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  1. I'm having trouble finding a steam switch for my old gaggia baby class machine, gaggia spares uk have it listed as out of stock- does anyone know of anywhere else I may find it in stock?.
  2. I've noticed a big difference in steam power when making 2 milky coffees. 1 Cappuccino and 1 Latte 1. I'll switch the machine on and wait a minimum on 20 mins before using it. It can be left 20,30,40 mins depending on how busy I am. 2. I'll then make the espressos and once done, flick the switch for the steam wand. (rancilio silvia) 3. Wait about 10 second then purge the wand, wait another 15-20 seconds then start steaming the milk. It starts slowly and eventually comes to a nice swirl as I reach 70c. That's the cappuccino made 4. I press the button to run some wat
  3. 2003 Pre Phillips Gaggia Classic with PID Rancillio Steam Wand I.M.S Shower Screen MyPin PID OPV set @ 9 Bar Good condition, descaled regularly, no expense spared, recent new seals, Comes with various spares £220 Collection preferred from SO22 (Winchester, Hampshire) courier @ buyers expense & possible risk Sorry about the sideways images
  4. Ims Basket 21g Ims Shower plate Pressure adjustment to 10 bar Rancilio v2 steam wand PID computer for temperature control of steam and brew Insulated Boiler for better Temperature Control (foam insulated) Sage Grinder Pro with Shim kit adjustments for Espresso (Wonderfully consistent espresso grind!) Various Accessories: Including blanking disc Original Portafilter with pressure gauge Reg barber radical tamper Naked Portafilter Various size milk jugs Cleaning Products Perfect starter kit for any one looking to get top notch espresso coffee Only
  5. So my Dehlonghi gets choked by the Eureka Mignon mk2 on a fine grind. If I grind coarser, the coffee tastes sour and disgusting. As a result I have only had one cup of coffee from this setup. It was a bit yuk, very acidic. My favorite beans too although they could be gone off by now I guess. I have (well, about to exchange cash for) just bought a Gaggia Classic with OPV mod and stuff. Will this keep up with the mignon mk2? Thanks
  6. I have had my Classic for about a year and it was not new to me so how old it is pass. The pump was lose when it arrived from ebay so its had the lid off once. Ive had some shots come out cold or the machine chokes when I feel it should not be. It is cloaking I think more often than I think it used to but I have not been keeping logs. I think im always chasing the finer grind for the super strength shot so yes less fine grinds from the MDF grinder may be needed or do I change the pump. Its £16 plus postage from ebay ive just been paid.
  7. I advertised my Gaggia classic as collection only but agreed to post to @Rakesh. Courier suggested by Rakesh was DPD and I insured the item for full sale price of £110 Gaggia picked up today and group head plate now detached from the rest of the chassis. I videoed the unit working before I sent it and Rakesh has sent me a video of it in its dismal state. i have refunded the purchase price by reversing the PayPal transaction. I haven't charged for the postage yet that was agreed to be paid So, please learn from my mistake, DO NOT post a machine........
  8. I recently took my Gaggia classic apart to do a thorough descaling and clean. I have put the machine back together and re-wired following the photos i took beforehand. However, when I switch the power switch on, the boiler gets hot but I also start to draw some water through and I get a noise as if the pump is on. However, I don't get a full flow rate. The noise stops if I switch the steam button on. Then, if I switch the pump button on, I draw water through at the appropriate flow rate and also get the sound of the pump working. (and produce a good shot) I've checked as be
  9. Good evening, I'm looking to buy another espresso machine to replace my old Gaggia Cubika, I have a budget in my head of £300 for new (although this is a guideline figure). Would some of the mail order coffee brands alleviate the necessity for a grinder straight away if selected for espresso grind? If so who would be the best port of call? Will be using the machine to make milk based drinks only as I (nor my wife) like drinking espresso neat. Sorry if this is a regurgitated question that many have seen similar before. Mike
  10. For sale is my 2006 (pre Philips) Gaggia Classic in good condition and which has all the common mods: - PID upgrade - Rancilio steam wand - Brass dispersion plate - VMS shower screen - OPV set to 9 bar The group seal gasket has also been recently replaced (and I will include a brand new, spare gasket). Also includes portafilter, single and double baskets, blind basket and I'll throw in a milk frothing jug. No tamper is included in this sale. I bought this second hand prior to modification in 2014 and it has performed faultlessly since. I don't have the original pa
  11. hi everybody i hope somebody can help me with this as this issue is very frustrating i have the said classic(new in 2014/15) and have carried out the following recently -descale using correct fluid -carried out the pressure redn adjustment (as illustrated on this forum using 2/3 anticlockwise turn, but still waiting for parts to check exact pressure) -cleaned inside shower head My problem is that i get a great brew(good extraction, volume, colouring) etc with my first cup, but when say 5 minutes later i return for second brew(using the same recipy/tamp/grind size) i get
  12. Hi All. I moved my machine this weekend and plumbed it in - I don't have a name plate but sure the machine is an XD - the only info inside is on the boiler, that has a label saying TD-TE-TN Matr No. 116795, 97/23/CEE being a clumsy ham fisted oaf it looks like I managed to damage one of the braided hoses in the process - so need to order a new one. its around 400mm long with a right angle fitting on one of the ends. it is the hose from the water inlet strainer / isolator to the inlet side of the water pump. The fittings take a 17mm spanner and the thread looks like it is 1
  13. Hi all, having Just purchased a second hand classic I’m ready to embark on my new coffee journey. I need a couple of months to save for a quality grinder so wondered if people could recommend what I can do whilst I’m without fresh beans to grind? Any good pre ground recommendations or am I right in thinking Gaggia do ready made discs to use?? Sorry I’m clueless. Thanks for any help.
  14. Hi all, For one reason or another, after only about 20 months of enjoyment, I'm being coerced by my *ahem* better half, into getting rid of my cherished Gaggia Classic machine and Super Jolly grinder. Gaggia is a 2010 model manufactured in Italy. Both items are in full working order, and it is an extremely reluctant sale, but at least I know these will be going to a good home. The Classic machine will come with a new steam wand attached which I was recommended to get by you good people on the forum. Also a milk jug and a lovely wooden handled tamper. The Mazzer SJ come
  15. https://www.gumtree.com/p/coffee-machines/gaggia-classic-espresso-coffee-machine-boxed-excellent-condition/1264772526 Posted this evening @ £65
  16. Morning! I recently purchased a Gaggia Classic from 1998 and i've been given some really useful advice from here. One of which was to upgrade the steam wand to the Silvia V2. I can't unscrew the nut that's holding the steam wand! I wondered if anyone had some tips? It's quite fiddly to get a grip on and quit a shallow nut. I've tried a bit of WD40 but wondered if anyone had any other tips? Thanks!
  17. Hi Everyone I am Martin and I live in northeast London. I have just joined the forum and wanted to say thanks for all the advice and information I have found here already. I have been using an Aeropress for a few years now with excellent results. I stumbled upon the Aeropress completely by chance one day when my local charity shop had one still in its box. I had never heard of it before so I left it there but I came home and Googled it, then went straight back out and bought it. I have been enjoying my Aeropress coffee but I decided to take a step up and have now acquired a 200
  18. Hi, for sale is my 2011 Gaggia Classic. This was purchased from another forum member back in Dec 2015 - they purchased this new from Amazon back in Sept 2011. - Original box included but a bit tatty - The machine has been used very sporadically at weekends only. - Previous owner adjusted the pressure using the OPV mod and installed a Silvia steam wand - Happy Donkey water filters have been used in the machine - The machine was last cleaned with citric acid and Puly The bonus stuff includes: -
  19. Hi, I bought a brand new Gaggia Carezza Duluxe coffee machine two days ago, and I'm wondering if there's a fault with it. Basically, if I fill up the filter full or almost full with coffee, I can only turn the portafilter until just left of centre. It feels as though there's something solid preventing it from moving further. This is strange, because with less coffee or an empty filter it turns fine. Does anyone have any idea what the problem could be? Luckily I only live five minutes walk from the shop, but I'd need to take my machine plus coffee with into the shop, so I'm leav
  20. I recently got a used Gaggia Classic and it's working fine but I started to notice water leaking over the portafilter. I thought I'd replace the group head seal and the problem would go away - easy! Alas here is my problem with the new seal in place when I use my bottomless portafilter water leaks over the top but when I use my spouted portafilter the flow is much much slower (it adds another 10-15 seconds to a shot for the same grind size) but there's no leakage. I'm not sure where to start to trouble shoot this as I checked my seal seating and it seems fine although the portafilte
  21. Ok - my first sales post.... This was my first machine in January of this year and since upgrading to a Brewtus 4 I have no need for it and it has sat dormant since April. It is a 1300w Gaggia Classic. The label on the base says 2008/2 (does this mean a 2008 machine?) It has an IMS show screen, brass dispersion block, Cafelat blue silicone group head gasket and a rancillo steam wand. One portafilter with a double spout with a single and 2 double baskets (and a double pressurised basket along with the black thing that goes in the portafilter). The old dispersion block, s
  22. hi everyone I haven't posted for a while. I bought a second-hand Gaggia Baby last year some time, and with my usual lack of organisation I haven't cleaned it yet. It has been used a couple of times a week in that time. Anyway, I have some Cimbali Ecocleaner tablets. Can I use them to clean it, following this procedure? If so, how many tablets? https://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?1672-How-to-descale-a-Gaggia-Classic Cheers!
  23. I'm quite new to posting to this forum but i have read quite a bit. My (very average) Delonghi Icona packed up so i looked into getting a Gaggia Classic as a step up but read a lot about how the older Italian models were better quality machines. I ended up getting a 1998 model off someone on eBay for £60 which she said had been stored away in a box for a long time but is in good condition and when tested worked fine. Does anyone have any advice on what I will need to look out for do? Is there a steam wand upgrade I should be getting? Or am I just a total idiot for buying a ne
  24. First post! So I just bought a use Gaggia Classic, to replace my little DeLonghi EC155... (yeah, I know). The previous owner had modified it and stuck a Silvia steam wand on, so that could be nice. Previous owner stated it hadn't been used in a while, so I started out by priming the pump, etc. as directed on some of the stickies... Holy shit. As soon as the pump started going I thought there was an earthquake happening. I had water flowing through the steam wand and the group, so things seem to be functional at least. I wanted to post here for thoughts, I'm pretty sure I've fo
  25. I am selling this Classic. It is a 1997 model, so with higher wattage (1425) and larger solenoid. It is in very good condition. I have descaled it and set the opv to 10 bar, can be reset if required, also has a new grouphead gasket fitted. Slight scratches on cup warmer but otherwise very shiny. Comes with portafilter, single and double basket and will also include a 58mm tamper. I am looking for £150 posted or £140 collected which I would prefer, pick up in Glasgow or could deliver/meet within reason.
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