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  1. I am selling my Mahlkonig K30 since my Niche has arrived and sadly I am unable to keep both. I do still feel I could use this for parties we have but my wife isn't letting me entertain the idea sadly. I am including BOTH the tall and short hoppers, as well as some secret goodies for it's new owner. This grinder has a USA standard three prong plug and I found this link for more specs on dimensions, volts, etc. https://static.prima-coffee.com/mahlkonig/commercial/k30-es-spec-sheet.pdf I am located in the States; Chicago to be specific. I am able to ship it overseas hence post
  2. Hello folks, Quick question - when I remove the portafilter having poured a shot on my Gaggia Gran Prestige, there's a lot of pressurised hot water which spurts out as I release it from the machine, which causes coffee grind and water to spurt all over the machine and surrounding areas. I'm wondering what could be causing this? Perhaps I'm overfilling the portafilter? Or the grind is too fine? Should I not be compressing the grinds in the portafilter? Any tips would be appreciated! Thanks so much.
  3. Assumed is that we have fresh beans with same age and we want the same output from every beans I noticed that all beans (different sorts and mixes) from one roast house needed a much finer grind than that from another! Is that saying anything about the quality of the roast house? And if yes, which is better? Beans needing a finer or coarser grind?
  4. Hi I'm using a DTP and newly acquired Smart Grinder Pro. I dialled in initially with Coffee Compass Mystery beans (about 25 days since roast) and got great consistency and extraction with the grinder on setting 11. Today I changed to HCR Workhorse (12 days old) using same variables but it choked the machine. I eventually got a decent tasting shot by reducing quantity by about a gram and increasing grind to 14. So can I take a basic understanding that fresher beans require coarser grinds? Is there a general rule of thumb people use to judge roast age/grind size? And just to help my brain
  5. Hey all, Im about to invest in a grinder, What grind should i be aiming for for an Aeropress using the standard paper filters? For example 1-10 (1 being espresso fine, 10 really large grind) Thank you in advance,
  6. Evening, I've been practicing with some Co-op beans and trying to get a good ratio/pull time on my DTP. Good beans are arriving tomorrow but thought I'd get used to the whole process with these ones first. Grinding 17g into the pf straight from the SGP. I don't have a funnel and therefore clump management isn't the best. A funnel is on order. I'm aiming for roughly 1:2.5 in terms of weight in/out. Shot 1 - Grind setting of 8. Absolutely nothing out of the machine and it shut off after a minute. Water on top of puck. Shot 2 - Grind setting of 9. A total of 4g into my cup.
  7. Only recently discovered these things existed, which one do you guys use?
  8. So I've just picked my new, to me, Super Jolly from Mr Latte - thanks very much by the way - but have already hit a problem. Up until now I have been using pre-ground coffee, Illy mainly, with the pressurised filter basket in my Gaggia Classic. Now that I can grind I have moved to using the standard double basket but when I went to use this for the first time I got nothing out of the portafilter. You can hear the machine labouring but absolutely no espresso. When I empty the filter basket there appears to be a hard crust at the very bottom. If use the Illy I get something out s
  9. I normally buy my beans from Two local roasters in rotation, method and James Gourmet, last week i decided to try another one that is localish, black mountain roasters. I ran out of beans before they delivered, they seemed to take a bit longer than the others. Anyway I got some supermarket beans and no matter what grind setting i used, it over extracted, in fact there was no pressure what so ever. So I will have to use the pressurised basket for the rest. I have never had the problem with beans from the roasters. Anyway, I now have the beans from Black mountain coffee and they are fine
  10. Does grind quality really a make difference in bring out flavours/taste of beans profile? more in terms of filter brewing and might sound a bit a daft question. I recently sold my Hausgrind and reverted to the Hario Mini Mill but can’t quite tell if it a better brew or not. Apart the speed of grinding. I will eventually end up getting a Wilfa Svart. Equally will it depend on the bean, not particularly enjoying my latest Hasbean selection. Wondering if grind quality would pimp things up or bring better flavour.
  11. I just got a well used Mazzer Mini which had been in storage for a while. I gave it a general clean including the burrs, but when I put it back together again it isn't grinding fine enough. If I turn the wheel towards finer, there comes a point where the beans don't go down into the burrs at all. If I turn slightly coarser the beans start going down again, but the grind is rather coarse still. Can someone explain? If the problem is worn burrs I've ordered some "Nearly new" ones off eBay which should arrive in a few days. I don't know how to tell the sharpness of burrs - run your finger over th
  12. hi all as per title, any one tried this? only comes in 1kg bags so wanted some opinions before i order. http://grind.co.uk/shop/grind-coffee-1kg-bag thanks!
  13. Hello everyone :-) New to this forum and I just got my Barista Express 870, this forum has been great to look through for tips and tricks - so thanks to all that are taking the time to add their input! I am hoping you can post your settings when using an espresso bean (I do understand that different beans require different grinds). Feel free to add the bean type you are using and how fresh it usually is. edit: This is meant as a info thread on what setting the different forum members have. I have upper burr set on 5 and side on 9, two weeks old local espresso beans (20 gr double sho
  14. Just opened the CCD I got for Xmas. Hmm I don’t like it so far. It’s taking me about ten mintutes for all the water to drain out of the vessel and I always end with a bit of residual water left. I am using my Hausgrind at 1,8 and tried the recommended FP grind of 2,0 as per MBK website still the same. Also using the filtropa paper size 4. The recipe is standard on the box: 20g coffee Ethiopian Modern Standard from Sainsbury’s 300g water steep for 4 or 5mins I watched some videos on YouTube with 1min drains :0 Anybody got any advice is this a common thing with CCD?
  15. Hi, just got myself a V60 & a Wilfa Svart grinder & was wondering where people with the same set up tend to have the grinder set? My brews were taking nearly 5 minutes so I've been making the grind coarser... Gone from the 1st R in Aeropress to the A of Aeropress & just gone down a few clicks more but still taking over 4 & a half minutes... The dialling in is incredibly satisfying, I love discovering the taste of a new cup but I'm on 4 for the day already so thought it might be an idea to ask I case I'm waaaay out.. Thanks guys, this is my first post so apologie
  16. I've been watching videos of various barista championships on YouTube, and noticed they use a manual dispensing grinder and no scales Obviously these are pros, but are we to believe they can tell the difference between 18g in the basket and 20g? How can they get perfect consistency like that?
  17. So, took my Aergrind apart today and layed it out, it unsurprisingly works in essentially the same way as the Feldgrind. You dont actually need to fully disassemble the grinder to remove the burr assembly. You can just keep winding the settings coarser until the grind setting collar (2) comes off, then the bottom burr assembly will pull out of the bottom. [Having now added an o-ring, this will actually be more difficult with the o-ring installed as the bearing struggles to push past it] There should be a o-ring here: If your Aergrind is very easy to adjust or s
  18. I've already emailed Sage about this to see what they say but figure it can't hurt to get a second opinion. My Oracle doesn't seem to be grinding fine enough for what I expected. During my white glove service I was using Rave Italian Job but Steve (CC Barista) didn't seem to be able to get it fine enough either and it was over extracting by quite a bit. He changed over to the CC Barista Guatemalan coffee and with the grinder set at 8 and a 30 second extraction, this made the perfect shot. This coffee was a bit dark for us and when I went on the website it says it's for filter coffees
  19. Newbie question so apologies but what would be a reasonable grind to brew time before flavour dropped off . I tend to have a brew mid morning then another mid afternoon. Would it be okay to do one grind in the morning to cover both brews. I'm just learning so not super fussy yet but want to get the best flavour from my cup. Thanks
  20. Hey, I'm looking around for a hand grinder under £60, I do eventually want to get a Aergrind, Lido or something of that sort but don't have the budget for it right now. Looking for something decent until I do, not expecting incredible results. I usually make coffee with an aeropress or v60, I've tried some of the very low end grinders and they were atrocious at coarser settings. I've been told to consider a Rhino or Porlex? Are there any other decent grinders at this price point?
  21. Hi guys, Looking very likely that I'll be pulling the trigger on a Sage DTP for £234 with 3 yrs warranty in the next couple of days. The issue I have is grinding. I currently have a Wilfa Svart for making French, v60, aeropress and Turkish coffee but espresso is my favourite method of getting my hit. I don't drink milk at all either, so all black. Whilst I was looking at second-hand grinders, likes of the Super Jolly etc, I noticed the Niche. It's twice my budget, but I'd have a couple of months to make the difference in buying a Niche instead. The fact it's small and comp
  22. I'm posting this here, as my other thread in the Eureka area is a little dead! (https://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?43057-Burrs-touching-to-get-a-fine-enough-grind) If you've been following - I've discovered that my Mignon II's burrs don't seem to be parallel. I'm getting a chirp when zeroing them out, but it seems to be 'catching' the top burr more on one side than the other, when I turn the bottom burr by hand. I've tried shimming the other side to this high spot, but to no avail so far. So, I'm putting it out there to anyone who might know more than me! What am I doing so wrong?
  23. Handy blog from Square Mile about grind size/settings on the Wilfa Svart. http://www.squaremileblog.com/2018/06/26/wilfa-grind-size-guide/
  24. After quite a few months of learning to pour a decent shot on my Silvia matched with a Sage grinder pro im having problems with getting a decent decaf shot. I recently bought an 18g VST basket which has massively improved my shots with normal coffee as im able to dose more coffee so my ratios are better. However, when trying decaf i dose 19g and get 38 out in like 10 secs. This is on the finest grind setting too. Wont be using the decaf for that much longer as its only for the wife whilst shes pregnant. Also, if i do want to upgrade the grinder what would you guys recommend? Thanks
  25. Okay, i'm starting to notice a theme here. I struggle to dial in La Cabra beans. Two different machines, two different grinders, same result. (Professional Gaggia 2 group & grinder, as well as the Nuova Simonelli Oscar II & Eureka Mignon) I'm coming across this strange phenomenon where I'm able to see a flow starting at say, the 8-9sec mark (following pre-infusion), followed by a fairly syrupy start (all good, I think) only to be followed by quite a watery body. I'm still getting a reasonable volume out (18g in, 34 - 40g out), but it just doesn't look or taste right. I total
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