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Found 21 results

  1. [video=youtube_share;hpPT8klhEc4] I've just started playing with a VST basket, wow, huge difference. Much finer grind required for a 2:1 brew ratio at around 27sec. Do you guys include or exclude pre-infusion time from your pull time? I'm finding the shot a little bitter when excluding it, but in reality that equates to a 33sec ish shot time, which feels bit slow.
  2. I don't (or at least didn't) know much about espresso machines, but have been happily using a Gaggia classic for about 5 years until I saw a Rocket Giotto and loved how it looked. But I couldn't justify the cost for a cappuccino or two a day just because it looked nice. A day later, I spotted a faulty ECM Giotto on eBay, all I knew was that it tripped the power when you turn it on. 5 minutes of research told me it was a predecessor to the Rocket Giotto, and so, knowing nothing about how a coffee machine works, I snapped it up for £150 and crossed my fingers that it would be an easy fix instead of an expensive paperweight. After opening it up my first surprise was that it was a plumbed in model, which I didn't know existed! Setting about the repairs, the heater which was my primary suspicion checked out ok for resistance so I looked at the Giemme control unit. A ribbon cable inside was snapped off and a capacitor had also lost a leg so I fixed that but still the issue persisted. It turned out the heating element was shorting to earth, but only when under power. The next job was to figure out why the heater had blown, so I put a light bulb on the heater circuit and it showed the control unit was powering up the heater but not turning on the pump to fill the tank with water, hence frying the element. As luck would have it I found a replacement Giemme control unit for £40 and a heating element from Bella Barista for about the same. With these both in things were better, but now I had water pressure I got a number of leaks from various places (someone had already attempted to fix it previously it seems). I cleaned up all the compression fittings and used gas PTFE on the threaded ones and got everything water tight. The next issue was no water flowing from the group, for this I looked at the solenoid valve that splits the water flow between the tank and the heat exchanger - it was seized up so I soaked it in descaler until I could manually activate it with a magnet then checked it worked with the electronic coil attached. Now I had water flow, but it all came out the OPV instead of the group, so that got a full dismantle and clean out, but it didn't fix the issue and blew a plastic water pipe open as I wound the OPV all the way in and created too much pressure. £2 of pipe later and I removed and dismantled the E61 group for a thorough clean. It turned out that there is a single pin hole in one of the top fittings that was scaled up and blocking all flow. I also spotted the group head gasket was still the original one and hard as rock so that got replaced too for a couple of quid from bella barista again. Now I had heat and water flow so I brought the unit up to temperature and pressure to see what happened. The boiler pressure gauge didn't move, but there was definitely pressure in the unit. The gauge is a bit daft as it is a long thin pipe soldered in to the gauge. I figured it was blocked and tried various ways to inject descaler down the tube to no avail. I was heating it up to desolder the pipe from the gauge and heard a few popping noises - so thought i'd give it one last test before removing it all and it worked! The heat must have cracked open the scale enough to allow some air flow. This meant I could test the pressure - at about 0.8 bar the pressure release valve was opening before the pressure switch would activate, hence the tank never got to full pressure. Cleaning the pressure valve didn't work so I used some washers to add back in some spring tension that had been lost over the years. And finally, after fixing far more than expected, but learning a lot... It works! Total cost of about £250 (plus some time!) which I am pretty happy with. I still have a few jobs to do: - I need a find or make drip tray - Pressure gauge seems to work OK but doesn't reset to zero - I might have to desolder the pipe for a proper descale. - Need to fit a new boiler safety valve at some point - it works great from a water bottle or Brita filter (better than having a tank I think) but I need to loop the OPV back there instead of the drip tray as it fills up quickly - Give it a proper descale up it is up and running - Relearn milk frothing. I had it great on the Gaggia but struggle with the 2 hole tip on this, it heats it up much quicker! - Somehow test the group water temperature to set the boiler level sensor up properly I hope this post might be of use if anyone else has a faulty one o is thinking of buying one. Let me know if you have any questions!
  3. Well after carefull deliberation i decided to........................Wait and save up a bit more increase the budget a bit and get a Londinum 1 that was until i showed the wife the pics and video i seem to recall the words ''I'm not having that in my bL***y house'' ringing around my ears the lever does not appear to fit with the ''Retro cool and expensive'' apperance of the house so i am told anyway so thats that idea well and truly out of the window, however she loves the look of the Rocket and the similar looking ECM and others. So since im saving up a bit more i fancy either the The Rocket Cellini Evoluzione or the R58 but which one? i do make lots of lattes for her indoors i like Cappucino's, Espresso's etc,The evo appeals at the moment for its quiteness of the roatary pump and it can at a later stage be plumed in. Or any other suggestions would be taken into consideration but no commerial three groups or anything else silly please, i have also had a quick look at the Fracino little gem electronic but she dosnt like that either. As always any pointers would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Reduced to £800. Bought new from Bella Barista in 2013, my beloved (and very well cared for) Rocket Giotto Plus v2 espresso machine is up for sale. http://www.rocket-espresso.com/downl...ochure_WEB.pdf It is in very good condition (some marks as you would expect, in particular the silver paint around the on/off light is fading off, but nothing at all untoward). As well as the standard kit that it came with, I am including the following upgrades: metal cup rail, IMS shower screen, set of Rocket steam wand tips, naked portafilter, nice (heavy) branded Rocket tamper. I wanted £900 for this but there were no takers (well, there were no takers locally and it is a bit heavy to mess about with shipping if I can help it) so I will take £800! It was £1200 new and the extras that are included push that up to around £1400. Collection only near Brentwood in Essex. Thanks for looking.
  5. I have just bought a Giotto over the weekend on the forum which I cannot wait to get home and try, however I now relise that my current Nemox Lux grinder might not be upto scratch to get the best out of the machine. I am not looking to spend a fortune on another grinder but I noticed on Ebay a rebadged Macap md5 grinder going for sale which looks brand new, it's a bit more than i wanted to spend at the moment but is this going to be a good match for the Giotto or should I be looking at other grinders? Simon
  6. Hello, I've finally manage to join after reading many many threads on here. I bought my classic about a year ago after having a Cubika for 2 years before that. I am now looking to upgrade after playing with smart San remo machines on a recent barista course. I'm looking to get something above the Siliva level but my limitation is that it must be tank fed rather than plumbed in. I'll keep reading to gather ideas but wanted to ask for advice.
  7. Hi, I'm from Argentina and I had a friend traveling to Europe, where he was kind enough to bring me a Rocket Evoluzione Giotto R, he bought it from the official Rocket distributor at the country he was visiting. He was back home 2 days ago and I Installed and setup my machine as per the users manual instructions. Was able to brew a couple shots while dialing my grinder, and a continuous hissing sound started to bother me, it was coming from the cup warmer. Turned off the machine and went online to read about this issue, found it most likely was the pressure relief valve. Removed the top cover and the his was indeed coming from that valve, along with steam and moisture being sprayed to the internals, read a bit more and found that gently tapping the valve might make it seal and so it did, although just temporarily. The title of my thread comes from this: Once I opened the top cover I saw some scale on the boiler ´s insulator, and on the water tank metal cover, will upload pics. Other issue with the machine was NO HOT WATER coming out at all from the hot water wand, with only fixed after removing the shower tip and putting under running water and blowing a big scale amount out of it with my mouth. When opening the machine ´s box as soon as I got my hands on it there was water over the top, most likely from someone putting the box upside down on the travel, not sure if it is normal for rocket to ship machines with water on their circuit, but sounds counter intuitive 100% The machine was listed (and still is) at the dealer ´s web for € 1500, which seemed to me as a steal (no to mention I got a 5% first purchase discount and got 21% VAT back at the airport with a refund ticket), honestly this is the only reason I was able to purchase my dream machine to replace a (busted after just 6 months) Breville Barista express. So, I ended up paying € 1200 ish for it, I even emailed the dealer inquiring if the published price might be an error before purchasing. Adding to this, I filled the tank with bottled water since the first use (nestle, that was the lowest calcium value on all the labels of water I read @ the supermarket.) I phoned the dealer about my issue and told him about all this and he told that all the machines they sold were brand new and that he was shocked to hear about scale being there. I think I would have taken my chances if the machine was published as a refurbished for what I ended up paying, but would feel cheated if it actually is, and it was published, advertised and told by the seller it was brand new after asking for these issues. Would appreciate if any user with the knowledge can confirm it is possible for a brand new machine to ship with water, and if the (actually not that much) scale deposits inside and the Hughe scale build up / clogged hot water wand tip are things that might happen every now and then at a brand new machine. I'm sorry for the post being this long, and hope someone was brave enough to read till here and help. Thanks a lot in advance, Jose.
  8. Hi coffee Friends. I have my hands on an old ECM Giotto that won't refill the boiler. I've emptied the boiler and now I need the machine to fill it back up, but when I turn on the machine nothing happens. The LED lights up and indicates that the machine has been turned on but the pump doesn't do anything. I've tried many things: 1: unplugging the cable from the water level probe - didn't have any effect 2: changing the gicar (black control box) to a new one - didn't have any effect 3: changing the vibration pump to a new one - didn't have any effect Does anybody have any idea as to what my next step would be?
  9. http://eshop.lapavoni.com/en/semi-professional-machines/giotto-evoluzione-gev.html
  10. I think this is going to be my next purchase. I have a Gaggia Classic, which i've had for a couple of years now (since being a member of this board). I'm thinking that the Evo would be a good upgrade which I dont think I'd need to change again for a long time. I like americanos with a drop of single cream, 2-3 cups per day. Espressos are rare now. People from bella-barista have given me some good advice as I thought I needed a twin tank, but a HX is more my cup of tea/coffee.
  11. Firstly, is a Giotto and a Cellini the same just different looks? If and only if I was going to buy one should I buy a; Rocket Giotto Evo V2 Rocket Cellini Evo V2 Rocket Giotto V3 - PID Rocket Cellini V3 - PID it seems like Vibe, PID,Tank fed v Rotary, tank and plumb in
  12. Having a steep learning curve here with the Rocket Giotto / Eureka Mignon, and need some advice before I completely tear my hair out Firstly, I'm a bit confused about the basket sizes that came with the Giotto. I have: 1 single spout PF 1 double spout PF 1 Rocket naked portafilter (purchased separately) Now, I assumed that the single spout basket being the smaller of the two was a single dose. However, today when weighing 8gms of coffee, it evidently isn't as it's so little in the basket you can't even tamp it. So, I upped the dose to around 15gms which still doesn't come above the top of the basket but once tamped comes just below the ridged line. Does that sound correct? If so, this means the double spout basket holds double this, equalling a "quadruple" shot? OK, on to the main issue - the actual dialling in - I've been using the single spout basket with 15gms coffee to make 2oz shot for this test. I'm really confused with the results: 1) On quite a coarse grind, I get the 2oz shot in about 30 secs, but the taste is extremely sour (the machine's been on for 2 hours, so it must be up to temp). 2) As I get finer with the grind, the results are gradually less and less sour until I get something that's not sour, but bitter (bearing in mind I'm used to Americanos rather than espresso) - 2oz in 1min20secs!! This is as fine as I could go without choking the brewhead. This just doesn't seem at all right, and I'm at a loss to where I'm going wrong. Hope you can help!
  13. I'm sure we have a few cycling fans on the forum Have you seen Wiggo's custom Giotto? click for more images
  14. hi, i need some help from Giotto or Cellini PID owners. i came along this info on a Rocket manual for HX which i find very interesting, BUT it lacks the pressure gauge information. can someone make the proper observations (giving the HX ~15 minutes to stabilize after changing temperature)? thank you
  15. Possibly a good deal for someone? only 10 months old http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Rocket-Espresso-GIOTTO-EVOLUZIONE-Coffee-Machine-/322101615742?hash=item4afec09c7e:g:o-gAAOSw8vZXL0qY
  16. Hi All, I'm new to the forum and about to upgrade from a 10 year old Gaggia Classic to a Rocket Giotto (ideally before Christmas). Does anyone know if there is a difference between the Rocket Giotto Evoluzione V2 and Rapha Rocket Giotto? It seems the should be the same but I can't understand why the Rapha only has one pressure gauge? Any help much appreciated! Cheers Neil
  17. As alluded to in the Wiggo's Giotto thread, Sir Chris Hoy is also a fan of Rocket and a recent tweet of his setup showed a healthy selection of beans from Has Bean
  18. More of a simple Modette really but this has remedied a minor niggle that I had with my Rocket Giotto. I'm talking steam valve as I steam milk for pretty much every drink but it would also be valid for the hot water valve for anybody using it regularly. When the standard valve is fully closed, the face of the threaded brass insert, within the knob, contacts a face of the chromed valve body. This contact causes the valve to 'stick' by offering resistance when you try to turn the valve open. So I found myself having to apply more force than expected and have the knob, initially, jump into action. There is some degree of sticking even if the valve is closed carefully but it is worse if say you are trying to close the valve down quickly at the end of a milk steam. Then you find it 'well stuck' when you come to purge. Lubrication of the two contact faces proved to be of no value. So here is my solution. Reassemble Valve now closes softly does not stick and so opens easily and smoothly. Niggle over!! Edit* The modded steam knob need not be screwed home hard in order to close off steam. Over tightening may cause the O ring to distort and squeeze out more than is necessary.
  19. ...when switching on from cold for it to heat up and just as it's reaching what you can hear is boiling point, vent off steam for a second or two through the top of the machine (looks like it's coming out by the cup warmer) ? Happens once, sometimes twice but it's only when switched on from cold. Also, gentle dripping from the small vent on the front panel until all up to temp. All seems fine and machine operates as I would have expected it to once up to temp and pulling shots. Just want to know that that is normal behaviour to put my mind at rest. Cheers
  20. I'm selling my beloved Giotto Evoluzione V2, bought new from Bella Barista May 2014. Usual light scratches on the drip tray, otherwise unmarked, also has the optional metal cup holder surround. Comes with all accessories originally supplied. Currently plumbed in with a water filter system. Not much else I can say about it really, wonderful machine, will be sadly missed, only going due to the imminent arrival of an R60. Looking for around £950 ish I'm in West London, happy to demo for anyone collecting.
  21. Andythepole

    Rocket Giotto

    So..... Been looking at all the lovely HX machines out there and seem to have settled on a Rocket partly for looks as well as function (I'm being honest with myself!). I've not seen many of these come on the used market but if anyone has one they are looking to part with and it's in good nick, please let me know. I'm based in London but can travel or arrange a courier if needs be, but would ideally getting come pick up in person. I'm hoping someone out there has a bad case of upgradeitis and wants to part with their Rocket :-) Cheers, A.
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