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Found 15 results

  1. Is there any reason why steeping would be affected more by hard water than other methods, (Drip, moka). I think I'm experiencing this but I'm not 100% sure if that is really the issue. Water here is extremely hard, hard to find latest numbers but older reports quote tds around 600ppm.. things might also be complicated by use of desalination in the water supply.
  2. I was looking at the bag type filters yesterday to put in my reservoir. I'm using cheap bottled water so shouldn't really need much in the way of filter and thought one of these might do. rocket, ecm etc Anyway I remembered my wife had bottle with stick in it, not even joking And it really worked, tap water overnight tasted cleaner and fresher like mineral water It turns out the stick is actually Binchotan Charcoal used for centuries apparently, So my thinking is one or two of these sticks in the reservoir could be great. The sell for me I suppose is no added chemicals or salt, should keep the water fresher if left for a couple of days, as it promotes ion exchange amongst other magical things. I thought I would share it here, and might provoke some discussion about filter bags in general. There was video with the guy from Rocket saying they don't recommend you descale their HX machines at all, just use good water and one of their bags! Seems pretty cost effective compared to some of the bags. https://waterfilteranswers.com/binchotan-charcoal-water-filter/ https://black-blum.com/products/binchotan-charcoal See what you think Id be i'll be trying some, id be interested to hear if anyone else uses it and also if anyone uses the bags to any great effect?
  3. I finally took the plunge and upgraded my machine and grinder (R60V and a Eureka Atom). The idea is to plumb the machine in but I figured if I tried to get the plumbing etc sorted before the machine arrived I would put the holes in the wrong place. I am now keen to get things sorted so my coffee corner can be complete. I'm stuck on what filter I should be using for the water though. I'm living in Surrey and we have pretty hard water. My last machine was running from the reservoir with a filter on the end of the hose. For plumbing in the new machine I want something a little more permanent. Is it necessary to install some kind of filtration beast or would a smaller cartridge system work? I'd love to hear any recomendations. Incidentally, the guys at Bella Barista were an absolute dream to deal with. I'm sure that is news to no-one though. Also incidentally, does anyone want a well looked after Isomac Tea? Recently had a new pressurestat fitted!
  4. Hi all, Struggling to get good crema coinciding with a well-extracted shot. I'm using a Delonghi EC710, on which I've depressurised the basket, with a Rhinowares hand-grinder. The grind is probably a little coarser than proper espresso, as the machine tends to choke otherwise. I seem to have a choice of a weak shot with half-decent crema, or a full-bodied shot with little-to-no crema. I live in a hard water area, but use Britta filtered water for the machine. Can anyone see any easy-wins to getting decent crema on a decent shot, or am I finding the limits of my equipment?
  5. Hi there, i was wondering if someone could advise me? I have a gaggia classic and have noticed the flow of coffee coming out has been getting thinner lately and today nothing came out! Help. |I have water in it of course and have checked the water pipes in the water holder. Do you think it may be blocked, due to hard water in my area? Many thanks here's hoping!
  6. Hi there! I'm relatively new to the espresso world. I've inherited a barista express (yes I've read its not the best but its perfect for me) and would love to keep it working as long as possible. It's been around a year, and afraid that the London hard water was affecting it I ran it through a descaling procedure. After reading about how tough descaling is on machines I now regret that and flushed the whole machine thoroughly. Lesson learned and I'll never descale again. Sage makes hard water filters, which I read are ion exchange resin based, so if I let the water sit in the tank with this filter over night (I'll stir it before brewing to get the water more airated) and change the filter every 4-6 weeks (instead of 8 weeks as recommended by manual) should all my bases be covered? Is there anything else I can do to improve the water so that it doesn't build up scale in the machine? The manual specifically says to only use tap water, so I am curious a) why they say that, and B) why so many people recommend bottled water? What are the risks? Thank you!
  7. At home I treat my water to soften it, but when at work, or visiting relatives I use what comes out of the tap (usually about 300mg/L total hardness, 230mg/L alkalinity). The treated water definitely helps clarity of flavour & makes for a cleaner tasting cup/mouthfeel. The harder water flattens off brightness, but also tends towards a chewier cup, that feels siltier. I can't say that there is something that you can do to your brews to make them taste the same, whatever the water, but some coffees do seem to stand up better to the hard water. Kenyans, Rwandans, Colombians, more berry forward naturals from Ethiopia, Honduras, brighter Guatemalans. The more delicate coffees, like tea-like Ethiopians & less bright coffees like Brazils seem to be more easily overwhelmed by the chewiness & flattening effect of the high alkalinity water. I also find with the softer water I can back off brew ratio a little (62-63g/L, or 13.5:213g)) and the coffee comes through more easily, whereas with the harder tap water - if I'm getting off tastes from siltiness (woody/pithy/swampy) - it doesn't hurt to make the cup stronger to help the coffee push through (66-67g/L, or 14:210g). Ideally, I'd always use the softer water, but sometimes it's just not practical, or makes sharing the coffee less possible. Picking a coffee more likely to stand up to the water can make for less disappointing brews.
  8. My Gaggia Classic is at the end of its useful life. All its problems are caused by hard water- or my inability to combat it. So: Do machines with brass boilers fair better with hard water? Would I get less problems with a lever machine?
  9. So that suggestions on blends of readily available bottled water are more easily searchable, here's a new thread split away from the general/making water for brewed thread, as that now seems to be concentrating more on making/enhancing water for coffee.http://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?21305-Water-for-Coffee For those that just want to pick up one bottle from the supermarket & brew away, then Volvic & Waitrose Essential are pretty good datums (of course, these can be blended with each other too). Currently liking: 1 part Strathmore to 2 parts Glaceau to 3 parts Volvic. 2 parts Harrogate to 3 parts Glaceau. A/B'd these 2 and really couldn't tell a difference. (Red figs highlighted in yellow are estimated). [/url]
  10. Now - as a new Giotto owner, I want to look after it. I live in London where the water is very hard. Will using this be the best option to reduce de-scaling, or is it purely for taste: http://www.bellabarista.co.uk/accessories/cleaning/rocket-espresso-water-reservoir-filter.html
  11. I live in a very hard water area - TDS of 312 when measured just now with a TDS meter. That level of water hardness would kill an espresso machine without very regular - too regular - descaling. I've been using different makes of bottled water - Volvic (TDS of about 110) and I've settled on Asda Eden Falls which has a TDS of about 80. I've measured and confirmed the label TDS measurements with a TDS meter. A TDS of 80 is not soft and will lead to scale build up although with gentle descaling (? citric acid) I'm hoping its not too bad. I'm putting the bottled water through a Brita jug filter and I can get the TDS down from 80 to 74 by doing that. It's such a small amount that it's hardly worth doing. Oddly, the Brita filter can remove about 100 TDS from the tap water to bring it down to about 210 TDS but it has much less of an impact on the bottled water and can even increase the TDS of some types of bottled water (I assume it's something to do with potassium but I'm completely ignorant on these things). Question is - if I don't want to use an artificial water softener (and I really don't), what's the best way of getting not too hard water for use in a heat exchanger espresso machine? I want to get a decent balance between taste and the need for descaling and I don't want to spend too much money on a solution. Asda Eden Falls works out at less than half the cost of Volvic so it may be my best option given that there's no way I can use tap water with a TDS of 312 (or even 210 after a Brita filter has done its thing). The other thing is that when I have briefly tried using hard water tap water (as an experiment) the coffee really did taste far superior to softer water coffee
  12. Hello, Apologies for another thread but i'm finding it quite hard to understand what I need to do to help protect my new coffee machine. I live in a hard water area in London, The Calcium Carbonate levels are 274ppm. I have little to no understanding of how to reduce the hardness and get water that isn't going to kill my machine (outside of finding out the Calcium Carbonate levels!). I get that the reverse osmosis machines are the best way to go but that isn't an option for me. The Tesco tap water is not an option cos of the plastic waste. A BWT filter jug sounds good but I hear inconsistent things on whether it's enough. Zerowater filter jug could be am option - am I right in saying this this requires blending with tap water to get something decent?And how do I go about doing that? Any advice or suggestions welcome! Thanks,
  13. I've just taken delivery of a Rocket R58. Initially I'll be running it off the tank but might plumb in later. The Rocket manual says not to descale it so I'd like to get my water sorted so I don't get scale build up and the water is optimised for taste. I'd like to put in an under the sink filtration system to feed the existing tap in my kitchen rather than go for bottled water (on eco and convenience grounds). It seems like the BWT bestmax is highly regarded. I presume this system is OK to feed a standard tap? Can anyone recommend a decent company who can supply one and install it for me? I am based in Oxford. Thanks
  14. With 98%+ of brewed coffee being water, the importance of water in the brewing process seems to be very significant. Currently use my aeropress with tap water. Was looking at something like a brita water filter, but many people are warning to avoid, as it can cause an increased bitterness. Any recommendations?
  15. I've been drinking real coffee for years and finally gave up on instant in 2019. I got out my old Isomac Giada and Macinacaffe grinder then and started grinding beans again. I had a knock box for my birthday in 2019. My Macinacaffe grinder recently died and have bought a simple Krups Grind Expert GVX2 which is I suspect way below what many go for. Looking at some of the posts on here I don't understand a lot of the jargon on here but hoping to learn. Is there a glossary somewhere on the site? As I live in an area of "extremely hard water" I am very interested to learn about others with solutions for this. My favourite coffee is what Italians call an Americano which is about 1/3 the volume of a UK type Americano, Withoutmilk and sugar, preferably a residual sweetness from the coffee. Definitely don't like acidic coffee.
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