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Found 22 results

  1. Hi all, I have a spare grouphead that's redundant to my needs. Good working condition. £15 plus postage.
  2. For anyone with a Cremina, if you don't know it already, here's an interesting thread: http://www.home-barista.com/levers/olympia-cremina-temperature-study-part-1-t19388.html [there's 4 parts I think] So the question is, what grouphead temps do you normally aim for? T.
  3. I couldn't change the gasket so took it to a local catering equipment maintenance company. They managed to replace it. I tried everything. Just wouldn't budge. i cannot back flush as the group heat gets stuck and hot water only comes out of two of the four holes. Whilst I'm looking to get an upgraded machine is there anything I could try to bring this Classic back to a good expresso maker? cheers.
  4. Afternoon all Unfortunately my coffee machine has chosen the worst time to breakdown - when I am working from home! I've had my Rocket R60 for just over 3 years and it has performed really well. I have not taken the best care of it (my cleaning routine is a little haphazard) but it has been plumbed in and attached to a water filter for most of that time. I've replaced the filter regularly and do a backflush every now and again. I haven't descaled but my filter should be removing most of that. I also understand it is tricky to descale a plumbed in machine and I haven't got around to it (which is not great, I know). Yesterday the flow rate started slowing considerably and then stopped. Here are the symptoms: Flow from the grouphead is a trickle The pump sounds like it is functioning as normal When a portafilter (blind or normal) is put on there is no movement on the pressure gauge (it remains at zero) The steam wand works and the pressure gauge shows normal operation The hot water tap works as normal and when used the pump engages and fills it back up I took off the grouphead shower screen and gave it a clean. I also took out the mushroom filter to inspect and clean. While there was a little gunge in there it was relatively clean and limescale free. This hasn't fixed the problem. Given the symptoms I am guessing the problem must be in the plumbing (blockage?) between the pump and the portafilter, but before pressure guage. Does anyone have any ideas what it may be or how I can diagnose? Many thanks WG
  5. By my reckoning the good old E-61 grouphead should be 50 this year! Anyone know exactly when, or if there are any celebrations planned?
  6. I have a Gaggia Baby Class that I bought as ex demo stock. I've just hit a problem whereby no water is coming out of the group head. The steam wand IS working, and when switched on the pump vibrates. It had never been descaled properly and I was hoping that a descaling cycle might just sort it out. It didn't so reading all the instructions on this site I have removed the boiler and cleaned all the scale build up out of it. So my thoughts now are that it is the 3 way solenoid valve that has become blocked. Some posts on this site mention about splitting the 3 way down to clean out the innards but having taken it out I can't see how to split mine down. Here is a photo of what my valve looks like http://i.imgur.com/Ly4yW.jpg So my questions are, how do I open clean this valve up to clean it? How can I tell once it is clean? i.e which parts should move and how easily. And is this all worth it or should I just get a replacement? (And if so where can I get hold of one?) Really hoping someone can help me I'm gagging for a nice coffee!
  7. Hi all Newbie here, but this forum is a great help! I recently purchased a used Gaggia Classic from 2004. Unfortunately it wasn't in the best condition, so I completely descaled it, took the shower plate and screen off etc. All was working fine for a few weeks, then it started leaking from the group head, but only when coffee was in the portafilter. Today I replaced the group head seal with the Cafelat blue silicone seal. It sat flush in the space and with the flat side down For some reason the leak is even worse, and only with coffee in the portafilter. I've got the standard Gaggia classic non pressurised basket and am putting in 17.5g. The shower plate and screen are completely clean and installed properly. Is there anything else I should look out for? Any help appreciated! Thanks Amit
  8. Hey all, just wondered if anyone could recommend a lubricant or a retailer who sells grease that is suitable for a group head gasket replacement? my usual supplier is out of stock and I am doing my quarterly service in the coming weeks. Thanks!
  9. Hiya I've owned an Exposer Office Leva HX since xmas and now not sure how I'd survive without it! A problem has appeared the last week. Previously when pulling a shot, pressure always remained at around 9 bar with plenty of run-off coming out of the OPV. Recently brew group pressure has dropped suddenly and now wavers between 5 and 8 bar when pulling a shot and nothing comes out of the OPV. Pulling a shot now takes much longer. I'm guessing it's not a faulty OPV as the pressure would be high at grouphead (as nothing is coming out of the OPV). Is it likely to be a knackered pump? Is there anything I can tweak to increase grouphead pressure? The machine still steams just fine, and the water tank autofills just fine (at least it sounds like it does). What can I do / tweak / test etc to get things running smoothly again? Many thanks for any help! Stef
  10. Due to the postage charges of sourcing these from Europe, it may be more economical to place a bulk order for these baskets so we can split the postage charge... Just a quick thought, they are shiny goodness... also, who would like to do it =P
  11. From the different posts on here I am trying to determine which cleaning method/product I should be using for my machine. It is a Gaggia Coffee without a solenoid so I am unsure whether this should be backflushed or not. Should I be just using a descaler or the whole works?
  12. Hi All Has anybody experienced water finding its way out the top of the group head when pulling a shot? i have raised this with Sage support and sent them a video of it happening. After analysing the video sage support said i had a faulty machine and offered a replacement as my machine was still in warranty. I have to say sage support has been fab and i received the new machine really quickly bad news is after pulling a few shots in my new machine i am getting the same results as my so called faulty machine. It would be nice to know if anyone else has experienced this issue and if there is a fix? thanks. Mark 20200306_163532_1.mp4
  13. Hi everyone, I'm just curious, what is the purpose of the screw on top of the grouphead? Could it be used to monitor temperature, or maybe pressure? Temperature is already assessed/managed by MeCoffee, I wouldn't go as far as monitoring the delta with groupehead temperature. On the other hand, I'm considering adding a pressure gauge. I don't want to place the measurement between pump and OPV, as it only measure the OPV setting. I am considering measuring on the steam pipe, I could monitor a manual pre-infusion by the use of steam knob... Or maybe this grouphead screw? Thanks in advance!
  14. I have owned my V3 for a couple of weeks now and have noticed that when I am steaming milk, water is dripping from the group head? Is this the seal that needs replacing? It doesn't seem to do it any other time?
  15. When I make a milk based drink, I tend to steam the milk first and then make the espresso. I don't like the coffee standing for too long. After I have finished steaming and turned off the steam button, if I press the hot water button, steam comes screaming out of the group head for a few seconds before it clears and water comes out. Is this normal for the Classic to do this? Shaun
  16. I have recently purchased a dualit burr grinder to use with my gaggia classic, but I find it takes ages for coffee to pass through the filter. If I use the grinder on the finest setting I don't get any coffee through the filter. If I use a coarser setting it will pass through slowly with very little crema. Previously I used pre-ground coffee which produced good results.... Any thoughts......
  17. Brand new, only tried it out once to find it didn't fit my grouphead (Sage Dual Boiler). The page did warn it didn't fit the Oracle and I thought I'd risk it to see if it fitted the DB which clearly it didn't. So, it's all assembled to save you the hassle, mint condition with original box and instructions. Looking for £24 delivered by Royal Mail 2nd class (extra if you want it faster). Londinium charged me £8.25 for DHL, just for reference.
  18. Hi All, I flick the steam switch and Mr Shades PID shows the boiler reaching 147 degrees and then fluctuating to like 139 and back up again.. not sure if that's relevant.. But anyway, steam comes out of the brewhead while the steam is switched on and im pretty sure that's new. Only had it a few weeks so no backflush and no descaling yet as I'm planning on buying a full service kit containing all seals and a strip down of the boiler to descale.
  19. I have a 9 year old gaggia classic at home, I bought it faulty (thermostat replacement), but the bigger concern is how mistreated she had been. When I bought her in August I stripped down the grouphead and gave it a good clean. I only make one or two drinks a day, so since owning her I have backflushed her weekly and descaled every month, she also only gets fed only filtered water. However having watched many videos I discovered the flow from the grouphead was possibly a little low which I thought may have been responsible for bitterness in my shots, no matter how well I thought I could poor one, that bitter taste always over powered it. I decided yesterday morning that it was time to get close and personal with the classic. I took her totally apart and removed her insides, broke down the solenoid, group head, boiler and other bits and got to work. I soaked everything in descaler and couldn't believe how much I got off! The water was so yellow it was nearly no longer see through and I ended up with 10mm layer of limescale in the bottom of he bowl. Everything cleaned, scrubbed, rinsed and put back together it was time to see if my efforts were worth it. I was aware that if I had improved the flow I would need a finer grind, but it took my by surprise how much finer I would need to go!(at a grind that previously took 27s the same beans now took only 11s!). Having finally got the grinder calibrated and a shot that I was happy with it was time for a taste. All I can say is that it was unbelievably good! And each shot I've poured since has been of the same quality. Without the over powering bitterness I could taste a lot of the notes in the coffee which I was never able to before. I'm amazed at how much difference giving your machine a good service can make, I would suggest anyone who may have consider it not that important, certainly with an older machine, get it serviced! Or do it yourself. I really can't believe the improvement it made, so I thought I'd share it with you all! The only negative note is that the seal between the boiler and steam valve was pretty much gone, meaning I have a slight leak between the two when the boiler gets up to temp, not a major problem but I need to sort that, and I'd rather not have to buy a new steam valve.
  20. Having searched and searched it looks as if nobody has had this problem. I recently disassembled the lever mechanism on the E16 group head for cleaning and lubricating (was getting a little stiff and squeaky). The machine is less than a year old so all components were actually fine. But upon re-assembly I hit a dead end when I found out that the main bolt that screws into the side female hole was going in at an angle. After checking and trying I realized that the threads of the female were very badly crossed/worn. I had never unscrewed this before. It totally renders the machine useless as I cannot put the lever together again (not only does it leak but the cam is not true and stiff). Can anyone recommend a remedy? Is there a way of fixing this (there is plenty of good thread left deeper in). The male bolt in question (part 527177 see attached) actually looks fine (I wish it was the opposite) so does this mean the entire group head shell will need replacing? Furthermore has anyone experienced a vibrating pump? The pressure gauge fluctuates during coffee extraction (+/- 1.5bars) and has become noisier. Pump replacement job? Zhirayr
  21. Hi all sorry if this has been asked before, my beautiful silvia v3 is just starting to show her age ! Is it possible to buy a replacement for the group head cover as the chrome effect on the plastic group head cover is coming off.. i really want her looking perfect again..can you buy a replacement ? Many thanks !!!
  22. After having plenty of fun removing the bolts and separating the unit I can see, what appears to be, moderate flaking of the internal chrome layer - is this normal? Below is a pic of when I first opened the unit and a few examples of stubborn limescale which I later attacked with the green end of a sponge using medium force. The second pic shows (pic not very great) how the same areas have just started to flake off revealing a pinkish layer underneath - at which point I stopped! What should I do.....I hear all cafe's are reopening now...
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