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Found 58 results

  1. Hi all. Have been lurking for a while, trying to make a decision on a first grinder. It seems most people here are discussing grinders for espresso making, which makes sense at the process really shows up a lousy grinder! I will mostly be drinking press coffee, at least to start with, then hopefully go onto espresso sometime in the future, so am looking to get something that can do a great coarser grind as well as a good/ decent espresso grind (if possible). For this reason I was thinking a stepped grinder; something like the Rancilio Rocky. From what I've read this will do a good all round job and is a common entry level grinder. They appear to be around £235 new these days, which is at the top end of what I want to spend. Are there any better suggestions around this price, considering my main uses? Am I over thinking this and should just be getting a cheap grinder for press and spend more later when I get an espresso maker? I've heard there are good second hand grinders to be had once I get 5 posts, so maybe something from there would be a better option? Lots of questions, many have probably been asked (I did a quick search, so apologies if this has been covered previously), I appreciate any help. Thanks in advance DHS
  2. Hi, As I previously mentioned in my other thread, I'm pretty new to using pump espresso machine. A friend gave me coffee beans but I don't have a grinder yet, would you use a usual food processor to grind them or dedicated coffee grinder? Is there any difference whether you use food processor or coffee grinder? Thanks
  3. Newbie here. I've a question regarding coffee grinders. I don't want to spend an absolute fortune but understand from all my reading on here how important the coffee grinder is. I do not currently possess an espresso machine however it is something I'd like to do in the future. Budget isn't there right now for grinder and espresso machine. With the above in mind could anyone recommend a coffee grinder for use with a French press that would also be future proofed for use with an espresso machine down the line? Budget is around £200
  4. Hi all,I have a Gaggia classic, a small kitchen and a budget of £200. We make around 4 or 5 drinks a day expresso's and latte's. I know not a thing about grinders but would be interested in people's thoughts on what compact grinder I should be looking for. I do know someone who may be able to get me a used commercial one how easy are these to modify so they are not so bulky.
  5. Hi all, A quick run down... I've been hand grinding only since Christmas but I'm already bored of it and would like to purchase my first electric grinder! I drink maybe two cups of black coffee each day and use an Aeropress. I have a subscription with Pact for my beans and have them delivered every two weeks. Now I'm sure you have had plenty of people ask about budget grinders, and I wish I had time to look through the posts, but I currently have no internet access at my new flat (moved in last Sunday) and won't have for another three weeks. My time at work to research is limited so hopefully you don't mind another new guy asking the same old question! Before I came on this forum, I was tempted to go with the Bodum (SORRY!!!) as it looks quite smart and seemed to have good reviews. Since reading into it, it seems that it would have trouble grinding fine enough for Aeropress as I'm lead to believe you need espresso grind. So, I'm happy to spend up to £100 on my first electric grinder and don't mind going second hand but I'd really like to cap it at that. Moving into my new flat has been rather expensive and I have a list of other things to buy - which the Mrs thinks are more important! I'd like it to be fairly compact and trendy looking to keep her happy, and I'll be grinding just enough in the mornings to take to work for 2/3 aeropress coffees. Thanks in advance for your advice!!
  6. Hey guys, I'm in the market for a burr grinder, preferably electronic. I don't have too much money to spend, and at this point it seems that my two best options might be the Bodum Bistro or Copresso Burr Grinder. I primarily prepare coffee in a siphon or brew it Turkish, but also occasionally use a French Press and cook espressos on the hob. Does anyone have any advice regarding the grinders I've mentioned, or any other good options? Thanks
  7. Hi all, I'm a newbie at Coffee and Espresso, I love drinking Latte in the mornings. Currently have a blade grinder and a basic espresso machine. I'm now looking to upgrade my Grinder first and coffee machine after Christmas. Either new or used will be fine. I would be very much grateful for some Grinder advice please. I have a budget of £150-£200. many thanks in advance. Mark.
  8. I have had a Gaggia Coffee Deluxe espresso machine for many years and have been using ese pods and Lavazza Rossa ground coffee to get acceptable espresso coffee. Am considering upgrading machine to a Rancillio Silva in the near future but was wondering if i could get an improvement in coffee by keeping my current perfectly serviceable machine and buying a grinder as I'm told this is more important than the coffee machine. Mostly drink espresso's, 2-3 a day so a doserless grinder would seem to be the answer, something 2nd hand like a Macap M2, Rancillio Rocky or Eureka Mignon? Any thought's/suggestions would be more than appreciated.
  9. Hello, I'm Melissa, 26 years old (not for much longer) and about to go into business with my partner of 9 years. We have bought a lovely catering trailer, we have a site ready to sell from and I have done my Level 2 Barista training at Small Batch Coffee in Brighton. I am currently trying to learn as much as I can about the catering/coffee business as well as trying to get all the kit together for our trailer. I have been advised on what espresso machines and grinders to go for but it is still a whole new world of information for me to take on. Plus, we want to serve the best produce possible whilst still remaining in our tight budget. We will have predominately gas and generator power to start, and after a few months we should have access to a mains electric supply I have mainly been looking at the La Marzocco Linea 2 group and the Mazzer Digital On Demand grinder, however I'm open to suggestion on that. Basically I am looking for any advice anyone can give me, big or small. Whether it be about what equipment to go for, where to look or buy from, or tips for working in the mobile catering industry, anything is appreciated. Already this forum has been a wealth of knowledge so here's hoping for more!
  10. Very new to this forum and got my first ever coffee grinder yesterday. I am looking to use it for espresso so will not be adjusting it once I am satisfied with the grind. I have a few questions and would appreciate suggestions: 1) I am noticing that the 'chute' (see 2nd picture) which the grinded coffee exits still has a small amount left which I cannot reach (perhaps not visible in this photo). Is this a design flaw or am I doing something wrong? It is slightly annoying since there is a plastic fitting preventing reaching this. 2) Am I right in thinking I need 7 grams of beans to grind for one shot of espresso? 3) Do people tend to just put in a whole bag of beans into the machine or do they do it one drink at a time (see 1st picture)? I am doing one drink at a time. 4) Is putting the whole beans in the fridge prior to grinding in any way beneficial? Or is it just a myth I heard a few years back...? 5) I have to press the button 3-4 times to complete a grind of 7 grams-is this normal? The instructions say something about being able to adjust the length that it grinds for though I have followed these instructions and cannot find the part they are talking about to adjust this....not sure if it is for another model or something. Thanks in advance and apologies for the newbie questions though hopefull, in time, I can help other people answer similar questions.
  11. As the title says - I am clueless when it comes to Grinders. The Gaggia classic is coming to the end of life and i'm looking to upgrade and thinking the Appartamento is what iI want so I need something that would suit the machine. So all advice would be greatly received. As an extra curve ball I still have my la pavoni professional that I could use again - so could invest in a grinder now that would also work with this and the the Rocket when I get it. The La paving went away three years ago because I couldn't get a shot out of it - because I didn't pay head to peoples advice and get a grinder. I will listen this time! Thanks Stephen
  12. Hi guys Iam new in coffee world and finaly decided I need my first coffee grinder, Could you tell me where is the best place to buy it?
  13. So just starting out in my coffee journey and enjoying using my moka pot and french press. Ive been using a hario grinder which seems to do the job but labour intensive. Eventually i'll be looking at an espresso machine but want to get a good or at least half decent grinder for this purpose. Most people point towards the super jolly but price seems to be around the £200 mark now if you can even find one for sale. Im only willing to show £100 to £150 on a grinder as its only one in the morning and then a couple at the weekend. Would i be better looking at the better end hand grinders like the feldgrind or the cheaper end of the electric grinders say like a smart grinder pro? If i had the money and patients i would hold out for a super jolly but i have neither. thanks tom
  14. Hi, having a hard time deciding which grinder to purchase, hoping someone here can offer advice. I have a dualit burr grinder currently, which seems ok for my behmor brazen filter but doesn't go fine enough for espresso. I was all set to get a baratza preciso, however I now see the sette 270 will be available soon. Should I get a grinder like this to do espresso and filter etc or keep the dualit and buy something like a mignon just for espresso? Is the grind as important for other types of coffee? Apologies if all this has been asked a thousand times before, looked around but couldn't find quite the answer I needed. thanks in advance, Phil
  15. Hi all, I'm still going round in circles. I can afford to buy a grinder, but am baffled by all the preciseness of the measuring, tamping etc. Is there anyone who would be prepared to give me a masterclass please?
  16. Im looking to purchase a electronic grinder asap....sick of hand grinding + its knackering me out ;-) I have searched and read, a lot. Im looking to spend around the £200-300 mark. Im looking at the Mignon mk2 and also looking at second hand SJ's. Can someone please just tell me what to get! I have a Rancilio silvia v6. Just home brewer of around 4 coffees a day. Many thanks
  17. Hi guys, looking for a new grinder between 150-200 second hand, I've been looking at eureka mignons but I was just wondering if there is anything else I should be looking at. Cheers
  18. Evening All, Slightly random post - I wanted to pick the collective brain of the forum and hopefully find out a little more about my grinder. I picked this up a couple of years ago and haven't been able to find out what model it is and if it's actually any good. Thoughts and feedback much appreciated. Thank you, John
  19. While awaiting the arrival of my Gaggia Classic I've read much about the importance of using fresh ground beans. I acknowledge that and plan to eventually get a 'serious' grinder (funds permitting). However in the mean time I'd welcome advice on what to look out for on the 2nd hand market as a budget/starter option. I'm seeing several on eBay etc among the mainstream domestic brands but need to know which are the real duds and which do a decent job. Anyone know of a star performer perhaps hiding behind an own label badge? Something which may well compromise on noise/convenience etc but actually grind very efficiently? Out of necessity the budget has to be around £30-£40 which obviously wouldn't buy a new grinder, so I'm hoping to acquire the best used compromse for now.
  20. I'm just about to start my espresso set up, used gaggia classic on the way with all the required accessories, but i'll need an upgrade from my porlex on the grinding front. I'm wondering if it's worth getting a lido 2 because i have a very low budget, or stick with the porlex until I can afford a used SJ or a mignon.
  21. Much to the displeasure of SWMBO, I just picked up a refurbished SJ on Ebay. Now, I haven't much of a clue what to check over and any first steps I should take now that it's arrived! All suggestions welcome.
  22. Hello First time posting but have enjoyed reading this forum. I'm looking to purchase a Sage DTP as my first dedicated espresso machine. This forum has swayed me towards purchasing a Eureka grinder but I am slightly confused by the range of models that can produce a decent espresso grind. Is there a good rule of thumb on which one to purchase? Counter space and £ is an issue. Many thanks Nico
  23. I'm shortly to pick up a second hand Rocket Giotto Evoluzione v2 and I need a grinder to go with it. I also backed the Niche Indigogo campaign so whatever I get is a stop-gap. I'll want to sell on in a year unless that campaign fails. So I'm thinking I want to minimise outlay on something older that would also be easy enough to sell on. If it looked scruffy I probably wouldn't care much. I'm a novice so entry level is probably right too - it's only for the short term. But it would need to fit on a counter with wall cupboard above. A well used Eureka Mignon would be ideal but I'm not sure they ever come up. What else should I look for? Budget depends on what's around and does the job. If I spent sub £150 that would seem reasonable and less would be good. What would you expect to lose in a year? 20%? Currently I have a Bodum burr thing which I don't think grinds fine enough to even try it with an espresso machine. So that'll have to go - I assume eBay makes more sense than here and that it's worth very little even though it's in decent nick.
  24. Hi I am new on here. Just upgraded my Moka pot and bought a Super Giada on the cheap. Still using my Rhino type of grinder. I screw it up hard for a fine grind and the grinder comes loose as I grind. I tend to make two or three espresso a day and the good lady enjoys a latte every now and then. I have done a lot of research and it appears if I want a good grinder I need to think commercial. Girlfriend says I can have whatever I want as long as I dont spend more than £200 I have done a lot of research was looking at the Sage Pro some reviews are good some bad. Like the idea of a Cunhill but wonder if I might end up wasting more coffee than I use when grinding. Was thinking about a Zassenhaus Santiago. Can anyone please suggest the best grinder I can find for three espressos a day budget £200?
  25. Hi everyone, I'm new to the good coffee world, but I already feel that I will never be able to go back to the ordinary stuff. At the moment I have an Aeropress and access to some very good beans, but I haven't got a long-term grinding solution so I'm hoping you can help me solve the dilemma fairly quickly. I've been using a borrowed Skerton for a couple of days now and I'm happy with the grind but not with the grinding process (i.e. 4 min of exercise for 40g of beans is not ideal), so I'd like to get me an electric grinder for everyday use. I was going to get me a Nivona Cafegrano 130 (which, as far as I understood, is the locally available version of Jura-Capresso Infinity) for just over £70, but I discovered the Krups GVX2 for just over £40 and I see that reviews are relatively ok. So, the question is - will the Krups give me a worse grind quality than the Skerton (too much heat, since I gather the burrs spin quite fast)? If yes, I'd go for Nivona, which should be quite good for what I need at the moment (everything but espresso). Thanks!
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