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Found 763 results

  1. I am selling my beloved Gaggia Classic Coffee machine as I have recently made the move to a bean to cup machine. This has served me well since I purchased it new in 2012. It has been serviced three times, the most recent being in May 2017. It is very regularly descaled and generally well looked after. Recently, there has been a very slight drip from the steam wand but this has not caused any issues with use. I still have the original box and manual (albeit a little worn) and everything else that came with it. Postage is possible but, given the weight, collection is preferred from Archway in North London. I am happy to meet in and around Central London too if that's easier. Otherwise, postage will be around £15 via Parcel Force. I also have an Ascaso grinder for sale that will be listed too and am happy to do a deal for both. Collection price is £80. Any questions then let me know.
  2. Hi all. Any thoughts on which pump I should get as a replacement for my Gaggia Classic. My shots are bitter and I've heard that the standard Ulka pump is not that precise with it's ability to maintain consistent 9 bar. Any thoughts please?
  3. I'm pretty set on the idea of a DTP but should I be looking at the Gaggia Classic too?
  4. Gaggia Classic with Sylvia wand and brass shower plate holder. Thoroughly cleaned and back flushed and has been flushed a few times since I've had it. Comes with 4/5ths of a bottle of Francino liquid quartz and all original bits. The label says 43/2011 but I bought it new in 2013 from Amazon. A little water drips from the wand after I’ve just used it . Not sure if that’s normal. I'll include 1 double filter basket 1 back flush basket £150 .Postage at cost or free collection. Possibly will deliver if not too far
  5. Does anyone know if this can be used as a direct replacement on the gaggia classic? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/10049063-STEAM-WAND-SILVIA-1-HOLE-TIP/263226641549?epid=785984567&hash=item3d4987cc8d:g:cMcAAOSw5UZY-Q4B I currently have the V1/2 wand on my classic but I like the idea of being able to raise the wand etc.
  6. Details of SAECO sale until Thursday only. Might be of interest to someone in the market for a Gaggia http://www.gaggia-service.co.uk/sale.htm
  7. Hi there, My boss is giving me 2 Gaggia classics his Dad had -- what's the easiest way to tell if they're pre-2015 models? thanks, Casper.
  8. I have a couple of earlier Baby Gaggias with the 3-way valve, so backflushing needs to be done. I clearly left it too long because - quite a lot of water was spritzing out of the top of the PF on pulling a shot - the PF wouldn't go all the way round and sit properly - obviously the coffee wasn't very good Having left it for too long, I had to do quite a bit of backflushing before all these issues cleared. Now the PF goes all the way round as usual and is watertight. Coffee tastes good again. So questions are: - how often to backflush if you make 3 cups per day? - are these extreme symptoms pretty typical?
  9. So, I'm having another issue (aside from the channeling) I'm getting really sour shots all of a sudden, it's almost undrinkable. I'm brewing at 96c, pid controlled so the temp shouldn't be an issue per se. I'm pouring a 1:2 shot with either 14 or 16g coffee in a standard portafilter and open portafilter with a 14g basket at about 25seconds from press of the button to 28/32g of coffee. Tried adjusting the grind, no change... Any ideas? Try a different coffee? I've used this exact brand and type for well over a month, 4th bag in. I started experiencing this after I started weighing my shots instead of doing 60ml shots.
  10. Hello, Need a little help finalizing which of the two to get. (I know the former I can only buy new, but the Silvia I would buy used). With all things being equal (grinder, coffee, workflow, etc) is the shot and steam going to be really that different? I've been a long time Bialetti user and nespresso (for convenience in the morning - but I get specialty roaster pods). But I spend way too much money every day at all the awesome roasters here so its time to learn myself...I'll be making 2-3 cappuccinos max and likely only a couple of times a week (for now). Thoughts ? Thanks
  11. Hi, I have my 1425W Chrome Gaggia Classic - 04/2000 for sale for now £150. It is in good condition for its age & has been looked after – It only has a couple of minor rust patches behind the water tank. Recently I have done the following:- Boiler stripped, cleaned & descaled New grouphead seal fitted New boiler seal fitted New Shower Plate Holder Diffuser Modifications:- OPV set to 10 bar Rancilio Silvia steam wand I will also incude:- Motta Competition 58.4mm Tamper (Less than 1 month old) Gaggia Portafilter with Double unpressurised basket (Less than 1 month old) I am based in Dorset if anybody is local for collection. I can post at buyers expense / risk. See full photo album here: https://imgur.com/a/5CqF9Rp Cheers,
  12. Hi guys new to the forum and loving looking around so far although i may end up spending a fortune on all the bean recommendations! Seems like a great community of knowledgeable folk with that in mind i am going to bore you all with another grinder question. I have a gaggia classic and recently got a bottomless portafilter for it, i was expecting to pull lovely looking shots like my local coffee shop - shout out little bird coffee house, Inverness, Scotland! - however as you can imagine i ended up with a disaster of multiple sprays everywhere! I presumed it was my poor tamping technique, grind size, dose size, pressure issue with the gaggia or a cheap basket but after spending a few quid and a lot of trial and error it appears to be my shoddy grinder that is the problem - if i had come here before then i maybe would have started there! I figured this out as when i go to buy fresh beans from the local roaster they always offer to grind them for me to which i usually decline but this time i said yeah and i got them ground for espresso, home loaded up the 18g VST and behold, a lovely shot! At the moment i just have a Cuisinart dbm8 grinder, so you know, you can imagine how silly i feel thinking this would make a decent espresso! So, time to upgrade. Budget £2-300 Will take new or used. Probably just be used for espresso and can use the cheap grinder for filter still? Whats the consensus? would love to jump on the niche bandwagon but a bit rich for my tastes! Thanks for your responses to the same old post, appreciate it - and if anyone has anything for sale DM me.
  13. Gaggia Classic Ri8161/40 purchased from Currys 24/11/2011 (still have receipt). Light use as I only drink coffee at the weekend and then only 2-3 cups per day. Regularly cleaned with puly caff and backflushed. The machine is working absolutley fine and produces great coffee, but could probably do with the grouphead seal being replaced (as I never have) and showerscreen. Probably best bet for a new owner would be to buy the service kit for £20 and replace seals and gaskets and then it will be as new. Some light scratches on the top where cups have been warmed. The machine comes with all original parts, and in addition I have upgraded the steam wand to the Rancilio version. Also included with the sale are a bottomless portafilter, 18g VST basket, 58mm Motta art.620 tamper, 2 x milk steaming jugs and the remainder of the puly caff that I havent used. Comes with original box, portafilter normal and pressurised baskets and manual etc. Also for sale is an Iberital MC2 doserless grinder. Again lightly used and cleaned regularly with Puly Grind crystals. Machine purchased from Happy Donkey December 2011. Both items are only for sale as we have recently had a new kitchen fitted, and the wife insisted I sell the 2 separate items and buy an all in one (Sage Barrista Express). She doesn't drink coffee so she doesn't appreciate how much better the coffee is from this combination than an all in one machine (I lost the argument!). Not keen on postage as everything I ever seem to receive via courier gets somehow damaged, so collection please from Bristol/Bath area. Looking for £150 for the Classic with all extras, and £80 for the grinder. For now I would hope to sell both together. I don't intend to sell any of the accessories separately. If you have any more questions or require any more photos then please don't hesitate to ask. https://photos.app.goo.gl/1VYStDx7zTaLrqR2A
  14. Hello folks, I was reading this forum quite a lot and I found it super helpful when choosing and later servicing my first coffee machine- thanks for that! I bought a second hand Gaggia Classic 2004 off eBay but unfortunately it seems like it wasn't looked after properly. I took it apart and descaled it but the inside of the boiler is quite degraded. Do you think it's still safe to use? Another thing, there are no bolts/rivets(?) that should be holding the frame in place; any ideas what I could use to secure it? I had no luck trying to attach photos so here's a link https://photos.app.goo.gl/R4a3tpAPYVcwq32S8 Thank you, dovy
  15. Hi all, I've looked for a link in the stickies but can't fine the info so I am asking here. I'm thinking about getting a classic off ebay and wanted to know the basic differnces over time. I understand that Gaggia was bought by Philips in 2009 but were any changes made to the classic then? The only thing I can find out is that in 2015 the solenoid valve was no longer used. I can find info and a thread on the brand new but not the older ones.
  16. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Gaggia-CLASSIC-Manual-Espresso-Coffee-Machine/142972801609?epid=15007940652&hash=item2149d7d249:g:PswAAOSwSupbqeWs:rk:1:pf:0 I saw this classic on ebay in the first photo it's the 2015 model with flat buttons and plastic spouts on the group head. The other photos show the Gaggia Classic badge from a 2015 on machine yet with metal spouts and rocker buttons. It's not the new one as that has different buttons again Is there a non EU one?
  17. I have recently bought a second hand gaggia classic (2014). I have bought a new Rancilio Silvia V1 &V2 steam want to fit, however when I’ve go to fit it,the original wand/arm is just clicked in with a plastic fitting, there is no hit holding it it. The steam works ok, but when I’ve gone to put the original wand/arm back in it doesn’t appear to be frothing the milk very well any more. Could anyone help me? Am I missing a nut? Thanks
  18. I have to laugh - I realised in the middle of the night I have been using the wrong basket (pressurised) in my new Gaggia Classic for 2 weeks - no wonder it wasn't quite what I thought All that tamping and weighing... I should have realised immediately, I took the spout off the portafilter and the coffee was coming out in a tiny stream - not a chance of a tiger stripe!! Anyway I mention it for the illumination of any others in my position and a little weekend humour for the veterans All the best J
  19. Hi Looking to upgrade my Krups GVX321 grinder that I’m currently using with my 1300w 2011 Gaggia Classic after advice on a different thread on here. A few suggestions have been made of Mazzer Super Jolly or Mazzer Major but am interested in what other people’s thoughts are on a grinder to suit my machine before I make a decision and start looking at what I can pick up second hand. Don’t have a huge budget would say around £250. thanks
  20. I sold this Gaggia Classic a number of months ago collection only, but was persuaded to ship it which proved to be a bad decision. The courier damaged the unit in transit and the group head was detached from the main body on arrival - these are small welds that hold it in place - I have riveted the head in place and it is now solid. I have run the machine and it brews ok. The one slight issue I noticed was a small leak from the steam valve. When I bought the machine, the main chassis was split under the water reservoir, but this is held by a small bolt and nut and does not affect the operation of the machine. It has a silicone caffelat blue group head seal and a rancillo steam wand (also comes with original) Comes with 1 portafilter, 2 double baskets, 1 single basket and a double pressurised basket with the black device that goes in the portafilter. In addition a full seal set, power lead, plastic tamper and old steam knob (which is a loose fit). It's a 1300W model. So given it's history, I am prepared to let this go for only £60 of which I will donate £10 to the forum. I believe it will continue to be a reliable machine but am selling it on the basis that has had some damage in the past, has tested ok but may have other things that come to light with repeated use. I will not post - at your risk or mine. I'm near Thirsk in North Yorkshire and would be happy for a weekend pick up only. Pictures to follow....
  21. Hi everyone, interested to know if you’d be able to tell me if the Gaggia classic ive found on eBay is a genuine pre-2015 model? The seller has a couple listed, and has also sold quite a few recently, and considering I’ve heard they aren’t all that common anymore, I found it strange he had so many to sell. when I messaged him asking how he came about having so many to sell, I was bluntly told “what does it matter?” Thanks everyone! https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F202343081356
  22. Thought I'd share my restoration project here to maybe inspire some others as well as to get some pointers from Gaggia veterans! I wasn't satisfied with my old Breville BES830XL machine and some searching led me to either the Gaggia Classic or the Rancilio Silvia. After watching a couple of teardown videos on the classic and seeing how mechanically simple the machine was, it was the route I decided to take. I found a used Classic from the late 90's for sale and began the project. To say it wasn't well maintained would be a serious understatement! I forgot to take a pic of the machine prior to tearing it apart, but the gold coating on the case was in pretty rough shape and while it seems some folks like the gold look of the older models, it wasn't my cup of tea! Got the machine torn apart here. The bolts holding the boiler to the group head were seized quite badly. Had to use a torch to try and expand the brass on the group head and then I was able to thread out the bolts with some vice grips attached to them. Here's everything laid out and organized so I don't lose track of things As you can see, the boiler and group head were in pretty rough shape. All metal parts ( boiler, group head, OPV, solenoid valve, etc.) got a nice soak in a citric acid bath and I hand sanded the surface of the boiler down to get rid of the pitting. A little more sanding with some 150, 400 and 800 grit and I got the boiler face cleaned up pretty nice. I also did a bunch of hand sanding inside the boiler I ordered up an ebay gasket set and and got everything back together. Now onto the case. I stripped it down to the bare metal and was contemplating leaving it like this, but there was just too much pitting on the front and in the bottom where the water reservoir and drip tray sit. Painted it a "stainless steel" tremclad colour. Turned out alright. We'll see how it holds up over time. Now onto the next phase. Adding a PID controller. I didn't like the look of the external boxes everyone is using, so I decided to use a small arduino + SSR setup and will keep all of the components inside other than a small OLED screen that will sit outside the case. Here's a shot of the boiler with a thermocouple with M4 threads that screwed into the old coffee thermostat location. Testing out the solid state relay with an arduino board I had already made up for another project. This is what the current arduino board looks like. It's not the final state either, but it's much smaller. As is stands right now, I've got the machine up and running and have been using it daily for about a week and it's been running great. I need to finished up the arduino bit and get it all mounted inside. The PID control is working quite well. I also ordered up a bottomless portafilter from ebay and splurged on a nice VST 18 gram basket. Additional things I have planned. Not all of them are high priority: Create multiple pages for the OLED display and cycle through them Read the status of the steam switch to crank up the boiler setpoint for the steam wand. Either add an analog pressure gauge to the front of the machine or use a pressure transducer and use the MCU and OLED to display it Read the status of the brew switch so that the OLED displays a second timer to time the shots Add a second SSR to PWM control the water pump to add a pre-infusion stage The code running on the arduino is here. I'll keep the thread updated as things progress.
  23. [TABLE=width: 1062, align: center] [TR] [TD]2008 model, 1300W Recent gasket and wand o-ring change Rancillio silva wand upgrade Portafilter handle slightly wobbly needs tightening Switch slightly loose again needs tightening Functions well Recently backflushed and descaled Pickup or delivery at buyers cost - offers please! Location - Newcastle upon Tyne[/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE]
  24. Hi, First post here and first Gaggia machine. Loving the machine so far even though it did highlight that I need a new grinder, the Bodum Bistro just wasn't good enough even with the 0.8mm offset top burr holder - ROK manual grinder does the job though. Anyway, I notice a lot of folk are sticking card in to the power switch to hold it in keeping the machine from automatically turning off after 9 minutes or so. This isn't great, if the switch has backed off a bit there's a chance of a poor contact which could mean high resistance meaning lots of heat and or fire. My solution, which you can do two ways: 1. Swap the power switch with the extraction/pump switch. 2. Buy an extraction/pump switch (approx £13?) and change it over with the power switch. The only problem with the first option is that you have to hold in the button for your entire pull/extraction... But I actually prefer this option, and, it saves me another £13. The quirk with swapping or exchanging the switch is: 1. One press (switch in IN position) will turn the machine on and it'll stay on, effectively disabling automatic timeout. 2. Another press (switch now in OUT position) will keep the machine on with the 9 minute automatic timeout enabled (operates like normal); unless, the 9 minute timeout has lapsed from 1st switching on, if this is the case the machine will power off. If within 9 minutes of 1st switching on,these two apply: 3. 3rd press (switch in IN position) operates same as first press. 4. 4th press (switch in OUT position) will turn machine off. Hope that helps. Gives you both options of having the 9 min timer enabled or disabled. Simplified: 2015 Operation - Press button twice. (Timer enabled, auto off) Pre 2015 Operation - Press button once and leave on for 9+ minutes. (2nd press turns off machine) P.s. The switch covers do come off and can be swapped over so they identify the switch function normally. P.p.s. Both types of switches are rated for the same voltage & current. Cheers, Kev
  25. Gaggia classic 2006, serviced, large solenoid, new rancillo wand, new seals, comes with standard accessories and stainless steel tamper and milk jug. Black gaggia mdf grinder and Base station with knock out drawer. Perfect kit.£280 collected or can post if needed.
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