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  1. Hey guys, I'm new here. I know this is a UK forum but I'm from Canada, and couldn't find a good coffee forum that was as active as this one. So I signed up here... Anyway, my interest in coffee is relatively new, but I've been looking to purchase my first espresso machine for my place. I currently use a moka pot (and I foam the milk with a french press, I found this technique on youtube, it works pretty good), or my Nespresso if I'm in a rush. I'm interested in producing espresso that's similar to the quality I find in independent local cafes, so I want an actual espresso machine. I'm also into the whole process of brewing espresso and I signed up for a class in January. I've shopped around a bit, and it seems the Gaggia classic is a good first machine. I know a grinder is important too, and a local shop recommended the Rancilio Rocky grinder. Just wanted to know what you guys thought. My budget is roughly $1000 for both the grinder and machine (or cheaper, I actually am a little strapped financially and shouldnt be spending so much, but I really want this lol). Also, I see that a new model for the Gaggia classic is coming out with a better steam wand. Do you know when that would be available in my part of the world? thanks in advance!
  2. Hi guys I am performing a deep maintenance to my two group Gaggia Orione and I am guessing fi can I use orings instead gasket to seal my boiler, the boiler plate have a couple of grooves that my works, what do you think. I also post the same question in another forum across the pound so I hope I am not breaking any rule here. Any input will be welcome Thanks in advance
  3. Hi, well after 4 and a half years my Gaggia Baby needs another service and a new Solenoid by the looks of it, do i spend on this or just buy a new Classic? i only have espresso , no milk at all, and i dont want a lever machine, any help would be great!
  4. Hi, My Gaggia Classic has failed. I think it's the pump as that stopped while I was drawing water through. BTW, the power light is still working. I'm wondering is it worth getting repaired as it's a good 7 years old and used frequently. If it is, does anyone know someone who can repair Gaggias in the Hastings area? Cheers, Del
  5. Im not sure if there's an issue but when I run water through the group head without the portafilter, the water sprays out. It used to fall in droplets before but the distribution is now spraying in various directions. Is this normal?
  6. Hello, I recently entered the magic world of home-espresso: now, I come from Napoli and I live in Geneva, so this basically is an attempt to survive the lack of proper coffee shops here and get something similar to my place's "caffè". So, I bought a 2015 Gaggia Classic, a set of non-pressurised baskets + a Naked PF from Edesia Espress and a Breville/Riviera & Bar Smart Grinder which I see got very good reviews around the forums and websites. Everything works fine, except I always end up with shots that come through too quickly. It's true that I'm looking for a ristretto, but I expect to be able to get a 15ml pour in about 20" at least, if I grind fine enough. Not the case: somehow regardless of how fine I grind my shots brew in more or less the same time. AND, another thing I noticed, while if I grind with fine-but-not-too-much setting my puck comes out pretty compact, while if I grind with finer settings it tends to break showing a kind horizontal fracture when I knock it off on my chopping board. I am tamping with a 58 tamper and I think I do it correctly, so I wouldn't know where to look. I'm dosing around 8g for a single and 15-16g for a double, but my scale is not 0.01g precise... I even tried fine-setting the burr to achieve the finest-possible grind (and I could tell from the noise of the grinder / speed ground coffee comes out of the grinder that it's actually grinding in a finer way) to attempt choking the machine with no luck. The coffee always comes out yielding 15 ml in less than 10 seconds, either with a single or double basket. Aside from this taste is fine, and also the crema looks ok. I just would like to get a "thicker" coffee feel. PLEASE HELP A RISTRETTO CRAVER!!
  7. I have recently bought a second hand gaggia classic (2014). I have bought a new Rancilio Silvia V1 &V2 steam want to fit, however when I’ve go to fit it,the original wand/arm is just clicked in with a plastic fitting, there is no hit holding it it. The steam works ok, but when I’ve gone to put the original wand/arm back in it doesn’t appear to be frothing the milk very well any more. Could anyone help me? Am I missing a nut? Thanks
  8. It is about portafilter handle M6 bolts that in most cases are really rusty and stuck. You can apply only penetrating oil but not heat because of the handle. I don't have much success with them really, maybe if you break the handle you could apply heat to the bolt and it will come off but that mean a new handle.
  9. Hi people today I had to fix just another Classic, the only thing I hate in this is long hours in polishing the base of the boiler if you want to make it as it should. I wanted to improve somehow manual work and bought an add-on for my angle grinder and sticky grit paper discs for it. Surprisingly it did the job for less than 10 minutes. You have to be careful with procedures, thought but it is worthwhile. This Classic is perfectly working now without any leaks. The procedure is similar to manually polishing, you fix the grinder on the table and slowly apply the boiler on top of the rotating grip paper disk with circular movements. Cheers!
  10. Hello, I'm after a pre 2015 Classic and was wondering what people's thoughts are on buying a pre modded machine? Run to The hills or take advantage of someone else's workmanship? Also hints on what to keep an eye out for would be greatly appreciated.
  11. All sold or listed on eBay. Gaggia Coffee Deluxe – 2003 – 1425W – made in Italy - now free to a good home - collected from Barking or from a central/East London tube station, supplied in a large cardboard box Gaggia now listed on eBay. Fully working internally but needs some bits repairing/refurbing. Could be spares or repaired, slight cracking in drip tray and small crack in the water tank (drop or two of water over a couple of days), minor rust spots by group head. I disassembled and descaled it, cleaned the boiler base and changed the gasket before testing and emptying. Has a 58mm portafilter and chromed brass group head, similar in some parts to the classic but no solenoid valve. Would make a good first machine to see how you get on with an espresso maker. Accessories included, chromed brass portafilter (2 hole old style), spare portafilter handle and plastic steam wand end, coffee spoon, plastic tamper, double and single non-pressurised baskets. Now Sold: Brass dispersion plate 58mm fits Gaggia Classic- £5 or 7 posted - Sold to catpuccino Pressed aluminium dosing funnel - £5 posted - Sold to catpuccino - paid Motta tamper and bottomless portafilter sold to M_H_S for £22 - paid and collected Hario Skerton grinder - going on eBay
  12. I recently found that the KitchenAid Artisan espresso machines used mainly Gaggia Classic parts inside and that they were dual boiler so I managed to pick one up from Ebay at £41 in a nice fetching "Medallion Silver" finish. It would be a great starting point for a project. I did have in mind re-casing the whole project but the KA casing is in fantastic condition and does look a lot better on the counter-top that it does in photographs. Anyway, It all worked absolutely fine on testing and produced a decent espresso. The steam boiler I could hear a slight hiss from and upon inspection noticed a little weeping between the top/bottom boiler sections. The plan is to completely strip, clean, re-seal and rebuild the boilers, 3 way solenoids, OPV etc. Clean up the casing and framework. Add all the Arduino gubbins. Features/Mods: 1. I've already modified a V1/V2 Silvia wand by cutting and welding the "ball joint" section from the old wand onto the Silvia wand - So now it articulates! 2. Arduino controlled PID's with PT100 sensors and SSR's. I'll program the steam boiler to go into Idle mode after 5 mins of no activity and reduce temp to save the seals. 3. An SSR to PWM the pump so I can add pre-infusion and possible pressure profiling at a later date. 4. Volumetric flowmeter so I can switch between volumetric shots, time-based, or manual 5. Possibly add pressure sensors for boiler pressures (and brewhead pressure if I can figure out how) 6. Will add other features like On/off for service boiler, descale/backflush programs, steam boiler auto-refill etc 7. Remove the two useless temp gauges and replace them with OLED displays 8. Original switch gear will be replaced, possibly a d-pad/joystick type for scrolling through menus Photos of the machine in it's various stages of disassembly below: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1B3v_CZkXpclEsZ6LjCiI0q16ndA4oxRd Any ideas of features that I've missed or would be a good addition please let me know. Any information of any kind would also be appreciated, always good to ehar other people's experiences of similar projects. Cheers, Kev.
  13. Picked one of these up last night... Seems a tidy little machine. Descaled it tonight, set the OPV to 10 BAR and fitted a Silvia steam wand Any other Tebe owners out there?
  14. I bought a second hand Gaggia Color on ebay, unfortunately its arrived with no filter cups. Basically I need to know if filter cups are universal throughout the Gaggia range? If I buy a cup meant for a Gaggia Classic for instance will that work?
  15. Having a day off while I was playing with my classics found out that they have different stainless steel bodies according to their production year. Early produced GC have austenitic(non-magnetic) stainless steel chassis while later on they moved to ferritic(magnetic) stainless steel chassis. Maybe pointless topic but just wanted to share [video=youtube_share;FUl8MEOsEvs] http://www.stainless-steel-world.net/basicfacts/stainless-steel-and-its-families.html
  16. Hello everybody. I've been a lurker for a while but finally joined I thought I posted yesterday but it doesn't seem to have appeared. I've got a Gaggia Classic to which I've added the standard Rancio steam wand and I splurged on a Malkoenig grinder. I also got an Aubin PID sent from America which a friend installed for me after doing one of his own. The new thermostat is installed and the display seems accurately to measure the temperature. However, it only seems to measure the temperature, it doesn't seem to influence it - the kit looks installed correctly and I've fiddled with the settings without much difference. The temperature reduces to 102 then heats for about two seconds which then takes it to about 116 and so the cycle continues - as the video below shows. I'd be very grateful for any advice. [video=youtube_share;5JX_MhjdI3s]
  17. Hello, I have just upgraded to a HX machine so my classic is up for sale. £200 which I think is fair given mods, condition and included items. - 2007 model (1300W) - Mr Shades PID with steam control - Rancillio steam wand with single whole tip - Brass dispersion block - IMS shower screen - Machined billet aluminium drip tray which gives loads of clearance for cups when using a scale (scale shown for reference only and not included) - Aluminium pre-heat block which works well at stabilising brew temps, additional opv added to cold water side (adjusted to 9.5 bar) - Bottomless pf with wooden handle - Comes with original double and single baskets and spouted portafilter, also triple basket which came with the bottomless pf. Very well cared for, I only use bottled water (usually Waitrose essential) and backlash frequently. I have descaled a couple of times since I have had this machine but it has never been very "dirty" due to water quailty. Collection from Stroud in Gloucestershire preferred but I also visit Bristol fairly regularly so could deliver somewhere close. Any questions just ask!
  18. Hi there, I’m hoping someone can help as my Classic is on the blink. When turned on normally it’s started overheating to steam temperature, as though the switch has been set to steam (which it hasn’t). The machine is very old now and I was considering an upgrade anyway, so depending on how difficult/expensive this is to fix I may go this route. However, if it’s very simple it be great. Thanks in advance. Tom
  19. Now that the Vesuvius has arrived it's time to move on my much-loved Classic. I bought it from the forum: https://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthrea...-Extras-%A3220 in 2016. I have added: cafelat silicon gasket brass dispersion plate bottomless portafilter ...to the long list of mods as per the original ad (below). The undoubted star of the show is the Auber PID with pre-infusion and steam control. It's fully programmable and is currently set up to automatically stop the shot using the timer. This really helped reduce the variables as I got to grips with making good coffee and makes the whole extraction process a single press of a button on the PID. http://www.auberins.com/index.php?ma...roducts_id=232 Original ad including mods below: Gaggia Classic with PID & Extras - £220 For Sale – Gaggia Classic Espresso Machine with PID Upgrade & Extras Excellent condition £220 o.n.o. collected. Up for sale is my trusty Gaggia Classic Espresso machine, in satin finish. The machine has been very well looked after, de-scaled regularly and cleaned with Cafiza cleaner. I have honed this machine over several years and it is producing truly outstanding coffee! Summary of key features · Excellent condition and full working order, well maintained (descale and cafiza) including replacement of group head seal and shower plate when required · Auber PID upgrade completed by myself in Feb 2014 which transfored the capability of the machine, and the consistency via temperature control (at a cost of £200, purchased from the U.S.) o Full Auber PID control with pre-infusion and steam control o Adjustable and programmable, including brew temperature o Red display to match other lights o In Celcius o http://www.auberins.com/index.php?ma...roducts_id=232 o Note that this is installed in such a way this it is also completely reversible or transferable to another machine (piggyback connectors etc and 3M adhesive strip to attach to machine) · The pressure has been set via the OPV to 9bar using a custom pressure test kit that I built. · Silvia Steam Wand upgrade (original Gaggia wand included) · Includes a number of accessories o 2x single shot baskets o 2x double shot baskets o blind basket (for backflushing with Cafiza to clean/remove coffee oils and residue) o Original Gaggia scoop & wand o Spare replacement Group Head seal (genuine Gaggia but machine now fitted with Cafelat silicon upgrade) o Spare silicon hose o Shower plate (and I have replaced the awkward shower plate screw that has a tendency to round with a slotted stainless screw – trust me you will be thankful for this!) o 3D printed shorter drip tray to allow clearance for scales o Original standard drip tray with original stainless tray cover It's been run on filtered water, cafiza backflushed weekly (including removal and clean of shower screen & dispersion plate) and de-scaled every few months (not convinced it even needed this). There is absolutely no corrosion anywhere, no drips (not even from the steam wand) and no damage. I'll add some photos tonight. I'm asking for £220 collected, which is what I paid for it, before adding the gasket, dispersion plate and portafilter. I can post but at buyer's cost and risk (I'll package it well and am happy to film it in use before posting it).
  20. A buddy with a CNC machine helped me make this clear top. Not sure how the heat will treat it but we will see! Not to everyones taste but I dig it. I re-earthed (grounded) it to the case at the back. Also included a picture of a coffee I made with some secret Workshop WIP beans... SHHHHHHHH! First post in a long time!
  21. £150, collect near Sheffield. Lovely, regularly serviced, pre 2009 (12/2005) original Milan made machine. Some minor marks, but otherwise great condition. Mods: - Rancilio Silvia wand (original also included) - Brass dispersion plate - IMS Precision shower screen - OPV adjusted New Parts: - Complete new boiler - New 3 way valve Extras: - Blind basket for back-flushing. - Bottle of Gaggia de-scaler All usual parts included, portafilter, plastic tamper, single basket etc. Also available separately - Naked Portafilter (with wooden handle) and 58mm Motta tamper. £40 for both. Could do a deal if purchasing the Gaggia. May consider a courier, but don't have much faith in their reliability.
  22. Hi Looking to upgrade my Krups GVX321 grinder that I’m currently using with my 1300w 2011 Gaggia Classic after advice on a different thread on here. A few suggestions have been made of Mazzer Super Jolly or Mazzer Major but am interested in what other people’s thoughts are on a grinder to suit my machine before I make a decision and start looking at what I can pick up second hand. Don’t have a huge budget would say around £250. thanks
  23. Hi All, New to the forum so apologies if all this has been asked before. Picked myself up a second hand Gaggia Classic around 6/7 weeks ago and have been running it with a Krups GVX231 Grinder. Gave the machine a full strip down and clean, back flush using cafiza and replaced the main seal. With this setup & using fresh local roasted beans I managed to get an ok espresso most of the time with some a lot better than others but could never get consistency even using the same settings. With the standard steam wand I found I could never get the milk to texturise properly. After doing some research I did the following mods to try and help get better consistency and an all round better espresso,latte or cappuccino: Edesia Espress Bottomless PF Rancillio Silvia Steam Wand OPV Tune to 9 bar I have been using the above mods for the last few weeks but am still struggling to get any good results. I found the bottomless PF to spit so after more research started using the WDT method with a cocktail stick which seems to have made this better but not perfect. Iv heard that a Bottomless PF will highlight any issues with technique which was part of the reason I upgrade to help improve my technique but find im struggling to get a good flow through the PF with caramel like coffee and a good Crema. I’m using the finest setting on my grinder but still seem to be a lot worse than the standard pressurised PF. After giving you the background info I guess my questions are: Would I be better going back to my pressurised PF or sticking it out with the bottomless. If so any tips for improvements using the bottomless PF? I’m guessing it is my skills that are letting me down? Could a better grinder help? With the new steam wand I have a lot more control over texturising the milk but and struggling to get the milk to properly texturise before it get very hot so am worried about burning the milk. Any tips would be great? Was the OVP Tune a mistake with the Bottomless PF? I’m guessing it just takes time to learn but am keen for any advice people can give. Thanks Paul
  24. Hello, Need a little help finalizing which of the two to get. (I know the former I can only buy new, but the Silvia I would buy used). With all things being equal (grinder, coffee, workflow, etc) is the shot and steam going to be really that different? I've been a long time Bialetti user and nespresso (for convenience in the morning - but I get specialty roaster pods). But I spend way too much money every day at all the awesome roasters here so its time to learn myself...I'll be making 2-3 cappuccinos max and likely only a couple of times a week (for now). Thoughts ? Thanks
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