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Found 25 results

  1. I have a 57mm Happy Donkey tamper for sale. It's in excellent condition - I've given it a thorough look over and can't see any chips or marks. I got the tamper in December 2014 and it's had very little use since I got a BTB tamper in mid-March. £15 posted (as opposed to around £22 on the HD site). Payment as a gift through Paypal please. Thanks John
  2. Long time Coffee Forums UK supporter and advertiser Happy Donkey has updated their new products page with some clearance items too Check out their deals here
  3. Seen this place mentioned a few times is the best price/quality to get a tamper porterfilter etc?? Or any other reccomendations
  4. Happy Donkey have some B-stock specials at present These items are cosmetically imperfect but are new and still function perfectly Visit their page for discounted Iberital MC2 grinders - including the limited edition MC2 Noir version http://www.happydonkey.co.uk/new-stuff/
  5. Hi folks. I purchased a selection of beans from Ocado just to give each one a try. First off, opened a bag of 'Grumpy Mule Espresso': http://www.ocado.com/webshop/product/Grumpy-Mule-Organic-Espresso-Beans/84256011 (hmmm.... I wonder whether 'Happy Donkey' are related to this?!) Having opened the first bag to grind 20g of beans, I noticed the grounds were a little finer compared to several other brands I have used... this is a bit odd in my opinion. Consequently, after tamping, the extraction time took longer with a fine, dark trickle rather than a more flowing, creamier
  6. Hi Folks. There is some good information on here, so far I have learned about upgrading the steam wand on my Delonghi ec152 a basic machine, but it works quite well. I bought a Porlex hand grinder which has been a very good bit of equipment. I was going to order a Iberital MC2 Auto Grinder from Happy Donkey, but they sent my money back as they don't post to the Highlands! You would think we lived on the moon. So I am off to have another look at grinder recommendations. Innes
  7. Used recently (2010) to buy a grinder and accessories. Items were well-packed, as described, and delivered promptly, and a followup query was answered quickly by email. Including a bag of coffee to dial in the grinder was a nice touch. Note that prices are VAT-exclusive, but adding an item to your basket calculates and clearly displays the required VAT.
  8. As per the title, is anyone after one? Its been used to make about 6 shots and Im not getting on with it. Offers anyone?
  9. Hey, I'm putting together an order for a few things from happy donkey, and thought I might as well throw a bag or two of beans in. Any recommendations? Ta
  10. Hi, I've had a Gaggia Evolution for a few months now, but only recently bought myself a MC2. So I'm now really getting into timing and trying to perfect my espressos. I'm pretty sure my machine isnt working properly, it seems to be pouring too slowly. Heres a link to a video I've just made of my running the pump without the portafilter. pouring into a glass that ive marked at 2oz. http://youtu.be/smzoObpiJTcits seems to take abour 40seconds to pour a double shot. I've completely stripped the machine down and cleaned it all, descaled it a few times.. I t
  11. Hi All is this the correct upgrade steam wand for my Gaggia Classic ? http://www.myespresso.co.uk/product.php/419/rancilio-frothing-arm-2008-version-fits-gaggia-classic And a Happy 2012 to all
  12. I've just spent £50 at Has Bean and then purchased an Iberital MC2 from Happy Donkey :s
  13. Just got my first decent pull using a Gaggia Classic with Happy Donkey naked portafilter (double basket) and Iberital MC2. Extracted in about 26 seconds (2oz glass). Does it look about right? I ended up with a wet puck at the end though. Can't put any more dose in though as the basket was brimmed before tamping. Didn't taste awesome but was only using Taylors Italian Beans off the shelf to dial the MC2 in which was delivered this week. Don't want to waste good beans after all Where is the best place to try an Espresso in Manchester area? Costa? Starbucks? I've never h
  14. I have finally got around to getting pictures of my set up on here. When the new kitchen goes in I shall be rearranging and making it all pretty! lol Just getting used to the Iberital MC2 and already getting good extractions. Admittedl they don't taste brilliant at the moment (Taylors Italian Beans off the supermarket shelf) but should improve once I get my mits on some fresh beans.
  15. Hi all. Just introduced myself in the Introductions section but didn't want to waffle too much on that thread. This is a plea for assistance....! I've had my La Cimbali Domus Classic for a few years now (and it was fairly old when I bought it for peanuts off Italian eBay). It's actually really good, too good to get rid of, but the drip tray (the only plastic part on what is otherwise a really soild machine) is beginning to perish and is now leaking which is pretty annoying. So I was wondering if anyone has any bright ideas as to where I might find a replacement drip tray! No joy from La
  16. Today I received beans from Origin and when I got to work there was my MC2 grinder from Happy Donkey. Happy Stavros! So, I know have 250g of Origin seasonal espresso, 250g of Happy Donkey Italian and roughly 150g of supermarket bought Illy. My question is do you think I'll need to buy more cheap beans on the way home to dial in the MC2? What are people's experiences with dialling in this popular grinder?
  17. HI, I'm new here, I've had a look and can't find an answer: I'm looking for a good online parts shop for my Gaggia classic, a parts shop that sells all the parts not just gaskets and baskets. Specificaly I'm looking to buy a new group head base. I've tried Happy Donkey and Parts Guru in Canada, I did get stuff from Parts Guru before but they seem reluctant at the moment to deal with the UK. Anybody know anywhere? Thanks in advance, and keep brewing! Stuart
  18. I have been adjusting my OPV and am trying to use the blocked portafilter - flow method. However, I am really not convinced I am getting a particularly accurate setting and I would like to know how I can get my hands on a portafilter with a gauge to borrow? Is this a common thing to do? My machine is an Espresso, and I am adjusting the standard OPV that comes out of the pump. Alternatively I could fit an OPV from the Classic onto the boiler. Has anyone got any information as to this modification, whether or not it is worth it? Or shall I stick to the original OPV design? Many thanks,
  19. Hi folks, I am ready to progress to grinding my own. Can anyone give any pointers of where I can get an Iberital MC2 at a good price? I would like to deal with someone from this forum if possible to share the love with our community. Thanks, Matt
  20. My grinder has been taking longer and longer to produce enough ground coffee for a shot. It still sounds the same speed as its always been but the grinds have been coming out of the chute more slowly. Tonight it got stuck. I wound the setting wheel all the way out to its most open setting and the problem cleared. But now I get a noise as if something is catching. I started to wind back in but the noise is still there. Before I try with grinding beans again, are there any suggestions?
  21. Hi, I have bought a Gaggia classic from ebay and want to treat myself to some pressies for it. Can you recommend a tamper, cleaning products and brushes for the machine and my MC2 grinder and anything else you can think of? Ian
  22. I took delivery of some stuff from happydonkey last week, but the naked portafilter for my Gaggia Classic didn't fit, and doesn't look like it's the right one based on comparing the size and position of the lugs with the original gaggia one. Even if the lugs were positioned right it's about 2-3mm too wide to fit in the grouphead anyway. Emailed happydonkey who said "return it to us and we'll take it from there" - but now have gone quiet after I asked (twice) if they are going to refund my return postage for sending me the wrong/faulty item. It's a heavy beast and I don't see why I shoul
  23. Help when pulling a shot water seems to be dripping into it from around the portafilter could be the gasket or something more serious Gaz
  24. Hi everyone, I went onto the Espresso Warehouse website and had one of their catalogues delivered. They've got some really good stuff and I have my list ready to order a tamper, Espro jug and other stuff - I have now been told by them that they are a "business to business" company and so I cannot order from them. Does anyone know of any websites which well the majority of their products?
  25. A set maintenance routine is as important as your extraction routine. I have just pulled apart and reassembled my Gaggia Classic as I do once every 3 months to ensure the life of the machine is extended and that no old grounds can enter the cup at any stage. I have just replaced my group gasket (see this useful site if you have a Gaggia Classic) as it was starting to deteriorate. This was picked up through preventative maintenance last week and allowed me to order the parts and continue to make coffee whilst they arrived. If you don't already maintain your machine regularly
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