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  1. Hope this helps someone that can collect in Edinburgh https://www.gumtree.com/p/coffee-machines/gaggia-classic-coffee-machine-/1315776490
  2. Hello folks, I was reading this forum quite a lot and I found it super helpful when choosing and later servicing my first coffee machine- thanks for that! I bought a second hand Gaggia Classic 2004 off eBay but unfortunately it seems like it wasn't looked after properly. I took it apart and descaled it but the inside of the boiler is quite degraded. Do you think it's still safe to use? Another thing, there are no bolts/rivets(?) that should be holding the frame in place; any ideas what I could use to secure it? I had no luck trying to attach photos so here's a link https
  3. I have recently bought a second hand gaggia classic (2014). I have bought a new Rancilio Silvia V1 &V2 steam want to fit, however when I’ve go to fit it,the original wand/arm is just clicked in with a plastic fitting, there is no hit holding it it. The steam works ok, but when I’ve gone to put the original wand/arm back in it doesn’t appear to be frothing the milk very well any more. Could anyone help me? Am I missing a nut? Thanks
  4. I have our 1998 Classic on a rollout caddy, which makes refilling convenient. I replaced the steam wand with a Silvia V1 and my next project is to install a PID in the near future. Interesting fact, when I first purchased the unit about a year ago from a couple that has used it about 3 times in the 19 years they had owned it, I quickly discovered something was not "right" with our unit, as there was a small current leak that would shock me every time I would touch the body of the machine, and then touch something else (often my forearm would touch the side of my stainless refrigerator). After
  5. Hi All, Trying out the Gaggia Classic today as I purchased a Jazzed Super Jolly but I'm really confused about something. I have 4 baskets, 2 pressurised and 2 normal (all holes can be seen through) but it doesn't seem like a normal deep basket, instead they have ridges and I'm unsure of what does to use. Ive put a wanted post for a bottomless portafilter and a double basket to work on my shots but would like to have a few descent pulls with this first. Its the larger basket I'm using at the moment, filling the basket and levelling the grounds off makes it impossible to tamp down enough to
  6. Regrettably up for sale is my 2012 Gaggia Classic with PID fitted by previous owner for great control of the brew water, not set to control steam temp but as you can see the temp rise when switched to steam I've always found it great just to know when to start steaming. You could wire it to control the steam temp if you wanted. - It's got the OPV adjusted to 9 bar. - IMS shower screen and silicone gasket. - It's also got the Rancillio v3 wand upgrade not the normal v2 mod, its a bit thicker and on a ball joint, I've loved that particularly. - Gaggia double spouted pf & bottomless
  7. Hi All, Haven't had my Gaggia Classic and Mazzer SJ for very long, and im still learning for sure and today I pulled my first shot with a naked portafilter and I thought it was going really well and then boom disaster strikes! So im thinking, finer grind but what about tamping? Does this shot show any signs of bad/wrong tamping? Oh and I should mention, im using a prestige bag of coffee beans, purchased fresh from Tesco today (Costa Coffee) so i'm not expecting great crema to say the least [video=youtube_share;i0RPnWcDlmA]
  8. Hello I am selling my Gaggia Classic and some accessories The machine is in good condition Mods include: OPV set to 9 bar, silvia steam wand, and a Mr Shades PID which has really transformed this machine Included in the package is the Gaggia classic machine, standard portafilter (double and single spouts included), bottomless portafilter. Baskets included are single (accepts pods) and double pressurised baskets, 18g VST and a triple basket (only fits the bottomless portafilter due to its depth) and a blank for flushing Asking price is £180 and collection only from Northampton
  9. gaggia classic pre-phillips so has the OPV and solenoide etc set to 9 bar pressure descaled and back flushed regulary is the girlfriends machine so hardly gets used beautiful condiction, shower screen replaced a few weeks back £90 plus £12 carrier
  10. Tastes ok this one, still getting the grind right though. Any tips for this specific one?
  11. Hey guys, asking for a friend here. Does anybody have advice for maintaining a Gaggia Classic 2015 (RI 9403/11)? Since there is no 3 way valve and a spring valve instead, backflushing is out right? Is just descaling every 3 months okay? Thanks in advance
  12. Hi guys, I own a 1996 Gaggia classic coffee since 3 years, paired with a MDX grinder. I usually pull nice shots with it and I am quite happy, but I may have found an almost new Francis Francis x1 v2 for a 100.00, so I am wondering if the upgrade is worth it. Would the Francis Francis be a better machine? Thanks in advance for your thoughts. Dorian
  13. Hi All, I flick the steam switch and Mr Shades PID shows the boiler reaching 147 degrees and then fluctuating to like 139 and back up again.. not sure if that's relevant.. But anyway, steam comes out of the brewhead while the steam is switched on and im pretty sure that's new. Only had it a few weeks so no backflush and no descaling yet as I'm planning on buying a full service kit containing all seals and a strip down of the boiler to descale.
  14. simontc


    Hey- I haven't posted for quite some time but haven't stopped making coffee! I've been using a gaggia classic, bought from this fair site, for about 5 years now. It's been working admirably with the odd bit of maintenance- I've changed the steam arm thermostat, the gasket and generally had to take apart to run some 'I use london water' dealing operations. I've used porlex grinders and for the last two years an iberital mc2. The mc2 was working fine- shots tasted good, dialling in was fine etc etc. I recently conducted a full scale descale as the classic had stopped pumping thro
  15. Can anyone please give me the dimensions of the chrome plated over flow tube? It shows as item 40 part no CF0149 on a diagram I have. I lost it during a clean and flush (don't ask, I blame someone else for putting it safe!). As a retired engineer I am reluctant to pay over £8 for an official spare when I know that a piece of tube is pennies. Although at the same time using man maths I'm considering buying another, whole, used Classic to get the part and use the rest as back up spares or even to then PID the spare without having to go a day without coffee....... regards Mike
  16. Hi all Newbie apparently struggling to get first post up. As per the title, any helpful opinions on Temp Duo Pro at £229 from Amazon or a new Gaggia Classic at £190? I gather the pre-2015 classic is the one to have but is the new one really that much worse and how might the Sage TDP compare at £30-£40 more? Cheers
  17. Hi all, Just after some help. I have recently purchased a second hand grind and was in the process of cleaning it up as best i can. I tried some bar keepers friend on the chrome finish exterior body of the machine but it has just gone all smeary and look worse than before i started. Any tips or ideas how I can solve this? Should I have used something else?
  18. Hi all, Just after some help. I have recently purchased a second hand grind and was in the process of cleaning it up as best i can. I tried some bar keepers friend on the chrome finish exterior body of the machine but it has just gone all smeary and look worse than before i started. Any tips or ideas how I can solve this? Should I have used something else?
  19. So I've just got myself a second hand Classic, model 18161/40, and managed to pull my first shot - yay! However, I've not been able to create any foam with the Rancilio steam wand and now I've run out of milk. The milk warms up but stays the same consistency. I was using cold semi-skimmed and probably had about half a pint in the frothing jug. Anyway I'm off to get some more milk and look for another tutorial on Youtube but any pointers welcome.
  20. Hey guys, So as of tomorrow i'll have my own pre 2015 gaggia classic (2nd hand). My question to you all is: Should I completely tear down the machone and clean it all the way and replace all rubbers or should i clean the group en replace that rubber only? I'm not a machanic at all but i'm comfortably taking it apart. But i'm afraid i'll do something wrong or can't get it back together as it was before. Hope you guys can share your thoughts and experience with a 2nd hand gaggia classic and also hear tips and tricks. With kind regards, Romario Lodewijks
  21. I have been using my >2015 Gaggia Classic twice daily for well over a year now with inconsistent results, mainly due to the OEM steam wand (I don't want to modify the wand) & due to changing coffee type every 1kg bag through the MK2 Eureka Mignon..... So with that I have been thinking of buying a new La Pavoni Europiccola Lever Espresso Machine in lieu of the Gaggia. Would this be a wise move for someone who drinks 90% milk based drinks?
  22. I recently purchased a second hand pre 2015 Gaggia Classic, unfortunately with a non-working brew light. It seems that the only way to replace it is to replace the whole switch panel for around 40 quid, so instead of spending that much money, I was thinking of simply adding a light that is on when the boiler is on. As far as I can see, this should be a reasonably simple solution. I'm not too bothered about the aesthetics, so I'd probably just put the light wherever I could find space. Any advice on things to be aware of would be hugely appreciated.
  23. Hello Yet another newbie here! Have posted in the machines & Grinders section on upgrading from, or souping up my Gaggia Classic. Basically wondering if I'm better off gettting a good grinder first? Discovered this forum only recently and it's a treasure trove of useful information. Am really impressed with the interactivity and helpfulness of everyone. Gaggia Classic - (bare bones); Krups conical grinder (cheap as chips); expresso (pm) and latte (am) addiction. Looking forward to even better shots!
  24. Hi all, For sale is my Gaggia Classic in excellent condition. I have done OPV mod set to 10 bar, also including pressure gauge to be able to adjust pressure to your on desired. Rancilio Silvia steam wand fitted but also including original Pannarello one. IMS shower screen fitted and original also included. Original portafilter with single and double unpressurised baskets and single pressurised baskets included. Second bottomless portafilter with triple basket and blind basket for back flush . 58mm Motta Tamper, and all original accessories scoop tamper etc. The machine is in
  25. So I'm in the process of installing a pid to my classic, and I just have a question regarding controlling the heaters. Am I correct in my assumption that I'm disconnecting the thermostat and wiring that to the SSR? so that the wires going through the termostat, actually control the heaters? I can't find a concrete schematic for connecting the PID anywhere (Or it's not clear enough for me I guess)
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