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  1. I'm not really into the linking scales and phone thing but they certainly look pretty cool! [video=youtube_share;7jU94VeQNyA]
  2. We are today's manufacturer of the originaly british-made CONA Coffee Maker. Following our mid 2017 takeover, we implemented subtle technical changes, having known our famous icon of british industrial design for nearly a century within our former capacity as Cona importer for Holland and Belgium. The new 2019 'CONA Size D-Genius All-glass' is - in our opinion - the best siphon brewer ever made. It is the original benchmark. Now proudly made in the Netherlands, our icon of british industrial design by Abram Games remains 'a marvel of engineered inventions' and 'quality made in Europe'.
  3. Hario released new line of mills that consists of Hario Skerton Plus, Hario Skerton Pro and Hario Mini Mill Slim Plus.. Is there anyone who can experience with these mills? Do you have any thought about the results? [video=youtube;P1UW-3DgYqs]
  4. I've not tried it myself, but has anyone poured hot milk over a Hario V60? I've only used water but curious if milk is something to be tried. Obviously nothing wrong with water, just curious.
  5. Hey all, Got a second hand Gaggia Classic which turned up today and in need of a grinder. The grinder I currently have won't go fine enough and a shot pours in about 10 seconds so cannot make use of the machine yet. I am keeping an eye on Gumtree/ eBay and waiting for something decent to shop up but could do with something in the meantime. Would I be ok with a Hario or similar just to see me through? They're on Amazon for c. £20 at the moment. Once I get my posts up I can check the forum for sale threads too. Thanks SM
  6. Hi there, Selling: - Barely used Espro press (I bought a Rocket espresso machine and so the Espro is just taking up space). Bought in April 2015. - Fairly used Hario Skerton grinder, in great shape. I'll be in London from May 13th to 20th, so ideally these would be picked up during this window, from Gloucester Road or Liverpool St. station. Otherwise after May 20th from Gloucester Road. Cheers!
  7. Hi Guys, I'm new to the forum just have a quick question about the TCA 5. I received one as a present today but haven't got any methylated spirits. Just wondering if I can sit this on the gas hob instead of using the alcohol burner. One of the rings is very small and the unit would be stable. The only issue I can see is the flame will be further away from the bottom beaker than if I used the burner. Has anyone tried this type of setup? Any other tips would be great as this type of unit is completely new to me Thanks and Merry Christmas Chris
  8. I'm a big fan of cafetiere/french press coffee, and have decided to 1) make the move to grinding my own beans, and 2) put together some kit for travelling, which I have to do a lot. I need to buy a grinder which I can use at home and pack to take on the road, which probably means a handheld rather than a knee held one (electric is right out). I've been recommended that Hario Mini by a friend who is a consultant barista (yes, apparently that's a thing), but then reading made me think for a while that a Porlex would be better (and the larger Porlex is still only as big as the Hario). Then I saw
  9. Hario Skerton Grinder £20 I've only had half a bag of beans go through it (approx 125g). I bought this back in May and has very little use. I would prefer this to be picked up. I live near the tube station in Victoria (London). Nespresso Cups (170ml) - SOLD ACF Cups (160ml) - Withdrawn
  10. I saw this device in use in a small cafe on my trip to Tokyo, and looked really neat: Small form factor, temperature control, and programmable pulses. Does anyone know if it's ever being released for the UK/European market?
  11. There is an Easter sale going on at http://www.steamer.co.uk/ 20% off most items and 10% off electrical goods. Has a selection of coffee bits including Hario, Sage etc. Ends 17th April
  12. I have a brand new and boxed metal V60 up for grabs, in the sleek matte black colour. Will include a pack of natural filter papers also, so you're ready to brew! £35 delivered for the lot. The link below will take you to details of the dripper. https://www.hario.co.uk/products/v60-metal-coffee-dripper-matt-black-02
  13. Hario Drip Scale - boxed - unused - £27.50 delivered.
  14. So I have just bought two batches of Ethiopian beans from Rave: Ethiopia Hunkute #3 and Ethiopian Yirgacheffe G1Natural Konga One is obviously washed and the other is natural. I have a classic and the espresso I get from these is fine but I just can't help but think that a lot of the more delicate fruity notes do not come through in espresso so I'm missing out. Therefore I went ahead and ordered a Hario Skerton hand grinder in order to attempt brewed. Now I am wondering what is the best way to do this? the only brewed-related instruments I have at home is a cafeti
  15. There is a reference to this on the Third Wave Wichteln FB page and then a quick google brought up a YouTube posting….oozes Hario style.
  16. After seeing all the great home set ups and shiny equipment from some of the other members, my set up is definitely nothing fancy. It does however, have everything I need. I'm a big fan of manual brew methods such as the Hario, Aeropress and Chemex. I also, for the most part hand grind my coffee at home. There's something quite satisfying about grinding by hand (that is, if you're not trying to make coffee for more than two people!). I like the fact that setting yourself up at home with a full manual brew set up - scales, hand grinder and something to brew with can be done for
  17. Looking for a relatively cheap but decent hand grinder for work for my Aeropress and Clever Dripper. As I can't run to a Lido (maybe Santa will say I've been a good boy and it's only 8 months or so away) and I'm desperate because I don't like grinding at home and carting containers of grinds to work. Plus I can easily swap beans day to day when the notion takes me, so what do you recommend chaps?
  18. I have had this grinder for a while, and I'll start by saying I don't have anything to compare it to hand grinder wise, so this is just my experience of it rather than an exhaustive review on how good it is in comparison to the market. Its safe to say the Hario Mini Mill is one of the cheapest hand grinders you can buy, bar a few unknown brands. Mine cost me £17 delivered to my door at the time which is dead cheap when a Porlex will set you back around £30. Cheap, however, I think for a good reason. The grind consistency is really very poor. Again this is just in comparison to Mazzer
  19. Hi All, Cam anyone suggest a fairly cheap grinder for use with the courser side of life? At the moment I just have the one at home (Innova connical burr, same as the MC2) but obviously with the "screw" "word drive" grind adjust takes a small lifetime. So then I tend to use either the espresso machine or the Press/moka pot and sometimes I want both! Yeah I'm greedy!!!!! Cheers Lee
  20. My classic arrived today so I'm looking for a starter grinder, would any of these be suitable? Hario Ceramic Slim Mini Mill Hario Skerton Porlex Mini Porlex
  21. Hi all It's been quite a while since I was last here thanks to spending most of my time writing up my PhD thesis. But, I've got a few days off and I'm going camping and I seem to have misplaced my old Hario hand grinder. It's pretty last minute to buy one online and get it delivered so does anybody know anywhere on the highstreet that sells Hario or Porlex grinders (or other equivalents)?
  22. Hey dudes, I'm trying to get my hands on a halogen beam heater for using with a syphon. Can anyone tell me where they can be procured from? Cheers
  23. This is my first post, so please go easy on me. I got a Gaggia classic last wee and have been experimenting since, to try and get the grind/dose/tamp etc right, with mixed success. I am using freshly roasted beans (Porters in Sheffield, who sell their beans within 48hrs of roasting) I have followed advice on this forum and home barista with mixed success. I have got the hario Skerton and if I set it 2 notches (for want of a better word) up from burrs completely closed, I get a nice fine grind, with a bit of grit in it (I'm told this is how it should be?) On that setting, wit
  24. Hi, Having a clear out my end, thought I'd offer a couple of things here first before heading to eBay. SOLD [Image] Hario VST-2000B scale (brand new) – £36 posted A warranty replacement from Hario, never used and brand new in box. SOLD [Image] 2 x Hario VGD-02 Glass Dripper (brand new, red) – £16.50 posted/each Brand new in box, unused as I picked up an olive wood one around the same time as these and only need one on the go! Only 2 left [Image] 4 2 x Hario Bamboo stirrer (brand new) – £6.50 posted for 2 or £12 posted for 4 Look...I bought too many. I have a problem.
  25. My last order from Amazon were the Japanese tabbed ones, I don't really find them too bad (better than the ones made in Holland!) but prefer the non tabbed ones if possible... Thank you!
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