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  1. Hi, I’m looking to get an electric burr grinder for espresso to use with a Gaggia Classic. I have a Hario Skerton hand grinder that is OK for coarser grinds but takes an age for espresso. I’m grinding more than I expected as my wife is quite liking the coffee I’m making so need a couple more shots every morning. Any suggestions on a new or second hand grinder in the sub £150 range that I should consider? Doesnt have to have a dosing mechanism, ideally not massive or can be put in a cupboard if needed. The new ones I have seen at this price point seem to have more steel burrs than ceramic ones and some people didn’t think they worked well for espresso i.e Barraza Encore. Open to suggestions though.
  2. Hi ... It's my 1st post. Would like to know. What grinder best fit for light commercial use. I have vibiemme domobar super rotary. And the bundling come with 3 options Compack k3 dozer / touch or eureka zenith club / mignon. What would you think best for this setup? Thanks before.
  3. I'm looking for my first decent grinder, having owned only a basic Krups burr model in the past (broke after a year) and now a dreadful blade machine (gift from well-meaning but uninitiated friends). Started a thread here yesterday which generated some helpful responses (thank you @les24preludes @MildredM). Looking to expand on these suggestions in this section of the forum... Basically need something for espresso and the occasional Aeropress. Budget of £350 and happy to take pre-owned if it's in good nick. Space is a considerable issue in my kitchen, as are aesthetics (active branch of the Kitchen Police in my area). Am considering a used Baratza Forte but concerned by what I've read on this forum about warranty/repair issues and customer service. Any thoughts or suggestions welcome please! Oh and I'm keen to find something quite soon, aka impatient. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi all, Apologies but this has probably been discussed until the cows come home. I have a Duo temp pro and have been getting beans ground for me from the shop but I have found a new local roaster with freshly roastedbeans and a consistent flavour compared to the shop. I've been looking at grinders but unfortunately don't have alot to spend. I tried the Melitta Molino Coffee Grinder, 1019-01 but wanted a finer grind. I have been looking at the Krupps GVX231 and Delongi KG79. Are there any other in a similar price range that would be better? or which is the better of the two, its for espresso. Thanks in advance Trev
  5. Hi guys, whilst I I'm not exactly new to coffee I am to this forum and this particular mindset of making coffee. I don't have a lot of spare cash at the moment so I'm at a "make do" stage with my De'Longhi Dedica until I can save enough for a decent machine. So, during this stage I'm trying to make better coffee with what I have and started grinding my own beans which has already made a difference . I bought a Firlar hand grinder from Amazon which seems to be pretty generic and appears to go under several different badges for different prices. It does a decent enough job of grinding beans but is a bit slow so I bought a Dualit grinder under the impression it would be okay for espresso. The Amazon ad says this and lots of reviews said it's fine for espresso and it does seem to be if one uses a pressurised basket (which the reviews don't say). But I was keen to try unpressurised espresso from the Dedica and bought a basket and removed the plastic contraption from the PF. When I put coffee in it from the Dualit (set on the finest grind) it poured through in about 5 seconds. Hmm, not impressed to say the least! My little Firlar on the other hand ground so fine the coffee wouldn't pass through the filter so I adjusted it back a notch and it seems fine producing a really nice crema and coffee which does appear to be slightly up on the pressurised coffee quality. The only trouble is it takes more than 5 minutes to grind enough coffee for a double shot. The upshot is apart from being slow, the little Firlar is a cracking little grinder and the Dualit a disappointment. I backed a Kickstarter coffee grinder project nearly 2 years ago ( ) and am kind of hanging on for it and was hoping the Dualit would be a stopgap and it would be okay if I stayed with a pressurised system. But having tasted unpressurised coffee from my machine I'm thinking this is the way I'd like to go and the grinder doesn't seem up to the job. So do you think I should try to return the Dualit to Amazon and say it's just not as advertised in that it cannot grind fine enough or should I try to modify it an probably screw up any warranty? And what then, continue to grind by hand until my Voltaire comes along or buy a different grinder? Any suggestions please will be very gratefully accepted.
  6. Hi there I've noticed my Porlex mini hand grinder starts grinding finely but a minute later has sped up massively and is spitting out large chunks of beans. Obviously it just needs twisting in/tightening to make the grounds fine again, and I can tell when it's happening as it gets much easier/faster to turn the handle, but I am wondering if this is common to all Porlex handgrinders, or if it's likely that I have mistakenly bought a (not-cheap) counterfeit? It looks alright to me, but there are some amazing fake products available here on Taobao (Chinese shopping site) where I bought it, so you never know. Has anyone had the same problem and is there a way around it? Thanks Billie
  7. Much to the displeasure of SWMBO, I just picked up a refurbished SJ on Ebay. Now, I haven't much of a clue what to check over and any first steps I should take now that it's arrived! All suggestions welcome.
  8. Hi All My husband loves coffee but goes through fazes of having pour over, espresso, and milky coffees. At the moment he's on pour over but we are looking to invest in a great espresso machine as well (currently only have been to cup). So, I want to start with the grinder. Is there such a thing as a grinder that will do both great espresso and great pour over. Sorry, I am such a total novice I have absolutely no clue so apologies if this is a ridiculous question! Thank you lovely people PS, would prefer to stay under £500 mark but want something that will last.
  9. Hello First time posting but have enjoyed reading this forum. I'm looking to purchase a Sage DTP as my first dedicated espresso machine. This forum has swayed me towards purchasing a Eureka grinder but I am slightly confused by the range of models that can produce a decent espresso grind. Is there a good rule of thumb on which one to purchase? Counter space and £ is an issue. Many thanks Nico
  10. I'm shortly to pick up a second hand Rocket Giotto Evoluzione v2 and I need a grinder to go with it. I also backed the Niche Indigogo campaign so whatever I get is a stop-gap. I'll want to sell on in a year unless that campaign fails. So I'm thinking I want to minimise outlay on something older that would also be easy enough to sell on. If it looked scruffy I probably wouldn't care much. I'm a novice so entry level is probably right too - it's only for the short term. But it would need to fit on a counter with wall cupboard above. A well used Eureka Mignon would be ideal but I'm not sure they ever come up. What else should I look for? Budget depends on what's around and does the job. If I spent sub £150 that would seem reasonable and less would be good. What would you expect to lose in a year? 20%? Currently I have a Bodum burr thing which I don't think grinds fine enough to even try it with an espresso machine. So that'll have to go - I assume eBay makes more sense than here and that it's worth very little even though it's in decent nick.
  11. Hi, I'm new to the forum and the whole art / science of good espresso. I recently got hold of a Gaggia Classic as my old Dualit machine died. It's great, and I've got a pressure gauge, learned how to adjust the OPV, and replaced the steam wand. But my sticking point is my grinder - it's a Dualit 75015. I know it's not a good grinder, but while I wait to save / find a cheap enough used grinder, can anybody suggest how to get the best of what I've got? Set to its finest, and with a firm tamp, it only takes 10-15s to pull a 1 oz shot. Shall I lower the pressure below 9 bar? Do I need to resort to pre-ground coffee? Any help much appreciated! Ben
  12. Very new to this forum and got my first ever coffee grinder yesterday. I am looking to use it for espresso so will not be adjusting it once I am satisfied with the grind. I have a few questions and would appreciate suggestions: 1) I am noticing that the 'chute' (see 2nd picture) which the grinded coffee exits still has a small amount left which I cannot reach (perhaps not visible in this photo). Is this a design flaw or am I doing something wrong? It is slightly annoying since there is a plastic fitting preventing reaching this. 2) Am I right in thinking I need 7 grams of beans to grind for one shot of espresso? 3) Do people tend to just put in a whole bag of beans into the machine or do they do it one drink at a time (see 1st picture)? I am doing one drink at a time. 4) Is putting the whole beans in the fridge prior to grinding in any way beneficial? Or is it just a myth I heard a few years back...? 5) I have to press the button 3-4 times to complete a grind of 7 grams-is this normal? The instructions say something about being able to adjust the length that it grinds for though I have followed these instructions and cannot find the part they are talking about to adjust this....not sure if it is for another model or something. Thanks in advance and apologies for the newbie questions though hopefull, in time, I can help other people answer similar questions.
  13. Hi Everyone, I am 33 and have been drinking coffee for about 4 years now (didn't really like it before, except with load of sugar). During the week I only drink coffee at work, which is Nespresso. I like to prepare it as americano (hot water in the cup and then I add the espresso shot from the machine), I also like to drink it as espresso sometimes when I want something stronger. At home I have an Italian style espresso maker and a manual grinder (Porlex JP-30). I drink coffee during the WE but my girlfriend would like to have one before work in the morning with milk. We were in John Lewis this WE so we had a look and really liked the Sage Barista Express. But after having read a lot of review on US and UK site, it seems it is a bit pricey for what you get (~500£ in the UK). Looking at the different suggestion in the the forums, I've seen that the best kit would probably be a Classic with a good grinder (~300£ used or new depends on what I can find). Do you have any suggestion for the grinder and any advice for me ? Thanks ! Greg
  14. As the title says - I am clueless when it comes to Grinders. The Gaggia classic is coming to the end of life and i'm looking to upgrade and thinking the Appartamento is what iI want so I need something that would suit the machine. So all advice would be greatly received. As an extra curve ball I still have my la pavoni professional that I could use again - so could invest in a grinder now that would also work with this and the the Rocket when I get it. The La paving went away three years ago because I couldn't get a shot out of it - because I didn't pay head to peoples advice and get a grinder. I will listen this time! Thanks Stephen
  15. Hi All, I've been lurking for a while and decided to finally pick some brains about my predicament. I've been drinking V60 and French Press for a while, but last year decided to get into milk based espresso drinks. Being naive, I bought a consumer espresso machine (at a good price compared to its RRP) which turned out to be rather poor (surprise surprise). Just before Christmas I decided to start looking into more prosumer machines and decided on the Silvia (with a Rocky grinder). Something inside told me that this wasn't right, so in the end I didn't purchase either. Since, I've researched various machines and finally settled on the NS Oscar 2. The lead time kept slipping and it eventually arrived fresh from the factory in the middle of February. For my V60, I'd been using a Hario Mini Mill. Obviously, I didn't expect this to be useable with the Oscar, but I had no idea what to actually purchase. I took a chance on the Mahlkonig Vario and got some interesting results. I only managed to pull about 10 shots before the thing started to sound like it was labouring. I quickly backed it off to the coarsest setting, but it was dead. The 10 shots I had managed to pull were all rather speedy and under extracted, even with the grinder on some of the finest settings. The company I purchased from agreed a refund with no hassle and collected the machine. Going forward, I'm not sure if I should try another Vario (because I do like the timer, form factor, etc), or whether I should look at something else. I'm working around the £250-£350 price range and size is a factor. The Eureka Mignon has caught my eye, but I'm not sure whether to believe the hype. Any opinions and suggestions are welcome. Apologies if this is in the wrong board. J
  16. Hi All, I'm new to the forums and looking for recommendation for a cheap electric Grinder to use at work (AeroPress and probably and Oomph sooner). My current grinder is a Porlex Hand Grinder (http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0044ZA066/ref=pe_385721_37986871_TE_item) and I'm looking for something cheap ( I currently have it on very fine (espresso fine) and seems to work ok for me. Is it a case of 'don't bother and stick to what you have at the moment' or is there better stuff around? thanks in advance, Patrick
  17. Hi all, A quick run down... I've been hand grinding only since Christmas but I'm already bored of it and would like to purchase my first electric grinder! I drink maybe two cups of black coffee each day and use an Aeropress. I have a subscription with Pact for my beans and have them delivered every two weeks. Now I'm sure you have had plenty of people ask about budget grinders, and I wish I had time to look through the posts, but I currently have no internet access at my new flat (moved in last Sunday) and won't have for another three weeks. My time at work to research is limited so hopefully you don't mind another new guy asking the same old question! Before I came on this forum, I was tempted to go with the Bodum (SORRY!!!) as it looks quite smart and seemed to have good reviews. Since reading into it, it seems that it would have trouble grinding fine enough for Aeropress as I'm lead to believe you need espresso grind. So, I'm happy to spend up to £100 on my first electric grinder and don't mind going second hand but I'd really like to cap it at that. Moving into my new flat has been rather expensive and I have a list of other things to buy - which the Mrs thinks are more important! I'd like it to be fairly compact and trendy looking to keep her happy, and I'll be grinding just enough in the mornings to take to work for 2/3 aeropress coffees. Thanks in advance for your advice!!
  18. Hi there! I've had my trusty De'Longhi KG79 for nearly 3 years now and have generally been very happy with it. I generally utilize it for V60's or Aeropress based coffees. However, I guess like a lot of people who stumble across this forum and are then quickly transfixed by all the possible upgrade options I am now thinking about upgrading this piece of kit for two reasons: 1) everyone says it's likely to produce the biggest change in coffee-tasting results and 2) a potential move towards an entry level espresso machine such as the Gaggia Classic. Having done a bit of research it seems the Mazzer SJ might be a good step up and a quick look through the sale forum and other auction based websites suggests there might be a bargain to be had if bought cautiously. My questions are: 1) Am I likely to benefit/experience from such a grinder for humble V60/Aeropress made drinks as much as I am if used to grind for espresso and utilised in conjuction with a Gaggia Classic for example? 2) What specifics should I be looking out for if buying second hand from auction-based websites (other than standard cosmetic stuff)? Thanks!
  19. Im looking to purchase a electronic grinder asap....sick of hand grinding + its knackering me out ;-) I have searched and read, a lot. Im looking to spend around the £200-300 mark. Im looking at the Mignon mk2 and also looking at second hand SJ's. Can someone please just tell me what to get! I have a Rancilio silvia v6. Just home brewer of around 4 coffees a day. Many thanks
  20. Hi, having a hard time deciding which grinder to purchase, hoping someone here can offer advice. I have a dualit burr grinder currently, which seems ok for my behmor brazen filter but doesn't go fine enough for espresso. I was all set to get a baratza preciso, however I now see the sette 270 will be available soon. Should I get a grinder like this to do espresso and filter etc or keep the dualit and buy something like a mignon just for espresso? Is the grind as important for other types of coffee? Apologies if all this has been asked a thousand times before, looked around but couldn't find quite the answer I needed. thanks in advance, Phil
  21. Hi all,I have a Gaggia classic, a small kitchen and a budget of £200. We make around 4 or 5 drinks a day expresso's and latte's. I know not a thing about grinders but would be interested in people's thoughts on what compact grinder I should be looking for. I do know someone who may be able to get me a used commercial one how easy are these to modify so they are not so bulky.
  22. Hi all, I'm still going round in circles. I can afford to buy a grinder, but am baffled by all the preciseness of the measuring, tamping etc. Is there anyone who would be prepared to give me a masterclass please?
  23. Hi folks, newbie here!..been browsing for a bit, this is a truly wonderful resource....! ...having "inherited" a Baby Gaggia from my son-in-law, I've been enjoying pretty decent home-made flat whites using quality pre-ground coffee, and am now keen to take the next step and start grinding my own beans. I'm sure these sort of questions get asked all the time, so I won't be offended if no one replies - (apparently I need 5 posts to see the for-sales anyway!) I'm really only a weekend coffee drinker and its generally just me, and very occasionally my wife, and can't justify spending hundreds of pounds on one of those nice grinders I see discussed here (though budget wise, I'd be prepared to pay around £200)....physical size is an issue too... I'm probably answering my own question, but would you suggest a quality hand grinder is the way to go? I'll pretty much only be looking for a fine espresso grind and would love to hear some recommendations. cheers, Des.
  24. Hi there, I am new to the forum and quite new to quality coffee. I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good quality burr grinder that is not huge. After taking a friends recommendation I was happily bidding on a Mazzer Super Jolly when saw one in the pub and realised just how big it was! Our kitchen is not huge and we only have a few coffees a day. Cheers Mike
  25. Hi all. Have been lurking for a while, trying to make a decision on a first grinder. It seems most people here are discussing grinders for espresso making, which makes sense at the process really shows up a lousy grinder! I will mostly be drinking press coffee, at least to start with, then hopefully go onto espresso sometime in the future, so am looking to get something that can do a great coarser grind as well as a good/ decent espresso grind (if possible). For this reason I was thinking a stepped grinder; something like the Rancilio Rocky. From what I've read this will do a good all round job and is a common entry level grinder. They appear to be around £235 new these days, which is at the top end of what I want to spend. Are there any better suggestions around this price, considering my main uses? Am I over thinking this and should just be getting a cheap grinder for press and spend more later when I get an espresso maker? I've heard there are good second hand grinders to be had once I get 5 posts, so maybe something from there would be a better option? Lots of questions, many have probably been asked (I did a quick search, so apologies if this has been covered previously), I appreciate any help. Thanks in advance DHS
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