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Found 22 results

  1. Had my setup (Gaggia Classic and Eureaka Mignon) for a week or so, but just seemed to hit the sweet spot to generate some foam today. I have been reading up on the forum and watching videos on YouTube. Not only that, the coffee was certainly better than our French Press and that’s with Waitrose beans, can’t wait to try some fresh roasted. Still getting to grips with the site, hence photo orientation.
  2. Hi guys, I own a 1996 Gaggia classic coffee since 3 years, paired with a MDX grinder. I usually pull nice shots with it and I am quite happy, but I may have found an almost new Francis Francis x1 v2 for a 100.00, so I am wondering if the upgrade is worth it. Would the Francis Francis be a better machine? Thanks in advance for your thoughts. Dorian
  3. Hi, I inherited an unused FF x1 machine from my girlfriend and finally got the right portafilter only to find it leaks from the joint behind the steam valve where the two brass pieces fit together. Can this be taken apart and resealed? It looks like it should come apart, but I'm unsure how to proceed. Here is a video of the leak. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U1ZtAtotIoY Thanks! Eric
  4. I'm a retired codger with time but minimal pennies. I'm reasonably adept with machinery and the mending thereof (I bought my Zanussi washing machine in the summer of 1986 and I've kept it going ever since - "they don't make 'em like that anymore"), and I will take the time and trouble to get the best out of whatever I'm using. I make coffee with a ceramic percolator which I bought in the 70's, a Hario Syphon, a Moka Pot and a Melitta filter machine amongst other things. (Won't mention instant.) I've put in the effort to master them and I think I'm mostly pretty adept! I've visited Ita
  5. Hi, my first post so hopefully it's in the right place. I inherited a Francis Francis X1, first generation with Aluminium boiler. I'd really like to use this machine but am concerned about the aluminium boiler and possible health risks so would like to find out about converting it to a brass boiler. I had seen mention of it on a thread in the forums by Hizerkite http://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?15058&p=147085#post147085 I have already sourced what I believe is a 2nd generation X1 machine (which was sold as spares) so now have the brass boiler, chrome plated shroud
  6. Hi,Grateful if anyone can shed light on this. I recently obtained a FFX1 2nd gen machine (takes ground coffee or pods) and when the pump is engaged water comes out from the steam wand not the group head? I took out the steam valve spindle (with the black knob on the end) and the thread and seals look ok - Could it be a blockage in the boiler tube? - I removed the shower screen but don't know how to remove the group head brew valve ( a brass fitting with two grooves and 4 little holes). Anyone faced this issue with the FFX1 before? Thanks
  7. Hi all, I'm new to this forum (it's not easy to navigate! Is that just me?) I need some advice please, I have recently tried to re-activate our old Francis and Francis X1. There is something not working correctly! I am pretty sure the pump is getting water to the boiler, which seems to be heating up ok, steam is available at the steam wand but nothing is coming out of the main port (into the portafilter) I have removed the front and top cover for a look but I haven't dismantled anything yet. My question is, is it possible that there is a blockage somewhere inside the boiler, ie scale build up?
  8. Hi, We've fairly recently bought a Francis Francis x1 and it seems we might be in the minority! Anyone else with one? Just wondered if anyone has any tips or has modded one in any way? Nick.
  9. Hi, I keep seeing mentions of naked portafilters and IMS/VST baskets? Are these an option on the Francis Francis X1(latest model)? Are there many other FF owners around? Cheers, Nick.
  10. Hi just joined last week, enjoyed looking around the site, lots of information (just took my beans out the fridge!). I have a Gaggia classic, had for years now but just started grinding beans, got a krups grinder 2 weeks ago. I also bought a Francis Francis x1 few weeks ago (blame e-bay) and surprised how different coffee tastes in different machines. was thinking of selling one of the machines but can't decide which one now. I've been buying Lavazza or starbucks beans and fancy trying different beans but even 250g is quite a lot if you discover you don't like it. Is there any way to try diffe
  11. Hi Total noobie here, but feels like Im in the right place! My Francis Francis X1 has started to trip the fuses on the house when turned on , so I tore it down to replace the element Gutted to find its a very early X1 with aluminium boiler and the 'small' element (10mm between terminals) which is no longer available according to Craystones Have any tech wizards identified an alternative element which works? Im reluctant to go down the brass boiler rebuild route due to cost - Currys are currently discounting new units for 250 quid (but bizarrely are charging way more f
  12. Hi Quick hello from a newbie Me & my good lady are both coffee lovers and stumbled upon this site whilst looking to repair our ageing Francis Francis X1. Its lasted remarkably well - we got it new in 1996 for about £150, but I cant believe how much theyve shot up in price, hence the repair options. Have had to resort to using the old stove top maker while Francis is poorly... I have a Bosch grinder and am slowly working my through my local Pumphreys bean range Cant beat a good coffee at home on a lazy Sunday morning!
  13. For sale is a superb Francis Francis X1. Just had a brand new element fitted, the boiler has been and totally descaled and all surfaces polished. Including handles for ground coffee and pods, filters, measuring spoon, tamper and descaler Looks great in any kitchen and rare to find in this condition. As with most second hand stainless items, there is some light surface scratching that is visible in strong light but as can be seen in the photos, the condition is generally excellent. Any question, please ask away. £250 + postage Thanks
  14. Hi All, First post and unfortunately a friend got me into coffee a few months ago, so now i've turned from the 40p coffee machine at work to freshly roasted beans in a Chambord or drip v60. I decided to invest in a coffee machine (Use this term lightly) I found myself (what I think a bargain) £22 for a Francis Francis X1 with a dodgy temperature dial from a popular bidding website. So once it arrives I don't expect it to be the best machine ever, however I'm sure it could do with a tidy up. Could you experts here please advise me on how/what I can do to DIY service or even point
  15. Hi, just joined today. I sold my Francis Francis x1 recently and now looking for a new machine possibly a rancilio silvia so I'm after plenty of advice!! richard
  16. Hi, I have just sold my Francis Francis X1 and looking to buy a Rancilio Silvia, is this a good choice? Is there anything I should look out for? thanks Richard
  17. Hopefully I am posting in the right place, I have been given a lovely looking pale blue x1 as a project to get me up and running . I have fixed the broken pump (which was the original problem) alls well there now . But as the machine was left sitting in my friends garage for almost two years the boiler has corroded away and there are pin holes in the boiler. Not really surprised as it is an original model which were fitted with ALU boiler, Have spent many an hour looking online for spares but too no avail cant seem to find a new boiler anywhere. 1) can I retrofit a brass boiler from the l
  18. Hi all , I've just bought Francis Francis X1 on eBay but it cannot make an espresso well so I am considering repair service for it. Could anyone recommend a repair centre near Manchester or tips for my machine? It looks like a classic first generation, so it looks already out of warranty. The problem is on its 'group head part' (or more inside?). When I turn it on and try to make an espresso, water is just dripping down from group head. Other part is well operated so i think i can repair to use it, not refund on eBay again. This is the first time to buy home espresso machine,
  19. I have this grinder and I have quite happy with it. However, people on here seem to slate it - one person said in a review I was reading all I would get is dishwater. Obviously, I do not want to drink dishwater!! Should I be looking to upgrade and sell Dualit on ebay? What does everyone think? Thanks
  20. Hi everyone, I've had my Francis Francis X1 for 11 months and, so far, have been more than happy with. Unfortunately the temperature gauge has stopped working and its impossible to tell whether the coffee or milk is at the right temperature. Has anyone has the same fault and, if so, what the low down on Eurofood Brands customer service?
  21. Hello, I'm new here, but thought I'd give it a try. I have a brand new, un-used Francis Francis X1 in orange. I recieved this as a gift and would like another colour. If anyone ins in the same predicament, but not with Orange, I would be very keen to negotiate a swap. I live in London N7, where the machine is currently being stored, but obviously, I would go out of my way to fascilitate the swap. I you are interested, or have any suggestions, please get intouch by reply to this thread. Thanks in advance, Oscarhotel:read:
  22. just ordered a Rancilio Silvia and base. So excited. It will arrive tomorrow. No doubt, I will have teething problems but that's all part of the addiction.
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