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Found 90 results

  1. Good evening everyone. With a new machine on order I'm looking at ordering some beans for espresso. I was all set for the Hasbean espresso quad pack, but when did delivery become so expensive! £5 seems a little too much for £20 of beans! Any recommendations for first batch?
  2. Hi everyone, I just ordered from Hasbean the starter pack with different El Salvador single origin: Finca Escocia Washed Bourbon Finca La Ilusion Honey Bourbon Finca La Ilusion Washed Bourbon Finca San José Washed Elefante Finca Santa Petrona Washed Pacamara Any recommendations on brew parameters for espresso? I have a R58 with a mazzer SJ and two VST basket 18g and 20g This is my first order from Hasbean so no idea where to start from and what to expect. Thanks!
  3. Hi, I've got a Gaggia Classix and I've tried roasted coffee beans from Whittards, Happy Donkey and Ikea (!) I wasn't too keen on the Ikea coffee - very bitter! The beans from Whittards and Happy Donkey were ok - but I want something that'll really enthuse my taste buds! I use a Iberital MC2 grinder. I'm after recommendations for coffee beans. I've been on a few sites and as there's literally hundereds of types to choose from I haven't got a clue where to start. I know a lot of you will say just try and few and go with I'm after an all-purpose general coffee bean that's not terribly expensive, but something that I'll look forward to tasting! I'm sure you must have some recommendations for me - don't forget I'm after something I can buy and buy again - so limited edition, once in a lifetime offers that I need to get a second mortgage for is not what I'm after Looking forward to your responses...
  4. Does anyone know of a roaster anywhere in the West Midlands? Or failing that someone who'll supply mail order 1kg of beans without charging an arm and a leg?
  5. Roaster Experience Days are worthwhile events to visit. Yesterday Steve Leighton (HasBean) opened up his roastery to 30+ people for a day of coffee drinking, socialising and coffee education. This included the first live recording of In My Mug, his informative and passionate Video Podcast. The 30+ people that attended came from all walks of life and it was refreshing to get a completely different viewpoint about peoples expectations of what a coffee should be and what it represents to them. Colin Harmon (2009 Irish Barista Champion) was a surprise guest and had been flown in from Dublin to work the La Spaziale machine, pulling shots of HasBeans finest roasts for the guests. The £5 cover charge for the day is being donated to a coffee charity. Guests were able to try coffee's brewed via a number of methods including espresso, filter and Clover, and were walked through the entire roasting process, from green to cup (including a cupping) Thanks for being a great host Steve. There is no word in the dictionary to describe your passion and enthusiasm for coffee. Last but not least, embracing social media, there was a live video feed on UStream and many tweets sent. Thanks everyone for making it a memorable day and to all of those who pitched in to help out at some point, giving the host a bit of time to breathe.
  6. ive been trying these in my aeropress the past couple of months- I have fallen in love! such a big acidity and lime flavour, works really well with a finer grind and diluted from the aeropress but you get huge full flavour from french press style too. I've tried the other malawi beans from hasbean and they just pale in comparison. If there are any other rivals for acidity do tell!
  7. If you're in Soho, Fernandez & Wells in Beak Street and St.Anne's Court make excellent espresso, their own blend (beans sourced, I believe, from HasBean) brewed in a Synesso Cyncra.
  8. For anyone who's seen my other thread on what grinder to get, you will know come Dec 25th I will be the proud owner of a shiny new grinder of some shape or description (Still undecided, lol!) Anyway, I've discovered my wife has already purchased me some beans to go with it. I saw a tin of Illy and a very large packet of Starbucks that I think she bought from Costco (bless her!) obviously I will use these to practice with but I really want to try some freshly roasted stuff so nearer the time I'm planning on ordering some beans. I've already seen the thread on suppliers but as I am a complete novice I wanted to increase my chances of getting something I liked. What I wanted to know is this... Are there any beans that are popular with most if not everyone on here? Something you'd serve up to friends that's not an acquired taste. As usual thanks for any help you can offer.
  9. RolandG

    New Job

    I wasn't going to post on this, but I think it's probably worth it as a disclaimer - as of mid-April I'll be working at HasBean Extremely exciting for me, but just so you know I'm biased
  10. I'm relatively new to coffee on the sort of serious level these forums aspire to, but I am learning... Last week I bought some Square Mile Autumn Espresso beans (from a coffee stall in Columbia Road market). My first thoughts were, this is not quite how I imagine espresso to be... then, following on, there was a sort of revelation. The coffee really does have the caramel and grapefruit flavours proclaimed on the packet, and there's a fantastic after taste. I usually drink my espresso without sugar, but this one I find works better with a bit of sweetening. Interesting stuff. Any other thoughts on these beans?
  11. After the death of my refurb Cubika, I've decided to go ahead and get a new Silvia! Does anyone have any recommendations on where to buy from? HasBean have them at £425, but I'm not sure if they are an 'official' reseller. There is also Caffe Italia who are offering a bunch of stuff along with the machine again for £425. These guys say that they are official resellers. After the thread about myespresso I'm just a little concerned that I need to buy from the right place and that I can count on the after sales support if needed. Any suggestions are most welcomed, thanks!
  12. DavidBondy


    I am new to the forum but not to good coffee! So hello everybody and thanks for allowing me to join! I am a very keen home roaster and have recently bought a Behmor 1600 from Steve at HasBean. I started roasting in the oven. I then progressed to a FreshRoast which was fine until it fell to bits. I then bought an iRoast which I really loved except that the old models forgot all your programming as soon as it was unplugged. Wanting to roast in larger quantities I then bough tan Alpenroast but hated it! Too much smoke (neighbours called the fire brigade when I was roasting in my garage) and a real bugger to clean. I could never recommend it.. I love the Behmor and find I can roast really dark (with just a glisten on the beans). Excellent! I have recently replaced my old, old Stainless-steel Pavoni Eurobar which I have had for twenty years with a spanking new Isomac Tea II and I am enjoying getting grips with my first HX machine. I currently have about a dozen different green beans in stock and like to make my own blends. I often add a small amount of robusta to help the crema along. My brother's brother-in-law works for the UN in Sudan and I have just been given a big bag of Sudanese green beans. I particularly like both African and Asian beans roasted dark for Espresso. If I can emulate Steve Leighton's Toba Sulawesi Espresso Blend then I shall be a perpetually happy man!!! I also have a HandPresso which allows me have a decent coffee whenever I am away. Add to that various stovetop Espresso makers and you'll start to build up a picture. Glad to be here on this non-US coffee forum, David
  13. Hi all I was thinking about cleaning my manual hario ceramic slim grinder and I spoke to Glenn a while back and he recommended Grindz click me now seen as it is so close to Christmas I decided not to buy it but to put it on my Christmas list, in the meantime would rice be ok to clean it with? I don't want to do anything that would damage my grinder but I have had it since august and so far it has only ever had a pastry brush run over it a couple of times so I thought it would be a good time to give it a good clean. Thoughts and suggestions? Many thanks HLA91
  14. Hi there, Newly registered here although it's fair to say I have been lurking and absorbing all the information from this very interesting forum! My main reason for starting to read the forum contents was when my bean to cup machine died on me (although it's ok....don't worry, it has been fixed and I should have it back soon!). But after reading the entries here....unfortunately it is going to cost me lots of money! I have decided to take the plunge and buy a semi-automatic setup as well as keeping my bean to cup machine. I think my lovely wife would possibly kill me if I made her have to learn the full process, so the bean to cup option at least gives her decent coffee when I am away. So....right now my purchases are going to be as follows: *** Rancilio Silvia - from Hasbean *** Ascaso i-Mini Non Doser Grinder - may be from MyEspresso (even though I have read the bad reports I can't find anyone nearly matching their price) *** An In My Mug subscription from Hasbean *** plus all the ancillaries that seem to be required in the hunt for the perfect coffee! Lets hope the information from this site has gone into my brain or I may be asking lots of questions!
  15. brun


    I've been visiting Patisserie Valerie outlets lately quite a bit, best cakes ever, but I've got a question for you guys as you seem to know everything, I've really enjoyed the americano coffee I've had there and I'm wondering what kind of similar coffee is out there for me to make at home, all the beans are always described in weird and wonderful ways, lots of adjectives and food stuff comparisons, but at the moment as I'm new to this I've no idea what the illy 'flavour type' is To the best of my knowledge all the ones I've had have been made from beans, not pre ground from the tins you get at the supermarket I've only ever seen illy beans in cafes, never a shop
  16. If you're nursing a hangover on New Years Day then what better way to ease yourself gently into the new year than to drop by the Common Grind website or if you have subscribed on iTunes, check your podcast folder or RSS feed. The feed will go live at 0001 on 01 January 2009. To wet your apetite, bundled up for your listening pleasure; A cupping of HasBean and SquareMile Beans A discussion on Fungi narrated by Ash Porter An in depth interview with James Hoffman Discussion on drink sizes and more... I'm looking forward to the next 12 podcasts in 2009. Keep up the great work Chris. ** The link is here **
  17. A necessity or not? We use organic coffee only in our blend atm, but we will be stopping very soon. good thing or bad thing? Chris
  18. joffy

    Bean allergy?

    Is it possible to be intolerant to certain beans? A few years ago I suffered with stomach pains and turned out I was intolerant to nuts. Stopped eating nuts, been ok since. But a week ago, I got the same symptoms again when I started a fresh bag of beans in my Hasbean subscription and it's the only new thing I've consumed recently. Been buying beans for a few years now, never had a problem before.
  19. Aeropress with this patio dried caturra that I've decided I really like from Has Bean (The washed stuff is dull dull dull in comparison). It cupped amazingly, and I wondered why I couldn't just do something similar for the Aeropress so... 15g of coffee 220g of water Inverted 95C!! 6 on my old school EK dial Leave for 2:30, flip and leave for 30 to let things settle a bit, plunge over 20-25 and stop when you can see the sludge, don't go any further(!!). I'd be interested to see what my EY is with this but the fruits they are popping and it tastes like it cupped - I'm a happy chappy. I feel I could have gone a bit further with this - either by tightening the grind, flipping earlier (flipping is a form of agitation after all) or giving it a turbulent wiggle at some point.
  20. Feeling pretty smug as I have just had a wonderful cup of coffee!! Proper nice! Kitchen is still in disarray so no proper grinder or espresso machine - So I have been "making do" with dripping through a cone. Up until this morning I have just been using up a couple of bags/jars without much thought... I have been getting out a decent mugful mainly drinkable and sometimes even quite nice. If it has been a bit off I have just added a touch of sugar and even a splash of milk. But this morning I decided to open a new bag.... HasBean - Red Bourbon Poured it through and had a quick sip and bingo... proper full-bodied flavour, nice and smooth. Really dark colour in the mug but dipped a spoon in the top and "crystal clear" deep... deep... deep depths.. could still see the spoon through to the bottom of the mug. Sat down and slowly sipped my way through it... enjoyed every drop. (No sugar no milk just wonderful) I think this is the best cup of coffee I have made! I stopped at one!!!! :-) :-) Probably my only decent coffee today as I am off to some "Gaming Festival"... but I had to share!!
  21. Anyone going to this: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/an-evening-with-steve-leighton-sourcing-green-coffee-finca-limoncillo-tickets-12315868093 I just signed up - hope to meet a few other Scottish forum members here!
  22. mp101


    Hi all, been lurking a while, though I should post though Lots of great posts on here and lots of great info. Had a Delonghi Nespresso machine for a while, but about 8 months ago, bought a Chemex, Hario Skerton Grinder and some HasBean coffee and haven't looked back. In fact thanks to Philips doing 40% off I bought a Gaggia Classic, and the Nespresso is on eBay (not used it for a while (a year maybe) Now I just need to do more research on the Gaggia/tweaks and get an electric grinder, been eyeing up the Eureka Mignon and maybe a bottomless portafilter? any advice to get the best from the classic are welcome Thanks Marc
  23. Hi All, Wondered if you might be able to help. I’ve recently started a coffee subscription with Hasbean the first of which I received through was ‘BRAZIL CARMO ESTATE PULPED NATURAL YELLOW BOURBON’… https://www.hasbean.co.uk/collections/america-brazil/products/brazil-carmo-estate-pn-yellow-bourbon I have been brewing this via V60 and to me it tastes like burnt chocolate rather than the ‘milk chocolate’ I was expecting. I’m fairly new to V60 brewing, done a good few brews with other beans using the Scott Rao method which I very much enjoyed. I’ve been trying to do a method as follows… 16:1 225g (water) / 13.5g (coffee) 0:00 45g 0:45 90g 1:30 135g 2:15 180g 3:00 225g Finishing in just under 4mins. Done this about four times and each time it has the burnt chocolate taste. Here’s some photos of my brew (see below). I also shot a video. Because I was holding the phone with one hand and doing the coffee my weights and timing slightly vary, but the taste is relatively similar to previous brews where this was more accurate. Link to video... Any thoughts, is it my method or the coffee? Anyone else tried this coffee? Thanks Gareth
  24. I ordered from Hasbean some delicious Costa Rican coffee beans https://www.hasbean.co.uk/collections/coffee/products/costa-rica-zarcero-finca-la-casa-yellow-honey-caturra £7 Just had this. Was pretty hard to grind for espresso in my porlex tall replica! But SO GOOD and I have that nice stimulant caffeine rush you only get opening a fresh bag of beans! Smells yum! Tastes a bit meh at first but leaves this wonderful aftertaste. One of those coffee's where you taste it and find yourself looking at Compak R120 comparisons.... dangerous coffee. https://www.hasbean.co.uk/collections/coffee/products/costa-rica-finca-la-pira-red-honey-caturra £12.50 Anyway on the order special instructions I left a "Thank You" as I feel the packers deserve some thanks too. And got a hand written "Thank You !" back! Manners are free so use them xD
  25. So I appreciate that currently my setup sucks BUT... First beans I bought from HB were costa rican SO's and they tasted amazing. Based on reviews on HB's coffee I ordered... Breakfast Bomb, Philter (not opened yet) and 1973 Mk4. And no matter how I brew or espresso these beans they just taste...rancid. Like dishwater. They smell bad too. I'm guessing my equipment is not good enough ( I made a new thread on this but no one answered) so shall I just throw them away and go back to Single Origin?
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