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Found 8 results

  1. Been looking through articles and forums trying to find a definitive guide to tampers, but only found snippets of info all over the place. Now my head hurts so can someone please point me to a useful source? If no one article yet exists it would be great if one of the site 'elders' could clearly explain the finer points / pros & cons of the different shapes, weights and techniques in use.
  2. I've just happened to stumble upon a bit of a good deal for myself of 2 Mazzer Super Jollys, one working and one not... Unfortunately the seller wasn't able to tell me what the fault was on the non running machine but I'm in high hopes it's serviceable. Is there a guide somewhere with a general overhaul directions, I'm quite mechanically minded but I'd rather know exactly what to look out for on this particular grinder. Thanks
  3. Hi all, I'm off to Milan in a few weeks for a short break. I figured due to Milans history with Espresso there's bound to be plenty of decent coffee to be had. Does anyone have any suggestions for the coffee shops/espresso bars that really stand out and should definately be checked out? So far from web trawling, half decent ones I've read about are: - Majestic Cafe - Caffe Dante - Caffe Milano - Caffe Sforzesco - Aperol Caffe - Gogol & Company - Botega caffè cacao - Caffè della Pusterla - Hodeidah - Torrefazione Vercelli - Il caffè Amrbosiano Any other ideas about what to see and do whilst there much appreciated. cheers Unoll
  4. Coming in new to the world of coffee can be a very steep learning curve, to help others and give back a little to the community I thought I’d write down some of the things I considered & researched when buying a new machine. Please let me know if there are any other major areas to add or if you spot any mistakes and I’ll update. Cost Have a realistic budget Make sure you include budget for an appropriate grinder for the machine if required Don’t forget money for extras like tamper, knockbox & jug etc. [*]Size, machine location & access Make sure the machine, grinder and extras fit where you intent to put them, some of these machine are very big Placing under a wall cupboard will restrict your choice of machine – don’t forget the cups on top require more clearance You’ll need to fill the water tank or get the machine plumbed in – make sure you have space to access Do you care about having to move the cups on top of the machine to fill the tank? [*]Boiler Type – how often do you want to steam? Do you mind purging water before you pull a shot? Single Boiler – Cheapest. Makes the shot 1st, then heats the boiler up for steaming – takes the longest to make a cappuccino Heat Exchange (HX) – Pull shot and steam milk at the same time – water for shot is heated by passing through a tube in the steam boiler, as a result if there is a long time between pulling shots the water can become too hot requiring you to purge before you pull (no big deal) Dual Boiler (DB) – Most expensive. Separate boilers for pulling shots and steaming each at the right temp, pull shots and steam milk at the same time. Lots of DB machines have the ability to turn off the steam boiler if you don’t need to steam. The 2 boilers can be made of the same material or different. [*]Pump/Profiling/Lever Pump - Vibration or Rotar – make your own mind up which is best based on cost, noise, plumbing Pressure Profiling (PP) – new tech, gives you control of the pressure throughout the pull, the theory being that different pressures at different times during pulling a shot produce better taste Lever – manual, least complex, provides pre-infusion. Read about purging/flushing the group head, pulling lots of shots, and steaming Spring – controls the flow of water for you using the profile of the spring, the lever rests in the upright position meaning you’ll need to think about where to place the machine Direct – You control the flow rate, lever rests in a downward position making wall units less of an issue [*]Boiler Material Copper – are you one of the people who can taste copper in water? Google “super tasters” Brass – quality of brass varies, make sure it’s decent Stainless Steel – is the machine well made enough, particularly where welding is required [*]Build & maintenance Build Quality Build layout Are all the parts of the machine you’ll use in the right place for you? what happens if something goes wrong? Easy & cheap maintenance – does the machine use standard parts which are easy and cheap to replace? [*]Grinder – make sure it’s good enough for the coffee machine. This is a topic in itself but a few things to consider Burr size Flat v conical burrs Titanium burrs Single dosing versus hopper Size of the grinder – some are enormous! Hand grinders versus electrical New versus used Availability of used Importing grinders [*]Other things to think about Cleaning & descaling Shot Timer Temperature & pressure gauges PID – controlling the temperature Pre-infusion How good is the retailer? Pre and post-sales support, ability to Try before you buy Try before you buy – you’re going to spend your hard earnt cash, go and try different machines before you buy if you can, side-by-side comparisons are even better! Water – plumbed, tap/bottle, hard/soft [*]Read threads on this forum [*]Ask for help and advice here – there’s a knowledgeable and very helpful community Don’t forget opinions are just that, ultimately there’s no right or wrong answer, it’s whatever is right for you.
  5. There is plenty of room inside you SJ for an Auber timer should you want to fit one in a permanent way. Below is a wiring guide for the Mazzer SJ Timer model after the switch is removed.
  6. TEMP Download Link : http://www.4shared.com/folder/kSgm-ZY6/_online.html Hi All, I am very new to what I term as 'good coffee' and what's more I have a memory like a .... what do you call it? So that I can brew 'good coffee', I have taken the time to read multiple sources (mainly has bean) and write what I believe to be a good Chemex Brewing process. What's more, by entering either: a) The amount of cups required b) The volume of coffee you want (in ml) into the spreadsheet, it will 'write' a good brewing process. So that other people who are new (like me) to brewing with a Chemex have an understanding of what to do. I have attached what I believe to be a helpful spreadsheet. If you have any tips, tweaks or amendments I will be happy to make them. Speak soon, David Bruce TEMP Download Link : http://www.4shared.com/folder/kSgm-ZY6/_online.html (Click on the BrewingGuide.zip located at the above 'Temp Download Link' to begin the download. Unfortunately the file is too large to be hosted here:()
  7. So after a long time of having my Silvia v3 (I think it's been over 5 years). I think it's finally time that I should mod my Silvia with a PID that I had originally meant to do when I received it. The auber pid is a bit too expensive and have been searching around at some DIY alternatives and installation guides: , Auber Kit install instructions PID on silvia DIY PID and Steam Brew However, I have a few questions and a parts list before ordering my first few parts if anyone can help out. So the parts I think I need are: PID Temperature Controller Solid State Relay (x2 if you want steam) Temperature probe (usually K-Type or RTD) Wires and connectors Thermal Paste Optional Project Box or Enclosure if external install Optional Insulation on Boiler for temperature stability or internal install The Temperature Controller I've been looking around, and the one people are using most are the REX C100. This is great, however I wanted an external installation located in the same place an Auber PID is. I can't imagine what the REX C100 would look like there, I think it would be too big and might start to impede on cup space. So I was looking into 1/32 DIN size PIDs. And stumbled onto the XMT 7100 at GearBest. Someone here has used this successfully for the brew control, but not steam. Upon looking at the XMT 7100 docs it looks like I can only set one alarm (AL1, AH1). I believe this means it can only control 1 temperature (brew). And to control steam also, I would need a PID that can set two alarms (AL1 AH1 + AL2 AH2). This is my guess as you can wire it up in a few modes, can anyone confirm this? Does anyone know a 1/32 DIN model (preferably cheap) that can set both brew and steam temperatures? Note: I also saw the N2006P on ebay that someone else has used on the forum, but I've only seen people use it for brew PID. Parts List So I think these are the parts I might buy:(I bought a bit longer cable and more connectors than I needed for this install incase I wanted to PID my friends Gaggia at a later date). 1x Pid 1/32: http://www.gearbest.com/development-boards/pp_47012.html?wid=21 £13.56 1x SSR http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/SSR-25VA-AC-Output-24-380V-25A-Solid-State-Relay-for-PID-Temperature-Controller-/322059079978?hash=item4afc37912a:g:h3YAAOSwZd1Ve6vY £3.09 Project box: http://www.maplin.co.uk/p/aluminium-box-12-lf13p (Should fit, might be tight, but worth a try at the price). £0.45 Temperature Probe (RTD PT100 for m4 nut) from forum: http://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?20110-Gaggia-Silvia-Pt100-RTD-sensor-for-PID £15 Piggy Back, Fork And Spade Connectors (200): http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/200pc-Assorted-Terminal-Crimp-Connector-Spade-Set-Box-WITH-PIGGY-BACK-/182309516089?hash=item2a727e7339:g:4wkAAOxyTyBSVHqK £5.30 14 AWG wire http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Stranded-Automotive-Equipment-Wire-Hookup-Cable-14AWG-16AWG-18AWG-22AWG-/262256456691?var=&hash=item3d0fb3f3f3:m:moZXNbEUAtER1aqIKGrYJbw 5m = £3.79 24 AWG wire http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/10-12-14-16-18-20-22-24AWG-Silicone-Wire-Cable-All-Colours-and-Sizes-/281779322997?var=&hash=item419b5b4075:m:mrijirZ6CUsxMSRfkJLPXzA 5m = £2.45 Total: £43.64 Can anyone here confirm that these parts will currently work for a Brew PID? Or have any alternative parts as suggestions?
  8. I've just got my missus a second-hand Fracino Heavenly after our Gaggia Baby Dose packed up last Spring. I'm very worried her present will be a flop on Xmas day (and I'll be in trouble if I have to let on how much I've spent) because it's all too complicated to get right immediately and she'll lose interest before the Fracino has even been given a chance. So, could you give me bullet pointed instructions for her to read in 15 minutes to get a DECENT, but not stunning, macchiato or cappuchino, including grinding instructions (I've also got her a second hand Wega 6.4 Amaranto) and machine care (don't want to destroy it the first day). I'll point her to Coffee Forums on Boxing Day, but the first day must ease her into it, not present immediate challenges after the wrapping paper has been taken out to the wheelie bin. Can you persuade a newbie Fracino user that I have spent wisely?
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