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  1. Hi all, what shot glasses are people using to weigh their shots out? Just got some thin scales to put on my drip tray but the shot glasses I have don't fit. They are the happy donkey 1.5oz ones and 55mm tall which appears to be too tall. Thanks
  2. Hi there, I bought a second hand Gaggia classic and descaled (Gaggia own descaler) and backflushed (Cafiza) as instructed by a Gaggia Classic video. I have since flushed at least five tanks of water and made about 10 espressos only to find out that there's still some very little white particles in the water (alongside a few coffee grains) when I run just water through the group head. Do I need to continue flushing water through the machine or go for another descale? PS I've been using normal tap water (Birmingham) and water from a Brita Jug - it makes no difference whatsoever.
  3. Hi First post on here! I've been using my Gaggia Classic plus Silvia wand for about 9 years now with an Iberital MC2. Having recently had a birthday - have been looking at upgrading. Just not sure about spending the £750ish (Expobar / Simonelli) upward on a Heat Exchanger model - plus then getting a new grinder. Wondering whether keeping the Classic (maybe add a PID) and upgrading the grinder at least initially would be the way to go - perhaps to something like Baratza Sette 270. Be interested in your thoughts
  4. So I am looking to upgrade in the next couple of months, probably post Christmas but no harm in doing the research. Had a Cubika(with a siliva steam arm)for the past 4 years but have been well aware of its limitations, especially since getting a Mignon MK2. I think the clear way for me to go is to a Classic or a Silvia, both of which I have used since two of my brothers have them and I think the general consensus among us is that we prefer the Silivia and after using them I wold probably aim to get one myself. My question is, after seeing how many modded classics there are around for
  5. I recently took my Gaggia classic apart to do a thorough descaling and clean. I have put the machine back together and re-wired following the photos i took beforehand. However, when I switch the power switch on, the boiler gets hot but I also start to draw some water through and I get a noise as if the pump is on. However, I don't get a full flow rate. The noise stops if I switch the steam button on. Then, if I switch the pump button on, I draw water through at the appropriate flow rate and also get the sound of the pump working. (and produce a good shot) I've checked as be
  6. Thinking about selling all my stuff, there are a few issues for me. 1. I am around 23 stone currently (6ft 8" tall) I am trying to get down to 17 stone which is perfect for my height. Whole milk doesn't help this at all, too many calories. I have been doing 1500 calories a day of nutritious food for 4 weeks and lost 1 stone 7lb so far. The main problem is that this works best when you intermittent fast - so wake up in the morning then fast all day until 6pm, eat a huge meal, then a smaller supper. This kind of fasting is also great for insulin and diabetes tolerance. 2. My gaggia cla
  7. Steam wand fine....power fine....apparently pressure okay aswell. BUT water just trickles through and it doesn't sound as loud as usual. Ive replaced the pump with a new one and still same problem. What should i try replacing NEXT??? 2004 Model; Made in Italy.
  8. Hello, I have decided to finally join this forum after referring to posts on here for some time now to get information about my pre 2015 Gaggia classic. I currently have a few issues with it that have arisen recently. Firstly, the shower head no longer flows like a shower, but a single stream on the left hand side, which i am not quite sure how to resolve. Secondly, a relative bought me a shallow stainless steel drip tray from Gaggia.uk, which is good, but the overflow pipe is far too short to reach the tray now. I was wondering if anyone else had had this same issue with shallo
  9. Too far for me https://www.gumtree.com/p/coffee-machines/gaggia-classic-coffee-machine-spare/1271591286
  10. Hi all, im selling my beloved Gaggia classic espresso machinee with a few extras. I have owned this for about a year, and I bought it second hand from a guy who had owned it for 2 years - it is definitely still the model that was made in Italy. This machine has seen a moderate to low usage, and it has always been descaled and backflushed regularly. I have really loved using this machine and have always looked after it well, I'm absolutely gutted to be getting rid of it, but I think it's time for an upgrade. I have also done the Silvia steam wand upgrade as can be seen. I've also on
  11. Hi, look what I've just found on Shpock - the boot sale app, I thought you might like it: https://en.shpock.com/i/WczO-OfLyE5OE5qc/?lft= Worth a look for someone [emoji106]
  12. Hi all, For one reason or another, after only about 20 months of enjoyment, I'm being coerced by my *ahem* better half, into getting rid of my cherished Gaggia Classic machine and Super Jolly grinder. Gaggia is a 2010 model manufactured in Italy. Both items are in full working order, and it is an extremely reluctant sale, but at least I know these will be going to a good home. The Classic machine will come with a new steam wand attached which I was recommended to get by you good people on the forum. Also a milk jug and a lovely wooden handled tamper. The Mazzer SJ come
  13. Hello chaps, Following the great advice on this forum I secured a Classic, made in 2002. I tried it a few times but found the pressure wasn't quite right, so took a look at the guides here and saw that the group gasket needed changing. It clearly hasn't had much servicing attention in those years, save for descaling The shower screen came off without problem but revealed a pretty nasty looking screen. The big problem came in trying to get the hex bolts off as they were horribly rounded. I tried screw remover drill bits but all they succeeded in doing was drilling out most of the cent
  14. Morning! I recently purchased a Gaggia Classic from 1998 and i've been given some really useful advice from here. One of which was to upgrade the steam wand to the Silvia V2. I can't unscrew the nut that's holding the steam wand! I wondered if anyone had some tips? It's quite fiddly to get a grip on and quit a shallow nut. I've tried a bit of WD40 but wondered if anyone had any other tips? Thanks!
  15. https://www.gumtree.com/p/coffee-machines/gaggia-classic-coffee-machine/1263911511
  16. https://www.gumtree.com/p/coffee-machines/gaggia-classic-coffee-machine/1263692424
  17. https://www.gumtree.com/p/coffee-machines/gaggia-classic-with-coffee-pod-adapter/1263898311
  18. Hi, I'm new here. I've just started using a Gaggia Classic I've had in a box for years but only recently thought to use. For a week, everything went well. Today however, it is spitting coffee at me whenever I try to use it. As far as I can see, the coffee comes out of the split pourers below the brew head. I couldn't look too closely or I'd risk getting boiling coffee in the eye: It chucks the coffee more than two feet from the machine, upwards and outwards before it falls to the floor or counter. It's quite spluttery, as if particularly hot. The only thing I can think of is
  19. Hi all, been an occasional lurker over recent months as I pondered the acquisition of a new pump. I had a gaggia baby class for a few years up until about 4 years ago, whereupon after a house move it sadly died and I wasn't able to organise or afford the repair so off it went into the great cafe in the sky. In the interim I turned to the dark side using a Krups / nescafe pod machine, which was OK, certainly better than instant coffee. Anyway, the natural balance us restored as I've just bought a barely used gaggia classic of a 2006 vintage, and have already ordered the rancilio wand and a pump
  20. I've read many threads form this site over recent years, and thought it's time to join and benefit from the combined wisdom as I'm about to take the scientific art of making good coffee more seriously. I have owned previously a Baby Class, which sadly expired a couple around 4 years ago, and couldn't find anyone to repair it local enough to justify the ££ so it went to the great cafe in the sky sadly. I kept my Iberital Marfil grinder, which has lived stored in my garage for the intervening years. Fast forward to this morning, and I bought a hardly used 2006 Classic, with a Made In Italy vinta
  21. I'm quite new to posting to this forum but i have read quite a bit. My (very average) Delonghi Icona packed up so i looked into getting a Gaggia Classic as a step up but read a lot about how the older Italian models were better quality machines. I ended up getting a 1998 model off someone on eBay for £60 which she said had been stored away in a box for a long time but is in good condition and when tested worked fine. Does anyone have any advice on what I will need to look out for do? Is there a steam wand upgrade I should be getting? Or am I just a total idiot for buying a ne
  22. Gaggia Classic Good condition commensurate with age and working well, couple of scuffs on left hand side & scratch on drip tray (see pictures) With single & double baskets, plastic tamper thingy and 3 3d printed funnels Higher temperature steam stat fitted along with the Rancilio V3 steam wand, OPV adjusted. £155 ono collect from Dumfries. Delivery if required would be by Parcel Force express48 and cost £16.40 or Parcel Force express24 for £20.90 More pictures in the following posts. Recently descaled and fed filtered water only. [ATTACH=CONFI
  23. The rubber bung thing that is around the pipe between the pump and opv. What is it?
  24. Selling my Gaggia classic as bought a bean to cup instead. I bought this machine a few weeks back from an old couple who said they bought it years ago, used it a few times then it sat in there cupboard unused for years. It comes with standard portafiller and baskets but I have upgraded the steam wand to a rancio Silva one, I will include the original one as well. Also included is a motta tamper that I just bought from amazon for £20 and a little hand grinder that was only £12 online. Will also include a back flush basket and a full bottle of cafiza which has been used once. Looking for £160 p
  25. Hi there. I've bought a 2nd hand gaggia classic, the sticker on the bottom says 11/2001. I have noticed that water coming out the brew head has a sweet taste. I know this is subjective, but that's what it tastes to me. After searching online I now think this may be a metallic taste after all - not sure though... So I pumped some water into a glass container and I can see some kind of suspension on the water that clears after a while but not completely. I then proceeded to backflush with pully (with correct product). Washed with plenty water just letting the machine pump cle
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