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  1. Fracino Heavenly SOLD To pair with this I have an Innova branded i1 grinder. This is the same as the Ascaso model of the same name, my assumption would be that Innova make products for Ascaso. Please note this is NOT the cheaper i1 mini. 54mm burrs in good condition, super fine worm gear adjustment, and on demand grinding with a timer press-switch. Super convenient. I have a knock draw which can be included too. Condition - there's a crack at the back of the grind chute, this has been there since my purchase and hasn't progressed. Otherwise all in good working order.
  2. Afternoon all, long time since I've posted or commented but that's another story. Always great to catch on the discussion here in those fleeting moments Anyhow does anyone have any good recommendations for getting a Cherub serviced in London (ideally SW)? I'm not keen to send it back to Fracino as that would involve packing/shipping and so on and it's in good shape, just needs all the valves and so on changed after 5yrs+ great service. I'm loathe to do it myself due to time constraints primarily and ideally I'd want someone to come to me and do it here given it's just valves etc... so I d
  3. Hi guys- my Fracino notifies me when the water level is low with that annoying beeping noise. However over the last few weeks it's just been going off even when the water is filled to the max. I've tried moving and pressing down on the fixed water tank (I know that there's a mm size connection or something beneath the tank) which turns off the bleeper, but as soon as I release pressure the bleeper goes off and it obviously cuts the element. I've called Fracino and they said it's definitely the connection. I've opened my machine a few times in the past and there's no scale build up whatsoever-
  4. Hi, Does anyone have any recommendations for servicing in London on a dual fuel Contempo? It's the gas side of things I'm a bit worried about, ideally I'd be looking for someone who could do a combined service + gas safe cert, if such a person exists. Cheers! Cal
  5. I'm after some advice on a replacement group gasket for my Little Gem. I'm not sure exactly how old it is but there's a service sticker from 2005. Based mainly on https://www.bluestarcoffee.eu/group-gasket-fracino-9mm-4006-p.asp saying Fracinos more than 3 years old take a 9mm gasket, I'm thinking it's a 9mm gasket. Can anyone confirm that? I was also wondering about putting a silicone gasket in. Any help with what could be compatible (if there is anything) would be great.
  6. Trying to confirm my thoughts on this problem. Installed a contempo recently, mobile unit with flojet. Upon heating for the first time i followed the open steam valves and groups while heating instruction but my right hand group (2 group) didn't get warm, let alone hot. So i followed the instruction of cracking open the group pipe on top of the boiler for a bit, closed it up and waiting...red hot group. However my water pressure on idle seems to like sitting in the red around 13, as soon as i open a group up it drops to 9 bar as per pump pressure setting but when i turn the group off
  7. Hi all, Further to my Bianca upgrade post, putting my faithful Piccino up for sale. She'd make a good first dual boiler machine for someone I reckon. Bought on 28/03/2012, she's not quite hit the 8 mark. Mechanically, there are no issues although the steam wand nossle could do with a new bit of ptfe tape and the steam wand itself can leak a little when cooling. I recently replaced the group gasket with a new cafelat silicone one and a new shower screen. Perhaps pulled three shots with the new ones. I had the machine fully serviced by Esspressotechno a few years back an
  8. Hello together I'm from Switzerland. Coffee and cycling are my hobbies. As a sideline, I enjoy running a coffee shop. On my gas-powered machine (similar to Fracino Retro FCL1) the boiler pressure is controlled by this GICAR gas pressostat (first picture). The pressure is regulated with the upper hexagon screw, the height of the lower flame (only to maintain the pressure) with a slotted screw (second picture). I assume the screws work according to the needle valve principle. My questions: - When I turn these control screws it smells like gas. Could it be that the O-ring
  9. Hi to all, I have a dual fuel contempo (same control buttons as some other models). And am programing my doses. What doses of ground coffee have you used and what type of drink do you make with each button because not sure if I can make a strong enough coffee for 2xcappuccino's in the double coffee one (I would tend to use the double expresso for each cappuccino) ? Fracino says - 1- single expresso in single filter holder (to make a single expresso) = .....gr coffee 2 - single coffee in single filter holder (to make a single cappuccino or latte) ?... coffee 3- double expre
  10. I have a 9 month old Piccino which is only used for 2-3 coffees per day; I always use Volvic water. When I switch it on in the morning it goes through a filing and heating process, then it vents steam from a valve behind where the steam wand joins the upper part of the machine. This can last from 1 to 5 minutes before it clicks off and all is well. Over time this steaming time is getting longer. Any suggestions of what is wrong and how to fix it. Any advice would be much appreciated.
  11. Need some help ASAP with a coffee machine that I have seen online. We are on a tight budget, start up micro-pub which also wants to sell coffee. I've been looking at a Fracino Classic 2 on eBay for what I consider a very cheap price - considering that it has extras included. The listing states that its used, it's visibly not been kept in a pristine condition as you can see burnt milk on the wand. This troubles me. How hard would this be to clean, will there be issues with other parts of the machine because of this? I'm worried that if the person hasn't used it in a while it may be faulty
  12. I've gone from one extreme to the other, for years I have only made brewed coffee, either V60 or Aeropress. I bought a new (to me) grinder a couple of months ago, and then a few weeks ago bought a Fracino Piccino and now only drink espresso, after having dialled the grinder in for a decent espresso, I can't summon the enthusiasm to change it so dramatically to make a cup using the brew methods. So, I think I need a second grinder for brewed coffee. ~The Wilfa Svart seems like a good choice, what else is out there? (I don't want a Niche)
  13. I recently purchased a Fracino Piccino which I bought for an absolute steal! Deep down I knew there must be some faults with it to justify the price, although the seller assures me it was working perfectly before he shipped it to me Anyway.....I have stripped and revived 4 x La pavoni Eurpicollas and totally dismantled and serviced a Gaggia Classic myself, so am not afraid to tackle repairs myself. I don't have much experience with Fracino or the Piccino so was wondering if anyone has any advice or ideas of what could be wrong. Here is a video of the machine https://drive.google.com
  14. I bought this in mid January from Nisbets for the bargain price of £400 brand new, but upgraditis has struck hard and I’m wishing I’d spent more to start with. It’s a capable dual boiler machine and makes a decent shot. I’ve never used the steamer, and have made 3 shots max with it, 5 or 6 days a week. It’s been fed Volvic, and cleaned, backflushed, Espazollad regularly. Im after £325 for it, collection only, in South Yorkshire. lucy poems by william wordsworth analysis
  15. Having upgraded to an LR, this has to go. Purchased new in Feb 2015, has been used with nothing but Volvic, regularly cleaned and flushed, average of around 4 drinks per day. It's in good condition, with the expected marring on the top due to cups living there, and some small scratches on the right hand side that are pretty subtle, you can see one of them in the reflection of the black PF handle. A whole bunch of accessories included: Wood handled bottomless PF (drilled out to be actually bottomless, as opposed to the stock Fracino open bottom) Wood handled single spou
  16. Mick H

    Coffee car

    Smart car passion converted into a mobile coffee business with fracino duel fuel two group machine. Smart car passion '53 reg 49K, MOT until Oct 2019, recently serviced Fracino duel fuel with two group barista machine, capable of 240 cups per hour. Machine has had a recent descale. Also included; - fracino grinder - sink with tap and 70L fresh water tank - inverter, water pump £6500 - no offers
  17. I have a Fracino Classic Dual Fuel 2 Group Coffee Machine and as far as I can gather it does not have an internal high pressure water pump. Will be using this on a mobile van and I've been searching and searching to try and find which pump I should be using to feed the machine but cant find any hints. Is there a recommended pump for this machine or does it just have to be a 12V pump that meets a certain psi requirement? I'm not talking about the flojet, I'm aware this is needed to replicate mains pressure, however I'll likely be mounting the water tank slightly higher than the coff
  18. Can anyone offer some advice please? I picked up this lovely machine (Classico/Ariete) from the forum last year, and have had nothing but fun, trying to ‘learn’ the basics and craft! Over the last couple of days, I noticed a feint hissing coming from inside. I thought it may be the pressure release valve, so opened up expecting to do a little manipulation to relieve, or to remove and clean up (assuming the o ring may be buggered). The PRV looked great and was working well, so looked around the other side and saw the image attached (mineral build up?). Couldn’t see any steam,
  19. https://www.gumtree.com/p/other-kitchen-appliances/fracino-dual-fuel-lpg-coffee-espresso-machine-3-years-old/1362174552
  20. Hi guys! Been a browser for a short while around here trying to gather as much information as I can. In the process of setting up a mobile coffee company but I’m falling at the first hurdle. My situation: I want to be fully mobile so I can move from one side of the city to the other and stick by the crowds. ive been looking at the 1-group Fracino FCL1. It’s a lever model and can run, I think, solely on gas power. I’ve been spending hours now just looking to find a complete set up and/or a guide on getting this fully set up and operational but I’m struggling. The guide on the Fr
  21. Hey guys, Just wondered what temperature setup you all have for machines without a PID. My friend in Glasgow uses a rigged up portafilter with foil in and a digital thermometer with a long lead/sensor that goes up into the portafilter. Said was much more accurate than the meat thermometer into cup method. I have a Fracino Piccino and realise that there could be quite a temperature variation- I usually heat up for between 10-20 minutes prior to use and flush through, but no real idea of actual temperature. My friend runs water through until roughly 93/94, and then removes the DIY portafilt
  22. Hi, I've been looking into buying a Piccino, but could someone please advise on how easy (or more likely difficult) these machines are to clean and maintain? So far from reading, there is no difinitive answer on how to descale Fracino machines, other than sending them back to manufacturer. And as a complete novice, how do I properly look at a second hand machine before buying to see that it has been properly cleaned and cared for? Thanks in advance!
  23. Amazing condition Fracino dual fuel machine, semi automatic. All the details with pictures and videos can be found here ...https://www.gumtree.com/p/restaurant-catering-equipment/dual-fuel-immaculate-commercial-espresso-coffee-machine-fracino-mobile-catering-lpg-gas-electric-/1292007146 Listed for sale at £1895, realistically looking for £1700 ono.
  24. Hey all, I recently purchased a Cherub off the forum. Its in great condition and no issues with the machine itself. It had an aftermarket Bottomless/naked PF with it which ive been using to gauge flow etc. The coffee when using this with either the 15g VST basket or Espresso parts HQ double basket seems to just spray coffee in multiple places, but at the same time I am also getting a nice flow which is centralised through the basket, just with some spraying dotted around the edges of the basket. So........im quite confident that my process is pretty good, I use fresh beans, weigh i
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