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  1. Good evening everyone. With a new machine on order I'm looking at ordering some beans for espresso. I was all set for the Hasbean espresso quad pack, but when did delivery become so expensive! £5 seems a little too much for £20 of beans! Any recommendations for first batch?
  2. Can anyone tell me please, are these actually official Clever or a 3rd party manufacturer? https://www.hasbean.co.uk/collections/brewers/products/clever-dripper
  3. Hi All, Wondered if you might be able to help. I’ve recently started a coffee subscription with Hasbean the first of which I received through was ‘BRAZIL CARMO ESTATE PULPED NATURAL YELLOW BOURBON’… https://www.hasbean.co.uk/collections/america-brazil/products/brazil-carmo-estate-pn-yellow-bourbon I have been brewing this via V60 and to me it tastes like burnt chocolate rather than the ‘milk chocolate’ I was expecting. I’m fairly new to V60 brewing, done a good few brews with other beans using the Scott Rao method which I very much enjoyed. I’ve been trying to do a method
  4. Is the Hasbean Espresso Starter Pack a good choice? I am quite interested but the high postage cost is putting me off, especially if I end up not like a few of the blends. I understand tastes are different but if most think it's good value & taste I might take a punt.
  5. Hi and welcome to the sale of my beloved coffee machine setup. Coffee machine is an expobar leva dual boiler with PID and has a naked portafilter with VST basket, this was originally purchased from Bella Baritsta. Grinder is the MAHLKONIG VARIO and comes with all original accessories, this was originally purchased from HasBean. The coffee machine is in great working order, anyone interested in the sale is welcome to come and view the machine and I am happy to demonstrate this machine in use. There are lots of accessories included in the sale including: 3 very good book
  6. Got this in the post today. It's probably a small step up from the wok/whisk method that I've been using. Just tried using it with HasBean El Salvador Finka Alaska beans. Very even roast. Won't know how it tastes for a few days though. Can't wait Tried a search here with no hits. Has anyone else used one of these?
  7. Hi everyone, I just ordered from Hasbean the starter pack with different El Salvador single origin: Finca Escocia Washed Bourbon Finca La Ilusion Honey Bourbon Finca La Ilusion Washed Bourbon Finca San José Washed Elefante Finca Santa Petrona Washed Pacamara Any recommendations on brew parameters for espresso? I have a R58 with a mazzer SJ and two VST basket 18g and 20g This is my first order from Hasbean so no idea where to start from and what to expect. Thanks!
  8. I got 250g of the Ethiopia Kebel Aricha as my HasBean IMM this month, and I'm worried this one might be a bit too "James Brown" for me to handle... I'm still working my way through the Jolly Bean Rocko Mountain, which is probably funky enough for me. They're not available on the HasBean site anymore, but had some glowing reviews from the funk lovers: http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:viyOTsEzpqYJ:www.hasbean.co.uk/products/ethiopia-yirgacheffe-kebel-aricha-natural+&cd=2&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=uk. Here is Steve's description: "In the cup this coffee is as funky
  9. A shoutout to the guys at Hasbean, who opened their doors to 100 people yesterday to celebrate their fifth anniversary. The hospitality was amazing: everybody on hand to give tips on cupping, pulling shots, brewing with Chemex/Kalita Wave [and some weird thing called the Dragon], and latte art. We also had a tour of the roastery and the entire warehouse, as well as some fab tacos. This is a serious operation with some great guys behind it. Also really looking forward to pulling some shots of their "Anniversary Blend", which is now available on their website. It was a seriously nice espres
  10. I ordered from Hasbean some delicious Costa Rican coffee beans https://www.hasbean.co.uk/collections/coffee/products/costa-rica-zarcero-finca-la-casa-yellow-honey-caturra £7 Just had this. Was pretty hard to grind for espresso in my porlex tall replica! But SO GOOD and I have that nice stimulant caffeine rush you only get opening a fresh bag of beans! Smells yum! Tastes a bit meh at first but leaves this wonderful aftertaste. One of those coffee's where you taste it and find yourself looking at Compak R120 comparisons.... dangerous coffee. https://www.hasbean.co.uk/collections/
  11. So I appreciate that currently my setup sucks BUT... First beans I bought from HB were costa rican SO's and they tasted amazing. Based on reviews on HB's coffee I ordered... Breakfast Bomb, Philter (not opened yet) and 1973 Mk4. And no matter how I brew or espresso these beans they just taste...rancid. Like dishwater. They smell bad too. I'm guessing my equipment is not good enough ( I made a new thread on this but no one answered) so shall I just throw them away and go back to Single Origin?
  12. Here's a summary of all the beans you can currently buy from Hasbean. If you go to the googlesheet link you can sort/filter them by price, country, process and SCAA flavors. Provided Hasbean don't change their website layout this will automatically update itself, should make picking your next bean a little easier. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Ff5KT5sjNDx9g923Yl68glq666VVBLGMj7FDBaYmCsY/edit?usp=sharing Here's an example from today sorted by Process [TABLE=width: 1192] [TR] [TD]Bean[/TD] [TD]Price[/TD] [TD]Country[/TD] [TD]Process[/TD] [TD]Flavor
  13. Nice coffee when brewed but........... Currently struggling a little with this coffee. Last espresso shot was 20g to 45g (2.25 ratio) in 35 secs at 96°C in a VST 20g basket on the brewtus and super jolly combo, using charcoal filtered tap water (Plymouth water being pretty soft). I just can't seem to shake off the sourness. beans were roasted on 23rd by the way. I've had some really tasty results with the aeropress doing 15g coffee to 200g water for 1 minute 30 secs off boil) and i'm really liking the coffee this way, but espresso just isn't doing it for me yet. Should I just tr
  14. Just popped on to Hasbean for my usual order of some Brazil Fazenda Cachoeira da Grama pulped natural yellow bourbon and they're not there! What's happened??? I'm not sure I want to live in a world without this bean! What other bean, pulled as a ristretto, tastes of pure caramel?!?!
  15. I'm still very new to this "making good espresso" malarkey and so far I've been pretty much assuming that dark beans are the ones for me. This is based on a number of things: 1) From trying very stylish espresso around London I have enjoyed some lighter, fruitier roasts but more so in flat whites than as espressos 2) From my research (and some excellent advice from Obnic) it seems that on my starter level equipment with my starter level of skill, dark roasts are more likely to give consistent results 3) I've generally enjoyed the coffee I've made so far (while it hasn't knocked my socks
  16. nufc1

    Selection of Beans

    Does anybody know of any other roasters who provide a similar deal to Coffee Compass where you can buy many assorted 250g bags of coffee for a discount? I would like to get a xmas gift for someone like this. I know hasbean do starter packs but they will not be to the gift recievers taste as they like a darker roast, even using the aeropress. Thanks in advance.
  17. Where to start... Like everyone, I'm trying to improve my coffee. I've chosen my equipment, which is a Cremina and HG One, and I want to stick with this equipment because I love using it, amongst other reasons. My results have been a bit variable. It's probably taken me a year to work out how to consistently get good-looking pours. I'm there. If the visual indicators are right, I am getting my distribution right now, and the coffee should taste good. So the most important variable should be the bean... well I'm sure that's true anyway. I started with Hasbean. I've always l
  18. Aeropress with this patio dried caturra that I've decided I really like from Has Bean (The washed stuff is dull dull dull in comparison). It cupped amazingly, and I wondered why I couldn't just do something similar for the Aeropress so... 15g of coffee 220g of water Inverted 95C!! 6 on my old school EK dial Leave for 2:30, flip and leave for 30 to let things settle a bit, plunge over 20-25 and stop when you can see the sludge, don't go any further(!!). I'd be interested to see what my EY is with this but the fruits they are popping and it tastes like it cupped - I'm
  19. Normally I buy "all purpose" beans that work well both as espresso and in the Aeropress for the occasional brewed coffee. I haven't tried anything from Hasbean yet and would like to. They have so many beans, I'm not sure what to choose. As a guide, I did really enjoy the Rocko Mountain from Foundry once I "mastered" it as an Aeropress. So something in that ballpark wouldn't be bad. Something sweet and fruity, maybe even floral.
  20. joffy

    Bean allergy?

    Is it possible to be intolerant to certain beans? A few years ago I suffered with stomach pains and turned out I was intolerant to nuts. Stopped eating nuts, been ok since. But a week ago, I got the same symptoms again when I started a fresh bag of beans in my Hasbean subscription and it's the only new thing I've consumed recently. Been buying beans for a few years now, never had a problem before.
  21. Anyone going to this: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/an-evening-with-steve-leighton-sourcing-green-coffee-finca-limoncillo-tickets-12315868093 I just signed up - hope to meet a few other Scottish forum members here!
  22. I am in love with this coffee! I have 250g roasted and 250g green from hasbean which wont last long...Unfortunately, it seems hasbean have sold out and i cant find it anywhere else. Does anyone who has tried this know of anything similar? I'll be making sure i get plenty of green beans next time this is available. Could do with a cheaper source though as hasbean prices for green are ridiculous.
  23. As above, one 250g bag roasted on the 18th available for the cost of postage (or local collection / meet) as I have too much coffee to get through at the minute.
  24. Feeling pretty smug as I have just had a wonderful cup of coffee!! Proper nice! Kitchen is still in disarray so no proper grinder or espresso machine - So I have been "making do" with dripping through a cone. Up until this morning I have just been using up a couple of bags/jars without much thought... I have been getting out a decent mugful mainly drinkable and sometimes even quite nice. If it has been a bit off I have just added a touch of sugar and even a splash of milk. But this morning I decided to open a new bag.... HasBean - Red Bourbon Poured it through and had a q
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