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Found 25 results

  1. I renovated this, including the doser but decided to dispense with the doser. As a temporary measure I’m using a cut down bottle. In my defence it is an Italian one, but it’s not pretty. I think fighting my way through the stainless steel of an octopus funnel might be the answer, but I’d love to find another answer if possible. Here’s a photo for your entertainment...
  2. Hello All, I would be really grateful for your advice on the following. I need a quieter, faster upgrade for my 2013 Gaggia MDF grinder. It’s been reliable but I find it very slow and noisy (especially if trying not to wake my wife when leaving early for work) Also messy - wasteful. And we both find it intrusive when we have guests in kitchen diner. In addition, because I alternate making a caffeinated cup for me and a decaf for my wife I measure the beans by volume and grind enough only for each port a filter load. Should I change to a doserless grinder? At first I thought that a Baratza 270w with quick swappable caf and decaf hoppers might be more efficient. But am put off by cost/noise and talk of unreliability. Is the Eureka Mignon a good way to go? Rancilio Rocky? Clear info on noise levels hard to come by. And of of course I hope to get a taste upgrade as well! Many thanks Keith Constraints: £375 max, under counter height 55cm General usage: 2 caffeinated and 2 decaffeinated punchy flat whites. Using Union beans. Used to use JB Johannes Bauer when I could get them 2013 Gaggia classic - seems to be the older solid build. Put on rancilio wand but I can’t use well and it’s slow so I use (dare I mention here????) Dualit frother!
  3. Hi ... It's my 1st post. Would like to know. What grinder best fit for light commercial use. I have vibiemme domobar super rotary. And the bundling come with 3 options Compack k3 dozer / touch or eureka zenith club / mignon. What would you think best for this setup? Thanks before.
  4. Sorry for the long post…. I’m trying to decide on a new grinder and need some input. I currently have an Iberital MC2 owned since 2012. I used it with a Classic for years, and I kept it to get familiar with my ECM Machine. For info, I tend to dose between 15-16g. I get a good tasting shot with a dark brown crema, which I like, but it usually appears thin. For want of a better way of describing this – the extract does not appear as a syrupy flow and even gets watery towards the end. Maybe I should dose more. I am prepared to spend up to £500 or £600 for the right deal. I would consider second hand, but I like warranties…. It would have to be as new and a bomb proof design. My requirements; Adjustment & Tracking – on the MC2 I can track the grind setting of different beans and keep a list. Dialling in is usually instant. Retention - i normally make two drinks every morning, so any old grounds can impact my extraction. Minor mods to improve this would be okay. Available Parts – whatever machine needs to be future proof Size – it needs to fit on a 350mm deep worktop, but it can be tall Build Quality – it needs to be satisfyingly robust – plastic isn’t going to cut it. Grind mode – needs to be on demand / doserless, I currently grind into a cup, and weight it. I can’t believe that timed grinding will work with different beans I am aware of the Niche, but I would probably wait for it to be well established before committing. I’m not a fan of the juicer like appearance either… sorry. So far I have looked at several brands and shortlisted the following; Eureka Mignon Specialita How sensitive is the grind adjustment – are we talking multiple turns or tiny fractions? The manual suggests one turn goes from French press to Turkish…. Is it easy to track grind settings – there seems to be no clear marker on the chassis, even though the manual suggests there is Will this compete with larger burr grinders? [*]Eureka Atom or Zenith How sensitive is the grind adjustment Is the extra cost worth it for 5/10mm larger burrs? Is retention an issue on bigger grinders? [*]Mazzer Mini E Model A Is there a downside to the Model A version? I’m aware of the camera lens hood mod [*]Fiorenzato F64e I do like this, but would not be able to fit the grind tray on my worktop Is there any issue with this brand [*]Fiorenzato F4e Nano This could work but I might need to fashion a smaller grind tray. Marginally bigger burrs than a Mignon – is it worth it? [*]ECM S Automatik 64 Other grinders seem to do more for the same money? Is there anything else i should consider?
  5. Hi all, Apologies but this has probably been discussed until the cows come home. I have a Duo temp pro and have been getting beans ground for me from the shop but I have found a new local roaster with freshly roastedbeans and a consistent flavour compared to the shop. I've been looking at grinders but unfortunately don't have alot to spend. I tried the Melitta Molino Coffee Grinder, 1019-01 but wanted a finer grind. I have been looking at the Krupps GVX231 and Delongi KG79. Are there any other in a similar price range that would be better? or which is the better of the two, its for espresso. Thanks in advance Trev
  6. Hi, My current set up is a gaggia classic and iberital mc2. I've had them for about 5 years now and am looking to slowly upgrade to a better set up (possibly a rocket mozzafiato evoluzione r as the espresso machine). I appreciate I wouldn't get the most out of a high end machine with the MC2, so was looking to upgrade the grinder first. I'll probably get a bit more out of the gaggia classic whilst I save up for the coffee machine in the mean time. As the title suggests I have a budget of £300-400 pounds though this is flexible for the perfect machine. I was thinking of either a new Eureka Mignon Specialita' (happy to take recommendations for something else) or a used 65mm burr machine (I've noticed a couple in the used forum section within my budget). The main downside about the 65mm burr machines seams to be they are very big. Would a 55mm burr machine be suitable for the likes of the coffee machines I'm looking at or would it be significantly better to put up with a larger grinder? Many thanks
  7. Morning all, Im on the lookout for my first real grinder, and i have spyed a used Doge 83 from 2014 reasonably local to me. I'm based in Germany so unfortunately it makes no sense in buying off the forum here. Am I correct in believing that this grinder has conical burrs? I will try to upload some pics later today. I know that the other Doge models have 54mm flat burrs which cost around 30 quid to replace, but I'm a bit worried about the cost of the conical ones. I can't find any prices for them. Are there any Gurus here that can shed some light? Much appreciated Brighty
  8. Hello good people. Is anybody using this machine. Im looking at getting one to run with a sage duo temp pro. This will be my first setup so want to get a decent grinder to get me going and keep upgradeitus at bay . Thanks Andy
  9. Ok so I’m moving up from a blade grinder so there’s huge room for improvement, I’m very space limited in height so a commercial grinder is out of the question (I can fit something that’s about 1” taller than the DTP). I’ve been eyeing up new mignon’s so I guess I have a budget of £300, what can you recommend?
  10. Hi all. Looking to buy a first decent grinder for my home. Budget is flexible for the right tool. Thinking Mazzer Mini / Eureka Mignon size as counter space is at a premium. I want to invest in something that will serve me for a long time. Buying it to use initially with my Sage Barista Express, as I feel the grinder on it is the weak point and then I will be upgrading this in the future also. Any / all advice gratefully received.
  11. Hi All, Hoping for some advice with a new grinder for the home setup. Currently have Compak K6 for espresso with my Gaggia Classic, but she's a little on the larger size* and I'm keen to reclaim some space in the kitchen. I'm looking for a grinder with a smaller footprint and can fit under my counter top, so around 400mm in max height. I don't use it heavily, perhaps 5-8 doubles a week and single dose preferable. Price range ideally around the £150-£300 bracket, but I've some flex in there. Definitely more interested in the quality of what it produces over the looks. From what I can see, Eureka Mignon and Mazzer SJ seem to fit that criteria, but really open to any advice. What would you pick if you were in my shoes? Cheers! *the grinder, not my better half.
  12. Very new to this forum and got my first ever coffee grinder yesterday. I am looking to use it for espresso so will not be adjusting it once I am satisfied with the grind. I have a few questions and would appreciate suggestions: 1) I am noticing that the 'chute' (see 2nd picture) which the grinded coffee exits still has a small amount left which I cannot reach (perhaps not visible in this photo). Is this a design flaw or am I doing something wrong? It is slightly annoying since there is a plastic fitting preventing reaching this. 2) Am I right in thinking I need 7 grams of beans to grind for one shot of espresso? 3) Do people tend to just put in a whole bag of beans into the machine or do they do it one drink at a time (see 1st picture)? I am doing one drink at a time. 4) Is putting the whole beans in the fridge prior to grinding in any way beneficial? Or is it just a myth I heard a few years back...? 5) I have to press the button 3-4 times to complete a grind of 7 grams-is this normal? The instructions say something about being able to adjust the length that it grinds for though I have followed these instructions and cannot find the part they are talking about to adjust this....not sure if it is for another model or something. Thanks in advance and apologies for the newbie questions though hopefull, in time, I can help other people answer similar questions.
  13. Hi there, I am new to the forum but have enjoyed reading posts on all things espresso. I currently have an ECM Classika with pid and Eureka Mignon grinder. I am ready to upgrade the grinder. Although great value, the Mignon is really messy on dark roasted beans and after two years it is time to part company. I recently have acquired an Acaia Lunar and started weighing my shots with great improvement in consistency of my shots. Unfortunately this has shown up the shortcomings of my grinder. My new grinder must have low retention and not be messy. Good quality grind for espresso is essential. My short list includes Eureka Atom, Eureka Zenith 65E, Rocket Fausto and Compak E5. I am leaning more towards the Rocket or Compak but would appreciate any advice/opinions. Thanks in advance.
  14. I have a Rancilio Rocky grinder and want to find a repairer in UK or would welcome suggestions as to how to recalibrate (I've followed Youtube suggestions). My machine can't get the burrs close enough together to grind espresso (they used to) but now are refusing to touch (so I can them pull back a step or two and thus recalibrate). Any suggestions, hopefully Ed
  15. Ok so I need some help deciding on a grinder. I think I've got it down to a choice between either a Vario or a Mignon. I've recently bought a Classic but it's very likely I'll be upgrading this in the future. I drink mainly espresso so I'm not that bothered about how easy it is to switch between different brew methods. Got to say, I'm leaning towards the mignon even though there are a lot more love/reviews out there for the vario. So any thoughts or alternatives? Thanks
  16. Newbie here. I've a question regarding coffee grinders. I don't want to spend an absolute fortune but understand from all my reading on here how important the coffee grinder is. I do not currently possess an espresso machine however it is something I'd like to do in the future. Budget isn't there right now for grinder and espresso machine. With the above in mind could anyone recommend a coffee grinder for use with a French press that would also be future proofed for use with an espresso machine down the line? Budget is around £200
  17. Hi , I Have nuova simonelli mdx Grinder ,i need a help on removing dosser plaease help if theres any website sale or have
  18. So I'm in the very fortunate place or having about 1000 to spend on a new grinder. The mythos basic from cafeitalia has caught my eye as well as the compak e8 from Bella Batista. In just wondering if anyone whose used both finds one better and why or if there's a better option I haven't considered? I have a fracino cherub which I love and wouldn't want to change and a quamar m80 at the moment. I tend to use coffee from the foundry and north star, very occasionally rave and James, usually lighter coffees but every now and again something dark! No space considerations as long as it doesn't take up the whole kitchen! I also have no problem with second hand but it will be about a month before the money is in my grubby little hands... Thanks.
  19. Hi, I'm new to this forum and fairly new to coffee. I purchased a refurbished gaggia classic last Christmas and since then I have been using packaged coffee which I have then been grinding in a very old braun grinder with blades, this method is OK for a while but inconsistent and very frustrating, the extraction times range from a few seconds to a few minutes and there is no way of accurately telling what it will be like until it's coming out. I will be getting a burr grinder soon and I'm at a loss as to what to purchase, I have done extensive research and have ended up getting more and more confused with makes and models rattling around my head, I originally wanted a rancilio rocky but I don't think know funds will allow me to do it. I have £100-£150 to spend but if I can avoid going that high I will. Noise doesn't bother me, aesthetics aren't a big issue either I just want a good, consistent grind. I suppose at this price buying a used or refurbed one will be the best way to go. Any advice will be greatly appreciated also advice on where to buy refurbed equipment would be good too, thanks in advance and sorry if this question has been asked a thousand times, I have tried to figure this all out myself but I don't want to make a bad decision and buy something which is poor or going to break after a year.
  20. Am looking to buy a new grinder and wanted some advice on what one to get. Price around £50-150 but would like to get the most for my money. Any advice would be welcome.
  21. I've just bought a La Pavoni Europiccola (replacing a Gaggia Classic). Previously I was satisfied with the grind I was getting from a Bodum grinder (though, having looked over the forum, I'm not sure whether this is because my standards are lower than I thought they were, the quality of the beans I have been buying from my local supplier has been masking the machine's failings, or if I am in for a very pleasant surprise....!). But now it just doesn't kick it. So I am looking to upgrade. I have decided I could probably do one of three things, and I am looking for some advice on which route I should take. I have narrowed my choices down to three: The Iberital MC2 The Eureka Mignon (new) The Mazzer Super Jolly (second-hand) If I went for either of the two cheaper ones, would I end up regretting it and upgrading within a year or two?
  22. Hi all, I apologise if this is a thread that's been asked a thousand times but I'm looking for some advice on a new electric grinder. I've got a bit of cash to spend on one and am mostly tossing up between a Sage Smart Grinder and a Mahlkoenig Vario. I have a couple of questions: 1, what does the extra £100+ get me if I was to choose the Vario vs the Sage? 2, are there any other grinders I should be considering (and why)? I brew both espresso and filter so need one equally adept at both. I mostly brew filter at the moment (Aeropress and Clever Dripper) but I will be getting back into espresso once my schedule calms down a bit. My espresso machine is a Rancilio Silvia. Ease of swapping from filter to espresso is definitely a factor - I'd be brewing both methods on any given day so lots of wastage is something I'd like to avoid as much as is possible. A smaller footprint is also appealing (hence the Vario) as I used to have a Rocky which really was a little too big but is certainly not something I'd prioritise over performance. All help greatly appreciated.
  23. While awaiting the arrival of my Gaggia Classic I've read much about the importance of using fresh ground beans. I acknowledge that and plan to eventually get a 'serious' grinder (funds permitting). However in the mean time I'd welcome advice on what to look out for on the 2nd hand market as a budget/starter option. I'm seeing several on eBay etc among the mainstream domestic brands but need to know which are the real duds and which do a decent job. Anyone know of a star performer perhaps hiding behind an own label badge? Something which may well compromise on noise/convenience etc but actually grind very efficiently? Out of necessity the budget has to be around £30-£40 which obviously wouldn't buy a new grinder, so I'm hoping to acquire the best used compromse for now.
  24. Morning! Just acquired a beaten battered and abused Mazzer SJ........Needs a few bits n pieces, damn good clean and maybe a lick of paint... What I need is a parts listing/diagram and a good stockist! Could any if my fellow caffeine addicts plus advise??? Happy Wednesday to you all, and thanks for all & any help! Mike
  25. Hi all. So my 7 year old Iberital mc2 has chucked it and I kind off need a new grinder asap. I'm looking for ideas for a new grinder and the Sage pro caught my eye, or should i just stick with Iberital? Thanks.
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