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  1. I may be able to get one of these. They seem be available with more than one make but look the same. This one is Brasilia. Are they any good? They look to use flat burrs I assume these are ok at all grind levels? I probably also need to know if dosers can be removed from them. John -
  2. After some consideration I have come to the conclusion not to enter the bottom of the electric grinder market but to get a higher quality hand grinder. I will be grinding for espresso aeropress and v60. This has led to me considering the Aergrind and Kinu M47 - both of which I can hopefully get new instead of hoping something pops up second hand. My question is to the good people of coffee forums is...which one? Thanks, Steve:)
  3. I'm shortly to pick up a second hand Rocket Giotto Evoluzione v2 and I need a grinder to go with it. I also backed the Niche Indigogo campaign so whatever I get is a stop-gap. I'll want to sell on in a year unless that campaign fails. So I'm thinking I want to minimise outlay on something older that would also be easy enough to sell on. If it looked scruffy I probably wouldn't care much. I'm a novice so entry level is probably right too - it's only for the short term. But it would need to fit on a counter with wall cupboard above. A well used Eureka Mignon would be ideal but I'm not sure
  4. Just purchased a 2nd hand Gaggia classic and now looking for a grinder. I only want to grind enough coffee for 1 to 4 cups at a time, any ideas what the best options are please. Would prefer electric if possible.
  5. wanderdown


    I am in London on Saturday. Is there anywhere to view a range of grinders in the flesh? I am not planning to upgrade next year so am willing to invest straight off - budget is flexible for something special, but definitely sub £1000. Bella Barista is a bit far from Brighton (and no-one seems to recommend anywhere down this way!).
  6. Very new to this forum and got my first ever coffee grinder yesterday. I am looking to use it for espresso so will not be adjusting it once I am satisfied with the grind. I have a few questions and would appreciate suggestions: 1) I am noticing that the 'chute' (see 2nd picture) which the grinded coffee exits still has a small amount left which I cannot reach (perhaps not visible in this photo). Is this a design flaw or am I doing something wrong? It is slightly annoying since there is a plastic fitting preventing reaching this. 2) Am I right in thinking I need 7 grams of beans to g
  7. Getting ready for my next work trip ( 4 weeks away) and the handle for my Feldgrind is missing .... Anyone had this problem before and can suggest a solution ? I have emailed MBK to ask if they can supply a replacement but as we know comms are not their thing. There is a slight possibility that I have left it at work but cant risk getting there and having nothing to grind with for 4 weeks and really dont want to take ready ground with me for that length of time so may have to purchase a temporary grinder ( open to suggestions on that too please) I'm hoping someone has got a m
  8. After some help if possible? i bought a Feldgrind secondhand 2 months ago, perfect grinder for me for where I am on my cofffee journey but I’ve used it today and the cover over the grind mechanism started to slip, end result cove4 has come off. Has this happened to anyone else? if it has what adhesive did you use to fix it? thanks Neil
  9. I am a long time lurker who has decided to take a dive into the murky world of coffee forums. I am looking for a new grinder costing up to the £200 mark. For the last few years I have been using a Krups GVX 2 which has served me well but now that is on the blink I have decided to take a step up. I have a Rancilio Silva espresso machine and I am more interested in the espresso grind than grinding for pour-over brews (I mention this because at this price point some machines seem to do better at one than the other). The two machines I have benchmarked at the moment are the Baratza Virtu
  10. Hi, I am new to the forum and have read the posts on grinders and still cannot decide what grinder to buy. I have a limited budget as my wife prefers i feed the children rather than buy coffee related items. At the moment i have an old Delonghi ec 220 and use pre ground which I would like to stop doing asap. I see the MC2 is recommended a lot but there appears to be doubts it will be consistent for espresso ? I have considered a hand grinder as i am the only (avid) coffee drinker in the house but think the manual grind may become tedious in the long run. I am thinking (guessing) I w
  11. Hi, just starting to look for my first decent espresso machine. Staggered at the breadth of choice and now... the grinder question. Had no idea the grinder was of any real importance! Just how important is it?
  12. I've had my eureka zenith 65e for a week and there are coffee grinds at the LCD any body else had this . The grinder comes from bella barista, who i have emailed two times asking for a solution .but theh have not replied . Any solutions here from any body .thanks
  13. Hi, I purchased a Rancillo Rocky on here about 2 years ago. It has served me well up until now. Now I can’t get an espresso grind below level 11 or so. I have cleaned out the machine twice since this issue first arose. I think the last 2 batches of grindz grinder cleaner messed it up. I managed to recalibrate as best I could, but couldn’t get the zero point at zero any more. I was helped by a forum member on here twice, who done a FaceTime with me to clean out the machine. The burrs look just fine, I can’t figure out what the issue is. Think the grinder may need a look at. Would
  14. Hi Apologies didn’t know how to transfer my post from one section to another so the question below has also been asked in the ‘brewed coffee’ section. ——————- I’d consider myself a newbie to coffee, I use a Hario Skerton grinder and a V60. I’ve learnt the value of weighing and timing my brews and I’m comfortable adjusting the grind size and playing with the timings to obtain a good tasting coffee. Christmas is coming but Christmas on a budget! I thought about going up a notch and buying a Sage DTP but having thought about it I’m happy with my V60 and the only pain I have is
  15. So I have an integrated whirlpool machine (ACE010) that came with my flat and I figured it would be a good opportunity to get into making decent coffee. I knew I needed a decent grinder to get anywhere but I've ended up in a google wormhole which has led me here at 1am. I don't want to spend much more than £150, less ideally and I'm not obsessive about coffee so something that will get passable results will suffice. What i cant figure out is what is too little money to be worth even bothering with but also what is too good/expensive to be worth using with my (I think quite limited)
  16. Hi guys, I've spent most of the morning lurking through different threads from people looking to up there coffee again and I'm sure you guys are sick of it at this point but just want some help on first steps. Living in Nottingham means in recent years with all the new cafes popping up that serve some pretty superb coffee has mad my old tassimo and cafetiere dull to me now, so want to upgrade, budget I basically just want to start out and slowly upgrade over time. I don't drink a massive amount so have been looking at hand burr grinders mainly a Hario Mini, any other recommen
  17. Hi everyone, I'm a newbie so please bear with me . We bought a gaggia classic on eBay last week, and long story short, it's pulling shots way too fast and the seller thinks the solenoid valve for damaged in transit. We're now in a situation where he'll get it fixed or give us a refund. We're weekend latte drinkers mostly and want to move up a level. Our previous machine was Delonghi,uk version of the 155 I think. I found the temperature swings and process of the gaggia more long-winded, and likely it's too much for our needs in the end given rare usage. But I do want
  18. I have just bought an Aeropress to try, looking forward to that! I will be using it mainly in the office. I would like also to get a burr grinder that will be optimal for Aeropress and also the Cafetiere. Would the grind size for both Aeropress & the Cafetiere be roughtly the same? Keen to learn.
  19. Looking to upgrade from my old (less than trusted) gaggia mdf grinder. Now, from reading the forums for .a while I know the Mazzar SJ is a firm favourite with a lot of people, Now while i know there are plenty of mods that can be done to improve it for someone making a handful of espressos a day, i've come across 2 other doserless ones: Fiorenzato F5 E Cunill tranquilo on demand Anyone got experience of either and how they'd compare with the SJ ?
  20. I'm fine tuning my grinding skills with a baratza encore for espresso. Do anyone out there have an opinion on the better method i am trying which i cant find anywhere on the web hence joining this forum. For the record i keep the hopper empty and weigh my doses individually method 1 start empty grinder running and immediately pour weighed dose of beans into the grinder method 2 pour weighed dose of beans into grinder and then switch on grinder although i cant be absolutely sure? I think method 1 is best as i seem to yield a more even grind and the grinder requires clea
  21. Hi All, Hoping for some advice with a new grinder for the home setup. Currently have Compak K6 for espresso with my Gaggia Classic, but she's a little on the larger size* and I'm keen to reclaim some space in the kitchen. I'm looking for a grinder with a smaller footprint and can fit under my counter top, so around 400mm in max height. I don't use it heavily, perhaps 5-8 doubles a week and single dose preferable. Price range ideally around the £150-£300 bracket, but I've some flex in there. Definitely more interested in the quality of what it produces over the looks. From what I c
  22. Hi All Newbie here - have been Gaggia Classicing for years with a Krups Grinder (ignorance is bliss...!) and only recently discovered this fab forum. Temp surfing is great when it works, but now that I've tasted better coffee I decided I need to upgrade or replace. So I'm thinking a MrShades PID upgrade (£90) and a preinfuser upgrade ( pump+ £?) or a new Sage Duo-Temp ? The Krups needs to go at some stage too - and Niche Zero looks lovely and no stale grind retention, but is a little pricey. How's does the Sage Pro Grinder compare? So, thoughts on the best upgrade path would b
  23. I have a KitchenAid Artisan grinder which I bought from a friend a couple of years ago. The burrs look and feel worn so I’m considering replacing them with Mazzer burrs, but without the conversion kit being available anymore this looks to be more trouble than it’s worth to modify the grinder and it’s a good excuse to upgrade :-) Therefore I'd be grateful for some suggestions for grinders. I've read through many posts and the Eureka Mignon and Mazzer grinders are two that stand out, though I think the latter is ugly. I can’t stretch to a Niche. We currently brew Moka, Aeropress and Chem
  24. Hi I am looking to upgrade my Sage machine that has just died (only 3 years old). The Lelit Mara 62 Delux has been highly recommended on bellabarista, looks a great machine in a small footprint. Anyone else have one and recommend it or an alternative for a similar price? £1000 is my limit. Can anyone recommend a good quality grinder that doesn't cost the earth? The Eureka Mignon has caught my eye for ~£200. Many thanks
  25. Hello, As I’m looking at buying an espresso machine for Home in the next couple of months I wondered what opinions were prevalent re grinders currently available. I currently own two MBK handgrinders... a Feldgrind for home (used for V60 and Aeropress) and an Aergrind for work (used for Aeropress). Should I just use my Feldgrind at home and put all my money into an espresso machine or should I buy something like a Eureka Mignon or try and hobble on with the feldgrind until I can source a second hand Mazzer Mini? Any opinions on this are appreciated.
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