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Found 6 results

  1. https://baristahustle.com/mamuto/ [video=youtube_share;kB1Uq7G2gSc]
  2. Hi everybody , I have readed during a lot of time about caffe storage but yet I don´t have a clear grasp about how make it. I try to explain my doubt. I always buy packet lavazza 2,2 Lb in my country Spain here sell only that size . I recived 4 days ago my packet lavazza gold selection . I take 2 caffe per day abaut 20 gr per day, at month are 600 gr ,so I want storage the best possible way. I was thinking in purcharse this : https://www.amazon.es/Aitsite-Selladora-Envasadora-automático-Verduras/dp/B07QHVXFR5?ref_=s9_apbd_orecs_hd_bw_b2MXy8F&pf_rd_r=EEVBBC22PXKM6WD6Q3SW&pf_rd_p=5faee4bc-adf9-5d95-ab99-75afbd345d94&pf_rd_s=merchandised-search-10&pf_rd_t=BROWSE&pf_rd_i=2165441031 for the frezzer. So I am not how manage this , I take coffe in the morning . How I do this? How many packets need I make for the major conservation ?. I try to explain my question . If I make vacuum packets of 200 gr ( 5 packets) so I would have get off one packet of my freezer before sleep arround 11pm until 7am , is it right? I have readed the beans it needs to be unfreeze for them are use correctly. But if I made 200gr packes I would need 10 days for finish so Have I to made a small packet? or can I store those 200 gr in some of my own containers that I have ? I sent a picture of my containers , the black containers the problem it is more big ( 500gr). I am worried by the date of my lavazza coffe , maybe it woukd be necesary to make too many protocols about storage of Lavazza gold selection coffe why I dont buy the coffe in a shop packet 250 gr with the perfect roast date for consum, but it is a pitty my lavazza caffe it is lost the propertys for bad storage . so I do not know what to do . I attach the images. I want to apologize for my English just wish my text can be understand clearly. Best
  3. With all these Black Friday deals popping up I haven't been able to help myself and have made a tonne of orders (total 7kg....). The only way I can guarantee to get through them all without them going stale is to freeze the majority and come back to them as and when I need them. I received my Foundry beans this Friday just past, roasted on the 20th, received 23rd - I put them into the freezer straight away. Getting ahead of myself, I only just realised today that I didn't let them rest the full resting period before freezing. What would the protocol be now? Do I take out now, leave out for the full resting period and then refreeze? Or when the time comes do I remove with it in mind that they need to be out of the freezer for about a week before they are ready to be used? Or something else?
  4. I know that there has been quite a lot of discussion about vacuum packing and freezing on this forum, but I thought I would start a new thread as I'm doing some experimentation vacuum packing and freezing immediately after roasting. There's very interesting research on roasted bean outgassing here: https://atrium.lib.uoguelph.ca/xmlui/bitstream/handle/10214/8152/Wang_Xiuju_201405-PhD.pdf?sequence=2#page68. What was particularly interesting to me was the effect that humidity has on outgassing: many times greater than temperature. However temperature also has a major effect. So I wondered what would happen if I vacuum packed and froze the beans immediately after roasting. My thinking was that the vacuum packing and freezing would reduce the oxygen significantly, cut down the humidity to zero and lower the temperature to -19 or so: all of which should have a big effect on outgassing. My hope is that outgassing is directly tied to staling ... So what I have done so far is to roast one lot of Colombia Supremo to just 2nd crack (Medium Dark) and one lot of Yirgachefe to about 30 second after end of 1st crack (Light Medium). I divided both lots in two and vacuum packed both straight after roasting (I cooled the beans down quickly with a fan). I've put one set of beans in the freezer and kept the second set in a cupboard at room temperature. After one day the Colombia at room temperature had outgassed a bit. The Yirgachefe at room temperature had not, and neither the frozen Colombia nor the Yirgachefe had outgassed at all. I'm now into day 6 and the Colombia has outgassed a bit more (total of 250ml of gas for a bean weight of 100gms). The Yirgachefe at room temperature hasn't outgassed at all and neither have the frozen beans. From the PhD thesis above, it's not unexpected that the dark roast would have degassed more. But it is a bit surprising that the light roast Yirgachefe has not outgassed at all. What is really good news, to my mind, is that the frozen beans haven't yet outgassed at all. Still, it's early days, and the tasting test is yet to come. If there's any interest in this experiment I'll keep this post updated. Cheers Robert
  5. Hi All, A quick question, my wife isn't to keen on grinding coffee etc, she's not a coffee drinker, but she does have friends stop bye who would like a cup. So I was thinking that I might grind up some coffee and freeze it in single batches so she could just take one out of the freezer and brew via French Press as needed. Would this work OK? How long do you think ground coffee would store in the freezer? Thanks for your thoughts. Gareth
  6. I mentioned this idea of vacuuming and then freezing etc in that thread but it might be better to expand upon that here... Originally put the 500g bag straight into the hopper on day 5 after roast. That, on reflection, was too soon. It was around day 10 that I came to the end of these by which time the woodiness had mellowed a good deal allowing more of the choc through and another flavour that I have yet to identify. In my book these beans have a pleasant aftertaste at this point. Next bag was in the fridge during the interim period Straight out and into the hopper no prewarm to room temp. First point of note was the need to tighten the grind. Having done so I played with long and short both on weight and time of pour and have to say enjoyed these more when letting the pour go longer. Next bag out is currently still in use. It went straight from freezer to hopper and needed to go a bit coarser. Flavour wise no change to the fridged beans other than they felt fresher in use. and same rules apply...... pour long The last bag will spend overnight in room temp before going into the hopper but I have been feeling a bit off the last few days and my already poor palate is of no use whatsoever when I have a cold so it may be a while yet before I can report I have to say though that this Vac/freeze idea is not a bad one I am surely the last person to talk taste references but If you have any questions I will try to give my thoughts
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