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Found 15 results

  1. Hi all So I've been having a real problem trying to fix up my heavenly with a new pressure gauge, and the pipe that goes from that to the boiler, without the pesky thing leaking. The leak comes from the point in that second pic where the pipe screws on to the gauge. I've wrapped some ptfe thread around it but to no avail. I'll probably head by the local diy store to see if they have any ideas, but hoping that somebody here may have a tip? Thanks for any help Ben
  2. Hi All - I have a 10 year old Gaggia Classic and did the OPV mod a while ago. I am getting decent shots however I want to figure out what bars I am really putting out. I tried the volume of water method (blank portafilter, putting a class of water under one of the tubes) and I am getting no returned water? Does this mean my machine is still set to too many bars and I need to turn the OPV nut more. I am getting decent shots, about 32g out in 30s when my Fiorenzato grinder at a 1.8 setting. A few questions... 1.) there are two tubes in the water reservoir, which one is for the water supply and which is for the OPV overflow? 2.) Is the general rule of 170-180ml in 30s from the OPV tube mean the machine is roughly 9 bars? 3.) I tried alternating with the left and right tube in water and it didnt seem like either was drawing water.....strange since my machine does work when both are in Thanks everyone in advance!
  3. Hi all, Can anyone speak from experience of having used one of these? Normally with something like this I'd quite enjoy making my own, but I'm feeling outrageously lazy. Cheers http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/161207195351?_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
  4. EDIT: I have moved to Australia. Payment is via PayPal in Australian dollars only. EDIT: 6/11/17: All gone, sold out, no longer being made. Sorry! Selling for $35 AUD and includes everything: - A laser cut and etched gauge - The pointer holder that slips into the groove in the case around the grinder throat - 2 pointers that are the same size (to be glued on by you, plus one spare) - 2 bolts for attachment. - Overseas signature on delivery postage. I'm happy for forum member to do a group buy to save on postage. I can do cheaper standard postage, no tracking or signature, but the risk is then entirely on the buyer and I take no responsibility for lost packages. Many thanks to @Krax, @risky and @GCGlasgow for their help in testing prototypes and offering advice. IMPORTANT NOTE: 1) If you have a short throat/upper burr carrier, you will not be able to fit the hopper retaining screw with the gauge. See original thread, first picture on page 6. http://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?25962-Mazzer-SJ-and-mini-lasercut-grind-setting-ring/page6 2) You will not be able to use the original bolt that prevents the adjustment collar from being rotated too far. The groove in the case under the adjustment collar is blocked and utilised by the pointer holder. 3) This gauge does not match the original numbering on the collar. You will be using a new, personal scale, that probably will not match what another person has, due to variation in attachment bolt locations on the collar. 4) Your grinder must have a 3mm gap between the adjustment collar and the case. Most SJ's do and I have only encountered one so far that didn't. I have a custom 2mm thick pointer holder for anyone with a smaller gap. The etching on the smoke mirror can be quite subtle depending on lighting. The pointer colour is black for all of them. [/size]
  5. Morning everyone! i made a coffee as usual this morning but I was getting too much out so hit the two cup button to stop the extraction, and the pressure gauge is now stuck at 2 bar. I've tried running another shot without the portafilter in to try and release the pressure but no change. I haven't yet tried running a shot WITH coffee in the basket, just because I'm worried about messing things up. Has anyone seen this before and know how to release the stuck pressure, or is my dial just stuck? The latter won't be great. But not will a knackered boiler! Thanks Matthew
  6. Im looking to borrow a modified portafilter with gauge or just the gauge its self to fit my Gaggia classic in order to adjust the OPV, can anyone help please?
  7. Read a few things about pseudo pre-infusion on a Classic and wondered if it actually works? Opening the steam valve slightly to reduce group-head pressure for about 5 seconds then shutting off for the duration of the shot. Tried it a few times and am wondering if it does work, seam to get a nice tasting shot from it but that might be me getting better at 'pulling' them. Read about switching to steam mode for 5 or 10 seconds, switching back then opening steam wand before starting as well. Has anyone done a portafilter pressure test whilst opening the steam valve? If not I might have to connect my gauge again that I bought to do my OPV and have a look. Thought I'd ask first in case it was a waste of time.
  8. I can't decide which one looks better. The original gauge of the GS3 or the LM Strada gauge.....
  9. Hello everyone, I recently bought a Sage Barista Express and the gauge goes a bit crazy when I do single shots, I'd like to understand if this is an issue on my end or if I should send it in service. I will attach a video. I understand that the gauge can go too low or too high due to various factors, but here the gauge goes very low then suddenly very high and stays there, or see when I try again, the gauge is even "funnier". I've tried multiple times with different types of coffee, different amounts or tamping This is very noticeable for the single shot, less for the double shot filters. Other details: I used a single shot non-pressurized filter. The extraction is watery because it already ran once (and the result is the same, the first time, the second or third time) P.S. first time here, please let me know if I should supply more info video.mp4
  10. If someone is willing to sell such to me on decent price I will be more than happy to buy it. Greeting!
  11. Hi, I've just had a new Appartamento. The packaging looks like it's had a hard life in transit so I just wanted to be sure everything was working as it should be. The pressure gauge on the machine machine when fully warmed up will go to just below 1 bar, then over about 30 seconds drop to about 0.7 bar, I'll hear the boiler come on, and it'll go back to just under 1 bar, where it immediately starts to drop again. Is this right? From what I've read I got the impression that the gauge should be more static at just under 1 bar. Thanks.
  12. I have before me a rocket evoluzione with which i have a technical issue. It might be essential to know that the rocket evoluzione has a rotary pump and not a vibration pump. When pulling a shot (with a blind portafilter in) the brew pressure gauge immediately shows the pressure to be 9 bars, but the pressure rapidly climbs all the way up to around 14-15 bars. Obviously by now the safety "over pressure valve" has opened and is letting water out the front of the machine to release all the extra pressure. My initial thought was to adjust the pressure adjustment-nut on the pump and so i did, and whilst i did this, the brew pressure gauge clearly indicated that the pressure was declining, but only from 16 bars or so to around 14-15, before the nut came all the way out from the pump. Therefore i can't adjust the pressure any lower. My second thought was that something, scale or whatever, was disturbing the path from the pump to the group head. So I've disassembled and followed the path, all the way from the pump to inside of the grouphead, but everything was nice and fine, clean and unblocked. I've also checked that the brew pressure gauge readings were indeed true, by measuring the pressure coming out of the grouphead with a portafilter gauge. Are we talking a faulty pump here, or is there something I've missed? The machine is running off the reservoir and it no longer has warranty. Any answers are greatly appreciated!
  13. As subject, I got it with a purchase on the forum and have adjusted my old machine so seems daft not to pass it on. Post here, I'll PM for your addy and post it out. When you've done - you can then PM the next person and so on...... Just the gauge (and adaptor - thanks yardbent) ready to screw onto a standard "removable spout" portafilter once you've removed the spout.
  14. Thank you to everyone that has expressed interest on my SJ gauge. To make life easy, I have started this thread to get some dimensions for the Mazzer Major since I don't have one to play with I am needing some assistance! Thanks to @urbanbumpkin, @koi, @MooMaa who have offered to help so far. If there is anyone in central London with a Major who wont mind me dropping around and opening up their grinder to test prototypes for fitment, please PM me! Shorthand terminology for making these rings involves ID= inside diameter and OD= outside diameter. Using the SJ as a model for pictures, the pointer holder is held in place by an insert that goes into the groove around the adjustment collar thread in the casing (white piece). The black piece then supports the pointer going up to the gauge on top of the adjustment collar. All but one person has had enough clearance on the SJ between the case and adjustment collar to allow the 3mm black piece of acrylic to sit in place. If people could check that this is the same for the Major too? To make this insert I will need the ID (red line), OD (black line) and distance between the 'ends' of the groove (green line at the bottom). The insert needs to slide in, so the ID and OD need to be measured in the groove, as the edge corners are curved. If I could also have the diameter of the whole raised area (blue line) The adjustment collar is the easiest - ID (Purple line) and OD (yellow line). Could I get the yellow line as 2 measurements - with and without the edge corrugations, as the smaller one will be the ring diameter and the larger needed to ensure the pointer has clearance. From Urbanbumpkin, the OD= 121.8 and the ID=72.57, approx.
  15. Herehttp:// http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&id=171780129521&alt=web No affiliation just got one myself £1.20 for a filled gauge.
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