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Found 848 results

  1. Hi all, Just after some help. I have recently purchased a second hand grind and was in the process of cleaning it up as best i can. I tried some bar keepers friend on the chrome finish exterior body of the machine but it has just gone all smeary and look worse than before i started. Any tips or ideas how I can solve this? Should I have used something else?
  2. Hello folks, I was reading this forum quite a lot and I found it super helpful when choosing and later servicing my first coffee machine- thanks for that! I bought a second hand Gaggia Classic 2004 off eBay but unfortunately it seems like it wasn't looked after properly. I took it apart and descaled it but the inside of the boiler is quite degraded. Do you think it's still safe to use? Another thing, there are no bolts/rivets(?) that should be holding the frame in place; any ideas what I could use to secure it? I had no luck trying to attach photos so here's a link https://photos.app.goo.gl/R4a3tpAPYVcwq32S8 Thank you, dovy
  3. Hi All, Trying out the Gaggia Classic today as I purchased a Jazzed Super Jolly but I'm really confused about something. I have 4 baskets, 2 pressurised and 2 normal (all holes can be seen through) but it doesn't seem like a normal deep basket, instead they have ridges and I'm unsure of what does to use. Ive put a wanted post for a bottomless portafilter and a double basket to work on my shots but would like to have a few descent pulls with this first. Its the larger basket I'm using at the moment, filling the basket and levelling the grounds off makes it impossible to tamp down enough to clear the shower screen so it's hit and miss as to how much to put in.
  4. I have recently bought a second hand gaggia classic (2014). I have bought a new Rancilio Silvia V1 &V2 steam want to fit, however when I’ve go to fit it,the original wand/arm is just clicked in with a plastic fitting, there is no hit holding it it. The steam works ok, but when I’ve gone to put the original wand/arm back in it doesn’t appear to be frothing the milk very well any more. Could anyone help me? Am I missing a nut? Thanks
  5. I have our 1998 Classic on a rollout caddy, which makes refilling convenient. I replaced the steam wand with a Silvia V1 and my next project is to install a PID in the near future. Interesting fact, when I first purchased the unit about a year ago from a couple that has used it about 3 times in the 19 years they had owned it, I quickly discovered something was not "right" with our unit, as there was a small current leak that would shock me every time I would touch the body of the machine, and then touch something else (often my forearm would touch the side of my stainless refrigerator). After some head scratching and some careful investigating, I discovered that the polarity of our unit had been reversed from the factory. I switched the pos and neg wires, and there is no longer a problem.
  6. The rubber bung thing that is around the pipe between the pump and opv. What is it?
  7. Selling my Gaggia classic as bought a bean to cup instead. I bought this machine a few weeks back from an old couple who said they bought it years ago, used it a few times then it sat in there cupboard unused for years. It comes with standard portafiller and baskets but I have upgraded the steam wand to a rancio Silva one, I will include the original one as well. Also included is a motta tamper that I just bought from amazon for £20 and a little hand grinder that was only £12 online. Will also include a back flush basket and a full bottle of cafiza which has been used once. Looking for £160 plus postage, machine is in new condition.
  8. Purchased a Acaia Pearl, mainly for pour-over, but looking at options for my Classic. I noticed someone is producing 3D printed slim drip trays & I’ll probably cop one of these. I’m currently using the original portafilter with spouts, does anyone know how much extra clearance I will get by replacing with a bottomless version?
  9. Hey guys, I upgraded to a Fracino Piccino so it's time to sell my Gaggia Classic. This machine has served me very faithfully for the past year or so, and now it's time to find a new home for it. Most of you on this forum will be aware that the Gaggia Classic is one of the most popular "entry" level home espresso machines that produces a brilliant cup of coffee when handled properly. This particular Classic is also all modded out so it's even better! The mods: OPV (Overpressure Valve) mod set to 10 bar via Pressure Gauge which means it's actually a dynamic 9 bar, as required to meet the "official" definition of espresso Rancilio Silva wand instead of the crappy default steam wand PID mod - A PID stands for Proportional, Integral, Derivative. What that means is that the PID basically sends multiple commands every second to the heating element to ensure that your temperature is extremely precise. A normal Gaggia Classic without a PID will at any point of time have it's temperature range from 85 - 98 degrees or so. To use your machine effectively, you will have to learn to "temp-surf". Long story short: With a PID, you can expect your boiler temperature to always be within half a degree of your desired temperature. You will not need to temp surf - just let the PID do the work! Along with the machine you also get a portafilter with a double spout, a double basket, and a triple basket. I am looking for £200 for this, before shipping. DISCOUNTED TO £180! You are welcome to test it and see it in action at my place if you can make it to M3 Manchester. I also welcome pickup with cash payment. Unfortunately I cannot deliver as I do not have a car. I am happy to post, if you are willing to pay for postage. In my experience postage is usually £14 - £20 depending on the insurance you want, the speed, etc. Please feel free to ask questions!
  10. Up for sale is a black custom powder coated Gaggia classic (believed to be one of gaggia manual service ones). It has the rancilio wand upgrade, has had th OPV adjusted, is in excellent condition and had been descaled and checked over. I believe it is pre 2012 but there is no serial sticker . It comes with a milk jug, tamper and orange inker 6oz cup, also has backflush disc. I hope the photos reflect the excellent condition both inside and out of this machine, perfect as a starter set up. £130 collected or am prepared to post at cost.
  11. Hi guys, I purchased a Gaggia Classic Back in November last year so it is about 6 months old. I have been buying pre-ground Merlo coffee from the local warehouse where they roast freshly. The first couple of months the machine was pouring nice smooth espresso shots and double shots were working nicely also. Over time it has started to pour slower and slower, and if I attempt a double shop, it "drips" rather than pours (probably takes a minute if I try a double shot). The coffee hasn't changed, I buy the same type of coffee and they grind it at "4.0" whatever that means (they said that was suitable for this model). I asked the coffee shop about cleaning, and they sold me "cafetto EVO espresso machine cleaner powder" which is supposed to be used as a backflush. I've used this a few times, and I just put it in the normal coffee filter that I use to pour the coffee - not sure if that is correct? Is this product supposed to be an alternative to a liquid descaler, or should they both be used in parallel? I just emailed the shop who I purchased the machine from and unfortunately English doesn't seem to be his first language. He has said never backflush the machine. So I don't really know what to do. Do I need a liquid descaler or can you suggest something else?
  12. I had a problem where I wasn't getting water, new pump solved that, but I wasn't getting any decent steam volume and the steam was coming on after maybe 20 seconds so something isn't working somewhere. Now when I plug in the machine its blowing the house trip and the 13a plug fuse without evening turning on the machine ... I did have a bit of steam leakage due to not seating the steam valve correctly so I'm guessing moisture must have got in somewhere? Any thoughts? trying to upload pics but doesn't seem to be option to click ok when file is selected
  13. Hi all. I've finally given and and promised to reduce the space my coffee "stuff" takes up. I am willing to split, offers welcome if buyer multiples. I have included insured courier delivery prices for the big items and regular for the others, but will give preference to those able to collect from central Bristol. Here are the details: 2002 Gaggia Classic /w Rancilio Silvia steam wand (£90 collection, £105 delivered) I bought this refurbished from our very own MartinB here less than 18 months ago, so you know it's in decent shape! Never had an issue with it, still in perfect working order and it has: Rancilio Silvia steam wand OPV set to 10 BAR New boiler and group seal just 18 months ago Descaled Portafilter and double basket (original, so looking pretty well used) Newer 21g basket Original Box Naked Portafilter (£10 collected, £15 delivered) Fits the above Gaggia Classic, and most likely others. Great condition, a little wear and tear but it's only a year old. Silicon Tamping Mat (£5 collected, £8 delivered) Really nice little counter-edge tamping mat, with space for the tamper and a rest for the portafilter while tamping. Struggled to add pictures but they can be found here: https://imgur.com/a/f7Sp6
  14. Hi people, I own an old 9x Gaggia classic which has some spots of surface rust on usual places. What should I do in order to renovate it. Option 1 Powder paint coating Option 2 Finding a new ss body Option 3 I don't have such The tricky part is that it is gold coated so I don't know how situation is about painting. Thanks for your opinions.
  15. I am using a 58mm tamper but realise now it's a bit on the small side. It's hard to belive fractions of a mm can make a difference but I do think I need something a little bigger. If you have a Gaggia classic, what size do you use? I'm using a standard 14g double basket.
  16. Gaggia Classic bought in December 2012, used regularly for a couple of shots most days until a few weeks ago. It was checked and serviced by the Gaggia dealer in Elland in 2015. Since then I have carried out any necessary cleaning myself. Regularly backflushed with Puly Caff powder (weekly) and descaled every 6-8 weeks although I have a softening system on the house water supply. It is in good order but has a few light scratch marks on one side of the case. It would benefit from a new steam valve and knob; whilst fine for steaming, some water leaks from the valve gland if it is used for hot water (which I never do). Complete with single and double portafilter holders although the single handle is a bit more worn than the double; single and double standard baskets; and single and double pressurised baskets and grommets; and a blind basket for back-flushing. Also a few odds and ends of accessories/spares (see images). £100 payable by PayPal or cash if collected (near Banbury). Postage additional £17 if required. U.K. only.
  17. I have a newly acquired Gaggia Classic, so looking at baskets. I may go down the VST route at some point, but I have a general question. Simply put, what's the point in different size baskets when you can just fill up a standard double basket half way, third of the way or whatever? Is there any advantage in having a smaller basket, and if so what? I know there are disadvantages as well, because the VST 15mm basket is harder to work with than the 18mm. Fill me in on the theory and practice here please!
  18. Welcome, Stainless steel panel mount liquid filled pressure gauge kit up to 11bar 1 5/8" (41.3mm) diameter for Gaggia Classic coffee machine. £36 including 2nd class signed for shipping to UK mainland. The KIT includes: Pressure gauge Assembly (gauge connector copper pipe brass piggyback. 2 food grade silicone O rings (1 for the piggyback and one for the over pressure valve as you will need to take it off the machine in order to install this kit) Longer bolts. I could also include a returnable hole punch in the required diameter, get in touch for details. Please have a look at my other listings for more upgrade options for Gaggia Classics. I can also install this kit if you send me your coffee machine please get in touch for details (note that would cost you slightly more due to the labor). Any questions please feel free to ask. Peter Installation: Prior to installation it is recommended to fill the capillary tube with water to eliminate vibration of the needle. Remove the gauge by holding the brass connector with a 12mm spanner and unscrew the gauge by hand (note some glycerine might leak so try to do it carefully) than place the piggyback under clear water and simply suck on the other and until water comes through. Due to the he capillary action it's not likely to leak while you screw the gauge back carefully to avoid leaking glycerine from the gauge itself. Drill the hole first, than remove the OPV and thread this assembly in the machine through the hole (make sure you place the silicon lock ring inside first and thread the assembly through that too) bolt it in place and lock it with the silicone ring. Than you can fine tune the angle with a 12mm spanner. If the needle still vibrates you will need to get rid of any air locks in the system, take off the gauge as described above push in the fitting to plastic bottle, than turn the machine on and the pump too until consistent flow of water comes out the capillary tube. Re assemble. Enjoy it.
  19. I am considering a product to turn a Gaggia Classic into a high-tech, internet connected, touch-screen IOT device. I would like to make a kit which you can buy to easily retrofit your pre-2015 machine. It would require only some re-wiring and plumbing and not significantly change the machine's external appearance. Possible ideas/features: Replace the front switch module with a box containing a powerful microcrontroller and a full-colour touchscreen interface with Wifi connectivity - no cutting, no external boxes!!! Full PID temperature control Full closed-loop pressure monitoring and control - you will be able to dial-in any pressure from 4-14 bar Full closed-loop water flow monitoring and control - millilitre control of shot-size Full remote control of heating, pump, steam, etc via web or mobile app Descaling and backflushing cycles Animated pictures Touch-buttons for all controls (could add 0.5-second press-hold to prevent accidental touches) Remote software upgrades Remote espresso brew - simply load your portafilter the night before, then press the button on your mobile app - it will heat up the machine and make your coffee for you! Compatible with Google Home, Alexa, etc Possible additional features: Ultrasonic water level measurement (might require case cutting) Mains water plumbing with a solenoid valve control (case cutting) Option of replacing the internal water tank with a thermoblock steam boiler (case cutting/modding) External power output for your bean grinder, bluetooth scales connectivity and power control to measure the precise amount of grinds via time and/or weight (case cutting and/or extra wires hanging out) Very interested in who might buy such a kit and how much you would be willing to pay for it!
  20. I'd be grateful for any advice you lovely coffee types can give. I've got a Super Jolly that I've been using with a Gaggia classic and after a good year of use have concluded that espresso just isn't my thing and I love a good pourover. I'm therefore thinking of selling my set up and just having a grinder and v60. I've read in various places online that the Super Jolly is an espresso grinder and as such isn't very good for pourover. Is there a material difference between an SJ and a "pourover grinder"? Should I just hang on to my SJ and use it for pourover or sell up and get something more pourover focussed? And if so, what could I get for a similar cost as I could sell the SJ for? Thanks for your help!
  21. I am selling my 5 year old Gaggia Classic, below, having recently up-caffeinated to a Rancilio Sylvia. I've used the Classic every day and had no serious problems. It has been regularly cleaned (but not back-flushed, which is probably a cardinal sin). Used with soft water only. I haven't fiddled with any of the settings and all the working parts are original, apart from the gasket and steam wand. (New Panarella wand fitted.) At one point it started leaking from the boiler, which I rectified by replacing the sealing washer - no problems since. Pump is a bit noisy. Steam/temperature lamp hasn't worked for a year but I get lots of steam, so it's probably just the lamp. I'd much rather sell it to someone who is happy to get into the innards if and when it needs fixing. Spare gasket included. Comes with original filter holder and naked holder. £100 including UK postage and it's yours. The proceeds are going to YMCA Roomsponsor (shameless charity plug here) so your coffee will taste twice as ethical. Any questions, feel free to ask!
  22. Hi there I have just bought what I believe to be a 2007 Gaggia Classic and am looking to do a full strip down as it has not been looked after . (it was at a price I couldn't say no to) I have found the sticky 'So you've just bought your first Gaggia Classic' so useful and also found this resource: http://protofusion.org/wordpress/2012/04/gaggia-classic-disassembly-and-cleaning/ which seems to outline everything i need to do but is there anything else i need to be aware of? I'm thinking a full gasket/ seal kit as well as a good descaler and cleaner would be essential ( just taken off the shower screen and it looks a little mouldy so not even thinking of using it until its been fully cleaned) I have had it working with steam from the tiny steam wand(defo to be replaced) and water coming from the shower screen, assume this means the machine is worth spending the time getting it right? I have some experience with an automatic La Spaziale at work but am so looking forward to getting to grips with a manual machine. Any advice is much appreciated
  23. Hello all, I am hoping someone is able to help me out. My Gaggia Classic has from new had a problem with poor steam and brew pressure if I leave the machine on too long before using the steam wand. If I used the steam wand within 10-20 minutes of turning on the machine all is well. If I get distracted and come back more than 20-30 minutes after I turn the machine on the steam tends to be weak and will lose pressure before I am able to steam enough milk properly for just one drink. Then if I try to pull a shot after that the pressure there is also weak. Yesterday, I had one of those days where work got in the way and the machine was on the steam setting for about an hour before I got to it so knowing that I would have low pressure I just shut the machine off. Later in the day I then turned the machine on and let it warm up for 15 minutes and then steamed my milk, all good there. I then tried to pull a shot but when I turned the pump on it was very quiet and took about 30 seconds for anything to come out of the portafilter. At that point I turned if off and dumped the milk I turned the machine off for a few hours again to let it cool down and then tried the pump again but still it was very quiet and very slow flow of water was coming out even without the portafilter on. I did a whole lot of reading last night getting familiar with the machine but there is still a lot I do not know so I am here for suggestions. At one point during testing I unhooked the hose from the pump to the opv (at the opv end) and turned the pump on and no water was being brought up through hose at the bottom of the pump and of course no water was coming out the other end of the hose that was unhooked from the opv. To me this meant the pump itself was toast so I decided to take it completely apart. After a full teardown (complete with removing the plastic screen and all springs and the tiny plastic ball) and re-assembly I tried the pump again and once again it started out very quiet but it did start to pull water in from the tank and then eventually got louder but I don't think as loud as it normally is (it is hard to tell now as my point of reference is quite skewed). At one point I also tried to prime the pump with a turkey baster however I could not force water into the pump (the end of the turkey baster came undone spraying water eveywhere). So where am I now... * I am back to a point where I can pull a (double) shot but it takes about 1.5 minutes to do so * Steaming works just fine provided I don't let the machine sit for over 20 minutes with the steamer on * If I turn the machine on, steam off, pump off and open the steam knob water comes out of the steam wand and then it is steam+water * If I turn the machine on, steam off, pump on and open the steam valve water comes out both the grouphead and steam wand * If I turn the machine on, steam on, pump on and open the steam valve water comes out of just the steam wand (water not steam as the steam has not built up yet) * Backflush works And one last note, normally after steaming when I would purge the steam by turning the steam off and pump on, the steam would usually be a quick burst and then the water would start to flow. Now the steam is slow to start coming out and then I can continue to hear the hiss of steam even after the water starts to flow. This continues for about 30 seconds. I think that is it, whew.
  24. Hey all so I have got a gaggia classic 2015 before they got rid of the solenoid valve and has the aluminium boiler and would like to know what you lot think it's worth It has a Silvia steam arm, brass shower plate holder, IMS 200 micron shower screen plus a new group gasket. Original portafilter and bottomless with pressurised double and single baskets with crema pin and a non pressurised double. 58mm wooden handled tamp I'm looking to upgrade to a e61 group machine I appreciate you thoughts and opinions
  25. If my grinder is currently set for an 18g VST basket, will that grind work for a single dose basket (eg. the stock Gaggia one)? My wife prefers the smaller single shot in the mornings, whereas I am on the double. Switching between the two is proving difficult, with the double dose grind setting choking up the single basket. Is that just to be expected? All input and suggestions gratefully received!
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