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  1. Gaggia Classic with Sylvia wand and brass shower plate holder. Thoroughly cleaned and back flushed and has been flushed a few times since I've had it. Comes with 4/5ths of a bottle of Francino liquid quartz and all original bits. The label says 43/2011 but I bought it new in 2013 from Amazon. A little water drips from the wand after I’ve just used it . Not sure if that’s normal. I'll include 1 double filter basket 1 back flush basket £150 .Postage at cost or free collection. Possibly will deliver if not too far
  2. I'm pretty set on the idea of a DTP but should I be looking at the Gaggia Classic too?
  3. Hello folks, I was reading this forum quite a lot and I found it super helpful when choosing and later servicing my first coffee machine- thanks for that! I bought a second hand Gaggia Classic 2004 off eBay but unfortunately it seems like it wasn't looked after properly. I took it apart and descaled it but the inside of the boiler is quite degraded. Do you think it's still safe to use? Another thing, there are no bolts/rivets(?) that should be holding the frame in place; any ideas what I could use to secure it? I had no luck trying to attach photos so here's a link https
  4. Hi all, I've looked for a link in the stickies but can't fine the info so I am asking here. I'm thinking about getting a classic off ebay and wanted to know the basic differnces over time. I understand that Gaggia was bought by Philips in 2009 but were any changes made to the classic then? The only thing I can find out is that in 2015 the solenoid valve was no longer used. I can find info and a thread on the brand new but not the older ones.
  5. I have recently bought a second hand gaggia classic (2014). I have bought a new Rancilio Silvia V1 &V2 steam want to fit, however when I’ve go to fit it,the original wand/arm is just clicked in with a plastic fitting, there is no hit holding it it. The steam works ok, but when I’ve gone to put the original wand/arm back in it doesn’t appear to be frothing the milk very well any more. Could anyone help me? Am I missing a nut? Thanks
  6. It is about portafilter handle M6 bolts that in most cases are really rusty and stuck. You can apply only penetrating oil but not heat because of the handle. I don't have much success with them really, maybe if you break the handle you could apply heat to the bolt and it will come off but that mean a new handle.
  7. Hi people today I had to fix just another Classic, the only thing I hate in this is long hours in polishing the base of the boiler if you want to make it as it should. I wanted to improve somehow manual work and bought an add-on for my angle grinder and sticky grit paper discs for it. Surprisingly it did the job for less than 10 minutes. You have to be careful with procedures, thought but it is worthwhile. This Classic is perfectly working now without any leaks. The procedure is similar to manually polishing, you fix the grinder on the table and slowly apply the boiler on top of the rotating
  8. Hi guys, found this spoilt Gaggia Classic on this second hand marketplace in my country. Seller claims it wouldnt turn on now only because of a spoilt switch. Anyone had such a problem before and knows how to fix this? He's willing to let it go for about 50 pounds.
  9. Gaggia Classic with sylvia wand and brass shower plateholder. Thoroughly cleaned and back flushed and has been flushed a few times since I'vehad it. Comes with 4/5ths of a bottle of Francino liquid quartz and all original bits.The label says 43/2011 but I definitely I bought it new in 2013 fromAmazon. A little water drips from the wand when machine is switched on and after I’vejust used it. Not sure if that’s normal. I'll include 1 double filter basket 1 back flush basket Fiorenzato F5 (bought from Coffechap 5 years ago) includes lense hood, custombrass throat top (Coffeechap,
  10. Does anyone know if this can be used as a direct replacement on the gaggia classic? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/10049063-STEAM-WAND-SILVIA-1-HOLE-TIP/263226641549?epid=785984567&hash=item3d4987cc8d:g:cMcAAOSw5UZY-Q4B I currently have the V1/2 wand on my classic but I like the idea of being able to raise the wand etc.
  11. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Gaggia-CLASSIC-Manual-Espresso-Coffee-Machine/142972801609?epid=15007940652&hash=item2149d7d249:g:PswAAOSwSupbqeWs:rk:1:pf:0 I saw this classic on ebay in the first photo it's the 2015 model with flat buttons and plastic spouts on the group head. The other photos show the Gaggia Classic badge from a 2015 on machine yet with metal spouts and rocker buttons. It's not the new one as that has different buttons again Is there a non EU one?
  12. Hi All, So there's just two more days until I pick up my Gaggia Classic! I'll be buying the Classic from a member on this forum who ironically also purchased it themselves from a well established member "GerryM" who appears to have done an amazing job on the Classic already installing Mr Shades PID, 10 Bar OPV adjustment, Silvia Wand and more. The original For Sale can be found here: https://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?38599-Gaggia-Classic-with-Mr-Shades-PID-OPV-and-Silvia-wand-Mod-%A3210-collection-Coventry After having a good read on the CoffeeForum and watching videos
  13. Hello, I recently entered the magic world of home-espresso: now, I come from Napoli and I live in Geneva, so this basically is an attempt to survive the lack of proper coffee shops here and get something similar to my place's "caffè". So, I bought a 2015 Gaggia Classic, a set of non-pressurised baskets + a Naked PF from Edesia Espress and a Breville/Riviera & Bar Smart Grinder which I see got very good reviews around the forums and websites. Everything works fine, except I always end up with shots that come through too quickly. It's true that I'm looking for a ristretto, b
  14. Regrettably up for sale is my 2012 Gaggia Classic with PID fitted by previous owner for great control of the brew water, not set to control steam temp but as you can see the temp rise when switched to steam I've always found it great just to know when to start steaming. You could wire it to control the steam temp if you wanted. - It's got the OPV adjusted to 9 bar. - IMS shower screen and silicone gasket. - It's also got the Rancillio v3 wand upgrade not the normal v2 mod, its a bit thicker and on a ball joint, I've loved that particularly. - Gaggia double spouted pf & bottomless
  15. This post is more mostly about installing a PID on my Gaggia classic,because when I was looking to do it I could not find a specific post, blog, or video that explained it step by step. Thank you for reading—I hope it helps you with your project. Recently I took my Gaggia Classic out of storage and dusted it off. I put it up and nearly forgot about it when it completely stopped working. I pulled it out of the attic last week after I did a little work on my encore baratza grinder. It reminded me that I was never able to pull a good shot of espresso from my Classic due to the OPV
  16. Hi all, I've searched around a bit and found a lot of helpful stuff that's allowed me to keep my baby class going for a while now, but lately I'm stuck. It didn't get used/descaled much through the warm months, so I took it all apart to clean it up, which I've done before and it's worked wonderfully. This time though, I'm still not getting water flow to the head - it barely drips out. I've taken the 3 way off and cleaned multiple times, same with the boiler etc. If I run the pump with the 3 way disconnected water shoots out of the boiler no problem. I'm just a little stuck now as
  17. I've had my trusty Classic for about 10 years now. It gets a regular back flush (about once a month) and a descale every now and again. I live in a soft water area so there never an issue with limescale build up anyway. I've changed the portafilter seal many times over the years and moved away from the OEM rubber seal years ago in preference for silicon seals from an E61 as they're the same size. I get the blue ones for a few quid each. I've never had any problem with these in the past. Recently I started getting water leak from around the top of the portafilter when I make a
  18. Couldn't find much about anything on this on the forum surprisingly Is it possible to replace the standard pump with a rotary pump on the Gaggia Classic? My standard one isn't that accurate / consistent so I want to upgrade.
  19. Hey folks, Am thinking between getting a Gaggia Classic and install PID on it, or getting a La Pavoni and just work with what a beauty it already is. Anybody here with experience with both? I have heard that the La Pavoni compared to a Gaggia without PID would be better, but what about with the PID? I am just planning to make 1-3(usually 2) drinks at a time, milk based. Anybody got any insight to help me on this? Would appreciate any advice, thanks!
  20. Mazzer Mini (£100). I believe this is a 2011 model (based on serial number as photographed). It's been modded as photographed (I did not perform them so not sure what they are. I think there is a sweeper mod + whatever has been done to the middle.). Gaggia Classic (£100). This is one of the 'newer' ones. Pressurised basket. KNOWN FAULT: Brew thermostat is not working, so the boiler will not heat unless you switch it to steam power. I used to temp serf with it so it was not a problem and now I do not have access to the tools to deal with it. All collection only from NOTTINGHAM (near t
  21. Hello folks, Quick question - when I remove the portafilter having poured a shot on my Gaggia Gran Prestige, there's a lot of pressurised hot water which spurts out as I release it from the machine, which causes coffee grind and water to spurt all over the machine and surrounding areas. I'm wondering what could be causing this? Perhaps I'm overfilling the portafilter? Or the grind is too fine? Should I not be compressing the grinds in the portafilter? Any tips would be appreciated! Thanks so much.
  22. Does the forum have a sub-forum for machines for sale? I see mention of it, but can't find it. Looking for a Gaggia Classic.
  23. Gaggia Classic Ri8161/40 purchased from Currys 24/11/2011 (still have receipt). Light use as I only drink coffee at the weekend and then only 2-3 cups per day. Regularly cleaned with puly caff and backflushed. The machine is working absolutley fine and produces great coffee, but could probably do with the grouphead seal being replaced (as I never have) and showerscreen. Probably best bet for a new owner would be to buy the service kit for £20 and replace seals and gaskets and then it will be as new. Some light scratches on the top where cups have been warmed. The machine comes with all origina
  24. Hey guys, asking for a friend here. Does anybody have advice for maintaining a Gaggia Classic 2015 (RI 9403/11)? Since there is no 3 way valve and a spring valve instead, backflushing is out right? Is just descaling every 3 months okay? Thanks in advance
  25. Hi guys new to the forum and loving looking around so far although i may end up spending a fortune on all the bean recommendations! Seems like a great community of knowledgeable folk with that in mind i am going to bore you all with another grinder question. I have a gaggia classic and recently got a bottomless portafilter for it, i was expecting to pull lovely looking shots like my local coffee shop - shout out little bird coffee house, Inverness, Scotland! - however as you can imagine i ended up with a disaster of multiple sprays everywhere! I presumed it was my poor tamping techni
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