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  1. Hi, Selling my Kinu 47 as I have a Niche on the way and though I really do like the Kinu, this'll be my third time deciding that hand grinding in the morning isn't for me ? £245 posted (at buyer's risk). £240 collected from Edinburgh. Some marks to the stainless steel outside commensurate with use. Hard to photograph as the appearance of the brushed steel changes with lighting. This is not a new item, but in very good condition. Is also listed on eBay for a higher price. Edit: payment via the usuals e.g. cash, PayPal gift or bank transfer please
  2. For sale is a Zassenhaus Brasilia grinder. It's in the beech finish I believe. I've only used it a handful of times as I got the Compak K6 shortly after. Only kept it as it looks really nice and couldn't see it go. Looking for £30 for it. Collection welcome or can sort delivery at an additional cost.
  3. I need to free up some space so this has to go. Used it for a few months back when I got into specialty coffee. It's in great condition. Will be shipped tracked from Bulgaria. The price is £20 incl. shipping.
  4. Received this in an email from LW: HG-1 Hand Grinder is now back in stock at LWW You have been sent this email because your email address was registered on a waitlist for this product. If you would like to purchase HG-1 Hand Grinder please visit the following link: http://lynweber.com/product/hg-1/ I had seriously considered one off these until Niche came along.
  5. Hey, I'm looking around for a hand grinder under £60, I do eventually want to get a Aergrind, Lido or something of that sort but don't have the budget for it right now. Looking for something decent until I do, not expecting incredible results. I usually make coffee with an aeropress or v60, I've tried some of the very low end grinders and they were atrocious at coarser settings. I've been told to consider a Rhino or Porlex? Are there any other decent grinders at this price point?
  6. I think it's coming - they're expecting to start shipping in August I think. Anyone preordered? I might. It seems a decent price for a well thought out bit of kit. I don't know how well the grind adjustments are suited (are the spacings too big per setting?). No idea if it'll do for dialing in espresso but it should do aeropress, moka (touch coarser than aeropress for me), French press and drip styles pretty well. I like the handle being side mounted.
  7. dirge


    Hi came here as my other half wants a coffee machine for xmas. Looks like I'm going to have to put my hand in my pocket to get anything decent. Guess a hand grinder and a cheap Gaggia cubika would be my best starting point unless anyone could advise overwise?
  8. So here goes, as posted elsewhere at the moment I am grinderless, I had a Krups as a gift but burnt it out oops. So at the moment using Illy preground which isn’t really satisfactory. The question is which grinder, good reports about the MC2 from the forum but then this got me thinking if I could get a good package deal would it be worth upgrading my machine if I could stretch to it. I saw these deals on T’internet any thoughts? RANCILIO SILVIA 2009 BUNDLE ROCKY NON-DOSER GRINDER+MACHINE £599 http://www.myespresso.co.uk/product.php/207/rancilio-silvia-2009-bundle-rocky-non-doser-grinder
  9. Roughly 3 years ago now I started getting into coffee a bit more than your average punter, and having flirted with an old french press I found hidden in the back of a press in my parents house using store bought grounds, I then read a bit more and discovered the wonderful moka pot, also with store bough grounds. I then visited the wonderful 3fe in Dublin (I'm from Ireland by the way) who stock Hasbeans, and progressed to a cheap blade grinder (go easy, I was a young student and didn't know better), and a mix of an aeropress, french press and moka pot. My wonderful girlfriend then fed my
  10. After the postie has been today I should be a proud owner of a new walnut Hausgrind (thanks nick) As its new I am assuming from what I have read in other previous posts it's burrs will benefit from 'seasoning' as I have never had to do this before any tips or guidance would be appreciated .
  11. looking for an upgrade to my peugeot hand grinder, it's ok but could be better. It's only for pour over, I'm thinking a hand grinder, but would consider an electric if it was better for the job, budget is open as I want the best I can get for pour over, any recommendations welcome.
  12. Stanic

    Kinu M68

    I am selling the Kinu since I want a grinder that could also be used by my wife. This is a large and heavy manual grinder, with 68 mm conical burrs, great for espresso, but also other methods. The gear ratio is 2,7:1. The Siphon coffee made with this was an eye opener for me, of what large burrs can do. I have it attached to the worktop with "bench dogs" by Orphan Espresso. Looking for 620 euro via PayPal, delivered short review video of my unit here:
  13. I bought a Sözen hand grinder for brewing Turkish coffee. http://www.sozengrinders.com/sozen-brass-coffee-grinder-mill-7-in It's an awesome contraption, but me being me, after getting a few uses out of it, I was immediately tempted to start playing around with it to figure out how all the parts worked. I opened the fastening screws on either side just to try see what they do. I hadn't realized yet that you need to use a hammer to remove the actual burrs so just removed them and put them back in. Since then, the thing isn't grinding as well as it was before - although as I
  14. Bigal

    hand grinder

    looking for a good hand grinder, preferably Lido, Feldgrind
  15. I ordered it shortly before an unforeseen coffee abstinence as a result I ended up never even opening the box. It's now surplus to requirements as I can use my spro grinder for pour over too so I was going to return it to coffee hit, but thought I'd see if anyone on here wants it as it seems to have had a price hike to £190 on there. As I didnt pay that for it all I'm asking £150 + PP (or collection from Sheffield). Includes original receipt for warranty purposes.
  16. Hello everyone, This is my first foray into a coffee forum so hello, I'm Richard, 40, from Essex. I'd like some advice please on a mechanical grinder a friend bought back from Italy, photo will be posted. I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong but it takes a long long time to get enough grinded coffee into the drawer below, ten minutes or more just for enough to fill a one cup Mocha pot. Despite adjusting the nut it still takes a long time and I'm not sure it's fine enough. It appears medium grind to me, certainly not fine. I'd like to ask if a) the grinding time is normal and if not
  17. I've got too many grinding options, so to speak, so offered for sale this Grunwerg stainless steel and acrylic hand grinder (see info on York Coffee Emporium site) for £15 delivered. I've used it about 5 times whilst travelling and I've upgraded everything since, so it's just going unused (photo next to a 6 - 8 cup chemex for scale only). Not with the original box and didn't have any instructions anyway...
  18. Would anyone recommend a Hario Mini Mill for espresso grind, and how would it compare to my Delonghi KG79. Cheers
  19. Rob666


    As the title says. Offering £150 upwards depending on whether it has the latest updates. I know these are rare but it's worth a try.
  20. Just starting out on my coffee journey by recently purchasing a Gaggia Classic which I've done a couple of the recommended mods to. I've made the rookie mistake of not having any money for a grinder but I now have a very modest budget (just above £100) to get my hands on one. I am pondering on either an MC2 or a Hausgrind from knock (recognising some patience maybe required!) Generally I make 1 double shot early in the morning however every couple of weeks we'll have a group of friends round and I find myself producing for 10! Have 3 young kids and don't really fancy the wrath
  21. Happen to pass our I.T. section at work today and a consultant was there with this monster hand grinder sitting on his desk next to an Aero press. He said his missus got it for him for Christmas and he was chuffed with it. I picked it up to take a look and it weighs a ton. Built like a tank. It's called the OE Lido 2. Looking on the website there are quite a few pictures and it does look a very robust and well engineered piece of kit. Anyone heard of them and have an opinion? http://www.oehandgrinders.com/OE-LIDO-2-Manual-Coffee-Grinder_p_14.html
  22. We're getting some building work done and a new kitchen so started to pack away my coffee gear I could put the machine and grinder in our living room but space is a bit tight. I think I'll just run with brewed for the next 8 weeks or so and mainly use my hausgrind when it arrives. Don't really want anything glass sitting out so have the aeropress and v60 at the ready. What would be you're slimmed down set up if you didn't have the room?
  23. Hi, I've just started into coffee making (before I used a tassimo). Recently I purchased just a cheap espresso maker, and I have a grinder. The problem is, my coffee bean grinder is awful - you just press it down until you think it is done. I'm just wondering, will this do the job better: http://www.argos.co.uk/static/Product/partNumber/4261687.htm ? I want to invest in much better espresso makers such as a Gaggia Classic very shortly but just want to get used to making espresso-based drinks first. Thanks!
  24. Hi, I'm just wondering: what is the quietest or a quiet grinder for espressos? I currently have an Ascaso i-Mini, but think it is really noisy and always worried in case the noise goes through to my neighbour. I'm thinking of the Vario or whatever it's called, does anyone know if it will be quieter than my i-Mini? Thanks .
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