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Found 8 results

  1. Good morning coffee lovers, I am new to the forum and also a beginner for coffee making. Most likely, I've been doing thing wrong (cringe moments for experienced people, I presume!) so I'd like to ask for wisdom and advice from the forum users. I would like to ask for advice on grind set up on DeLonghi KG79 for different brewing methods My current set-up is this (and I want to learn with these before I upgrade to something more serious): Coffee 1 - Lidl Bellarom Gold 100% Arabica ground coffee Coffee 2 - Bulk-buy Fairtrade whole coffee beans Grinder - DeLonghi KG79 Brewing method 1 - Bialetti Moka Express stovetop (3 cup) Brewing method 2 - Bodum Original Chambord cafetiere (3 cup) Brewing method 3 - Magimix Nespresso U & Milk coffee pod espresso (I use Sealpod refillable pod with my own coffee) This is what I've been doing: KG79 - I usually have it on the "finest" grind setting as I've been told that for stovetop. I tried the "hack" to make it finer, but it struggled to grind at all so I reverted back to default. Bialetti stovetop - Brews okay with "finest" grind, but a bit bitter and not much crema. A bit of sludge at the bottom of the cup, but I'm not bothered. Bodum cafetiere - I got this for Christmas. The "finest" grind clogs up the filter and pressing is very hard. LOTS of sludge in both the cup and cafetiere. Magimix coffee pod - Doesn't work with the "finest" grind. The machine struggles and only extracts in drops, not consistent streams. In comparison to KG79 grinded coffee, Lidl's pre-grounded coffee works quite nicely with all brewing method. So, I'm assuming my set up on KG79 is "too fine" for all three brewing method. Comparing the grind size between KG79 and Lidl is a bit hard for my novice eyes, but it seems that Lidl coffee is a bit more coarse. But I have no idea how "coarse" I need to change the set up on KG79. One could simply tell me "well, just buy Lidl coffee and don't bother with KG79." Very true. KG79 was a present from my wife, whom I very much love, and she spent a lot of time researching to get me the best grinder we could afford at the time, so... So, my questions are: What are the general consensus on grind size for stovetop, cafettier, and coffee pod machine? Given the availability of KG79 (and also it's limitation as a burr grinder), which grind setting is recommended for each brewing method? I realise my questions can open up a whole can of worms, but I'm very much thankful for your expertise in educating a novice on grind settings so I can appreciate coffee more. Many thanks and happy brewing!
  2. Hi, I'm looking for advice from people with the same setup really. I recently bought a Smart Grinder Pro to accompany my SDTP espresso machine. I've probably tried about a half dozen different beans, couple of dark roasts and the rest medium. I'm finding that unless I only use about 2kg of tamping pressure I have to set the grinder to 20+ to get around a 30 second extraction. That's with the double espresso basket, the single seems to provide only a trickle of water regardless (I'm using single wall). Is this normal for this machine or could there be a problem with the pump? I cleaned the part in the group head, it was half blocked with ground coffee, but this didn't make much difference. I'm still learning to use the machines but can get decent coffee most of the time. I just wonder if I could be getting more from the coffee with a finer grind if the machine could take it. Anything less than 10 chokes it!
  3. I tend to go on drain time for the clever dripper, but really I'm guessing grind size and really have no guide to go buy. Short of somebody sending me examples of what size I should be aiming for I'm just guessing. I tend to do French press, clever dripper and I may try drip.....but I'm guessing grind size. Also for the clever I think I was watching sweet Maria's are something on YouTube and they used just a slightly courser than espresso grind for the clever dripper which was quite finer than I thought. Im surprised there isn't a grind size example card you can buy or something to use as a rough starting guide. help! Plus I've just ordered a lido2 from coffeehit after a long thinking session between that and the feldgrind....I went for the lido in the end after previously owning the lido3....only downside I really remember was the adjusting of the grind ring.
  4. Can someone please confirm or otherwise, what I have noticed with my limited experience. Darker roasts you need to go slightly coarser, and lighter roasts slightly finer, if you wish to keep all other variables constant?
  5. Just wondering what people think and more importantly why they change the grind as a bean changes. Obviously answering my own question it is to keep the tast and flow the same but I'd have thought that as a bean ages it dries out you'd grind tighter but it appears that people open the grind out more. Ultimately I guess taste is what counts irrespective of whether you tighten or loosen grind, just interested.
  6. Hoping you can help me out here. Currently use one of the three methods above for coffee at home. Am contemplating a Gaggia Classic BUT I'm not really an espresso fan to be honest. For me, 1-2 cups of filter style coffee with milk in the morning and I'm done. I'd just like it to taste more like coffee that most of the drips I've tried, or indeed, Nescafe Gold!! Am also contemplating a Macap M2M grinder as a better investment for me than a Gaggia Classic (which seems overkill to make a glorified americano with milk) but meantime I'm using a Hario Mini. Trouble is, when you use the Aeropress, most recipes seem to call for a grind between drip and espresso , maybe leaning more towards drip. So if espresso was '0' on the grind scale, and drip '10', I guess 6-7? I guess if you wanted a French Press style coffee you could even grind course and steep for 2-3 mins but get a cleaner cup. Not sure that's what I'm after though. To set the Hario Mini there is a click wheel and I'm trying to get my head round a better way to set it than trying to remember how it looks, at least for now. The picture below shows 5 levels of grind. I started by closing the Mill all the way down until the adjuster stopped then counted 20 clicks out (I tried 30 but that spits the beans out almost cracked in two - waaaaaay too big) then notched it down by 5 each time. So, clockwise from the 12 O'clock we have 20, 15 (not much difference between 20 and 15!! - very inconsistent at the larger grind settings I think), 10, 5 and 0. Would I be correct in assuming that the correct grind for an aero press would be the 5? French Press 15? Espresso 0 I guess. And Filter? 10? I played with the image a bit to extract the grind detail so the colour is a bit out.
  7. I have recently been given a Delonghi Icona Vintage, and have been reading up on technique as I have no previous experience of making espresso. When using Illy ESE pods it works fine and will do a single shot in around 15 seconds, which is fast but typical for ESE as I understand. However, when I try to make a double using coffee ground on the finest setting of a Hario MSS-1 and very light tamped, the machine does not seem to cope, taking over 30s before any coffee comes out and then dripping extremely slowly at a rate of around 1 to 2 drops per second such that it takes nearly 5 minutes to make a double shot (with a heavy tamp is was even worse). The result is similar with the second finest grind setting (i.e. two clicks from fully closed) and even on the fourth finest setting, while it is quicker, it takes well over a minute - perhaps two or three. I read in a couple of places that the grind size for espresso on the Hario MSS-1 should be either the finest or second finest setting, so my only option seems to be to have it far less fine at almost filter coffee size. Which leaves me wondering if my technique is wrong, or the grind size too fine, or if the machine itself is not operating at sufficient pressure. Any thoughts?
  8. Hey guys. Thought I'd attach a picture of the grind I'm usually using for most of my brewed coffee. Would you say it's too coarse for say clever, or too fine for drip? Just wondered as I'm not sure how many people have my grinder so there's not much to go by other than taste. So just wanting some opinions. Thanks
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