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  1. I have been roasting for a bit on my (unmodded) Gene roaster, and I am having a hard time hitting some nice, light roasts. I am using a washed Colombian, 1500-1800m - using 250g, no pre-heating, and cooling down to 100C in the Gene, and then externally until they are cool. I tend to hit 1st crack after about 13-14 minutes, and my problem is that if I keep roasting after 1st crack my beans start to get burned. So, I fear that I either underdevelop the beans or burn them.. My best tasting try so far, hit 1st crack at 14 min and lowered the temp 5C right away, and started cooling only
  2. Never mind coffee beans, I have found the true forte of the 101. I had an idea to roast my own peanuts in the Gene so I bought 4kg of blanched peanuts from an Indian supermarket in London but have since discovered that you can get 1kg bags from Julian Graves shops. I roast batches of 300g at 175c for about 17 minutes, unlike coffee beans there is no loss of weight. The main drawback is that the peanuts leave an oily deposit on the inside of the drum and needs a good clean between uses. The use of the same drum for coffee and peanuts may not be appreciated by anyone with a nut a
  3. Hello everyone I purchased this CBR-1200 roaster from Bella Barista 2 years ago but due to moving house and now renovating, I have rarely had the opportunity to use it. Hence the sale. I have perhaps roasted 25kg on it so it is ​almost like new. I am looking for £2550 for it (£3695 new). Depending on distance I can either deliver or meet halfway. I am in Holt, north Norfolk. Any questions please ask.
  4. The Gene Cafe is still in the box, but I'm planning to do my first roast this week. I've always intended to take a methodical approach to roasting and that goes for my first roast. I've taken a look as some profiles found online (John Despres), and have emailed Eddie Dove to ask if he will send me some of his profiles. In the meantime my first draft profile will be along the following lines. If any Gene Cafe owners have any suggestions please fire away. The beans are a semi-washed Brazilian bourbon. I believe they will not be particularly hard, and I'm taking this as a cue not to overdo
  5. I've been roasting coffee for just over a year. I don't drink a whole lot of coffee (though my consumption has more then doubled since buying the Brewtus) but since Feb 2014 I've gone through about 20kg of Greens. For less than half of that I've been roasting with a modified gene cafe (240v element with dimmer mod). I've tried a number of different profiles all with varying degrees of success; I've had a few roasts that were bad and a few that stood out as good, but mostly they've been underwhelming. Lately I've been using about 900 watts for 1.5 minutes (temperature gets to approx
  6. Dear all, Just want to say hello to all of you. I am a newbie coffee drinker from the Scouserland who is using a bean-to-cup Delonghi machine but would like to move on as I start to realise that it is not good enough!!! I am now looking for a coffee roaster, a coffee machine and a grinder. My budget is around £700-800. Thanks for all your contributions and I can make up my mind a bit! Target: Coffee Roaster (Gene Cafe) Coffee Machine (Gaggia Classic or above) Grinder (Mazzer Super Jolly or equivalent) Kind regards, Luke
  7. I have some Columbia Yellow Bourbon Las Margaritas - La Esperanza green beans from Bella Barista which I would like to roast on a Gene Cafè. I'd be grateful if anyone could suggest a suitable roast profile.
  8. dfk41

    Gene Cafe

    Hi, every time I have a clear out, I always buy more stuff to replace it, but not this time! I bought this Gene Cafe brand new from HasBean about 3 or 4 years ago, after they had stopped officially selling them. It is the 240 volt model but I have a 230 volt element as well. I have done a recognised mod to it,which is to switch a wire around, and insert an on/off switch coupled to a dimmer switch. the purpose of this, is so that once you have reached first, you can flick the switch on and regulate the wattage and not the voltage to allow you to stretch the time out between first and second.
  9. Afternoon all! I will be purchasing a gene cafe tomorrow, then some cheaper beans to have a play around with next week. I guess having no roasting experience it would be helpful to have some tips, guides, ect... Has anyone compliled anything like this thats available on here/web? Thanks guys! Dave
  10. Hi, I'm selling my Gene cafe roaster which is in good working order and has served me well over the last couple of years. Reason for selling is purely because I no longer have the time with a my youngest demanding all my attention after work It has been dimmer modified by myself and works really well with consistent results whit a bit of practice. I am an electrical engineer so you can trust my work :-) The power meter is included as is 1kg peruvian green beans and 20 valved craft bags. The sealer is not incuded as I've decided to keep it for now. It has been looked after
  11. Hi Guys, I'm after a little advice, I have been roasting coffee at home for several years using a popcorn maker with reasonable success. However I'd like to upgrade to something with a bit more control. However there doesn't seem to be much available in the UK, compared to the US, well not at the more budget end of roasters. It seems like the only budgetish options in the UK are: Nesco Coffee Roaster - which seems like a glorified popcorn maker with a little more control or the Gene Cafe 101. - There's quite a jump in price between these two machines, which is fine if
  12. My first few batches on the gene cafe, I followed the manual and cooled the beans in the machine. I was gutted when the beans tasted a bit flat. My next few batches were done by stopping the machine and cooling using a fan and these taste much better. Has anyone found that regularly stopping the machine before cooling negatively affects the roaster over time?
  13. Could any of you geniuses out there advise as to what the minimum amount of beans I can roast in a Gene Cafe is? I'm planning on just roasting one cup of coffee per roast as I'm just starting out so don't wanna waste any, as well as experiment as much as I can with a 1KG of greens. If there's any related links on this forum that you could direct me to, that would be fab!
  14. In addition to emergency stops, there seem to be two cooling points with the Gene. For the first, you double press the cool button when you are ready and the roast begins to cool and carries on until it reaches 100C. For the second, you single press the cool button, and the machine cools the roast down until it reaches 60C. In either case, you continue the cooling outside of the machine by whatever method you like. Is there any reason to prefer one or the other of these routines? Matt
  15. Once upon a time, in a land not so far away... I though coffee was a straightforward proposition. And then I came upon this forum and learned that I was only partly right. You see I am not a coffee technician but I love the ritual of grinding beans and making an espresso with my Caravel. I'm no master barista, but the output is lovely and I'm happy. I've found a good balance for now but no doubt I'll come looking for a more advanced machine in due course. But for now I'm intrigued by home roasting and am tempted to cross over to the BST section and keep an eye out for a Gene (shame to
  16. The review below is a summary of my thoughts and not intended to be a full in-depth analysis of each machine Today I had the pleasure of spending a delightful 4 hours at Bella Barista, hosted by Claudette and her team. The aim was to evaluate the R58 vs Alex Duetto Mk IV (aka new Alex Duetto III in the US) side-by-side and walk away with the winner. I had previously narrowed my search to replace my home machine to either of these dual boiler espresso machines. click to enlarge Also on the bench was the ECM Heidelberg espresso machine (HX), which I used to dial in
  17. ColinJ

    Hi All

    I've been roasting with a Gene Cafe for about a year now and definitely have the bug
  18. Gene Cafe, Compak K10 and the Izzo Alex Mk2 Dual Water.
  19. Hi All, im afer thoughts and reconendations for a home coffee roaster ans thought there dosn't seem to be a topic listing all the options in the UK! im starting off having never roasted however i want to get a roaster that is going to be able to product a close to commercial (a speciality roaster) coffee. as far as i can see there are the options Gene Cafe from BB @ £500 - a small roaster, great to learn on but maybe a little limited on control. Un-modified it will do on OK job of roasting 250g from what i can tell in the threads. Hottop roaster fr
  20. As I regularly commute into London by bike, last year I became increasingly worried by the reports in the media regarding air quality. So much so that I purchased one of these Link:*http://amzn.eu/26AJAKh I have now taken hundreds of readings. My general impression regarding London air quality is that the reports are vastly exaggerated. WHO guidelines for exposure are PM2.5 25ug/ 24 hour mean PM10 50ug/ 24 hour mean If there is absolutely no wind, then number can get high. The highest I have measured on my road was: - PM 2.5 = 53.3 PM 10 = 70.2 Howeve
  21. For sale is my Gene Cafe CBR-101A, including the voltage regulator mod, bought from Bella Barista in August 2017. This includes: - Gene Cafe CBR-101A (The roaster) - All the accessories: Large Chaff Collector, scoop and brush; - Spare bumper; - Manual written for Bella Barista by DavecUK containing roasting profiles; - The Voltage regulator mod (it can be easily undone if required); - 10 months of Bella Barista warranty left (until August 22nd 2019); - Original box (and paddings), manual and receipt from Bella Barista; So, why am I selling it? - Given my current wo
  22. Hi, ive got 5 lots of beans to play around with roasting and flavours with my new set up. For the Brazil, Columbia, Sumatra and Ethiopia I’ve got start up guidance for the gene cafe. does anyone have a recommendation for the titled coffee and any tolerances to explore? all help appreciated br Mark
  23. Hi all. I have a Gene Cafe CBR-1200 1kg roaster for sale. The machine has been well used and has had a few issues recently so I am selling for a very low price in case anyone is interested in a refurb or for spare parts. I am looking for £400 collected (north Notts) but open to offers. Brand new the machine goes for £4000+ and I’m not sure it is currently available for sale anywhere in the UK. The maintenance issues are as follows: (1) the cooling fan has become very loud and needs to be serviced/replaced; (2) there is some smoke leakage from around the door of the roasting drum; (3) the
  24. I'm looking at around the £300 mark. I'm pretty outdated on coffee gear these days, I'd just like some advice regarding roasting.
  25. I'm a novice roaster with a Gene Cafe. Last week, I roasted 240g of green Kona beans that I brought back from Hawaii in November, but my first try resulted in under-roasted beans that had a sour taste. I have about 500g left, and would appreciate some advice before I ruin that too. Matt
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