £8.55. Cheaper might be available elsewhere. Asking price is price paid to MBK. Photo is of both - you only get the Brown one [ATTACH=CONFIG]13986[/ATTACH]
  23. As suggested in the hausgrind owners experience, a place to document current owners, batches and wood etc. Copy and stick your name on the list K029 batch 2, walnut. Neill
  24. Phil104

    Sold: Hausgrind

    I bought this in June 2015 - amazingly, direct from Peter, but have used less and less and hardly since April, when I picked up a Comandante at the London Coffee Festival. Before that, I used it on average once a week for 15-30gms (I drink mainly espresso at home), so it hasn't had a whole lot of beans through it. I have cleaned it regularly with Grindz. It's in good condition and does exactly what you'd expect from a Hausgrind. I think £90 is a fair price plus a contribution of £5 towards the PO's special delivery - so £95. (And I continue to be mystified as to why although the pictures are in the correct orientation in iPhoto, when I upload them they rotate....)
  25. Hi fellow coffee lovers I has just purchased a Walnut Hausgrind from MBK what would be a good starting point for brewed coffee i use a CCD, Aeropress and a drip machine Regards Paul Read
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