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  1. Wajid


    Hello everyone, Thanks for having me on the forum. I'm just getting started on the coffee journey. A recent trip to Milan opened my eyes to espresso and the delights of affogato! I'm so thankful for all the advice on this forum - I'll post more about myself in the Intros section...
  2. I'm loving my espresso machine and grinder - Alex Duetto and Mignon, will soon (hopefully) be a Niche - but it has one obvious disadvantage which is that I often have about 6 or 7 people to cater for at once. I'd like to do something else like a french press for this situation, but I don't want to change my grinder settings when I do because it takes me at least a couple of shots to get it right again for espresso. Is there an easy and inexpensive answer for this? I don't have to offer folks espresso in this situation, I just like to offer a good coffee. Once I get my new grinde
  3. How Illy coffee beans(not pre-ground) results if breweved with one of pour-over methods or Frech Press?
  4. Hi all. Have been lurking for a while, trying to make a decision on a first grinder. It seems most people here are discussing grinders for espresso making, which makes sense at the process really shows up a lousy grinder! I will mostly be drinking press coffee, at least to start with, then hopefully go onto espresso sometime in the future, so am looking to get something that can do a great coarser grind as well as a good/ decent espresso grind (if possible). For this reason I was thinking a stepped grinder; something like the Rancilio Rocky. From what I've read this will do a good all round
  5. Hi from sunny Suffolk, Over the last year I have started drinking coffee. At the moment I use a french press and cheap dualit grinder. I am thinking of upgrading to better equipment, but I am on a fairly tight budget. I would mostly like to make latte's, any advice would be welcome. Looking forward to the journey. James [TABLE=class: li rsittlref] [TR] [TD=class: pic p225 lt img] [/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE]
  6. This is my first post. Just got myself a Mazzer Mini e with a view to getting a proper espresso machine in the near future. I have been using it with a french press but have been a little disappointed with the results . The coffee seems to turn out too bitter . Previously I had been using a Peugeot hand mill and had good results. I have tried various grind settings. Seems to me there are too many fines even when on a course setting. Does anyone else use the Mazzer successfully with a french press.
  7. True to form the Bank Holiday produced ghastly weather (well in my neighbourhood anyway) but Saturday stayed dry just long enough to venture into London for a cupping, and a chance to meet a Coffee Forums Member agduncan, whom I hope more of you will get to meet too. We visited Tapped and Packed (my 4th visit in a week, due to it's focus on brewed coffee and proximity to Tottenham Court Road Station...) after the cupping and sampled a Union Hand Roasted Ethiopian Yirgacheffe brewed in a syphon. This had completely different characteristics to the Aeropress I had earlier in the week. It ne
  8. I started off using an aeropress and currently use a chemex, and it's occurred to me that I've never actually used a french press... Would quite like to play around with one just to broaden my horizons and given that it's not the most expensive method of brewing. Ideally I don't want to spend more than £30, are "cheap" french presses ok or is it recommended to get a "good" one? The espropress looks interesting but not willing to spend that much at the moment. Is there a FP that's cheap and worth it?
  9. I've been tinkering with espresso for the last 6 months or so, constantly checking grind size, tamping, input, output etc. and getting a bit obsessed with the whole thing. Due to a postal f$_€ up, the only beans I had in the house this morning were some green Nicaragua finca el bosque. So, I chucked some in the popcorn popper, roasted and cooled them, ground them and brewed them up in a caffetierre. The whole process took me about half an hour and the result........the most satisfying cup of coffee I've had in a long time!
  10. I'm moving house next week and having a bit of a clear out. Don't know if this is of any use to anyone... It's a Bodum Chambord French Press with scoop and box, but it's missing the glass (it's not like it's a key component...) My girlfriend bought this for me for my birthday last year, but the glass was cracked so they sent another press and I just kept the frame. I've had a look on Amazon and the Chambord is £25 new. A replacement 8 cup/ 1 Litre glass can be bought for £8-10 on eBay/Amazon. I'm after £9 delivered. Could be a way for someone to save a few quid on a B
  11. I'm a big fan of cafetiere/french press coffee, and have decided to 1) make the move to grinding my own beans, and 2) put together some kit for travelling, which I have to do a lot. I need to buy a grinder which I can use at home and pack to take on the road, which probably means a handheld rather than a knee held one (electric is right out). I've been recommended that Hario Mini by a friend who is a consultant barista (yes, apparently that's a thing), but then reading made me think for a while that a Porlex would be better (and the larger Porlex is still only as big as the Hario). Then I saw
  12. I was surprised by the low representation of the French press in MrBoots poll (less than 10% of manual brews), not because I think it is superior in any way, just because they are so easily available & widespread (I think every kitchen I have been in has one, we have several in the office) - there must be tens of thousands (at least) gathering dust, while owners are brewing pourovers & Aeropress brews (which makes perfect sense - quick clean up & paper filtered), or popping to a cafe. So, I guess I'm asking, "What puts you off using a French press"? For me, I generally fi
  13. JGF


    Hello all - I've been happily brewing (french press, aeropress and V60) for the last couple of years but now looking to start exploring espresso, ideally with some second hand kit. Great collection of advice in the forums, but currently going round in circles trying to work out the best place to start. Johnny
  14. Hey, Some people may remember me from a few years back. I had to take a break from here and coffee in general but have finally been given the green light to get back into the saddle so to speak so here I am. For those who don't know me, I'm female and live in the North East. I love coffee, have learnt loads from here and the guys at Hasbean and am looking forward to learning more. Current setup is Gaggia Classic with Eureka Mignon, CCD, Aeropress, V60, Chemex, French Press. I'm saving for a Slayer and Mazzer combo! Hope to get chatting soon and see some familiar names!
  15. Hey guys. My other half got me this grinder a short while ago. Now I'm getting more into coffee I'm starting to think I may need to replace it. Can I get away with it or does it NEED replacing? James
  16. Off on holiday in a couple of weeks and will be having a French Press-brewed coffee each morning. As I won't have a grinder is there going to be much difference between.... a - buying my usual French Press beans but ground b - buying my usual beans and grinding a load at home the day before we go c - just buying a bag of ground coffee from the supermarket and making do for the week Thanks!
  17. Northern Irish coffee fan here, have lurked for a couple of months and am finally making a post. Missed the roast day when ordering beans so having to wait until Thursday or Friday, currently going mad in a coffeeless house. Awaiting an Ethiopian and a Guatemalan. Current set up is a plastic V60 and a Eureka Mignon, although I will occasionally use French press. I own a Moka pot but I don't much like it. Anyway, Hello!
  18. Hi all, Apologies if this question has been addressed on numerous occasions! I am an "advanced beginner" in the world of coffee brewing, but very much appreciate the taste of good coffee! I have a Gaggia Classic and Aeropress at home, but would like to invest in a very good filter/drip machine - I get a bored with the Aeropress faff! I have a Porlex grinder, so am not looking for a grind n' brew. A brief search has suggested the Technivorm Moccamaster is a good option, but I was hoping to get your thoughts? My wife doesn't drink coffee, so 90 percent of the time, it's just me
  19. Hi There, I have a Eureka Mignon and a Silvia which satisfy my espresso needs, but I'm looking for an inexpensive grinder which will grind coarsely but reliably for French Press. - don't want to mess about with the Mignon as it's pretty 'dialled-in', and want something i can just switch on and grind with whilst bleary-eyed in the morning. I'm looking for something quite 'compact' as worktop space is at a premium, and I wondered whether anyone had any recommendations ? I've been looking at things like the Delonghi KG79 which seems to do an 'ok' job for something like French Pres
  20. I have been trying to find a quick and easy method for brewing a fairly large amount (~880ml) of coffee, with as little cleanup as possible. I would like to introduce more people at work to specialty coffee, but it has proved difficult to find a method that works. Since I generally use v60/AP I thought the V60-03 size would allow me to do this, without the need to buy a Chemex/drip machine. However, the brews I am getting are consistently as a much lower extraction and I'm not sure what to do to correct this. I am aiming for 1.50 TDS 21% EY as that is generally what I aim for with
  21. Hi all, Looking for views on a possible upgrade to an electric grinder. I drink french press currently, only at weekends, but I grind my beans at home with a Porlex tall. Does a a good enough job for me, but the grinding is becoming a bit of a chore and so coupled with a restriction in my hand control/ability, I'm considering buying an electric grinder. I was was looking at the Baratza Encore, but I'm seeing some knocks because of fines when grinding at larger courseness. I get get fines with my Porlex, so I'm wondering do you think I'll notice and adverse effect
  22. Hi, I'm fairly new to the forum, but have taken a lot of great info from it. my coffee work is really poor and recently started using a small French press with fresh beans, but I've not really been impressed with the result and was wondering if another brewing method would provide better results. I have been looking at the v60 and CCD? What would you recommend, or should I just stick with my French press?
  23. Hi, Been lurking for a while and have now joined. Have been drinking "normal" coffee (i.e. French Press) for years, but had a Nespresso at a friend's house recently and was surprised by the relative quality. After a bit of research, I realised that I could do far better than a pod machine, so I'm now in the market for an Espresso machine and grinder. I'll probably be making longer drinks at first (e.g. Latte, Americano) but I guess I may get the taste for Espresso. Think I've narrowed my choice down to a budget startup of Gaggia Classic and Graef CM800. (The Iberital MC2 jus
  24. Ok so whilst my education on Coffee, I would like to know which brewed method do you prefer and why? I am very much interested and willing to learn. I have a french press at home. I've recently discover drip coffee through a film about coffee and wanted to try that myself. Before I start collecting the equipment I would like to know your opinions please. cheers.
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