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  1. So I've had my Mignon nearly two weeks now and put about 1kg of beans through it and think its probably time to give it a good clean and get to grips with it internally etc. Just looking for any advice on cleaning it generally and also any tips that people may have found while cleaning these or taking them apart! Any help would be much appreciated Steve
  2. Hario released new line of mills that consists of Hario Skerton Plus, Hario Skerton Pro and Hario Mini Mill Slim Plus.. Is there anyone who can experience with these mills? Do you have any thought about the results? [video=youtube;P1UW-3DgYqs]
  3. Hi All, My first post on here guys. Looking for recommendations for a first grinder, of course this will be 2nd hand. I don't really want to spend more than £100. I would appreciate your thoughts as not sure what makes/models are half decent. Many thanks Sam
  4. Picked this up yesterday - a deal from the sales thread First thing I thought, I should give it a clean. Start as you mean to go on and all that. Now admittedly, I could have done a better job, but all things considered I think it cleaned up very well. https://photos.app.goo.gl/vB0Caz4aoD06THjT2
  5. I have for sale my Eureka Zenith 65e grinder 15mths old making around 4 cups a day I have box so can be posted £375 plus postage or pick up from West Lancashire area A picture here of the Zenith with my rocket been very happy with this grinder, has lived up to its reputation, great grinds easy to clean, easy to set dose time works flawlessly as new, produces soft fluffy grinds only had around 12kg of beans though it in past 15months so burrs are good for 140kg or 10 years reason for sale - new grinder on way
  6. So after purchasing a Mignon from this forum last week and managing to snag 15cm of spare acrylic pipe from @Juba as well I have improvised a new hopper for the grinder. I've had to cut a notch in the back of the pipe so that it neatly slots into the top of the grinder. Ive found that the tube now sits more snugly on the little 'shelf' that the original hopper was meant to sit on. I discovered this shelf became a place for half ground beans to hop on to, so immediately the retention has dropped because of that. As for the top, I ordered a silicone funnel for £5 from Amazon and procee
  7. Tl;DR I'm an idiot. Save me from myself. I've been reading around on here a lot and one thing is for sure. Due to my predisposition toward idiocy, my "budget" is increasing toward the GDP of a small country. This is not good - and I wonder just how much more you get for your money. And if I'm being stupid. Which I probably am. I'm 99% sure I want a lever machine. The process of using a lever appeals to me. However, the price does not! There seems a massive difference between La Pavoni and Londinium, for example - but is that massive price gap worth it in terms of what's in your
  8. The coffee gods were looking down on me today, all my deliveries came earlier than expected and all within half an hour of each other! Thanks to @DaveP for the packaging the Mignon so well and sending so promptly and thanks to @Juba for sending his left over acrylic pipe to make a single dose hopper - You've got to love this forum! Now how long will the four bags of HasBean last...
  9. Hi all, currently waiting on a feldgrind but also considering buying a new mignon at the moment. However given a budget of £300 and pairing it with a gaggia classic for espresso use only (probably use feldgrind for aeropress and pour over) would you get a new mignon with the 3 yr warranty and a decent resale value or go second hand and get something better on paper? Ive been looking at eBay like a hawk and on here but not seen anything yet that looked better than a mignon at this money. I'm not keen on a SJ just because they look too big and clunky and won't fit where I need it to g
  10. A friend of mine is into cold brew and wants a grinder suitable for cold brew. His budget is something like GBP £100 to £150. I suggested a Wilfa to him, but I am unsure whether its capable for grinding 200g in one go. Would it burn the motor?
  11. Hi guys, I'm in the market for an espresso grinder to pair with my Bezzera Magica. I've got a chance to get this grinder from a coffee-to-go shop that prefers Mazzers. I've seen it, it works ok as far as I could tell (I'm no expert, but we pulled a decent shot from what it produced). It's from 2011 and has some 150 thousand doses on the clock. Visually it's obvious it was used commercially, but it's not too bad either. I think I could get it for some 250-300 pounds. What do you think, is it a good deal? Thanks!
  12. After some consideration I have come to the conclusion not to enter the bottom of the electric grinder market but to get a higher quality hand grinder. I will be grinding for espresso aeropress and v60. This has led to me considering the Aergrind and Kinu M47 - both of which I can hopefully get new instead of hoping something pops up second hand. My question is to the good people of coffee forums is...which one? Thanks, Steve:)
  13. Hi, From what I can gather it seems to be the age old question that everyone who likes coffee approaches at some point when they want to get their first electric grinder. What grinder do I buy? For the last few years I have been using a Hario Skerton hand grinder to grind for Espresso, Aeropress and v60. I can get consistent and reliable grinds for those and pull good shots of espresso. However, I really want to purchase an electric burr grinder and can simply not decide what would be best. It will be used majorly to grind for espresso but I would like to be able to grind for ot
  14. Hello folks. New to the forums here. We've just dived into our coffee journey with a new arrival of a Rocket Espresso Mozzafiato Type R. I have a Fausto Grinder on its way, but that will mainly house "my" beans. Now, here is my condundrum and looking for some insight. My wife prefers DECAF. Is the D word ok to use in these forums? I can't really be bothered with having to interchange hoppers and remember settings. What do other CAFF + DECAF couples do in this instance? Do you just change hoppers? or do you have a dedicated DECAF grinder? I have been told that it's always best to g
  15. Hi First post on here! I've been using my Gaggia Classic plus Silvia wand for about 9 years now with an Iberital MC2. Having recently had a birthday - have been looking at upgrading. Just not sure about spending the £750ish (Expobar / Simonelli) upward on a Heat Exchanger model - plus then getting a new grinder. Wondering whether keeping the Classic (maybe add a PID) and upgrading the grinder at least initially would be the way to go - perhaps to something like Baratza Sette 270. Be interested in your thoughts
  16. So.. in the Christmas spirit, I am prepping my wife for a grinder upgrade Having an F5 modded for OD, single dosing has its drawbacks and I would like to get an some improvement in the grind, with the hope I can taste the difference Anyway, space in the kitchen is at premium, so height is a bit of a problem, with our low units. Sill at the bottom only gives 39-40cm clearance, but if Id push the grinder in and still had good access, this could be 44-45cm. F5 currently lives in the corner so is pulled forward and not under the units. Another priority is ease of dialling beans in, with
  17. Mahlkonig PEAK grinder. Burrs parallelism has been aligned to less than 20 micron. Only used at home. 6 months old. - 80 mm premium cast steel burrs. - 1100 rpm. - Adjustable spout. - OLED display. - RGB barista lights. 2650€. Shipping from Spain included. Payment by bank transfer. (Transferwise seems to work very well) ---- UPDATE: NEW PRICE 2200€ Also for sale Titus PEAK aligment tool. 120€. Shipping included.
  18. Hi All, Took the plunge and went for a Rocket Fausto, which I received last week. To be honest, my results so far haven't been great, with a fair bit of clumping despite my having seen many comments about how the Fausto generates little clumping. I've been trying double shots with an 8.2 second grind time and have dialed the grind setting down to 2. Thus far, the shots I've been pulling through my Pavoni have been watery and fast with little to no crema. Any suggestions about how to minimize clumping and/or what settings to use? Any tips/advice appreciated!
  19. As per the title the little legendary grinder comes with both steel AND ceramic burrs (which I'm not willing to split). I used this predominantly for hand brew methods so the steel burrs are installed, it does espresso far better with the ceramics installed, the box is located in my loft somewhere as well... I'll probably kick myself for getting shut of this but needs must! Please confirm solid interest here and then drop me a PM as I sometimes forget to re-check the threads. Price is £200 inc. shipping
  20. Hi, I'm selling my trusty coffee grinder, a Compak K3 Touch. I have only owned it for about 4 months, and I bought it second hand from a place called Wogan Coffee in Bristol, so it was a trusted place where all of their appliances are checked and in top condition. This is an absolutely fantastic grinder which can easily from filter all the way to very fine espresso grind, I'm simply selling because it is above my needs - I mostly make filter coffee. I personally have only put around 5-10kg of beans through it, so it really hasn't seen a huge amount of use. I have always cl
  21. Hi, As I am on my quest to upgrade my grinder situation I have inevitably come across the Mignon in the electric grinder department. From what I can see it seems like a great entry level grinder for espresso that will not leave me wanting to upgrade within 6months. I think I could cope with the clumping problems as I would likely dose and then grind into small vessel and transfer to the PF anyway. My main question for people who have used the grinder is, how good is this grinder/how easy is it too switch from espresso to brewing say aeropress or v60? I know it is a stepless grinder s
  22. Hi, My wife has just bought me a 2017 Rancilio Silvia as a wedding present. Have been looking at reviews as to which grinder to buy but am still not sure. Was initially going to pair it with the Rocky but after reading on the forum that it might not be a great idea especially as it will be primarily used for espresso. which would you recommend? Happy with 2nd hand too
  23. Hi all, I'm in the market for a new filter coffee grinder after basically selling my espresso set up. I only have about £100 - £150 (absolute maximum) to spend. I was looking at the probably getting the Wilfa Svart grinder, but just wanted to know if anyone had any better suggestions? Also not a huge amount of info out there about the Wilfa. Anything would be massively appreciated. Kind regards, Rory
  24. What is the minimum budget should be allocated for grinder in order to get a good cup of coffee from Pour-Over&French Press?
  25. After having to replace my car I'm looking to replenish the coffers, so my M1CP is for sale. Purchased brand spanking new 15th March 2018 (VA manufactured date Jan 2018). Has original box, invoice and packaging. £1,500 (also listed elsewhere). Collection from Sheffield, but I will enquire about shipping if required.
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