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Found 32 results

  1. I recently changed the brew head gasket and it's a much tighter fit for sure but it's got to the point I can hardly get the wretched thing in at all. It's OK if I put the pf in when the machine is cold but I have to turn it off and allow it to cool down again before I can get it back out again. I'm hoping its because the thermostat has gone but has anyone come across this before? (I did think it was the cack handed loading technique but it doesn't matter if the pf is loaded or not. I'll draw a veil over the technique but my attempt s with my lovely new bottomless pf were astonishing; I didn't know you could get the coffee shooting out at right angles. I was proud.)
  2. Hi all, I've got a friend at work who's got a Gaggia Cubika (74511 model) and he's looking to replace the gasket seal. Does anyone know if the Blue Cafelat seals will fit? (https://www.coffeehit.co.uk/cafelat-e61-8-5mm-silicon-gasket.html) Cheers Luke
  3. Hello all I'm using the standard portafilter on my Expobar Leva. The portafilter has never locked in a 6 o'clock... more like 7! Never thought anymore about it until today. Just moved onto a new bag of coffee and dosed 18g, locked into machine and it felt a bit tight... took the PF back out, and the tamped coffee is touching the shower screen. I realise there should be a gap... is it 5p thickness or something? I normally dose around 18g, and in the basket, the volume is the same as normal I've tried to get the shower screen out, but can't and didn't want to force it... I think it's standard... gauze type. How do I remove this... makes me wonder if gasket is incorrectly fitted or something? w
  4. Hey CoffeeForums, Just a post to confirm that the Cafelat Blue 8.5mm E61 Gasket fits the Classic perfectly. Much better than the original though that may be down to the fact it was perished. I found the cheapest provider was CoffeeHit at just £1.82 each for the gasket! Tobie.
  5. I just purchased a new group head seal from CoffeeHit.co.uk It was dead cheap (93p) and they were doing free P&P http://www.coffeehit.co.uk/gaggia-group-head-gasket-9mm/p297 I fitted it yesterday and now the PF is pretty hard to get on the machine. It will fit but I have to hold the machine to turn and lock it into place. Is this normal for a new gasket? My machine is getting better and better the more bits I service. It was in pretty good nick anyway but every shot I pull just gets nicer and nicer since changing and cleaning various parts. I also got a new double filter basket from them and it will barely hold 18g. Is that normal for a double? With 18 I can just close it and it gets left with a screw imprint in the top. http://www.coffeehit.co.uk/gaggia-double-filter-basket/p205 The basket is a slightly different shape the the one I had previously. The angled bit at the bottom starts nearer the top whereas my old one was almost vertically down until the very bottom where it angled in. My old one looks more like this http://www.coffeehit.co.uk/synesso-double-ridgeless-basket/p326
  6. I couldn't change the gasket so took it to a local catering equipment maintenance company. They managed to replace it. I tried everything. Just wouldn't budge. i cannot back flush as the group heat gets stuck and hot water only comes out of two of the four holes. Whilst I'm looking to get an upgraded machine is there anything I could try to bring this Classic back to a good expresso maker? cheers.
  7. Gavin

    Group Gasket

    I've never changed the group gasket on my Classic in the last 5 years due to intermittent use. Now i'm pulling 10-15 shots a week I'm wondering if i should change it? There's no leaking but original gasket does feel a bit tough, the portafilter locks at about 5 o'clock. If i do change should I go silicone? and why? Is this the boy I might need.... https://www.bluestarcoffee.eu/gaggia-silicon-group-gasket-85mm-7455-p.asp? Advice appreciated, many thanks.
  8. Hi, I have a Caffarex that's in desperate need of a new gasket but finding them in the UK seems quite difficult. I have some sheets of silicon so I'm going to make my own. Does anyone happen to know the dimensions for the portafilter gasket on an Olympia Express 49mm group? Particularly, I'm after the gasket thickness as I can measure the diameter from the existing rock-hard one. Many thanks! Roy
  9. Are you supposed to change the group gasket regularly? Or is it OK to only change if there is a leakage or problem? I have a Silvia V3 and had it already many years and never changed the gasket. I don't have any problems just wondering if I should change it more often. On ebay I can see two kinds of Silvia gaskets. Regular ones and Long Life. Would the Long Life gaskets be a better choice? I also wonder about the 3 way Solenoid valve, should it be disassembled and cleaned regulary? I do the back flushes every week, but wonder if I dare touching the inner parts and clean them?
  10. As the title indicates, does anybody know which size Cafelat Silicon Gasket fits the Nuova Simonelli Musica grouphead? Thanks in advance!
  11. greetings all new to this forum so here goes! I have an ascaso dream which has started to leak from around the top of the heating element when under pressure, i have ordered a "brew head seal/gasket set" and intend to fit it myself in the hope it will cure the problem, i wondered if anyone has changed these seals, and if it is a simple job and will it cure the problem. I also wondered if any dream users had changed the original shower screen etc to improve the crema I belive that Seattle Coffee Gear supply a kit for this purpose ( US only) which looks very similar to something that Fairfax Coffee supply for other models. Many Thanks
  12. Help when pulling a shot water seems to be dripping into it from around the portafilter could be the gasket or something more serious Gaz
  13. I couldnt get a replacement brewhead gasket for my Dualit Espressivo as its 'out of stock' on their website -part No 05509 - and only available with the shower head for £12.50 elsewhere, from a possibly dodgy 3rd party. Very annoying as this wears every time you insert or remove the filter holder and leads to water leaking round the filter holder and dripping into your coffee cup. One might suspect Dualit of building in obsolescence. Lasted about a year in my case. After a lot of online searching and a bit of guesswork I found that the same brewhead is used by several other manufacturers and this silicone gasket is the same part: Krups Expresso Maker Head Seal MS-620342 Available from Belstar Electrics for £3. I bought five. Hope this is helpful
  14. Hi all My Cherub began leaking from portafilter/group head so thought it needed a group gasket change. I bought a Cafelat 8.5mm one and the one in the machine is 8.5 also so that matches. I removed old and put in new one but the shower screen does not stay in by itself anymore so I had to screw it back in with the shower screen. Now I am finding the portafilter no longer locks in tight. As in it keeps turning past 6 o clock position. I tried making a espresso and it did not fall out but seems wrong. Any advice?
  15. Hi all In the process of fixing and old Giada and seeking for good place to get spares. Gaskets mainly. Found a few german dealers but they dont supply items abroad. Hopefully get some pointers from here. “If this is coffee, please bring me some tea; but if this is tea, please bring me some coffee." -Abraham Lincoln -ECM Mechanika V Slim- drip coffee tower - ROK espresso
  16. Hey all, just wondered if anyone could recommend a lubricant or a retailer who sells grease that is suitable for a group head gasket replacement? my usual supplier is out of stock and I am doing my quarterly service in the coming weeks. Thanks!
  17. While cleaning my Quick Mill Silvano I decided to remove the shower head to give it a soak. I have tried using the machine for the fist time since fitting the shower had again and now water is leaking around the sides of the portafilter. I did not touch the group gasket apart from my usual cleaning with a brush. Does any one have any idea what might be wrong? Thanks
  18. Hi, after more than 15 years on unproblematic use my Francis X1 is leaking. From the picture it is easy to see that the gasket is totally worn out. I might be able to find a place to buy a new, but I have not been able to find a tutorial to find out if it is at all possible to change it yourself. I am not that tech-savy. Can it be done from the outside or do I have to open it all up. If you know any links to a how-to please let me know. Thank you. Thomas#next_pages_container { width: 5px; hight: 5px; position: absolute; top: -100px; left: -100px; z-index: 2147483647 !important; } #next_pages_container { width: 5px; hight: 5px; position: absolute; top: -100px; left: -100px; z-index: 2147483647 !important; }
  19. Hi All, I've just changed the head gaskets in my gaggia, when pulling a few shots afterwards, water is dripping around the side of the group head in a similar manner to the worn out one. I got the gasket from happy donkey and is a official gaggia part. However it did come with a 1 mm round of rubber identical in diameter size to the head gasket, should i have put this in aswell? Last time I did this change I only got 1 bit of rubber, and removed only one bit of rubber so was confused by its presnece in my order. Any thoughts?
  20. Hi, the video shows the repair of a Saeco Odea Go. When making a coffee, the machine is losing water in the drip tray and the ground is too ground. The video demonstrates how to clean the brewing unit thoroughly and how to replace the gasket at the piston and the nozzle: The video has a German soundteack but English subttitles are added to YouTube. If you don't see them by default, watch the video directly at YouTube and press the setup button below the frame. Enjoy it, Jürgen
  21. I bought a Cremina 2002 from this forum a couple of years ago, and have been enjoying it very much since then. I use it for one espresso daily, sometimes a bit more. In 2 years, I've had to replace some wiring (which was dodgy when I bought it), and the power switch (because the light stopped working). I also replaced the pressure sensor, which was dodgy. Other than that, I've taken the shower screen out every couple of months and cleaned and relubed the insides of the group head. Today, for the first time in ages, I had to do some maintenance. The group head gasket had cracked, so I had to replace it. When I look back on that list of maintenance, it actually seems like quite a lot, and I'm not very skilled with my hands. I find myself wondering if there's anything out there that needs even less maintenance. There are other reasons to love the Cremina (small footprint, manual lever makes me feel connected), but perhaps there's something else I should consider. Any thoughts?
  22. Hi! So I'm a new user of Fracino Cherub. If you followed my story you'll see that I have a cherub in a terrible state, but somewhat still functional. I'm just getting used to it these days, we'll see how it goes. I have a few questions that I'm not getting quite right. I need to change the group head seal since I can see this one is a bit torn and if I backflush it it drips a bit. So how do I know which thickness to get? (There are 8, 8.5 and 9mm) Is it really important? Second question is about backflushing: I do it with a blank basket and leave the pump on for about 30 seconds. Where does this water goes when it hits the wall? How is this not harming the machine and the pump? My last question (for now) is when descailing it (I found instructions here on this forum for cherub), the recipe reads taht it needs 50mg citric acid crystals per liter of water. What excactly are these citric acid crystals, since I'm not from UK and don't know what's it called arround here. If anyone could post a picture of the well known products that would be suitable. Thanks for help!
  23. Ive seen 2 different sizes, 8 and 8.5 what one wouldbe best suited for the office leva
  24. HELP!!! Something very odd is happening with my classic. I am new to making my own espresso and have been going along very nicely but a wierd problem has set in. All of a sudden when I try to make a brew the portafilter literally blows off the group head and today I have smashed 2 cups and wasted 250g of beans (more probably) fiddling around with variables in a bid to solve the issue. I will attempt to give you all the facts. Recently I bought a new grinder which has the capacity to get the grounds fine enough to choke the machine if I wish. Grinder is a Compak Elite and I am happy with it. Obviously I do not wish to choke the Classic. I have had 10 days of near perfect coffee since the grinder arrived until this happened..... I bought some fairly light roast beans from Rave (Costa Rica) and considered the extract to be a bit quick (under 20 seconds), about 10 seconds quicker than I was getting used to. I decided to grind finer. This had the desired effect with these beans and flavours improved dramatically. I guess I dialled in to the bean quite well (beginner's luck). Problems began when I changed back to the previous coffee. Having decided to buy another 500g of the darker more oily bean I discover the grind so fine (and visibly fluffier) on the same setting I am choking the machine. I soften the tamp, lower the dose and set the grind a few notches courser but the trouble begins... The pressure appears to be forcing the portafilter from the group with ease wasting good coffee and smashing my 1920's thin china Japanese cup which I loved and leaving me thirsty. It also makes a real mess as soggy grouds ejaculate all over the kitchen. I have to say I can never get the handle of the pf past about 5 o'clock, this may be important. I have not done a opv mod. I have only used good quality fresh beans. In a nutshell I am at my wit's end. I am concerned that I have damaged the group. I have loosened the grind and am tamping like a fairy but the PF keeps blowing off wrecking cups and devastating my worktops. Has anybody else experienced this problem with the Classic? Last time it blew off the tamp was almost non existent and the grind was sandy not floury. It was almost as though somebody had crept into my house and lubricated the thread on the PF. I watched it unwind a blow off onto the cup below Has anyone else experienced anything similar???? Advice very welcome Thanks in anticipation
  25. Hello to you all, I'm new here. I have a New Baby 06 Dose and Iberital grinder, both of which I am very happy with. Been using them for the last 18 months or so but recently the Gaggia started leaking around the group. I replaced the group gasket but the problem persisted and, through a process of elimination, I'm pretty sure the leak is coming from the boiler gasket inside the casing. So the solution seems simple, in principle - get the gasket changed. Unfortunately I relocated to the west coast of Ireland about a year ago for an easier life (easier, that is, until you want something mechanical serviced...) so having it repaired is not realistic - I'll have to do it myself. So questions: 1. Where do I lay my hands on a boiler gasket? I tried emailing gaggiamanualservice.com but haven't yet heard back. Poss on hols or v busy at the mo. 2. How difficult is this changeover? Looks a touch daunting from the exploded diagram. Can I get to the gasket by removing the group, the machine cover, and then undoing the four allen bolts underneath the bottom of the outer case? Any info gratefully received.
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