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  1. Anyone used one an Anfim SPII? How do they compare to the Mythos etc?
  2. Bella Barista have advised me to hold off buying a Mignon Mk2 until the new range comes in, which will hopefully be sometime next month (March 2018) They have said that all three will be improvements on the Mk2, and that the cheapest of the three (the "Silenzio") will be just £289. They are slightly larger, and won't have the shield logo on the front, which I always liked. Eureka are apparently planning on continuing production of the Mk2 for another year or so, which seems a little strange if the new ones are being marketed as cheaper and better. Do you think we might se
  3. Hello Folks. I'm still working my way through pages and pages in the threads on the forum since joining ...... In 'Home Roasters' there's talk (Quite correctly of in-coming voltages), thermocouples/probes to monitor temps etc, in 'Grinders' there's talk of clumping, retention....... Much talk on grinding techniques. Unless it's in pages I have not read yet, I see no mention yet of 'HUMIDITY', humidity varies so much not only outside but more so inside the home or shed, wherever you're coffee domain is, surely this needs to be included in the mix either to discount it's relevan
  4. So SWMBO has made a sneaky observation that my mignon is noisy & is disturbing her beauty sleep. Apparently it shakes the whole house! what would be the next step up that is quieter? I like the mignon grind adjustment & how this isn't list when its cleaned
  5. Hi All, Having got myself a ECM Sykronika, I have discovered my current grinder is not meeting my expectations ( an 8 yr old Mignon with Doser ). I am looking at the following as options, but am keen to try and get to a 65mm burr size if I can. I also have a height restriction of 50cm ( total height ) so would be looking at a smaller hopper so as to help with access to refill. I am keen on doserless, on demand grinder. Timer preferred and weight dispensed would be amazing. Budget sub £600 Options I have thought of; Eureka Atom Eureka Atom 65 Eureka Zenith 65 Firenza
  6. Have ignorance, need relieving please. I see many common references to burr diameter in grinders, 50mm, 55mm, 63mm, bigger being better but only up to a point etc etc. But where is the diameter measured? For conical burrs is it outer dia of outer burr, inner dia of outer burr, outer dia of inner burr? Or something else entirely? What about flat burrs? Are they measured differently? How can dia of flat and conical burrs be compared if at all? thank you confused of Somerset
  7. My Hario Skerton has been a daily, faithful companion since September 2013. My coffee connoisseur son has often tried to persuade me to adopt an electric rival such as a Baratza. However, I have resisted valiantly. As time has gone by, and being a passionate skier, I have developed various workout activities around the few minutes it takes to grind 60-90g of my home roasted beans. Consider me crazy, but it neutralises the boredom of grinding and it may contribute a little to my physical and brain health (we sexagenarians need any help we can get!). Here are some of my routines :
  8. Hi all, Apologies for digging up what's probably been answered many a time, but I need a decent espresso grinder for a take-away stall and I'm a bit confused as to what might be the best option - I've got around £150-400 to spend and am happy to buy used. It'll be for espresso only as I have one of those massive, ugly bunn filter grinders. The smaller form factor's of the Eureka & Vario would actually be quite useful, but It's going to be used on an outdoor cart and probably get bashed around quite a bit, so needs to be strong enough to cope. It will also be doing around 50-100
  9. Have patience and good things will come, had word yesterday that my Brand Spanking Shiny New Niche Coffee Grinder is arriving today, nice surprise as I thought they were coming at the end of January. Anyone else get their message yesterday??
  10. I am selling a Eureka Mignon Specialita coffee grinder in gloss black, with Chrome chute and touch screen display. This small prosumer coffee grinder has an stepless adjustable grind range suitable for French Press, espresso and even Turkish coffee. Grind duration can be timed or manual. If you own a coffee machine with a portafilter, you can take advantage of the hands-free holder. The large capacity (300g) hopper is ideal for those users who have a large throughput of coffees every day. The grinder is suitable for light commercial applications (eg, a small café) as well as domestic users who
  11. Hi everyone, Long time lurker. Apologies for the samey "please help me choose" thread but I am lost in a sea of burrs. I currently have both a Hario Mini Mill & Iberital MC2. I use the MC2 for espresso, the mini mill for everything else. I'm looking to upgrade and my budget is sub £200, ideally more like £100-150. I've done a fair bit of research into manual grinder as I was under the impression you get the best bang for your buck here. I'm still rather lost, so any advice at all would be appreciated. My thoughts/questions so far: Second hand is the obvious way to go
  12. Looking for some more opinion/advice on the old home espresso grinder problem. I've confused the hell out of myself if I'm honest, I thought I nearly knew what i was doing, and then I started researching grinders! I've got a Vario which i bought back in 2013, and a Sage Dual Boiler. I've had my eye on a mini linea for a while, but I'm not sure if upgrading the machine is really required at the moment, and I might be able to start getting much better results by upgrading the grinder, and then deciding if a machine upgrade is worthwhile. I drink lighter roasted coffee usually, and I've fou
  13. Hi I am new here so still working everything out, I am looking for a grinder with budget about £500/600 i would like an on demand one for espresso only also would like to have some pre set times for different doses would like it to be as compact as possible Thanks
  14. I would be really grateful if as many of you as possible could have a go at this questionnaire. Since technology really isn't my thing, I have fingers crossed that it works okay. I have checked with Glenn and have the thumbs up for posting, so just need as many as possible to have a bash. Kindes, Sophie https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/5RMC9NS
  15. Hi, Just registered and would like some advice please. I need a grinder to partner my Fracino Piccino machine. I mainly make espresso based drinks. My budget is around the £300 mark. I would prefer nothing too large in my kitchen. As long as it grinds fine enough and is reliable then I'll be happy.
  16. Might be worth the wait before thinking of new grinder, the new baratza sette out very soon, if not strong money might be considered.
  17. Hi Everyone, Having ordered myself an electrical grinder to go with my Gaggia Classic I have started to read info and watch a few videos regarding dialling in the coffee grinder. I knew this would be necessary but it didn't strike me until watching how much nice new coffee is wasted. Its slightly worrying over days/months/years how much coffee gets thrown away and then to make things worse when/if the beans get older the grinder will have to be dialled in again potentially wasting more coffee. Now I know I should of maybe considered this before committing to a espresso machine/elect
  18. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Mahlkonig-Large-Coffee-Grinder-/201648776231?hash=item2ef3342427:g:VrIAAOSwdzVXtIDr I'll save you the trouble..... It is 115mm http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/DITTING-SWISS-KR1203-RETAIL-COFFEE-GRINDER-CAFE-COFFEE-SHOP-DELI-HI-VOLUME-/152180513814?hash=item236eaa5c16:g:rLkAAOSwtnpXlc0z 120mm
  19. Hi can anyone tell me what model this Iberital grinder is? Have been offered it and just need to do research/check dimensions. I have googled it and there is 1 model that is close (Cunill Tauro) but it's different colour. Thanks.
  20. The city of mine only have one professional coffee roaster ( A member of SCAE ) and he normally roast city to full city roast only. If I remember correctly he seems never roast or provide light roast beans in his coffee shop. I currently owned one Pharos hand grinder + Olympia Cremina 67 and I only drink straight espresso. Occasional I will also make some cappuccino for my mother. So, my questions, does the E8 only suitable for light roasted beans? or It also good in city to full city roast and even in dark roast? Thank you so much
  21. Looking for some advice on the best espresso grinder for around £250 - it needs to be small and I don't want any sort of storage or dosing container. I'm thinking its going to be a mignon but wanted to test the water with forum members before I start looking. I should also add that I'd quite like something fairly new if not brand new. Thanks
  22. Quite apart from seeing 2x EK's on Gumtree I noticed 2x TechnoVorm Moccamaster KM/DOS filter coffee grinders about which I know nothing... could even be blades... so this is just for interest... and on Gumtree ?? £720 Robur E bought May '16 ...hardly used ....New burrs fitted. Now if that is not a contradiction I don't know what is.... Anyway just for your perusal http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2-x-Filter-Coffee-Grinders-Commercial-TechnoVorm-Moccamaster-KM-DOS-/322269070068?hash=item4b08bbc2f4:g:Y0wAAOSwLF1X4tes https://www.gumtree.com/p/other-kitchen-appliances/mazzer-rob
  23. I have just purchased a Rocket Fausto grinder to complete my coffee station. For starters, the grinder looks amazing. The chrome finish is really great. But the instructions are dreadful. I am a bit confused if the tools are meant to come with the grinder. The grinder comes with a portafilter holder that needs to be attached, there are two allen key screws in the grinder already but I don't have an allen key which fits to remove them. For anyone that has this grinder, do you know if the tools are meant to come in the packaging?
  24. I have a Rocky, which s/h was about £100, new they are £235 - and that's pretty much the entry level machine. For that you get a set of burrs, which are about £40 to buy as spares, a moderately precise large bore thread and screw, and a motor, wrapped in some sheet metal. Not exactly rocket science. To get a reasonable upgrade on that, i'm looking at £500-700 for a new one, which will be a set of better burrs, a more precise screw, a similar electric motor, and some sheet metal. Probably with a timer. £3.00 This little chunk of equipment would sit in the kitchen. Near the fridge £3
  25. So thanks to help on here I got a lovely ECM Mechanika IV rotary plumbed in and I love it. And thanks to my own inexperience, I ignored some advice on here and went with a Eureka Mignon. Having lived with it for a few weeks I'm able to more accurately define my grinder requirements now (an expensive evolution!) and I'd really value some recommendations based on these: Hard requirements: Must fit on to worktop within 44cm space under kitchen eye-level cabinets and be able to load the hopper with beans without moving it - this is easy with the mignon. I'm swapping between c
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