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  1. Hey guys, I'm new here. I know this is a UK forum but I'm from Canada, and couldn't find a good coffee forum that was as active as this one. So I signed up here... Anyway, my interest in coffee is relatively new, but I've been looking to purchase my first espresso machine for my place. I currently use a moka pot (and I foam the milk with a french press, I found this technique on youtube, it works pretty good), or my Nespresso if I'm in a rush. I'm interested in producing espresso that's similar to the quality I find in independent local cafes, so I want an actual espresso machine. I'm also into the whole process of brewing espresso and I signed up for a class in January. I've shopped around a bit, and it seems the Gaggia classic is a good first machine. I know a grinder is important too, and a local shop recommended the Rancilio Rocky grinder. Just wanted to know what you guys thought. My budget is roughly $1000 for both the grinder and machine (or cheaper, I actually am a little strapped financially and shouldnt be spending so much, but I really want this lol). Also, I see that a new model for the Gaggia classic is coming out with a better steam wand. Do you know when that would be available in my part of the world? thanks in advance!
  2. Hi, I have a Cunill Iberital Marfill grinder which I bought second hand. The grinder was working perfectly the last time that I used it, yet today it mysteriously is acting very, very strangely. When I switched it on, the sound was very muffled - it's usually quite a noisy beast - and it did not seem to be grinding, although things that needed to spin, were. I emptied the hopper, unplugged it and proceeded to take it apart. I thought that maybe there was a build up of coffee grounds somewhere ... if you are still reading, you've probably already understood that I am an amateur and shouldn't be taking things apart. Anyway, I literally have no idea what is going on. I have cleaned everything, put it back together again but I have no idea where coffee grounds are going and why it just isn't doing what it should/has been previously. Do I need new burrs? Should they be super sharp to touch? Any ideas? Please could someone help this damsel in distress?
  3. I am thinking of upgrading my MC2 and am considering the Eureka Mignon models at around £300 new. Would this be a significant improvement or should I be looking at something else? (I have a 2014 Gaggia Classic with OPV mod.) Thanks for any advice.
  4. At the moment I have a Delonghi burr grinder in my kitchen to grind the beans for my Moccamaster filter machine. I have resorted to buying pre ground coffee as the mess this thing makes from static is unbelievable. When I take the box out after grinding, I find I am getting so much mess on the kitchen worktop. I don't believe for one moment that coffee grinding is a completely mess free operation but this is rediculous. Can anyone give me some tips please to limit this?
  5. So I've had a Gaggia mdf initially then moved on to a Fiorenzato F83. When this arrived I was shocked at the size, it is a beast. I thought my wife was going to kill me, you want a fourth baby, OK honey ! Just let me keep the grinder ha ha. But seriously it's big, I recently took collection of a Sage Pro and it's nifty, and does what is asked of it. Gets on with grinding my wife's hearty Italian beans mostly. Differences I've noticed are: The F83 never sounds like it's finding grinding hard where as the sage does sound like it's plodding through the beans. If you start of with a Sage type grinder it would be fine but if your used to commercial grade quality like the F83 there is no going back. Big difference in clumping, the large burrs of the F83 make for little clumping, the Sage on the other hand requires a little work to distribute the clumps before tamping. If I'm honest the sage is far more refined with features and options but the Gaggia Mdf grinded beans more effortlessly than the sage does. May seem like a sill comparison but it's just a little insight.
  6. Viernes

    Mahlkonig EK43

    Mahlkonig EK43 Grinder. Coffee burrs. 3fe Dial. Aligned using the pen test. Only used at home. Purchased on 29/12/14. €1400 Shipping from Spain included (UPS) Payment by bank transfer. Transferwise seems to work well and exchange is cheaper for both.
  7. bought this Mahlkonig EK43 shop grinder 2 years ago used in the kitchen put through around 80Kg or less where would I get the best price if I listed it for sale? anyone know? I bought it brand new for 2200.
  8. Hello all, any recommendations for grinders for a coffee delivery company just starting out? I'm roasting 2kg batches, so that's my limit as far as quantity goes... Would like a grinder that will give quality grinds for all grind levels (from turkish to french press). Trying to find one as cheap as possible, but don't want to sacrifice quality. Around 700 pound would be good, going up to 2000 or so is the budget, ideally closer to 700... along those lines, looking at trying to find a used ditting 1203 or 1403. Anyone got what to say about these grinders? make good grinds throughout the spectrum? also thinking of a ek43 but I hear some mixed things about it, and I haven't found many used. any other ideas / thoughts? cheers!
  9. Hello All, I would be really grateful for your advice on the following. I need a quieter, faster upgrade for my 2013 Gaggia MDF grinder. It’s been reliable but I find it very slow and noisy (especially if trying not to wake my wife when leaving early for work) Also messy - wasteful. And we both find it intrusive when we have guests in kitchen diner. In addition, because I alternate making a caffeinated cup for me and a decaf for my wife I measure the beans by volume and grind enough only for each port a filter load. Should I change to a doserless grinder? At first I thought that a Baratza 270w with quick swappable caf and decaf hoppers might be more efficient. But am put off by cost/noise and talk of unreliability. Is the Eureka Mignon a good way to go? Rancilio Rocky? Clear info on noise levels hard to come by. And of of course I hope to get a taste upgrade as well! Many thanks Keith Constraints: £375 max, under counter height 55cm General usage: 2 caffeinated and 2 decaffeinated punchy flat whites. Using Union beans. Used to use JB Johannes Bauer when I could get them 2013 Gaggia classic - seems to be the older solid build. Put on rancilio wand but I can’t use well and it’s slow so I use (dare I mention here????) Dualit frother!
  10. Hi folks. I'm looking at an upgrade from my Rancilio Rocky grinder and I'm looking at a Conti On-Demand CG100. They look great but I wondered if anyone has any experience with them? Good/bad points? Also are spares available? Many thanks for any help. Max http://conti-espresso.co.uk/products/grinders
  11. Fracino Heavenly SOLD To pair with this I have an Innova branded i1 grinder. This is the same as the Ascaso model of the same name, my assumption would be that Innova make products for Ascaso. Please note this is NOT the cheaper i1 mini. 54mm burrs in good condition, super fine worm gear adjustment, and on demand grinding with a timer press-switch. Super convenient. I have a knock draw which can be included too. Condition - there's a crack at the back of the grind chute, this has been there since my purchase and hasn't progressed. Otherwise all in good working order. More pictures. £250 for the Heavenly, £50 for the i1. I might consider part-ex for a decent filter grinder that doesn't take up the whole kitchen. This machine is huge so no postage. Collect just north of Oxford. I would consider local delivery I'd prefer you come to see this first.
  12. La Pavoni Jolly grinder Burr grinder in a similar platform to the rancillio rocky, probably the same internals. modified for stepless adjustment (easily returned to its stepped adjustment if preferred) so grind size can be fine-tuned. I'd guess roughly 20kg though this from new, and about 500g since last cleaned. only negative point, the cap that sits inside the hopper is missing. only an issue if you have a few beans - if you keep the hopper topped up then you'll have no trouble at all. Not a bad place to start for espresso. £40 SOLD: La Pavoni Europicolla pre-millenium spares/repairs Collection just north of Oxford please. Local delivery considered.
  13. Hello all, I have a Londinium L1 and Eureka Mythos with the anti-clump mod, I've had this combo for something like 4-5 years. It's served me well but I want to replace the grinder and think I might also benefit from replacing the L1 as well. I'm currently thinking a Vesuvius (or perhaps the R 60V) and something like a Compak E10, ideally a grinder that works well with single doses as I don't make a lot of coffees, I've fancied a conical grinder for a while now hence why I'm considering the E10. I have the L1 plumbed in so I do enjoy the silence and ease of operation/maintenance but the lever has been a little awkward for others using the machine and I do quite like the operation I see with the Vesuvius (different profiles, having a shot timer, being able to easily pull a shot and stop it while doing the milk etc). I've enjoyed what the L1 produces immensely but I've had this nagging doubt for quite some time that I slightly prefer what a pump driven machine produces, could just be my imagination of course but I'd like to consider my options at least. So any thoughts or advice?
  14. Hi folks. I’m finding that the grind I need is always somewhere between the 4 or 5 available steps for espresso on my Rocky so I’m considering upgrading to a stepless. I’ve got my eye on a Vario but I’d be interested to see what folks might suggest in a similar price range or if the Vario is a solid bet. I only drink espresso so don’t need to grind for French press or anything. Thanks for your help. Max
  15. I'm currently using a sage grinder pro for my espressos. I was wanting to ask if we should be messing around with outer burr setting as I've seen a few people say we shouldn't and that they only should be changed if the burrs are starting to wear out. I messed around a bit with the settings outer burr - 3 knob adjustment - 2 and my espresso extraction time 20s achieved bean:coffee ratio 1:2.5 Somehow it just doesn't feel right for me. any tips or comments on it? but I'm also afraid to adjust outer burr more in case I cant adjust it anymore when it wears out, is that a concern at all?
  16. Hi all, I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction here - I've got an older model VTA6S Gu II, the discharge spout of which has sheared off at the top. I'm trying to source a replacement part, but being such an old model, neither La Spaziale, DMA UK, nor the Mahlkonig factory in Germany have any spares in stock. Does anyone have a spare kicking around, or know anyone in the UK (or elsewhere) who might have one of these in stock? Any help would be hugely appreciated!
  17. Hi everyone, I am after a manual coffee grinder because I've sold my Lido(was happy with its performance) and while reading a lots of topics came across the Apollo one. Does anyone have experience with it, the other model considered is Kinu M47. I am ok with the weight of 1kg for the grinders but they should be portable as well. Best regards, V
  18. I've got a Feld2. Pretty happy with it. Nicely made, nice to use, easy and quick to dial in, etc. I quite enjoy grinding by hand, and I enjoy the fact it takes so little space and isn't made of plastic. From what I can gather having read comments online here and elsewhere, it easily surpasses electric grinders of the same price point and even slightly more in terms of its grind quality. Completely out of interest, how much better would the grind quality be from an electric grinder that costs several hundred pounds more than the Feldgrind?
  19. Has anyone got any recommendations for a first grinder? I have no experience in using one so ease of use will be appreciated but I also don't want to be buying a new one in a year when I undoubtedly catch the serious coffee bug!
  20. Hello everyone! I have a Sage Smart Grinder (the original version, not the Pro) that I've just replaced with a Super Jolly. The Sage is a decent starter grinder, very capable for Aeropress and the like. It can also grind for espresso but isn't quite fine enough, I don't think. It was bought in late 2013 and has been used sporadically since. I'm asking £50 for the grinder and, depending on where you are, postage should be around £5-10. Comes with cleaning brush, 58mm portafilter guide and bottom tray only.
  21. Recently got hold of a Feldgrind (Feld2) and have a couple of questions I'm hoping someone can help me with: Is there a particular brush that people are using to clean these with? I'm thinking I'm going to need a long, slim, stiff brush to access those burrs. I can't seem to access the instructions at https://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?30212-Made-By-Knock-Feldgrind-Manual-Tips-amp-Tricks-Modifications/page23 - I get the following error message: "pottolom, you do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several reasons: Your user account may not have sufficient privileges to access this page. Are you trying to edit someone else's post, access administrative features or some other privileged system? If you are trying to post, the administrator may have disabled your account, or it may be awaiting activation." Is there a minimum post count I need to reach before I can access that page for some reason?
  22. Pre press release images of a hand operated floor standing grinder which does not take up premium work surface. Non stick hopper and very durable. Anti foul discharge chute with minimal retention. Micro adjustable helical rustranium burrs. Well known manufacturer, just no one's seen him for a while. 50 tickets at £12.00 a piece collection only or arrange your own courier .... There will now follow a 50 page disclaimer as requested by Health & Safety ........ I don't think.
  23. Are they good enough compared to the most common brands? I am going to buy a 64mm doser less tomorrow yet not much info around. Thanks
  24. Iberital MC2 in good but used condition, was in use grinding for espresso. Slight crack on the exit spout but it doesn't cause any problems. Preferred collection in London, can meet central or based in Sw12, could post but would prefer not to. Price: £60
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