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  1. Hello Folks. I'm still working my way through pages and pages in the threads on the forum since joining ...... In 'Home Roasters' there's talk (Quite correctly of in-coming voltages), thermocouples/probes to monitor temps etc, in 'Grinders' there's talk of clumping, retention....... Much talk on grinding techniques. Unless it's in pages I have not read yet, I see no mention yet of 'HUMIDITY', humidity varies so much not only outside but more so inside the home or shed, wherever you're coffee domain is, surely this needs to be included in the mix either to discount it's relevan
  2. I've seemingly ended up with one of those cheap espresso machines by complete accident - you know the type, claims to be 15 bars and do perfect espresso in 30s -_- , and it's thrown me quite a bit as to what direction I want to go in right now. Previously I'd almost exclusively used an aeropress, and occasionally a french press, with somewhat alright results but a knock-off porlex from amazon and a coffee subscription (shout-out to Pumphreys of Newcastle for that) has changed all that for good. A couple of days having to spend in excess of 5 minutes each time grinding up beans, slo
  3. Quite apart from seeing 2x EK's on Gumtree I noticed 2x TechnoVorm Moccamaster KM/DOS filter coffee grinders about which I know nothing... could even be blades... so this is just for interest... and on Gumtree ?? £720 Robur E bought May '16 ...hardly used ....New burrs fitted. Now if that is not a contradiction I don't know what is.... Anyway just for your perusal http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2-x-Filter-Coffee-Grinders-Commercial-TechnoVorm-Moccamaster-KM-DOS-/322269070068?hash=item4b08bbc2f4:g:Y0wAAOSwLF1X4tes https://www.gumtree.com/p/other-kitchen-appliances/mazzer-rob
  4. I would be really grateful if as many of you as possible could have a go at this questionnaire. Since technology really isn't my thing, I have fingers crossed that it works okay. I have checked with Glenn and have the thumbs up for posting, so just need as many as possible to have a bash. Kindes, Sophie https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/5RMC9NS
  5. I have a Rocky, which s/h was about £100, new they are £235 - and that's pretty much the entry level machine. For that you get a set of burrs, which are about £40 to buy as spares, a moderately precise large bore thread and screw, and a motor, wrapped in some sheet metal. Not exactly rocket science. To get a reasonable upgrade on that, i'm looking at £500-700 for a new one, which will be a set of better burrs, a more precise screw, a similar electric motor, and some sheet metal. Probably with a timer. £3.00 This little chunk of equipment would sit in the kitchen. Near the fridge £3
  6. I've researched this to hell and back before posting this, i know i'm not the first or last to ask about this lot of grinders, and it is one of those constantly morphing X vs Y vs Z questions... Compak K3 / Wega 5.8 Eureka Mignon Mk2 Mahlkonig Vario (£100 extra) - great reviews, quiet, but..but...all that plastic? Fiorenzato F4E Nano (£110 extra) - seems to get glowing reviews re. single dosing / retention Quamar M80e (£110 extra) - Mazzer Mini killer? I crossed the Mini itself off for retention and value - I'm prioritizing minimal grind retention an
  7. Last night I attended a CoffeeHit open day where Paul generously laid on coffee, milk and beer, and allowed all who turned up to spend as much time as we wanted on the La Marzocco Strada coffee machine they have recently installed (and are retailing). The coffee was supplied by Square Mile and was their Autumn Espresso blend. We had a choice of grinders (Mazzer Robur E, Anfim and Mazzer Luigi (Super Jolly Electronic?) as well as pretty much every cafe accessory known to man. The only limitations were our skills (or lack of as we discovered) as we tried numerous extraction techni
  8. Hello, I'm currently looking for a grinder (Christmas gift from my gf), We're recent graduates so not exactly flush at the moment, the grinder will be ideally sub £100 with a little movement for a machine that will last. Currently looking at (to be paired with Gaggia Baby Class: Dualit burr grinder Bodum bistro burr grinder Gaggia MM I'm tired of using pre-ground or getting a coffee shop to grind it for you, only to get home and find their setting isn't quite right and you have a full bag of tamping experimentation to get a half decent espresso. Anyway...The question,
  9. Hi guys, so I'm in the market for a new Mahlkonig Vario and I've just seen a lot of posts about upgrading the Burrs etc. can someone shed some light on this as I thought they came with decent enough burrs/ what is tw upgrade everyone is talking about? Thanks, I just don't want to go and buy one for the same price As one with better burrs. Lawrie
  10. Hello all. I have been perusing the website for quite a while, and finally needing to post to get some clearer help. I have a Gaggia Classic, and have realised that I need a decent grinder to get the best espresso I can from it. I'm happy to spend up to £300 or so, but don't really know what to get. Mazzers come up often, but I have no idea which model. Then there are Iberitals and Baratza, and a whole wealth of other grinders. I know that - for my machine - I need to have a grinder that can go REALLY fine, and consistently. I have a bottomless filter, and have loved it on the rare occas
  11. Good Afternoon All and thanks in advance. Does anybody know where i can potentially get some spare parts for my rr45 grinder ideally UK if not somewhere that does not charge an a small fortune to get it delivered? Burrs are not to bad yet can not seem to get the flavours out of my fudge infused rave coffee beans any ideas on the matter? (using a gaggia classic which may not help to much) Coffee is good but just not getting the flavours through unlike other friends that have the same beans. thanks again Steve
  12. I am selling a Eureka Mignon Specialita coffee grinder in gloss black, with Chrome chute and touch screen display. This small prosumer coffee grinder has an stepless adjustable grind range suitable for French Press, espresso and even Turkish coffee. Grind duration can be timed or manual. If you own a coffee machine with a portafilter, you can take advantage of the hands-free holder. The large capacity (300g) hopper is ideal for those users who have a large throughput of coffees every day. The grinder is suitable for light commercial applications (eg, a small café) as well as domestic users who
  13. We now have engineers based in the following regions for repair, diagnosis, installation services for commercial and domestic coffee machines and grinders. Region Covered: London, Greater London, Brighton, Surry, Essex, Kent, Sussex, Canterbury, Midlands (North) All engineers carry huge range of spare parts with them for all types of machines and grinders. PM or email us: [email protected]
  14. Sorry to come back at you all on this one but I'm getting somewhat frustrated with my new Mignon. Thanks to all your previous help, I've got it pretty well sorted for espresso - and it certainly makes a difference over my previous grinder. However, when it comes to grinding for a cafetiere, I simply can't get it to grind coarsely enough. The best I can do is about granulated sugar size - even with the adjustment knob pretty well completely undone and loose! When I use the resultant grind in the cafetiere and try to press the plunger it's like trying to push through mud. In a post t
  15. Looking for some more opinion/advice on the old home espresso grinder problem. I've confused the hell out of myself if I'm honest, I thought I nearly knew what i was doing, and then I started researching grinders! I've got a Vario which i bought back in 2013, and a Sage Dual Boiler. I've had my eye on a mini linea for a while, but I'm not sure if upgrading the machine is really required at the moment, and I might be able to start getting much better results by upgrading the grinder, and then deciding if a machine upgrade is worthwhile. I drink lighter roasted coffee usually, and I've fou
  16. Hi everyone, Long time lurker. Apologies for the samey "please help me choose" thread but I am lost in a sea of burrs. I currently have both a Hario Mini Mill & Iberital MC2. I use the MC2 for espresso, the mini mill for everything else. I'm looking to upgrade and my budget is sub £200, ideally more like £100-150. I've done a fair bit of research into manual grinder as I was under the impression you get the best bang for your buck here. I'm still rather lost, so any advice at all would be appreciated. My thoughts/questions so far: Second hand is the obvious way to go
  17. Anyone used one an Anfim SPII? How do they compare to the Mythos etc?
  18. Hi all, I've been getting back into the wonderful world of filter coffee recently, and forgotten how much I enjoy using the V60/Aeropress, and thinking about upgrading the set up. My first question is if I use my espresso grinder (Compak K3) and just put it on a coarser setting, will this be better/worse than a specific filter grinder? Then if not and a specific filter grinder is the way to go, what would people recommend? Maybe around £100-£200 mark. I've read very good things about the Wilfa Svart that they made with Tim Wendelboe, does anyone have any experience with this? They seem to
  19. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Mahlkonig-Large-Coffee-Grinder-/201648776231?hash=item2ef3342427:g:VrIAAOSwdzVXtIDr I'll save you the trouble..... It is 115mm http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/DITTING-SWISS-KR1203-RETAIL-COFFEE-GRINDER-CAFE-COFFEE-SHOP-DELI-HI-VOLUME-/152180513814?hash=item236eaa5c16:g:rLkAAOSwtnpXlc0z 120mm
  20. So thanks to help on here I got a lovely ECM Mechanika IV rotary plumbed in and I love it. And thanks to my own inexperience, I ignored some advice on here and went with a Eureka Mignon. Having lived with it for a few weeks I'm able to more accurately define my grinder requirements now (an expensive evolution!) and I'd really value some recommendations based on these: Hard requirements: Must fit on to worktop within 44cm space under kitchen eye-level cabinets and be able to load the hopper with beans without moving it - this is easy with the mignon. I'm swapping between c
  21. Got one of these on loan at the moment .... Firstly its once again due to the generosity of forum members. Callum came up one late Wednesday night last week from Sheffield ( after a days work no less ) and dropped this off, fixed a new steam arm to the V and we stayed and made coffee and chatted . Not had an espresso grinder for a little bit as my EK43 is out on loan , so this is very welcome ... Callum and Foundry top guys ..... Back to the grinder 83 mm flat burrs . Compak by name , compact by nature , Its not huge ( for a coffee shop grinder ) . With the small hopper it looks sm
  22. Hi, We have a Vario (steel burrs) which we use for brewed coffee (V60, Chemex and syphon). However, I've been wondering whether we might get better results with a decent hand grinder? I have looked at the Lido 2, and the Made by Knock Feldgrind and Hausgrind (although reports of their customer service and not knowing when more stock will be available put me off a bit). I'd be grateful for any thoughts! Nick.
  23. Hi Been reading on the forum regarding grinders and from what I have read I need the following High motor power Low grinding speed On demand I have been scouring ebay etc for said spec used machine , to no avail Can anyone put a name and model number for said machines in aid of my quest ? Cheers
  24. How about having a list of the major grinders people have along with height and depth of them Height might include with mini hoper and or camera lens hood If people are keen they could send a pic next to a machine or under a cupboard Would this be useful for people when scouring eBay etc.... If people think this is a goer i could build into a with some photos Yay or Nay ?
  25. I keep wondering about upgrading my grinder, I'm not dissatisfied with the Mignon at all maybe the disease upgraditis has stuck. My Mignon has a short piece of alloy tube with a lens hood fitted instead of the hopper so that I can dose 2x18 gram shots, it suits my household arrangements and I would like to maintain something similar. Headroom is an issue due to wall cupboards, 450mm max, depth being a normal worktop. I'm not averse to buying used in fact I would prefer to. Budget, £2-300 plus the Mignon would not be out of the way. Would members like to suggest what I
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