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  1. Up for sale is a black custom powder coated Gaggia classic (believed to be one of gaggia manual service ones). It has the rancilio wand upgrade, has had th OPV adjusted, is in excellent condition and had been descaled and checked over. I believe it is pre 2012 but there is no serial sticker . It comes with a milk jug, tamper and orange inker 6oz cup, also has backflush disc. I hope the photos reflect the excellent condition both inside and out of this machine, perfect as a starter set up. £130 collected or am prepared to post at cost.
  2. Hi guys, I purchased a Gaggia Classic Back in November last year so it is about 6 months old. I have been buying pre-ground Merlo coffee from the local warehouse where they roast freshly. The first couple of months the machine was pouring nice smooth espresso shots and double shots were working nicely also. Over time it has started to pour slower and slower, and if I attempt a double shop, it "drips" rather than pours (probably takes a minute if I try a double shot). The coffee hasn't changed, I buy the same type of coffee and they grind it at "4.0" whatever that means (they said that was suitable for this model). I asked the coffee shop about cleaning, and they sold me "cafetto EVO espresso machine cleaner powder" which is supposed to be used as a backflush. I've used this a few times, and I just put it in the normal coffee filter that I use to pour the coffee - not sure if that is correct? Is this product supposed to be an alternative to a liquid descaler, or should they both be used in parallel? I just emailed the shop who I purchased the machine from and unfortunately English doesn't seem to be his first language. He has said never backflush the machine. So I don't really know what to do. Do I need a liquid descaler or can you suggest something else?
  3. I have recently bought a second hand gaggia classic (2014). I have bought a new Rancilio Silvia V1 &V2 steam want to fit, however when I’ve go to fit it,the original wand/arm is just clicked in with a plastic fitting, there is no hit holding it it. The steam works ok, but when I’ve gone to put the original wand/arm back in it doesn’t appear to be frothing the milk very well any more. Could anyone help me? Am I missing a nut? Thanks
  4. I am using a 58mm tamper but realise now it's a bit on the small side. It's hard to belive fractions of a mm can make a difference but I do think I need something a little bigger. If you have a Gaggia classic, what size do you use? I'm using a standard 14g double basket.
  5. Video of machine attached. Hopefully it’s self explanatory. I have a new group gasket on the way, I’m hoping this is the issue? I can get steam through the steam wand.
  6. I had a problem where I wasn't getting water, new pump solved that, but I wasn't getting any decent steam volume and the steam was coming on after maybe 20 seconds so something isn't working somewhere. Now when I plug in the machine its blowing the house trip and the 13a plug fuse without evening turning on the machine ... I did have a bit of steam leakage due to not seating the steam valve correctly so I'm guessing moisture must have got in somewhere? Any thoughts? trying to upload pics but doesn't seem to be option to click ok when file is selected
  7. Hi, Just wanted to ask (as I am a newbie) if I should expect condensation & grounds to be in my basket when I am leaving the portafilter in the machine to warm up before I pull my shot? The basket (14g double for Gaggia Classic) is clean & dry when I put it in, but when I pull it out to put the grounds in, I have to wipe it down & clean out some grounds which have appeared. I think the grounds are coming from some which have collected around the group head which I’m struggling to clean out, however I have ordered a brush to do this. I’m more worried about whether the water is normal. Thanks!
  8. 2003 Pre Phillips Gaggia Classic with PID Rancillio Steam Wand I.M.S Shower Screen MyPin PID OPV set @ 9 Bar 2 x group handles various baskets & cleaning basket Good condition, descaled regularly, no expense spared, recent new seals, Comes with various spares £180 Collection preferred from SO22 (Winchester, Hampshire) but will courier @ buyers expense & possible risk
  9. Hi all, I just bought a Sage Grinder Pro thanks to these forums as I was struggling to get anywhere with pre-ground beans on my Gaggia Classic (2006). I am however really struggling to pull a decent espresso shot, I think because of grind size. Ive descaled/cleaned the Gaggia thoroughly, replaced the group head gasket, turned OPV down to 9 bar, and yet I still can’t pull a decent shot. I have a pretty decent scale to weigh grinds in/espresso out, a calibrated tamp so I know I am using 30lbs to tamp every time, and a 14g standard double basket. The beans I was using today were roasted yesterday. I know this will impact flavor, however would using beans roasted recently impact grind/extraction time? I’m really just trying to dial in to the right grind size. These are my notes during grinding, using a Sage Smart Grinder Pro which is new to me and only a few months old. Grind size - grams of coffee in portafilter - espresso output in seconds Size 13 - 17.7 g - 49g in 20s Size 8 - 17g - 39g in 17s Size 5 - 17.3g - 37.7g in 18s Size 1 - 17g - 35g in 20s I then re-calibrated the burr to grind more fine by moving down by 1 Size 5 - 17.4g - 36g in 18s Size 1 - 17.7g - 29g in 22s I’ve seen videos where Breville tell you that you really shouldn’t need to change the calibration on the grinder right out of the box. I am wondering whether anything else can account for the too fast pulls? I still have yet to choke the machine in the slightest. The grinder also make a bit of a clunking sound & the hopper shakes a bit when grinding. I’m not sure if something about the machine is defective or whether I do need to keep adjusting the burrs. I don’t want to push it too hard as I’m unfamiliar with the machine. Here’s a pic of the last shot, I think I stopped it shorter than the others because I could see it was already blonding fairly early on but I wanted something to drink after all my troubles! Thanks for your help!
  10. https://www.gumtree.com/p/coffee-machines/gaggia-coffee-machine/1294984558
  11. Has anyone used one of these? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Portafilter-Pressure-Gauge-Tester-Gaggia-Classic-Coffee-Machine-Espresso-Maker-E/161207195351?epid=1769635886&hash=item2588b296d7:g:kf4AAOSwabhUX2RF My portafilter is the type with two holes underneath and no spouts, so I'd need to buy a new portfilter anyway to do the mod, as well as all the other parts. So it seems easier just to buy this pre made one. if anyone has any experience of these please let me know. Thanks
  12. Hi people, I own an old 9x Gaggia classic which has some spots of surface rust on usual places. What should I do in order to renovate it. Option 1 Powder paint coating Option 2 Finding a new ss body Option 3 I don't have such The tricky part is that it is gold coated so I don't know how situation is about painting. Thanks for your opinions.
  13. Hello folks, this seems to be my first mod since I have entered this realm. I bought my Gaggia classic with missing pipe for excessive water after 3way-valve as a result I had lots of water around after shots. My Gaggia is gold plated and even I order a ss one, I will end up with an ugly working configuration. Today I had some time to improvise and found out that a hard pipe from old manometer for measuring air pressure of car tires fits perfectly into the place. I gave it a chance and cut it down to the size. As a result a have flexible pipe that goes deep into the waste water pan. Pulled some shots and it works just fine. Happy
  14. I really don't know an awful lot about these machines, so I'm going to be doing lots of reading up today. In the meantime, can anyone recommend some obvious health checks to do when the machine arrives? I've taken a punt on ebay and picked up a 2003 model for what seemed like a reasonable price, but I guess I won't know if it's reasonable until I see what turns up at my door........the description didn't give an awful lot away!
  15. Hi All, New to the forum so apologies if all this has been asked before. Picked myself up a second hand Gaggia Classic around 6/7 weeks ago and have been running it with a Krups GVX231 Grinder. Gave the machine a full strip down and clean, back flush using cafiza and replaced the main seal. With this setup & using fresh local roasted beans I managed to get an ok espresso most of the time with some a lot better than others but could never get consistency even using the same settings. With the standard steam wand I found I could never get the milk to texturise properly. After doing some research I did the following mods to try and help get better consistency and an all round better espresso,latte or cappuccino: Edesia Espress Bottomless PF Rancillio Silvia Steam Wand OPV Tune to 9 bar I have been using the above mods for the last few weeks but am still struggling to get any good results. I found the bottomless PF to spit so after more research started using the WDT method with a cocktail stick which seems to have made this better but not perfect. Iv heard that a Bottomless PF will highlight any issues with technique which was part of the reason I upgrade to help improve my technique but find im struggling to get a good flow through the PF with caramel like coffee and a good Crema. I’m using the finest setting on my grinder but still seem to be a lot worse than the standard pressurised PF. After giving you the background info I guess my questions are: Would I be better going back to my pressurised PF or sticking it out with the bottomless. If so any tips for improvements using the bottomless PF? I’m guessing it is my skills that are letting me down? Could a better grinder help? With the new steam wand I have a lot more control over texturising the milk but and struggling to get the milk to properly texturise before it get very hot so am worried about burning the milk. Any tips would be great? Was the OVP Tune a mistake with the Bottomless PF? I’m guessing it just takes time to learn but am keen for any advice people can give. Thanks Paul
  16. Hi Peeps, Lets see if I can upload this post in its entirety. A year ago I brought a Classic with the intention of upgrading after a year if we used it and felt we were getting good use out of it. Well on average we use the machine three times a day. I make SWMBO a flask to take to work. Coffee when we get home and a decaf after tea. At weekends it’s more. The thing about the Classic is the simplicity which really came home to me today. The steam valve was leaking and after advice from the forum I purchased a replacement from Gaggiamanualserv who has his own web site and is on the forum. Great source for parts ? There Is a wealth of videos showing how to replace it on YouTube. But Whole Latte Love have some good ones and I subscribe to them. With an intake of breath I delved into the the guts of it to replace the valve which was straightforward enough. However I could see through the hole into the boiler quite a lot of scale. I’ve got to be honest. Although using Ashbeck water from Waitrose, I have not been regular with my descaling. So I took the bull by the horns. Punched up another great video which showed how to take the whole thing apart, descaled it and put it back together. It took me the afternoon but got it back together, fired it up to temperature with the top off to test for leaks, all ok, and pulled a couple of shots after tea. No leaks despite reusing the original o rings and seals. I had big intentions of upgrading to a rocket or something similar. But I love the way that these machines can be rebuilt. I think we are going to stick with the Classic for the time being (never say never) and invest in a PID from Mr Shades to take it to the next level.
  17. Hello, Need a little help finalizing which of the two to get. (I know the former I can only buy new, but the Silvia I would buy used). With all things being equal (grinder, coffee, workflow, etc) is the shot and steam going to be really that different? I've been a long time Bialetti user and nespresso (for convenience in the morning - but I get specialty roaster pods). But I spend way too much money every day at all the awesome roasters here so its time to learn myself...I'll be making 2-3 cappuccinos max and likely only a couple of times a week (for now). Thoughts ? Thanks
  18. Looks like Gaggia listened to their customers and have gone back to the pre-phillips days https://coffeeblog.co.uk/gaggia-classic-2018-19-review
  19. Hi I have noticed something strange. When I make a coffee with the Gaggia classic + Compak K3, I feel sometimes lightheaded. This only happened when I did the coffee (based on 16g or 18g ground) with the Gaggia. My friend had the exact same experience but when I go to my fav cafe, it never happened there (and I go there often - I use the same beans they do and try to replicate their coffee/taste to enjoy at home during WEs). This happens after the first coffee and as a regular coffee drinker (1-2 cups per day), I wonder why it is like that and if you may know more about this. I wonder if it could be due to the machine (i.e. materials, aluminium, etc.) or if I do something wrong? Thanks so much in advance
  20. So I'm in the process of installing a pid to my classic, and I just have a question regarding controlling the heaters. Am I correct in my assumption that I'm disconnecting the thermostat and wiring that to the SSR? so that the wires going through the termostat, actually control the heaters? I can't find a concrete schematic for connecting the PID anywhere (Or it's not clear enough for me I guess)
  21. Hello I am selling my Gaggia Classic and some accessories The machine is in good condition Mods include: OPV set to 9 bar, silvia steam wand, and a Mr Shades PID which has really transformed this machine Included in the package is the Gaggia classic machine, standard portafilter (double and single spouts included), bottomless portafilter. Baskets included are single (accepts pods) and double pressurised baskets, 18g VST and a triple basket (only fits the bottomless portafilter due to its depth) and a blank for flushing Asking price is £180 and collection only from Northampton town (J15-J16 on the M1) Sorry for those that live too far but I do not wish to go through the hassle and risk of posting this item, but could meet halfway depending on distance and fuel being covered
  22. gaggia classic pre-phillips so has the OPV and solenoide etc set to 9 bar pressure descaled and back flushed regulary is the girlfriends machine so hardly gets used beautiful condiction, shower screen replaced a few weeks back £90 plus £12 carrier
  23. Tastes ok this one, still getting the grind right though. Any tips for this specific one?
  24. Hi all, I'm moving so unfortunately I have to part with my espresso machine and grinder setup. The Gaggia Classic is an excellent machine and even better when paired with a great grinder like the Eureka Mignon MK1. Everything you need to get started with fantastic espresso here! Gaggia Classic machine with extras 2006 model year, great condition, regular cleaning and descaling, etc OPV mod (over pressure valve): changed to 10 bar via pressure gauge so it's actually a dynamic 9 bar Rancilio Silvia steam wand for much better steam Bottomless portafilter with 14g double basket from Happy Donkey Motta stainless steel tamper with black wooden handle Original portafilter with double spout with single and double baskets Blind filter / blanking disc, VonShef 600ml stainless steel frothing milk jug Eureka Mignon MK1 gloss black grinder Stepless with infinite grind settings Great condition, purchased from a forum member in January 2016 Timer or on-demand options Came without hopper lid: this can be replaced easily but it also comes with a single dosing device which I've used with great success so never had much need for the hopper Asking £285 for everything before shipping. Free collection from Edinburgh or additional postage (~£15). Feel free to ask any questions or for additional pictures!
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