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  1. Never mind coffee beans, I have found the true forte of the 101. I had an idea to roast my own peanuts in the Gene so I bought 4kg of blanched peanuts from an Indian supermarket in London but have since discovered that you can get 1kg bags from Julian Graves shops. I roast batches of 300g at 175c for about 17 minutes, unlike coffee beans there is no loss of weight. The main drawback is that the peanuts leave an oily deposit on the inside of the drum and needs a good clean between uses. The use of the same drum for coffee and peanuts may not be appreciated by anyone with a nut allergy that tries the coffee. Luckily, I have a spare drum and use one for coffee and one for nuts. The other drawback is that they taste and smell so damn good! Each 300g batch doesn’t last long at all - and they aren’t exactly slimming. My original intention was to use the Gene for making home made peanut butter, but it turns out that roasted nuts are very dry and don’t blend well. You need to put a large amount of oil in to get it to blend in the blender. Even then, the result has a strong taste, not like ordinary peanut butter. However, the taste isn’t bad, a bit of an acquired taste, think of it like Marmite/Gentlemen’s relish; strong taste to be spread thinly. There may be scope to blend the roasted and unroasted nuts with a little ground nut oil before blending; that needs a bit of development.
  2. As I regularly commute into London by bike, last year I became increasingly worried by the reports in the media regarding air quality. So much so that I purchased one of these Link:*http://amzn.eu/26AJAKh I have now taken hundreds of readings. My general impression regarding London air quality is that the reports are vastly exaggerated. WHO guidelines for exposure are PM2.5 25ug/ 24 hour mean PM10 50ug/ 24 hour mean If there is absolutely no wind, then number can get high. The highest I have measured on my road was: - PM 2.5 = 53.3 PM 10 = 70.2 However, the slightest breeze seems bring the figures of even the busiest road down below the WHO guidelines. Recently there were roadwork’s near my house resulting 3 rows of stationary traffic outside my house for most of the day. There was a slight breeze. PM 2.5 = 3.7 PM 10 = 6.1 These are typical figures for busy London Roads on an average day with a very slight breeze. Yesterday I measure the air quality in my kitchen before roasting PM 2.5 = 3.0 PM 10 = 6.3 I use a Gene Café with a 3-metre duct out of the window. This is old, but has no obvious leaks. At no point was there visible smoke in the kitchen. Throughout the roast the figure climbed reaching a peak of PM 2.5 = 270 PM 10 = 248 In the garden the reading reached over 1000 for both PM 2.5 and PM10 Given that the particulates are the result of combustion; I think it can be assumed that this is highly dangerous. Forget wearing a mask on a bike, wear a mask when you next roast coffee.
  3. Hi Guys, I'm after a little advice, I have been roasting coffee at home for several years using a popcorn maker with reasonable success. However I'd like to upgrade to something with a bit more control. However there doesn't seem to be much available in the UK, compared to the US, well not at the more budget end of roasters. It seems like the only budgetish options in the UK are: Nesco Coffee Roaster - which seems like a glorified popcorn maker with a little more control or the Gene Cafe 101. - There's quite a jump in price between these two machines, which is fine if that extra cost is justified in the quality of the roast that can be achieved? I'd appreciate some advice from people who use either of these two roasters or can suggest alternatives? I would think I would be roasting at least once a week, and what something as straight forward as possible, bearing in mind that I'm not the most experienced roaster, but very willing to learn. But this is purely for my own use at home.
  4. For sale is my Gene Cafe CBR-101A, including the voltage regulator mod, bought from Bella Barista in August 2017. This includes: - Gene Cafe CBR-101A (The roaster) - All the accessories: Large Chaff Collector, scoop and brush; - Spare bumper; - Manual written for Bella Barista by DavecUK containing roasting profiles; - The Voltage regulator mod (it can be easily undone if required); - 10 months of Bella Barista warranty left (until August 22nd 2019); - Original box (and paddings), manual and receipt from Bella Barista; So, why am I selling it? - Given my current work/life balance, I find myself with little time to roast coffee beans; - Being the only coffee drinker in the household, I find myself roasting 1 batch a week (when I have the time), so, technically, not learning and in a way underusing it; - It's not the right machine for me: No matter what, unless I remove the chaff collector, I can't hear first crack. It might be me, who knows, but I find that by reading some posts here some have no difficulty at all, whereas some struggle with it. The Gene Cafe has been looked after very well. I wash the chamber every 4th roast, and I vaccum and brush everything after a roast. However, there's a scuff mark on the protective cover and a scratch on the reflective shield on the base of the roaster, due to me not slotting the chamber all the way in (please see photos). £300 collected from: - Newbury, Berks; - Oxford; I am happy to travel up to 40 miles from Newbury to meet halfway. It can be posted, but I'd rather not, specially as the voltage regulator box is quite bulky and will not fit in the Gene's box at all. I am happy to liaise with prospective buyers with regards to postage, curriers, and costs. Some useful posts related to my roaster: https://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?41014-Gene-Cafe-CBR-101-Dimmer-Mod-MediumRoastSteam-take-on-it https://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?45176-Help-me-get-rid-of-scorched-beans-uneven-roast https://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?11791-Todays-Roast (more towards the end of the thread, as the thread itself is quite old) http://coffeetime.wikidot.com/genecafedimmermod2017 (DavecUK asked me if I could document the mod and add to his site) Roasting today: See scratch all the way on the shield (pointed by arrow) Scuff Mark: Voltage regulator mod connector to back of Gene: Inside: Voltage regulator entry Voltage regulator connection
  5. Peruvian beans. On the left Bella Barista’s roast; on the right mine, in a Gene Café. I’ll make a taste comparison after a few days degassing. In the meantime, any visual observations would be appreciated. Matt
  6. I know that setting the heat level fixes the maximum temperature of the hot air in the Gene, as read at the exhaust point. But what I don't know is whether it also sets the temperature of the heating element, which would affect how quickly the maximum temperature is reached. For example, will the beans be exposed to higher temperatures in, say, the first five minutes if the maximum level is set to 245C rather than 235C? Matt
  7. Could any of you geniuses out there advise as to what the minimum amount of beans I can roast in a Gene Cafe is? I'm planning on just roasting one cup of coffee per roast as I'm just starting out so don't wanna waste any, as well as experiment as much as I can with a 1KG of greens. If there's any related links on this forum that you could direct me to, that would be fab!
  8. Hi guys, Just thought I'd introduce myself to the forum. Absolute beginner me. Just began a sudden interest in coffee and thought I'd go all the way so purchased a Gene Cafe roaster! Any tips and pointers you can share with this novice nestling will be very much appreciated. Thanks!
  9. Hi guys. Hope all is well First time post. I have decided I want to start roasting my own beans. After trawling the net. The gene cafe 101 seems to be a decent but not great set up. Obviously only starting out so don't want to spend ££££'s. I'm happy to spend up to around £400/500 mark. Am I missing any roasters out there for the UK market or is the gene cafe the way forward with the MOD. I will be roasting indoors. Any advice/tips/techniques would be greatly appreciated. Also so a type of bean to try out first to perfect. Many thanks in advance. Kevin
  10. In addition to emergency stops, there seem to be two cooling points with the Gene. For the first, you double press the cool button when you are ready and the roast begins to cool and carries on until it reaches 100C. For the second, you single press the cool button, and the machine cools the roast down until it reaches 60C. In either case, you continue the cooling outside of the machine by whatever method you like. Is there any reason to prefer one or the other of these routines? Matt
  11. Bought from Bella Barista in 2009. This is the newer revised model. Excellent condition and has had very little use. Used a dozen times in the past few years! The only blemish is a hairline crack on the plastic lid which in no way affects performance. Comes in the original box, original chaff collector (unused), large chaff collector, metal reducer (If I can fit it in the box! Bought from Ebay for a few quid) which attaches to the large chaff collector for the extractor tube - you can pick up the flexible metal tubes on Ebay or other places, manual. A great roaster. £155 including postage.
  12. Hi all. I have a Gene Cafe CBR-1200 1kg roaster for sale. The machine has been well used and has had a few issues recently so I am selling for a very low price in case anyone is interested in a refurb or for spare parts. I am looking for £400 collected (north Notts) but open to offers. Brand new the machine goes for £4000+ and I’m not sure it is currently available for sale anywhere in the UK. The maintenance issues are as follows: (1) the cooling fan has become very loud and needs to be serviced/replaced; (2) there is some smoke leakage from around the door of the roasting drum; (3) the heating element may need replacing to ensure consistent control of roast profiles in future; and (4) we have patched up the cooling tray with some aluminium tape where the original soldering has come away (this could be welded back together for a more permanent fix). I have spoken to Bella Barista (who we originally bought the machine from) and they have indicated that they should be able to inspect the machine and replace parts (PCB and heating element) for £70 labour and around £130 for parts - this would require further discussion/agreement between any buyer and Bella Barista. I am looking to sell in the next couple of weeks without any work being done to the machine, hence the low asking price. Bella Barista also stock some spare parts for the machine and it is possible to buy a replacement roasting drum and cooling tray from the manufacturer Genesis (in South Korea). When in full working order, the machine produces some excellent quality coffee, with a good degree of temperature control, easy to use controls and roasts 1kg of green beans (so around 850g roasted output) in about 12-16 minutes depending on your roasting preferences. I would recommend getting the machine serviced before using it, but hopefully this is a good chance to own a very good sample or small commercial roaster for a low price. I have included some pictures below. There is some detailed information about the machine at https://www.bellabarista.co.uk/pdf/Gene-Cafe-CBR1200-roaster-v1-3-11-Feb-2014.pdf and it looks like it is currently available for sale new here https://www.topcoffee.net/gene-cafe-roaster-cbr-1200.html. We have the original manuals from Genesis and Bella Barista. Let me know if you are interested.
  13. The temperature indicator on my Gene roaster won't rise beyond 217C after 17 minutes. This is with 225g of washed Columbia green beans from Rave. It's even worse with 225g of Kona beans, also washed that I have, where the temp only gets to 206C in 20 minutes. When I tested the heating with no beans in the chamber, the temp rose to 230C in 3' 24". The problem seems to be that chaff quickly blocks the chamber outlet, rather than exiting. Here is a photo of what it looks like: Any ideas would be appreciated. Matt
  14. Hello everyone I purchased this CBR-1200 roaster from Bella Barista 2 years ago but due to moving house and now renovating, I have rarely had the opportunity to use it. Hence the sale. I have perhaps roasted 25kg on it so it is ​almost like new. I am looking for £2550 for it (£3695 new). Depending on distance I can either deliver or meet halfway. I am in Holt, north Norfolk. Any questions please ask.
  15. Much as I love the Gene Café its about time Genesis updated the design. Its been around for 10 years now with no updates – and its begining to look very old fashioned, particularly compared to the Aillio. I’ve just completed 3 back to back roasts and to be honest, I’m getting fed up. I want:- 1. Larger capacity 2. A large modern slowly rotating, QUIET fan 3. A proper control system – preferably with blue tooth with software for Windows and OSX. Am I asking to much?
  16. I have been using a second hand GC roaster (the small one) for about 10 months, roasting at least one 200g batch per week, often more. The internal metal has become (more) discoloured and whilst I accept it is partly the heating of the steel I think it is 'roasted on volatiles' from the beans, this idea is supported by the recent appearance of a brown patch on one area of the glass cylinder, and the smell of burnt coffee when starting the roaster up after a minute or two. Tonight I tried to clean this off several areas with Cafiza, and although it appeared to lift a small amount of brown-ness onto the cloth I used, it go no where near clearing it at all. So my question is do you GC owners clean, and if so how? Don't really want to go to the length of a caustic soda steep (which I have used on group head screens in the past with great success), but will do if this is the only way. Thanks
  17. I'm looking at around the £300 mark. I'm pretty outdated on coffee gear these days, I'd just like some advice regarding roasting.
  18. I've been roasting coffee for just over a year. I don't drink a whole lot of coffee (though my consumption has more then doubled since buying the Brewtus) but since Feb 2014 I've gone through about 20kg of Greens. For less than half of that I've been roasting with a modified gene cafe (240v element with dimmer mod). I've tried a number of different profiles all with varying degrees of success; I've had a few roasts that were bad and a few that stood out as good, but mostly they've been underwhelming. Lately I've been using about 900 watts for 1.5 minutes (temperature gets to approx 100c) before pushing up in stages of 1000 and 1100 for 1.5 minutes each, and finally 1200 when the beans turn yellow. I've been using this for beans that were very dense as I was worried about underdevelopment and wanted to get the beans warmed up to a consistent temperature before pushing to first crack. Tonight I used the same profile on a very open looking bean from Bali and it appeared to take to the profile well, hitting the first pops of second crack 11.5 minutes from the beans starting to pale and expand, and 8.7 minutes from turning yellow. There were never any signs of tipping or scorching at any point in the roast. Time from yellow to first crack was 5.5 minutes (would prefer 4-5 minutes). First crack lasted 2.5 minutes exactly (from very first pop to very last). My problem with this roast (and I haven't tasted it yet so this is all theoretical) is that the time from the end of first crack to the beginning of second was 42 seconds. So I'm worried that I'm baking the coffee. I read Matt Perger's article on roasting in which he refers to the "flick of death" as being an increase in the rate of rise after first crack. My logic was that the less time spent at +160c the better as that would avoid caramelizing too many sugars, this is why I was trying to end the roast at my desired depth quickly after first crack (while stretching out first crack). Perger suggests a slowing of the rate of rise produces a sweeter cup with more complex flavours and my profile will result in a coffee that tastes flat and dull. Looking at my recordings I see temp was rising at a rate of 5c/min going in to first crack. I cut power to 1050 about 15 seconds after the first pop and from there I can estimate bean temp. According to my information first crack starts at 205c, is underway at 212c and finishes at 219c. First crack started at 13.5 mins and hit rolling at 14.5 mins, indicating a rate of rise of 7c/min. From 14.5 to 16 minutes (when first finished) the beans gained another 7c (a slower rate of rise). However second crack starts at 234c. So 219c to 234c in 42 seconds is a ROR of over 15c/min. Obviously this indicates a huge "flick of death". More like an uppercut. I'm guessing this is made possible because the beans have lost moisture and they take on heat a lot easier. Anyway, my question is, how do I avoid this when roasting dark? Is the only option to have a much larger drop in temp (power) at rolling first, rather than a slight drop at the start? Logically I should be able to stretch out first crack and achieve a slower ROR this way, but I'm worried about caramelizing too many sugars by having a long time between first crack and the start of second after reading this: http://www.coffeeshrub.com/shrub/content/stretching-out-roast The article above has really helped me bring my roasts along and I've been able to manipulate the beans to how I want them with some good success, making me think the information here is quite reliable. Can anybody chime in here with their experience of using the gene and avoiding stalling/baking. What kind of power do you apply at the different stages?
  19. Once upon a time, in a land not so far away... I though coffee was a straightforward proposition. And then I came upon this forum and learned that I was only partly right. You see I am not a coffee technician but I love the ritual of grinding beans and making an espresso with my Caravel. I'm no master barista, but the output is lovely and I'm happy. I've found a good balance for now but no doubt I'll come looking for a more advanced machine in due course. But for now I'm intrigued by home roasting and am tempted to cross over to the BST section and keep an eye out for a Gene (shame to miss one the other day!) or similar. I know I'll not spend hours roasting and that I'll be a mere weekend warrior, and wonder whether decent results can be obtained by the likes of me or if it requires total commitment? Are there others out there like me who obtain consistently good roasts or am I deluded?
  20. I'm a novice roaster with a Gene Cafe. Last week, I roasted 240g of green Kona beans that I brought back from Hawaii in November, but my first try resulted in under-roasted beans that had a sour taste. I have about 500g left, and would appreciate some advice before I ruin that too. Matt
  21. Roasted 250g Columbia Suarez in Gene Cafe I hit 1st crack @ 13.5 mins, held onto 240 then dropped to 235, not sure when 2nd crack started and total roast time was 18mins with slight breeze coming in through window. I'm pleased with the results, I normally end up going darker than this, but this is what I'm aiming for.
  22. dfk41

    Gene Cafe

    Hi, every time I have a clear out, I always buy more stuff to replace it, but not this time! I bought this Gene Cafe brand new from HasBean about 3 or 4 years ago, after they had stopped officially selling them. It is the 240 volt model but I have a 230 volt element as well. I have done a recognised mod to it,which is to switch a wire around, and insert an on/off switch coupled to a dimmer switch. the purpose of this, is so that once you have reached first, you can flick the switch on and regulate the wattage and not the voltage to allow you to stretch the time out between first and second. I can reverse this if needs be. I have replaced the nylon bush with a nylon and metal bush that rotates the chamber. Other than that, it has worked faultlessly for me, and in any case, there is not much to go wrong with them (once the original power boards were replaced years ago) and BB are stockists for spares etc. At this point, I am looking for someone to express interest, but, I would prefer if they could come up to Newcastle, a) to see it working and b) as I do not have the original packaging and these are quite delicate, I would really prefer not to courier it. I reckon with a clean and a good story, this would do £225 on Ebay. It has the instructions and the large chaff collector. I might have the small chaff collector and also a couple of other bits for it if I can find them. There is a lot of info here on maintenance which will interest any owners http://coffeetime.wikidot.com/search:site/q/gene%20cafe The stage one mod is here (my voltage is always good so I did not do this) http://coffeetime.wikidot.com/gene-cafe-dimmer-control-modification This is the article explaining the mod I have done http://coffeetime.wikidot.com/gene-cafe-dimmer-control-mod-stage-2 I want £150 for it. My preference will be for someone to collect, but, if after a day or so the only interest is from someone to have it couriered, I will do that.
  23. I have some Columbia Yellow Bourbon Las Margaritas - La Esperanza green beans from Bella Barista which I would like to roast on a Gene Cafè. I'd be grateful if anyone could suggest a suitable roast profile.
  24. Dear all, Just want to say hello to all of you. I am a newbie coffee drinker from the Scouserland who is using a bean-to-cup Delonghi machine but would like to move on as I start to realise that it is not good enough!!! I am now looking for a coffee roaster, a coffee machine and a grinder. My budget is around £700-800. Thanks for all your contributions and I can make up my mind a bit! Target: Coffee Roaster (Gene Cafe) Coffee Machine (Gaggia Classic or above) Grinder (Mazzer Super Jolly or equivalent) Kind regards, Luke
  25. Afternoon all! I will be purchasing a gene cafe tomorrow, then some cheaper beans to have a play around with next week. I guess having no roasting experience it would be helpful to have some tips, guides, ect... Has anyone compliled anything like this thats available on here/web? Thanks guys! Dave
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