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Found 20 results

  1. Hi, I am on the lookout for a decent grinder (second hand or new) for my soon to be purchased first expresso machine (looking at Gaggia Classic or Sage Duo Temp Pro). I also have an aeropress in work to make coffee so I'll need to grind both for it and for expresso. While researching grinders online I have read that some take a lot of work to adjust the setting for different types of grind, are there any that would be best for changing the setting frequently?
  2. Hi All, Owing to my main grinder suddenly going down without warning I'm using my backup (an old Krupps burr grinder). The particle size on this grinder is slightly larger so I compensated by tamping firmer and my machine still choked slightly. I was wondering what people's experiences had been regarding finer grinding vs firmer tamping vs volume in portafilter.
  3. I wonder how much you adjust grind settings based on different beans. It seems to me that you don't gain much benefit using a refractometer to hit a certain EY on different beans. For example, using same grind setting & brewing method a Kenya might hit 21.5% EY where as a Costa Rica Natural will barely hit 19%, but taste just as sweet. Furthermore, given the same grinder / brew method, pushing EY to 20% with the Costa Rican by making the grind finer doesn't seem to make the coffee taste any better. It seems fruitless to try to "match" EY between different beans with different origins.
  4. Afternoon all. I just got into this espresso coffee, namely for making lattes in the morning and just got the Sette 270 and the new (to me) Gaggia Classic up and running. A quick history on what I have tried so far. Fresh (beans)from a local store. I started with a setting on the Sette of about 3 with 18g of beans in a double PF basket. With that I couldn't get very little if any flow with a moderate tamp. I did the same weight of beans and went to a setting of 5 and was a little different, but still not anywhere close to where I needed to be. So I went to the same weight of
  5. Hi guys, this week I purchased a sage barista express, thankfully I knew the potential struggles of this machine from a technical point of view! I've moved from a fully automated bean to cup, and now have to face all of the challenges of getting everything right for a great coffee! I've read the instructions, followed them, played about a bit and got some great coffee! The issue I'm having is getting the thing to stay in the sweet spot. Here's what happens: Pre infusion to flow - 6 seconds Extraction sits in the sweet spot for 2 - 3 seconds, then the dial hits the max point
  6. I have a Sarge/Breville Duo Temp espresso machine: https://www.breville.com/us/en/products/espresso/bes810.html that comes with a 54 mm portafilter. I also have an Eureka Mignon Silenzio grinder: https://www.eureka.co.it/en/catalogo/prodotti/macinacaff%C3%A8+istantaneo/1/19.aspx Based on this guide: https://clivecoffee.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360007846374-Eureka-Mignon-Silenzio-Setup-Grinder-Dial-In-Video its recommended to use around 18 grams of beans for a double shot. Based on that guide I have inserted the double cup non-pressurized filter into the
  7. Ever had one of those days? I need International Numpty Rescue (or at least someone thinking straight) because at the moment I 'can't see the wood for the trees'. After I received my Niche a few days ago, I had a play with it and found a ballpark setting for espresso that worked on my lever. It seemed to work really well with my current bolivian bean. I was then experimenting with settings on the grinder for the same beans brewed in a V60 set up. I ended up with a setting 'off the marked scale' (almost a full turn anticlockwise with the marker close to the 0 mark). This produced a good
  8. My Super Jolly is pretty consistent when I single dose - and in fact, using one of those fancy laser-cut guides by mr @timmyjj21 - I'm happy changing beans throughout the day, confident I'll get within 5 seconds or so of the last time I made espresso (all other things being equal) without wasting any beans. However. If I dose for two... I run into all sorts of problems. I usually run 19grams through, as I say - with much consistency... but if I'm making for two people and run 38 through - the first cup will tend to run as normal, but the second all over the place. Usually far longe
  9. Im not sure has this thread been discussed before but i've found no answers on google. How much fine adjustment do your coffee grinder gives before "Burrs chirping" for espresso? because as I'm experimenting with my 64mm grinder I'm left with approx "5 min" of adjustment before burrs chirping. which doesn't seems like a lot of fine adjustment available for espresso. is this normal? I've seen on youtube on how much to back the grinders off after you hear the chirp, which is approx a quarter turn (For espresso) but mine doesn't work that way! at a quarter turn i get too corse gri
  10. Just wondering what people think and more importantly why they change the grind as a bean changes. Obviously answering my own question it is to keep the tast and flow the same but I'd have thought that as a bean ages it dries out you'd grind tighter but it appears that people open the grind out more. Ultimately I guess taste is what counts irrespective of whether you tighten or loosen grind, just interested.
  11. So previously using the stock double Rancilio basket with 18g in. Postie brought a VST 18g ridged this morning. Using the same beans as before should I change the grind setting on my Mignon with the new VST? finer or courser? How does the VST compare with stock baskets in this respect? PS. Of course I'll find out in the morning but just wondering......
  12. I have a simple idea that you post one piece of knowledge that you have found useful in your coffee journey to pass on to others. To kick off: 1. I found it useful to keep a grind table so I could more efficiently move from one bean to another and dial in my shots with minimal wastage ( I wrote about it here; http://coffeetime.wikidot.com/espresso-grind-table ). Over to you.
  13. Hi just taken delivery of my first electric burr grinder ; sage grinder pro ( ex demo) trying to pull some espresso shots can someone explain when to adjust the upper burrs :- are they an extension of the range 0-60 ie making the finest grind ,0, even finer and/or the coarsest ,60, even coarser and therefore are of no use or effect unto until these extreme points or are they mini adjustment steps say between 9 to 8 like a decimal (ie 8.7-8.6)? theres a lot of clumping in my grind , why can I do to reduce it? is this likely to be the beans or grinder( if it's the grinder any
  14. EDIT: I have moved to Australia. Payment is via PayPal in Australian dollars only. EDIT: 6/11/17: All gone, sold out, no longer being made. Sorry! Selling for $35 AUD and includes everything: - A laser cut and etched gauge - The pointer holder that slips into the groove in the case around the grinder throat - 2 pointers that are the same size (to be glued on by you, plus one spare) - 2 bolts for attachment. - Overseas signature on delivery postage. I'm happy for forum member to do a group buy to save on postage. I can do cheaper standard postage, no tracking or signature, but
  15. jlarkin

    The daily grind?

    Hi all, I'm interested in seeing more about peoples relative grind sizes for different applications. I try, at the moment, a lot of different brewing methods and feel like I'm just scratching the surface of them. I'm sure I could get more out of them by honing my grinding eye and obviously monitoring the results. I'm heading into the office for the first time in a while today, so I've ground a load of coffee to take in. We have an aeropress and french press in the office, so I was aiming for something that might work with them both, I think for me this is closer to the grind I'd do
  16. Hi, So.. I've finally got some time to tinker a bit with my machine (Classic) and make a few necessary adjustments. A bit of background than: OPV mod now complete and set at ~10.3bar (may adjust again if necessary but couldn't dial it better), IMS screen and brass holder installed with machine given thorough clean and a set of new seals and gaskets everywhere. I've been using Waitrose essential water since I had it. My F5 is doing a great job as an on-demand grinder (no mods yet but my input is pretty much my output to 0.5g) but I am not quite sure if I am setting things correc
  17. Should you adjust the grind setting whilst the blades (burrs?) are in motion and grinding, or wait until they are stationary. Thanks,
  18. Read and discuss people ... http://europeancoffeetrip.com/pdf/5-LCwG-handling-and-dailling-in.pdf
  19. I often read when installing new burrs in a grinder that it takes a couple of kilos to settle in the blades, and people running through cheap beans etc. I was just wondering why this is? Are the burrs too sharp when new? It seems counter-intuitive that both a kilo will dull the blades then the last for years etc.... Cheers!
  20. Hi, In my limited experience, it seems that 2 things are true: 1. It's easier to get consistently good coffee out of your equipment if you stick with the same beans 2. There are loads of good beans out there to try Just wondered how people balance these 2 things. Stick with the same bean for a while to avoid the constant grinder adjustments? Vary all the time and deal with the adjustments and wasting a couple of shots getting it right? Cheers
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