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  1. I'm wondering, has been anyone got a good shot following the recommended recipe for this blend? Brew Recipe Recommendation Dose: 18.8g Yield: 32g Time: 31-34 seconds https://www.hasbean.co.uk/products/black-blend I find it very very strong. I don't find it drinkable without milk or water. Ratio is 1:1.7 I don't know if it's me or what. Anyone like it this way? Also, who is designing these recipes? Steve? 18.8 dose? Not 19 or 18.5? 18.8! really?? The Red Blend also have weird numbers: Brew Recipe Recommendation Dose: 19g Yield: 37.4g Time: 33 seconds 37.4 ?? Come on...
  2. Hi, Looking for people's opinion on coffee subscriptions and whose the best to recommend. I've recently had coffee from Rave and HasBean and loved them both. Quite often delivery can be expensive hence the subscription thoughts. HasBean do a monthly direct debit over 12 months for £6.50 per month including delivery. This sounds very tempting. What so people think of HasBean subscription? You never know what your getting so could be a gamble? Anyone else worth considering? I'm down to my last bag so need to get some ordered lol Thanks, Paul
  3. The coffee gods were looking down on me today, all my deliveries came earlier than expected and all within half an hour of each other! Thanks to @DaveP for the packaging the Mignon so well and sending so promptly and thanks to @Juba for sending his left over acrylic pipe to make a single dose hopper - You've got to love this forum! Now how long will the four bags of HasBean last...
  4. Apologies if this has been posted but I searched and couldn't see it: Sprudge have reported that Ozone and Has Bean are combining ownership.
  5. That's right! For my first coffee in charge of LSOL I've managed to get my hands on a rather special and exclusive coffee from Has Bean! Guest slot sign up is below but there is now a 500g-per-month subscription option available priced at £40 per quarter on top of the original 1kg-per-month now priced at £70 a quarter. Sign up here!!! There is no limit on the number of guest slots yet but one may be imposed depending on how many new subscribers we get. 500g of this exclusive and super exciting coffee is £14.50 delivered! 1. @foundrycoffeeroasters.com 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
  6. Just seen it on Has Bean's facebook feed. https://www.hasbean.co.uk/products/rattleware-cupping-brewer What do people think? Probably be too much sediment for my liking.
  7. So I appreciate that currently my setup sucks BUT... First beans I bought from HB were costa rican SO's and they tasted amazing. Based on reviews on HB's coffee I ordered... Breakfast Bomb, Philter (not opened yet) and 1973 Mk4. And no matter how I brew or espresso these beans they just taste...rancid. Like dishwater. They smell bad too. I'm guessing my equipment is not good enough ( I made a new thread on this but no one answered) so shall I just throw them away and go back to Single Origin?
  8. There is a lot of excess stock which was destined for a cafe , however building work has delayed opening and as such there are bags of rested coffee which need a home ..... All roasted on 16th or 17th Jan (so perfect for espresso and still tasting darn sweet for filter ) 2 x 1Kilo Brazil Cachoeira PN £18 each posted SOLD PENDING PAYMENT 2 x 250g Brazil Cachoeira PN £5 each posted SOLD PENDING PAYMENT 1 x 250g Brazil Cachoeira PN Decaf £5 posted SOLD PENDING PAYMENT 2 x 250g Ethiopia Chelelektu Natural £6 each posted SOLD PENDING PAYMENT 2 x 250g Sulawesi Tana Washed Typica A £5 each posted SOLD PENDING PAYMENT no offers. Updated : all gone , just waiting on 1 address PM
  9. Has Bean

    Bargain ahoy!

    3 x bags of Escocia 1 x bag of Blake 1 x bag Xmas Espresso blend Roasted 17th Dec, wholebean 250g, rested ready to go for espresso, still amazing brewed. Normal price £40 without shipping First person to confirm get them for £25 including shipping! HB
  10. Just broke into a bag of these but decided to make my own mind up on the flavour rather than reading the notes. I'm away at the minute so dont have scales, timers, thermometers and suchlike. In fact I have an aeropress, a hausgrind and a kettle. Pleased to say that despite my variable technique I'm getting a fantastic drink. First mouthful reminded me of peaches .... hang on, it was more apricots with a touch of acidity. Really big mouthfeel. Then had a look at the notes on the bag and yes - tropical fruits, pineapple and apricots. This wont appeal to the darker roast fans out there but I would strongly recommend it for those liking medium towards light roasted coffee. Its not the cheapest coffee but, for me, is one that is worth paying a few quid extra. I'll be ordering another bag to try in the L1. Stunning coffee !
  11. For years I've been happy with ready-ground Illy red in a moka pot. Now I'm exploring other things and have a new Rhino grinder, a Handpresso, some scales and a Has Bean espresso starter pack. Just made a cup of Jailbreak and it is effing revolting, with or without milk. Horrible sour taste and a smell of something like cellulose. I am seriously cheesed off. I bet I will hate all 5 beans in the starter pack. What a waste of time and money. Even McDonalds coffee is far nicer.
  12. http://www.hasbean.co.uk/collections/mugs-and-cups/products/has-bean-red-demitasse-and-saucer I have 3 of these to shift. They would be >£17 delivered from Has Bean. Im looking for 13.50 delivered.... Anyone going to the grind off can have them for 12 quid. cheers!
  13. Over the last few months I have been getting my beans from Rave, Has Bean, Square Mile and a local roaster. I fancy a change but the choice is huge! Does anyone have any recommendations? I'm drinking brewed coffee and prefer light(ish) roasts.
  14. My 4 x 250g bags of Colombia El Meridiano Rioblanco Colombian SC Decaffeinated from Has Bean is nearly rested and I'm looking for something a little darker roasted for a taste comparison so would appreciate any supplier/bean recommendations that anyone can give. Before anyone challenges my question, yes decaffeinated is really what we want!
  15. I've expressed my personal disappointment with HasBean coffee before, despite their exemplary customer service and enthusiasm, basically because I found the SO beans I had sampled were too acidic and light for my taste and some of their blends simply weird. Well Rodabod actually sent me a sample of Brazil Fazenda Cachoeira which he assured me was not acidic. He was right, in fact it was very nice indeed. Very smooth, milk chocolately... just slightly too milk chocolately for my taste, but very good nevertheless. I ordered a pack along with a couple of others. The second bean I tried was Sumatra Takengon Gayon Mountains. I'm a Sumatran fan, and this is a superb coffee. It had all the earthy funkiness I associate with Sumatran but is also very smooth. I'd also say the roast is just right (not over roasted like Union's equivalent). This will remain one of my favourites. Service from HasBean was, as to be expected, impeccable. I'm glad to be back.
  16. Godders

    Has bean

    I’m a satisfied coffeebeanshop customer but feeling adventurous thought I’d give hasbean a whirl. Along with some jailbreak (which I’ve yet to crack open) I ordered a bag of Guatemala El Bosque Amatitlan washed red boubon (the tasting notes looked like it would be up my street). Using my usual aeropress method I made a cup this morning and it was a bit unsatisfying. It was “nice” with some interesting flavours and fairly well balanced but it didn’t have any real punch, it was almost like I wasn’t drinking coffee if you get what I mean (and I’m not a fan of super strong, dark roasted coffee btw). Is this just an effect of the light roasting HB are known for? Is there anything the coffeeforums hive mind would recommend to get the best out of this bean? I’m all for experimenting but if I can focus this a bit more it will hopefully mean I waste less. For aeropress I usually dose around 15g and grind pretty much in the middle between espresso and drip (using a porlex) and minor tweaks aside this has produced consistently good results with other beans I’ve tried.
  17. Pro musician and coffee addict here! I've been a customer of Hasbean since they started but my love of coffee began in 1970, my then girlfriend was from East Africa and her relatives would send beans over to us, yummy. I'm looking to get new machine and am looking for either another Sylvia or something similar....
  18. Just had to write a little note to the forum to praise the excellent customer service at Has Bean and in particular Chris who has been brilliant in sorting my issue. Essentially my IMM La Toma never turned up, which it seems was a Royal Fail issue and has been lost/stolen along the way. I wonder if plain packaging would prevent so many getting lost on route? Anyway, I was going to order some bits from HB so Chris agreed to throw in a replacement bag for free. We got into quite a lengthy email off about brew methods and advising me against buying a certain bit of kit and I ended up ordering the Scott Rao book on brewing. I have been wanting this but thought I may as well take the plunge. He also threw in some V60 filters for free, even though they don't actually stock them. All in all, despite it not being their fault they provided above and beyond service including free replacements plus, and far from the usual painful customer service process it was actually enjoyable to discuss coffee with a clear enthusiast and exchange tips. It make such a difference when people are passionate about what they do and gives me confidence to use again and again. I would confidently recommend anyone to use Has Bean (not that I wouldn't before)!
  19. As alluded to in the Wiggo's Giotto thread, Sir Chris Hoy is also a fan of Rocket and a recent tweet of his setup showed a healthy selection of beans from Has Bean
  20. I'm sure we have a few cycling fans on the forum Have you seen Wiggo's custom Giotto? click for more images
  21. Hey all I'm really knocked out by Has Bean. The Ethiopian Guji natural was awesome and the Brazil Perfetio is just as nice in my opinion. Just wondered if you've tried the Brz Perfetio what you cab taste? I can taste soothing weetabix with hot milk, ovaltine and a little Jameson whiskey in there. Very malty indeed. Honestly I'm not taking the P. That's what I can taste!! Here's one I made earlier. Anyone else???? Stuart
  22. Hi guys, So I finally got into the coffee world at home on a budget with an Aeropress and burr grinder. I bought the metal filter for the Aeropress as well and on the recommendation of these forum bought the espresso starter back from Has Bean. I was so excited to get it in the post and start grinding my fresh beans at home! So I started with Jailbreak on my first use of the Aeropress and at first I thought it was really nice, although very "bright" for my tastes. Having made it again this morning, I'm not sure I like it at all. Its very bright, lemony, quite acidic id say, sweet. For me its missing all the bits of coffee I like the darkness, the kick, the bottom end. Its very rich, but in mostly the wrong ways for me, I find it almost nauseating. So I also tried Kicker and a the limencello single bean which I think is in the Jailbreak. Both of which had a stronger flavour, but again, almost too rich in places which made it difficult to enjoy and a little sickly again. If I was to describe my tastes before this id say I always liked strong coffee. I never have a milky drink, id always have a double espresso or a black Americano, I wouldn't even really be interested in a flat white. In my experience I've enjoy Italian roasts. Ive had my favourite coffee in Italy and my favourite one ever in Sicily in a small cafe, for me it was perfect. In this country I've struggled to get anything near and I live in an area with no decent coffee shops just the chains. Without knowing what it was I found myself enjoy a black coffee the most in my large local Italian restaurant. It was Illy. I still maintain that restaurant has the best local coffee, they go through A LOT of coffee so Id imagine the beans are pretty fresh for Illy and they have fantastic equipment and good baristas. Elsewhere in the city I can't enjoy anything from Starbucks (again, I find nearly everything they do, even a black Americano sickly, not to mention I don't want things served in soup sized containers!) Costa I'm not a fan off, and if I have to do chains it would be Nero which I've had a lot better coffees than the other two local by me. I'll shock you all now though by saying at home, in the morning I had the Starbucks VIA Italian Roast and I found it very enjoyable for one of the instant micro ground coffees. Id say I enjoy it more than the Has Bean blends I've tried so far! Granted it can't match up the freshness but the general balance is more to my taste. My regular drinker, shock horror again, to most here, was Kenco Millicano's Decaff. YES, a micro-ground instant DECAF. I have to be careful not to stock up on too much caffeine but a love a coffee taste so I drink this black a lot. For me it just goes down easy. Again these are both imitations of Italian coffees and coupled with Illy maybe this the road I should be trying to emulate as i'm not sure if the Has Bean blends would appeal to me? I still have Jabber Wocky and Blake to try out and I guess I still need to perfect my Aeropress skills, maybe I need to steep for a bit longer or try some other methods. Maybe Ive just got weird tastebuds that don't match anyone else's on this forum! I can tell the Aeropress makes a good brew though, I mean I've tried cafetieres in the past and theres nothing worse when that goes wrong and you get a stale water coffee, urghh now that is disgusting. Maybe I should go and buy some Illy beans and compare them to what I know in the Aeropress? I know their freshness is going to be very questionable but then maybe that can be tested with me too - and perhaps I'll like Blake considering everyone else seems to hate it around here! Thoughts -? On perhaps the fact I prefer a dark Italian roast?
  23. Hi guys, A quick question about free on loan coffee equipment here in the UK. I'm Australian and have come from an establishment in Melbourne where we got through 60-70kg+ of coffee a week, and our wholesaler supplied my employers with everything: Barista training, tamp, grinder, cups, custom painted La Marzocca FB/80 (everything!) Now I'm doing my own thing, targeting a small space in Hackney, London and I'm trying to establish which boutique suppliers might offer a free on loan machine/grinder and how many kg's I might need to get through to interest them. If not, whether anyone has had experience with rent to buy, loaning machines or something similar? I'm still a little while off starting this project and don't want to waste time of suppliers I might deal with in the future, so I though I'd try and ask here first! I've loved what I've tried from Monmouth, Has Bean and Volcano coffee in various places if anyone has experience with any of these guys. Cheers
  24. Neill

    3fe beans

    I was kindly given a bag of 3fe roasted beans for Christmas this year. They are El Salvador finca Argentina Los Mangos washed. Roast wise is say they're similar to what you'd expect from hasbean. I've been brewing these beans in aeropress, v60 and chemex. To me they make an incredibly sweet cup of coffee. The first mouthful out of every brew has been sweet caramel and milk chocolate followed by a fruit flavour with a nice amount of acidity. Not overpowering. They seem to only be selling in shops at present or you can subscribe to a monthly bag for a year of you live in Ireland/Northern Ireland. Based on the quality of these beans I'm very tempted to subscribe.
  25. Has Bean are doing a monthly guest espresso subscription again this year. A bit different to last years (where each month had a unique blend and packaging) but instead are sending out bespoke blends that they produce for coffee shops to cut down on the effort involved, first one is Acidity Squirrel that's in The Shrewsbury Coffeehouse Link here
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