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  1. Hi there I will soon have for sale a Fracino Classico (the one with the wooden joysticks). It's in great shape, cosmetically too, as I just fitted brand new top, rear, and right panels, along with a nice shiny new drip tray, that isn't even scratched yet! Anyway, just testing the water to see if there will be much/any demand for this machine. Thanks
  2. £200 buy now on the bay, Seems to be a good buy to me, tempted.... .... already posted....
  3. Bargain in Portsmouth https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F192334070343
  4. Unexpectedly, the group on my twin boiler Fracino Piccino stopped producing hot water yesterday. I searched online advice and suspected I may have induced an air lock - although I wasn't convinced.... Today, I took it apart and, with the power on but no chassis (being very careful too!) I checked the flow of electricity from the mains input through to the group boiler. It's worth noting that Fracino have loads of excellent PDFs online, including a comprehensive parts list and wiring diagram. I found two thermostats on the boiler, they should both have live current going through them and term
  5. Only a minor leak but still a leak! The tube from the little chrome/shiny fitting is leaking when the machine is turned on. It has started to rust the base panel under the pump so I need to stop it. Can the fitting be tightened or does it need replacing? Looks like something I can do myself or am I being foolish? Any help appreciated CAn't get rid of the sideways photo ~ sorry!
  6. Having found out if your machine is OK to backflush, it can still be a daunting task, see how to go about doing it here: [video=youtube_share;qwvYCGxV3xI]
  7. Looking at the retro lever machine. New models seem to come in 2 variants.Chrome top on the group and a straight lever or black top with twisted lever.Are there any other differences between these two? Does anyone have any strong opinions on these machines? Thank you.
  8. Hi ladies and gents, My business is looking to buy a dual fuel Fracino Contempo CON2 coffee machine so can provide a quality cup of coffee at events that we attend. To begin with we have been using small scale percolators which as I'm sure you can imagine isn't ideal. Fracino seem to be a leader in the market for mobile coffee vendors but their literature on setup isn't the best. So I'm hoping I can get some help here. I have a few questions, do you need the inverter and battery? we can get a 240 electrical supply at the events we do as most are indoors, I assume 240 is enough? if
  9. Hi. I have seen a used Cherub for sale for £575.00. Is this a good price? It has the Fracino half century badge (1963-2013), so one assumes it is 4 years old max. Just to explain, I have a Gaggia Classic, and was wanting to upgrade to a Heat Exchange machine, mainly to get consistency when steaming milk. Thanks, Ray
  10. If anyone fancies taking a punt: https://www.gumtree.com/p/restaurant-catering-equipment/fracino-coffee-machine-and-grinder/1285143081
  11. a while back i got an astounding deal on a fiamma latina i and its served me well but its now due both a serious servicing and a new water filter at minimum. being that its both old and rather rare i think the cost of a service and parts will far outweigh the cost of an equivalent or better machine so i think its time i retire it. Ive set my max budget at £500 and am open to refurbs and second hand machines. Im kind of used to having the machine always on like i do with my current one and having it plumbed is a big bonus (im lazy what can i say?) so it would be ideal if it were something
  12. I contacted Fracino and was told I never have to descale my machine. I find this hard to believe. Has anyone descaled their retro and how did you go about this?
  13. Hey guys, Thinking of upgrading from Gaggia Classic and would like your opinion on the below machines: Fracino Piccino - 550 euro although I think I could get it to 450 euro: https://www.adverts.ie/business-stock/fracino-piccino-coffee-machine/13852744 Little Gem Fracino - 500 euro and probably could also get it down to 450 euro: https://www.adverts.ie/other-business-office/little-gem-fracino-coffee-machine/14044323 Can't find too much info about both of them and how they compare to each other. Piccino is pretty much brand new and has been only on one exhibition; Little
  14. Morning all, Picked up a second hand Bambino recently for my workshop. Unit was serviced in November of this year and had lots of new parts (inc element), however on setting the unit up my water appears to be rather cloudy (even after leaving it settled for a long time, so clearly not just bubbles) previous owner had the unit running with a dual filter setup and i am running the Fracino DSU 10L filter (flushed before use with 5 buckets of water, although was running clear by bucket 3) I am planning on dropping the water out today and inspecting the boiler for scale, there was a
  15. Don't know if you have seen it yet, but Fracino have redesigned the Heavenly. I really quite like it! What do you all think?
  16. Hello and Happy New Year etc, Got everything fired up again today post snow/frost/eating/drinking binge and have a couple of issues left to resolve. The water level window shows the level is about 5/7mm above the top mark, most likely not an issue but is there a way to reduce this back within the upper and lower level indicators. If I run tap whilst pump is off it just fills back up as soon as I with machine/pump on. I've already had to replace pressure switch on Flojet pump and tighten up connection hidden under switch on left side of machine. Still have an airlock in the fil
  17. Hi all I tried to make my first shot using the 18g VST basket in my Cherub using the standard Cherub portafilter. However adding 17g of beans into basket and tamping did not work as it would not lock into the group head. Was very tight to even try and close. Is this a known issue? I can max only use 15g of coffee currently. Thanks
  18. Hi all, I’m looking for a new machine as my Gaggia Achille needs some work and I don’t really have the time to work on it, I may fix it up in the future as it’s actually been a great machine and I’m hoping it’s just a few new seals and the wiring connecting back up after I disconnected it all, don’t ask. I’m considering a Fracino piccino from nisbits(currently 563 with discount code and quidco) which I thought was a really good deal. Is there any other machine around the £600 mark I should consider? I’ve been perfectly happy with a lever machine so would consider another, drink espresso,
  19. Pretty sure it's a Little Gem, anyway. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/coffee-machine/172791150464
  20. Currebtly have a dual fuel Fracino on my bench, everything fine apart from one little thing that is bugging me. When the machine is on all the touchpad led's illuminate, when one of the buttons is selected the rest go out apart from the one which is on. This is purely cosmetic and doesn't stop the machine from functioning correctly in anyway, however I must of had 50+ Fracinos on my bench over the last few years and I have never had this where all the led's stay illuminated. Usually they are all out and only come on wghen pressed. I am sure I read somewhere that there is a way t
  21. Totally love my new Cherub. One thing I have noticed though is that the spent pucks are soaking wet. My old Gaggia Classic left them bone dry, and they went straight into the knock box, leaving the basket as clean as a whistle. Now I am left with a soggy mess each time, and have to wash the basket after each pull. Is this a feature of the Cherub do you know, or do I perhaps have a fault here? Best wishes, Ray
  22. I bought this machine to replace my Cherub (also soon for sale), which I was hugely impressed with. I bought some new panels and drip tray etc for it to "mint it up a bit" and whilst I waited for the parts to arrive I bought a 2 group La Spaz S1!!! So this is for sale, and boy will you be pleased with it. Just look how shiny it is!!! Lol. Comes with two portafilters and a brand new unused spare water filter cartridge. On the last image you will need a small scratch on the group head. I'm starting this off at £550.00 inc. delivery. Also available for collection from Battle, E
  23. Would you recommend your machine for someone wanting to make milk based drinks thanks
  24. Hi I've seen a Fracino Classic that looks fairly clean and reconditioned on ebay (apologies for not posting this in the "seen in ebay" section, I'm still too much of a newbie to be allowed in there! Can someone tell me the going rate for one of these machines as I reckon the one on ebay is a little over priced. Also - I'm getting conflicting information dependent when I try to research - is it a true E61 group? Many thanks Elliot
  25. Hey all, I recently purchased a Cherub off the forum. Its in great condition and no issues with the machine itself. It had an aftermarket Bottomless/naked PF with it which ive been using to gauge flow etc. The coffee when using this with either the 15g VST basket or Espresso parts HQ double basket seems to just spray coffee in multiple places, but at the same time I am also getting a nice flow which is centralised through the basket, just with some spraying dotted around the edges of the basket. So........im quite confident that my process is pretty good, I use fresh beans, weigh i
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