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Found 193 results

  1. Hi, Flojet seems to be the most popular water pump - have I got this right or can anyone recommend another brand of pump? Thanks for your time, much appreciated.
  2. wilton


    Hi! I spent a bit of time using this forum as a source of useful answers to questions other people had already asked. Then I got a mystery Fracino bargain/disaster for £100 off eBay and registered to ask for help getting it working, but I couldn't work out how to post in the Fracino section. Maybe an etiquette thing? Speaking of which, is there an etiquette/rules guide for newbies? I feel like there must be but I can't seem to find it. Oh, and I ended up getting my ancient Little Gem working anyway with the help of Sue at Fracino, who was really great. So if you ever read this, Sue: Thank you!
  3. Hi guys- my Fracino notifies me when the water level is low with that annoying beeping noise. However over the last few weeks it's just been going off even when the water is filled to the max. I've tried moving and pressing down on the fixed water tank (I know that there's a mm size connection or something beneath the tank) which turns off the bleeper, but as soon as I release pressure the bleeper goes off and it obviously cuts the element. I've called Fracino and they said it's definitely the connection. I've opened my machine a few times in the past and there's no scale build up whatsoever- I use Ashbeck and a water filter in the tank. Anyone got any suggestions, because as it stands I can't use the machine (. Is there a wire I could disconnect in the back etc? (obvs you'd need to be very careful monitoring the water level etc. as there wouldn't be any warning). Ideally you'd just take the tank out for a look, but no idea how you can take the tank out- looks pretty fixed. Chris
  4. Fracino Heavenly SOLD To pair with this I have an Innova branded i1 grinder. This is the same as the Ascaso model of the same name, my assumption would be that Innova make products for Ascaso. Please note this is NOT the cheaper i1 mini. 54mm burrs in good condition, super fine worm gear adjustment, and on demand grinding with a timer press-switch. Super convenient. I have a knock draw which can be included too. Condition - there's a crack at the back of the grind chute, this has been there since my purchase and hasn't progressed. Otherwise all in good working order. More pictures. £250 for the Heavenly, £50 for the i1. I might consider part-ex for a decent filter grinder that doesn't take up the whole kitchen. This machine is huge so no postage. Collect just north of Oxford. I would consider local delivery I'd prefer you come to see this first.
  5. I'm selling my coffee gear as follows: SOLD - Fracino Cherub - SOLD Mazzer SJ - bought second hand from this forum also in 2013. The Mazzer doser handle return spring snapped a few years ago and I've never replaced it. Collection from Lancaster but happy to deliver to reasonable distance Northwest. PRICE REDUCTION: £160 for the grinder, which is advertised elsewhere. The Fracino Cherub in the photograph is now sold
  6. Hi All, Looking for a Dual Boiler machine, missed out on the Sage the other day and want something similar. Willing to pay more for something higher end if available, but for price perspective, lets say £400+ (I appreciate this is lower end, but as I said am willing to pay more if someone says they have something nice.) I'm willing to travel for a good machine, but geography is dependant. I live in Hereford for location. Or would **POSSIBLY** consider courier, if the package was wrapped like a mummy. I'm open to suggestions, but want something in good condition, well serviced/looked after. Added extras would always be a benefit. What have you got..................... Cheers Nick
  7. Hey guys, Thinking of upgrading from Gaggia Classic and would like your opinion on the below machines: Fracino Piccino - 550 euro although I think I could get it to 450 euro: https://www.adverts.ie/business-stock/fracino-piccino-coffee-machine/13852744 Little Gem Fracino - 500 euro and probably could also get it down to 450 euro: https://www.adverts.ie/other-business-office/little-gem-fracino-coffee-machine/14044323 Can't find too much info about both of them and how they compare to each other. Piccino is pretty much brand new and has been only on one exhibition; Little Gem has been used in the small coffee place. Appreciate your thoughts. Also, what would you be looking at when inspecting them before buying? Cheers.
  8. Can anyone offer some advice please? I picked up this lovely machine (Classico/Ariete) from the forum last year, and have had nothing but fun, trying to ‘learn’ the basics and craft! Over the last couple of days, I noticed a feint hissing coming from inside. I thought it may be the pressure release valve, so opened up expecting to do a little manipulation to relieve, or to remove and clean up (assuming the o ring may be buggered). The PRV looked great and was working well, so looked around the other side and saw the image attached (mineral build up?). Couldn’t see any steam, but took the sides off to look further and confirm. Yep, very small stream of steam leaking from the circled area. Question: is this fairly common? Am I able to fix this in situ? Is it as simple as trying to unscrew the element part, clean the thread, and Reposition using some sort of sealant/ptfe tape? My worry is about damaging/twisting the copper boiler, as the element part is brass (it seems?) Or, could it be filed down and sealed somehow - although this sounds like a bodge approach - unless the alternative is a new boiler! help please, I’m pretty handy, but don’t want to make it worse by taking the wrong approach. thanks in advance - I’ll ask my wife to give a foot massage to the best answer. Can’t say she’ll agree, but it’s the thought that counts ??
  9. Mick H

    Coffee car

    Smart car passion converted into a mobile coffee business with fracino duel fuel two group machine. Smart car passion '53 reg 49K, MOT until Oct 2019, recently serviced Fracino duel fuel with two group barista machine, capable of 240 cups per hour. Machine has had a recent descale. Also included; - fracino grinder - sink with tap and 70L fresh water tank - inverter, water pump £6500 - no offers
  10. Hello together I'm from Switzerland. Coffee and cycling are my hobbies. As a sideline, I enjoy running a coffee shop. On my gas-powered machine (similar to Fracino Retro FCL1) the boiler pressure is controlled by this GICAR gas pressostat (first picture). The pressure is regulated with the upper hexagon screw, the height of the lower flame (only to maintain the pressure) with a slotted screw (second picture). I assume the screws work according to the needle valve principle. My questions: - When I turn these control screws it smells like gas. Could it be that the O-ring or the screw are damaged? - Ist it simple to change the o-ring or the screw? - How tricky is the replacement of the gas regulator? Thanks for your help
  11. Having upgraded to an LR, this has to go. Purchased new in Feb 2015, has been used with nothing but Volvic, regularly cleaned and flushed, average of around 4 drinks per day. It's in good condition, with the expected marring on the top due to cups living there, and some small scratches on the right hand side that are pretty subtle, you can see one of them in the reflection of the black PF handle. A whole bunch of accessories included: Wood handled bottomless PF (drilled out to be actually bottomless, as opposed to the stock Fracino open bottom) Wood handled single spout PF NR E61 double spout PF (lugs ground since they were too thick) Stock double, 2x single and blind baskets IMS shower screen fitted, stock screen included Cafelat 8mm silicone grouphead gasket fitted, 8.5mm also included 4x2mm steam tip fitted, 2x2mm also included BWT filter collar Paperwork and packaging Asking £600 - collection/exchange only for now. I'm based near Nottingham, but can travel to meet somewhere mutually agreeable to exchange as well https://i.imgur.com/fWd3ef4.png https://i.imgur.com/u9vv1bE.png https://i.imgur.com/qoMXA5f.png https://i.imgur.com/q7I1Dn6.png https://i.imgur.com/EUobTud.png
  12. Unexpectedly, the group on my twin boiler Fracino Piccino stopped producing hot water yesterday. I searched online advice and suspected I may have induced an air lock - although I wasn't convinced.... Today, I took it apart and, with the power on but no chassis (being very careful too!) I checked the flow of electricity from the mains input through to the group boiler. It's worth noting that Fracino have loads of excellent PDFs online, including a comprehensive parts list and wiring diagram. I found two thermostats on the boiler, they should both have live current going through them and terminating on one side of the boiler element. Using a voltmeter I found that the lower stat was closed (power flowing through)but the top one was open, effectively preventing mains power reaching the element. This stat should only open once the temperature reaches 90 degrees or so at the top of the boiler. With the mains power off, I removed the stat by unscrewing it and gave the spade contacts a good wiggle! Using a continuity tester I found that the contacts had now closed. I popped the stat back on, reconnected the spades and powered it up. The group boiler immediately heated up and the stat opened when the outside of the boiler reached about 60 degrees. It's been working fine now for the rest of the day! I'll order a new pair of stats from Fracino and replace both of them asap. I hope this helps someone in the future - a frustrating problem with a simple solution
  13. Hello everyone, After buying an ex army Land Rover last year, I have finally finished converting it into a Gourmet Coffee Bar, but I'm really not so great on the power front, so needing some advice! I have a Fracino CON2ELPG, which in the future I will be running on LPG, but for this summer I shall be powering the Machine with a generator. The Element rating is 2.85kw, and pump is roughly 150 watts. The rest of my equipment, grinders etc, will be battery and inverted operated so that's not a problem. So what maximum & continuous wattage would I need from the gene? Would I get away with a Gene with a maximum 3.1kw, or would I need 3.5kw. Also would anyone know if I need an inverter gene or if AVR would be enough? Getting very stressed about this so any help would be much appreciated! Thanks!!! Harry
  14. Just a small topic to show all the pr0n nakedness of a Fracino Cherub being cleaned, stripped and rebuild to restore it to some form of glory I asked here for some recommendations for cleaning products in order to get this moving, but frankly I wan't to try the coffee from it as is at the moment! For that reason, last night I just had a wee look inside the case and taken a few bits off to see how they were faring. Below, credit goes to Puly Caff, plus for the brass shower head a citric acid paste, applied with a finger. Next are portafilters, although, they already had a 15min soak in Puly... I'm not sure if the internals of the portafiler can look any better - looks to me like the chrome layer has gone completely. Any suggestions?
  15. Hi all, Help needed to get my posting numbers up to be able to view the for sale section! Current set up is Rancillo Rocky and Gaggia Classic, but now looking to upgrade the Classic. Was planning to buy a new Fracino Piccino, but the dual boiler is not really relevant as I always black coffee and only steam milk for the occasional guest Wife won't let me stretch to a Fraccino Cherub this time, so after reduced my expectations to a Quick Mill Carola, I have dropped the budget to £500 for a new Quick Mill Silvano (tickling my fancy due to the PID). I'd like to see what used bargains the good people of this forum are selling. Sooo, that's my thinking.........nice weather here in Bristol...!!
  16. Hello all, My machine broke down this week. I believe its a faulty element, no continuity across it and the ECU is still providing power to it. I've seen a few places online supplying them, I assume its good practice to replace the element gasket at the same time? Is it as straight forward as it seems? I'd like to thoroughly descale the boiler while I've got direct access to it, any tips for descaling through the element hole? Ha! Thanks!
  17. The Fracino Piccino is a dual boiler machine, one boiler for coffee and one to provide steam. Made in Birmingham and are very well built and are very well regarded. This machine is very small and compact, barely larger than a Gaggia Classic, it will fit on most kitchen work tops. It is a definite and worthwhile improvement from the SBDU (Single Boiler dual Use) machines such as the Gaggia Classic or the Rancilio Silvia. Tank fed, does not need to be plumbed in. Because the brew boiler uses a bimetallic thermostat to regulate temperature, it suffers from the same drawback of imprecise temperature control and a lag in getting back to optimum temp after use. The same problem afflicts the Classic and Silvia. To improve on this and to give the ability to set the desired output temperature, I have modified the machine to PID control. I have read of other people asking about this modification but don’t know of anyone having ever done it, I’ve read that the factory considered incorporating a PID but there is a lack of space in the case and they thought that it would be too expensive for the machines price point. It can easily be put back to standard if needed. Faults – not many, machine is working well, no issues. There is a 3/4 inch scratch on the ‘power bulge’ on top of the machine, light scratching on some of the rest of the stainless, nothing serious. New group gasket and shower plate. Standard two hole steam tip and a home made single tip, I can provide a blank tip as well so that you can drill it to incorporate any of your own ideas. It is deceptively heavy for its size, cash on collection preferred, I can demonstrate it working. I live near Oswestry on the Welsh border. Local meet up or delivery is possible. I can bring it to Birmingham or Manchester train stations for £15 towards my fare. I don’t like couriers but will pack it up as well as I can if you want to arrange you own courier and insurance – I don’t want to be held responsible when the couriers throw the box about. I am asking £350 for it, I am selling in order to upgrade so if you have a better machine to swap, perhaps needing attention, talk to me. No commercial machines please, I already have an Iberital L’Anna.
  18. For sale is my Fracino Cherub espresso machine + Eureka Mignon grinder, with a few extras, all for £600. Hoping to sell as all items together at this stage, but if there is no interest in the full package after a week or so I’ll consider splitting the cherub and the grinder. Collection or local delivery only at this stage - the machine is in Fife (near Dunfermline), and I work near Glasgow. The Cherub I bought the machine from michaelg (forum member) in December 2014, and I believe he bought the machine from shrink (also a forum member), who originally purchased it around Jan 2013 from Espresso Underground (I’m copying some of this from michaelg’s advert in 2014…he might be able to confirm the history of the machine, but any mistakes in this are entirely my fault!!). The machine is in excellent working order, serviced and new pump fitted by Espresso Services in Glasgow when I bought it. Regularly back-flushed. It has only lived in Scotland so scale shouldn't be an issue at all. Included in the sale of the machine (as shown in the photos): · Standard fixtures and fittings as the machine is sold with · Replacement steam arm from Londinium (so thread is on steam tips not the wand) with 4x1.2mm, 4x1mm, 2x1mm and 3-hole Tidaka tip. The original wand with tips is also available should you prefer it · Steam and water taps and bottomless portafilter handles made from bubinga wood (from Peter Bradley at Avicenna's Solution) (machine is currently fitted with the original handles) · Two spout portafilter handle. · Strada basket · IMS shower screen (original also available) · Motta tamper · Tamping mat · Grinderstein knock-box · Blind filter · Half a tub of puly caf + cleaning brush · I don’t have the original box, sorry The Mignon I bought the machine originally from Machina Espresso in Edinburgh in December 2014, but there was a problem with the original so this is a replacement, I think about 12 months old (don’t have exact dates, sorry…). Mark 2 version in gloss black. According to my Rave order history it’s been through around 10kg of beans so still pretty fresh. Excellent condition, as I hope the photos show. Again, I don’t have the original box – over-zealous spring-clean at the start of the year… Happy to give you a demo if you live locally. Photos below (I'll add another couple of photos in a few mins), please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!
  19. Hiya coffee people, I'm David, Dave if you like. From Liverpool, I'm a carpenter but i also like to get involved with car mechanics even engine rebuilds, so i thought getting my head around my Fracino cherub would be a doddle. After bringing brew pressure down from 13 to 10bar i'm still not getting a crema on my shots. Although every improvement that i have read on here (bst filter, longer warm up, pre infusion) have all benefited me i still only have a wispy bit of crema coloured liquid. But the coffee i drink now is better than before finding this site. So thanks people and i look forward to learning more.
  20. Hi, I have had a Gaggia Baby Class D for the last couple of years and am now looking to upgrade. I began with a Dualit grinder which even with the burr realignment mod couldn't grind finely enough so it wasn't long before I ordered a MC2 doserless espresso grinder, now I could pour correctly timed espresso/ristretto shots with decent crema but the taste was very sour. It turned out I had serious channeling issues although not completely resolved, have been minimised by carefully dosing, knocking and tamping. I then bought a bottomless PF to help the diagnosis which certainly helped me dial in my dosing technique and I can now regularly achieve lovely 30 sec tiger striped shots with good crema but I am still struggling to get rid of the sour taste. I have attempted temperature surfing and have bought a thermocouple to help me figure out what was happening but am really struggling. I think the machine may be delivering more pressure than is ideal but this model does not have an adjustable pressure valve which is another reason for thinking of upgrading. Hoping to get better temperature stability, adjustable pressure control and hopefully a better made machine as the current Gaggia has a broken steam button and wand and is generally looking rather tired after only a couple of years of use. Thanks, Tom
  21. Well folks my search is over (for a while). Last week off Ebay I bought a Fracino. Underneath it says Cunill. It's a 1998 Tauro 285W. The ebayer, a lovely lady said she bought it for her sandwich shop and I don't think she has it anymore. Another dream shattered. When I got it home I gave it a thorough clean, I did ask about the burrs and she said prior to buying it ten months ago it had been reconditioned and had new burrs then. I couldn't see any wear anyway and it grinds a treat, it has a big doser on the front which after cleaning and using was just full of coffee again to go stale between uses so off it came and I got to work with a pop bottle modification. Now coffee exits the grinder drops down the bottle to the neck where a few flicks distributes it round the portafilter with very little waste. The big hopper on the top, that had to go! Now I have my homemade hopper to grind in smaller fresher quantities. Not beautiful but very functional.
  22. wolsnah

    Hi all :)

    Hello everyone, my name is Steve, and I'm a coffee-holic. I've been reading these forums for some time now, and thought I better sign up and get involved in the community. Myself and my good lady have been the proud owners of a Magimix R500 Robot Cafe bean to cup machine for the past five years or so, but it's now starting to show some signs of age so we're looking to replace it with something a bit more engineered, from metals rather than plastics, and will give us a superb cup of coffee. I like the look of the new Fracino Piccino so interested to hear from anyone who has played with one, seen one, etc.
  23. Hello. I'm looking at building a mobile coffee cart and have been recommended that I go with a machine that uses has gas as opposed to electricty for mobility reasons and to avoid noisy generators. I'm looking for 'duel fuel' as if there is an electricty supply on location, i would naturally like to option of using it. I know an english company called Fracino who make these but I've not come accross any others. Someone has mentioned that lever machines do use electricty but have some sort of internal electrical system which can run off a battery as opposed to an electrical generator? Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Jerome
  24. MyEspresso claim to be offering a "custom made version of the Piccino" which is "a much sturdier construction both external and internal". Anybody know anything about this? (No, I am not replacing my Londinium, this is just an enquiry on behalf of a friend)
  25. First post on here so a big hello to everybody! I have recently purchased a Fracino Classic commercial machine (2nd hand) for a cafe my mother in law runs. I rigged it all up over the weekend but I am having a problem , the machine will not produce hot water from the wand. The steam wand , and the group (I believe it is called the group, The coffee "brewer" in the middle) both work fine. If I turn the manual valve for hot water - nothing happens!. The steam gets upto pressure/temprature rather quickly but the hot water side does not move past 3 (The green zone is at 12) I presume this is just heat from the steam radiating to the water? I presume this machine is a double boiler, although I'm not sure. Does anybody have any ideas on what the problem may be? Here is some more background info. Machine was barely used - then went into "dry storage" for 5 years. I then collected machine - plumbed the water in , plugged her in and fired her up. I have a few suggestions but I know little to nothing about these machines so I would rather seek advice first. 1. Issue with Thermostat - needs replacing / resetting 2. Boiler broken (I hope not) 3. Blockage somewhere (solenoid?) This machine has been sat for years! 4. I have missed something , I.E manual pump , some first time run step that I missed out. I have searched the forum for simliar issues but I can't find anyone with the same issue with the same machine. I was going to contact Fracino first but they are now on a £1.50 a min 090 number! I really hope we can get this going as I've just forked out quite a chunk for it on a cash transaction (I know that was pretty dumb) We really need the hot water wand as a lot of customers order Tea (We are up North!) and the kettle just isn't quick enough. Machine in question is almost identical to this (Just looks a little newer) Many Thanks Dean
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