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  1. Hi, well after 4 and a half years my Gaggia Baby needs another service and a new Solenoid by the looks of it, do i spend on this or just buy a new Classic? i only have espresso , no milk at all, and i dont want a lever machine, any help would be great!
  2. FOR SALE : Gaggia Baby (Colour: Ivory) with Rancilio Steam Wand Upgrade and Naked PF £90 + Postage The machine is in good condition and has benefitted from a new brew group seal not too long ago. I also have a spare brew group seal which I will include in the price. Naked portafilter is from Happy Donkey and is provided in addition to the original Gaggia PF. I want to sell items together (£90). Please do not make offers for individual parts as this will be declined. I will put pictures up in a while once I have a chance to take some. Andy
  3. Like the title says. I bought this on the basis that it was mechanically identical to the Classic, but it doesn't have an obvious down-pipe like the classic.
  4. The Ascaso Dream looks a nice bit of kit. But can't seem to find any reviews....Any help would be appreciated. Its a mine field of expresso machines and grinders out there...Also thinking of the Gaggia Baby.
  5. Hi all!! I seem to have an issue with my gaggia baby. I have bought it 2nd hand and have used it maybe 10 times. It has water and steam coming through the wand but nothing is coming through the main part. I have taken of the plate and still no water apart from a dribble. Wondered if there is a walk through to check and clean the machine ??? Happy to open it up and have a go but searched for videos to show me how to do it but don't seem to find a good one that is based around this issue. So glad I found this forum and hope I can fix the
  6. Hi guys, I'm new to this forum but have been silently lurking for a while. I've had a gaggia baby which has served me well for over a year before recently developing some kind of water leak. To the best of my knowledge, it appears to be cold water and not related to whether it is on or off. I emptied the entire system and dried it out for a few days and this morning filled the tank with water. By mid afternoon, i had a counter full of water without having actually switched anything on. There's no visible crack or leak on the storage tank and i wonder if anyone can advice on where i might be
  7. Refer to http://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?3634-baby-twin for details
  8. Hello, Always a coffee lover I recently got a Gaggia Baby from the dreaded ebay. Worked ok for a while but today the rate of flow deteriorated dramatically. I stripped it down, meaning, cleaned the showerhead meticulously, undid the water disperser thing with the allen screws and cleaned that. Only a slight improvement, not enough water coming out to even brew an espresso. Must be a blockage somewhere seems the obvious answer. Can anyone suggest solutions please. Ian
  9. Well I have set myself off now on the subject of moving on from my Gaggia baby, Iberital MC2 setup, so here are my musings and all comments are greatly appreciated. Machine Expobar Office Pulsar - seems to be a lot of espresso machine for the money, though doesn`t have a full E61 grouphead with the little lever to do the extraction. Nuova Simonelli Oscar - Again a good spec for the money, but all plastic body and no hot water tap for the lady wifes weekday americano. Fracino Cherub - Uk built so I assume easy parts availability, but the bigger boiler and element wattage mi
  10. Hi, newbie here, it's good to find a coffee forum which is for UK as most are American! Anywho, got a delonghi cafe treviso a few years back (wedding pressie). which got me interested in making decent coffee at home. As of today I am now the proud owner of a gaggia baby - a new toy to try and improve my skills & make great coffee. (see pic attached for first attempt at a latte! I have been ordering fresh coffee beans from beanshop.co.uk for a while now. I also grind my own beans using a krups burr grinder. I'm now looking for recommendations for a decent tamper, I don't want
  11. hi, when can i buy mod bits in the UK to upgrade my Baby gaggia, im looking for specifically for the OPV mod. I can source a kit in the UK but works out £60 with delivery plus taxes. See kit picture: can anyone help please? regards mohammad
  12. Hello all, Up for sale is my Gaggia Baby - the machine is in very good condition with new boiler & group head seals fitted. The machine is freshly descaled and backflushed. The machine benefits from almost the same internals as the Gaggia Classic - the machine has a slightly adjustable OPV but that is all internally. I have adjusted the OPV to produce 10 bar (very slightly under, see pic). I have also fitted a brand new Rancilio Silvia steam wand which makes a huge difference on Gaggia machines! The switches have been replaced with switches from an early model as a couple we
  13. russe11

    Gaggia Baby

    Hi anyone have an old Gaggia Baby, think they were about 2003 (see picture). Condition unimportant, just as long as the machine is complete. Working would be good but not a problem if it's not, I don't need handle or anything else just the machine.
  14. Hi Guys, looking for some advice with this issue. Recently my Baby started steaming from the group-head when brewing.Video below where I've switched it on, waited for the brew temp light to come on then pressed the brew button. I can get a shot out, but there's obviously not enough flow and the shot stops early, the puck is dried out and the machine makes a great gasp as the pressure is released when I remove the portafilter. This is clearly not right as I can only really pull one dodgy shot before its just pure steam coming through. So, presumably the boiler is getting too hot. Cou
  15. So I have a baby gaggia like this one and I was wondering how or even if I can empty the machine and boiler of water for periods when I'm not using it. I cant imagine having the same water in the boiler for a couple weeks would do it any good. I did find on youtube a retailer advising to empty the boiler through the steam arm with the pump switched on (i.e in hot water mode) and the water tank empty. However the pump made a horrible noise- obviously no water to suck in, so stopped it after a couple seconds. Any advice welcomed thanks.
  16. i wonder, how compatible are their parts: boiler, group, valves. i want to start rebuilding my Classic and i'm in the market for some defect machines. this gaggia baby:
  17. Can anyone suggest an upgrade to the portafilter handle that I snapped off my Gaggia Baby? I probably overfill the basket so it takes a bit of force to get it engaged properly which it's obviously not designed for. If there's a handle only I can buy, it's an "H" fitting. But if I need to get the whole thing replaced, is there a more robust portafilter that's sure to fit the machine? I've searched online but can't see anything I'm confident will be the correct fit.
  18. I think I have an issue with pressure and the boiler. It is no longer producing steam and when making shots water comes out of the wand. Opened it up a a month ago to make sure everything was clean and there were no leaks and everything seemed to be fine. Any common issues that may have caused this?
  19. Can anyone please tell me what size of OPV is fitted to the Gaggia New Baby? I have trawled the forums but can't find this info. anywhere. I am led to understand that, unlike the Classic, the New Baby's OPV is a non-adjustable plastic component, and I wish to replace it with a 'Classic-style' adjustable version. But there appear to be two sizes of this item - 1/4" and 1/8" - both described as being suitable for Gaggia machines. I am reluctant to disturb the existing OPV until I have a replacement to hand, so I'm unable to discover the size for myself. Thanks in anticipation.
  20. Skellum


    I am a South African born naturalised Brit. I am resident in Croydon (sorry) and I have been lurking on the forum for a while before joining. My present range of kit is a SJ, Gaggia Baby, and a pre-millennial La Pavoni professional (under restoration). My Gaggia was purchased and has had one rebuild from use, and the la Pavoni is being rebuilt for the same reason. I have worn out a Dualit grinder which I replaced with a used SJ after reading through the advice on the forum and I'm ecstatic with the purchase. I'm now hoping to do the same with a coffee machine, i.e., invest in a used low vol
  21. Eyedee

    steam wand

    Does anyone know if it is possible to fit a different steam wand to my Gaggia Baby, the panarello thing just doesnt cut it for me.
  22. Nice to meet you all. Here's my coffee story: Many years ago bought a Gaggia Baby in Italy. I was very excited - you never saw them on sale in the UK in those days - but I was always disappointed by the coffee I got out of it. I suspect the thermostat was set too low, but also I knew nothing about grinding and tamping (and why should I? This was before the internet and the rise of coffee geek culture). It fell into disuse and for years I drank cafetiere coffee at home and espresso when I was out. I'm not sure what got me back into home espresso again - maybe a nice espresso out of a friend
  23. Jacu


    Hi, I'm really here because of my problem with my Gaggia but while I'm here. My username is Jacu. Many of you wont know but Jacu is the name of a large bird in Brazil that has a liking for the ripe coffee fruit. It is said by some that the best coffee in Brazil is that actually made from the crap of the Jacu (seriously). I've been to Brazil many times but I've never actually tasted Jacu coffee so sadly I can't confirm one way the other. My missus is Brazilian & a real coffee addict. We have a Baby Gaggia (Black) (currrently not working) & a Gaggia MDF coffee gri
  24. I don't have instruction manual for the Gaggia Baby so I'm taking a guess on how to dispense hot water from the wand... I first turn the knob clockwise and then press the brew button to activate the pump. I get hot water coming out from the steam wand but I also get water dripping down from the group head... is this normal? If not what can be wrong? Edit: Managed to find user manual online for this machine and to dispense hot water need to activate brew and steam switches...
  25. Hello all, just a quick introduction. I'm from Newcastle, been into Coffee for a long time, had a Gaggia baby a long time ago, but couldn't really get it working (not enough patience and consistency, using a blade grinder...) So after using a stove top and a cheap krups burr grinder I've finally plumped for a classic. loving it so far, but waiting for normal baskets and a rancillo to turn up (although seem to be getting pretty good foam from the normal wand) cheers!
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