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  1. I'm putting my Piccino up for sale as upgradeitis is getting a hold on me. The good: Amazingly small for a DB machine. My kitchen is tiny and this doesn't take up much space. Fed Ashbeck/Volvic its entire life (I bought it a few years ago on this forum for £420) Totally reliable, produces very decent shots and froths milk quickly - I upgraded from a Gaggia Classic with PID and this machine is much more consistent. Grouphead regularly stripped down and cleaned. VST basket included. The bad: It's not in showroom condition - the chrome on the top is scratched, as is the chro
  2. I have a 3 year old Fracino Piccino, when I switched it on today I smelt burning and smoke came out of the top, I removed the front cover and the red and blue wires that come to/from the boiler on/off switch were very hot and had melted together.... up until this point the machine appeared to be working very well. (as you look at a Piccino from the front it's the switch on the left). I wonder if anyone on the forum would be kind enough to point me towards what the fault may be please and how I might fix it, I have emailed Fracino requesting a wiring diagram but not had a
  3. This piccino has appeared on ebay and was considering bidding. I dont think it is an absolute bargain so i'm pretty relaxed about missing out. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/182068156782?_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT It is the older version, which I prefer over electronic buttons. My concern is that it is still has a small boiler and the inability to descale easily will be annoying. It is located in London, so i know it has hard water in it, but the owner appears to have used filters. Considering that my Gaggia has a brass group, PID, integrated shot timer,
  4. REDUCED to £265 For sale is my excellent Fracino Piccino dual boiler machine. I am selling this (and other machines) as I have decided to consolidate my coffee machines in to one new machine and a recently purchased lever machine before my kitchen is refitted in the new year. (grinder & knockbox not included) For more pics it's now listed on ebay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/-/152320042577? The machine is 3 or 4 years old and it was stripped down and fully serviced by Fracino at their factory in Birmingham in May this year, it's in tip top working condition and should provide troub
  5. Are they any good? Thinking of moving up from my classic. Worth the extra cash? Cheers Dan
  6. Ok so my Gaggia Classic needs to go to gaggia heaven and it's time to upgrade Do I buy a Rancillo Silvia or do I go the extra money and get the Fracino Piccino??? Or is there something better for that kind of money????? I mainly drink espresso and am really the only person in my house who uses it. Also I hear bad things about myesspresso.co.uk but it's SOOOOOO CHEAP compared to others Any recommendations on where to purchase?? Thanks guys I not really read the forums over last year and am a bit out of touch with what's good and what's not.
  7. Hi there coffee people, Found you when Googling a Fracino Piccino ~ and yes you had comments and feedback and yes I've bought one ~ so thanks. I was looking at an Iberital all-in-one machine but nobody knows about them and they're certainly not built in B'ham! It isn't the best maker in the world, but i had to be sensible for two Espressos a day !!! I've been using a Brika stove top with black label Lavazza, so we're moving up. So I love good coffee; I play the double bass in a 1950s Rock'n'Roll/Rockabilly band; mess with Apple computers, design websites and create iBooks and generally
  8. I've noticed that other members of the forum have indicated they have had problems with the Fracino Piccino drip tray and just wondered if there was any solution to this, or is it something I will need to learn to live with?
  9. Hi, I have had a Gaggia Baby Class D for the last couple of years and am now looking to upgrade. I began with a Dualit grinder which even with the burr realignment mod couldn't grind finely enough so it wasn't long before I ordered a MC2 doserless espresso grinder, now I could pour correctly timed espresso/ristretto shots with decent crema but the taste was very sour. It turned out I had serious channeling issues although not completely resolved, have been minimised by carefully dosing, knocking and tamping. I then bought a bottomless PF to help the diagnosis which certainly helped me di
  10. So I did get a chance to pull a first shot this morning before running off to work, but it wasn't a particularly careful effort - 19g dose but I didn't weigh the output. It came through rather quickly but that's something I will work on this weekend. The pump is incredibly quiet compared to the Gaggia! I've never owned a DB machine before so have a couple of questions: - I have the machine attached to a Wemo that switches it on about half an hour before I'll want to use it in the morning. Is it important to keep a substantial amount of water in the tank so it can fill the boiler when
  11. Hey, I was wondering if anyone would have the slightest clue where I could get an internal wiring diagram for this machine. If not I will email the manufacturers direct, I'm thinking of adding a timer to the circuit so I don't have to weigh my portafilter after every use, becoming rather annoying. Thanks in advance Tom
  12. I'm upgrading my home equipment as a first step in my journey to becoming a coffee house proprietor. For the grinder, I have looked for something small to fit the confines of my kitchen, but infinitely adjustable so I can practice dialling in the grind. This is for espresso based drinks only, I have another delonghi grinder that is not really up to the job for espresso but will be fine for French press brewing. The Acaso I-mini seems to fit the bill. For the espresso machine, I want to get as close to the feel of a commercial machine that I can, but again I need to consider the avail
  13. With every Fracino Piccino ordered via our site we would include £50 worth of Barista accessories FREE, whats even better is YOU get to choose what you want up to that value (fracino make ONLY). http://www.coffeeomega.co.uk/fracino-piccino-standard-black/
  14. I had decided on buying a Cherub to replace my classic but unfortunately as soon as my wife saw the size of the beast it was a no no. Now I can't choose between the Piccino £550 or the Oscar £575. Both are an acceptable size and a good step up from my Classic. I'm not that keen on the idea that the Piccino would need to be sent away to be descaled, but Ive been told as long as I change the filter every 6mths it shouldn't need descaling very often. I normally use tesco or morrisons bottled water for my coffee drinking as our tap water is highly chlorinated. What bottled water would be
  15. Hi, Been lurking for a while doing some research etc and have decided to buy a Fracino Piccino. I have been in touch with Myespresso and got what appears to be a good price £520inc. Can anyone reccomend any where esle to buy from at a similar price? I hear a mixture of things about Myespresso anyone got any experience with them?
  16. Hi all, My first proper contribution to the website. There'll no doubt be some rambling, and possibly incorrect terminology, but hopefully some useful information/pics will follow... After seeing Andy's (coffeebean) offer for the Fracino Piccino, a bit of umming and ahhing and a few emails later saw me putting an order in with him at The Coffee Bean. Firstly, I have to say Andy was excellent and really easy to deal with and left me a happy customer, following up the purchase to see how I was getting on with the new machine. Unfortunately, due to the wonderful pressures of being
  17. Fracino have just launched the Piccino, a high quality UK made home espresso machine - take a look at http://www.thecoffeebean-vanandroaster.co.uk/Domestic-Coffee-Equipment.html I can let Coffee Forums members have the Piccino for £469.80 inc VAT + £20 delivery I would be surprised if you can find it cheaper anywhere! If anyone is interested, let me know Andy I will keep the Piccino at this price for Coffee Forums members only for the forseeable future, hopefully this will help to launch a great new machine as well as bring in more coffee enthusiasts to the forum!
  18. Here is the content of an Email from John Cook at Fracino, I have contacted Glenn about following it up and sorting out making the pictures and brochure available on the forum. Hello Don Thank you for your email. We at Fracino are very excited by the Piccino as this is our first foray into the Home market for our coffee machines. For your information I attach a brochure for the Piccino together with some pdfs of the machine and the grinders and knockout drawers that we also supply as accompanyments.We are also supplying a full range of barista items and currently building a new web
  19. Sorely tempted to upgrade my Classic to the Piccino - are the Piccino owners here still happy with it? Much prefer the looks of the Cherub but I think the DB machine would suit me better than a more complicated, but much better looking, HX.
  20. manngo


    I guess I have to introduce myself before I can post on other threads etc? Anyways hi all, I found this site when looking for info on some machines. I bought a demo gaggia swing up recently that never worked when i received it (something to do with the grinder I think). Was offered a brand new machine as replacement. I initially accepted this but then started having major doubts about a bean to cup so have asked for a refund instead. Once I'm refunded I'll make my mind up what to go for, I'm looking at either the fracino piccino or rancilio silvia. Max budget is really around £700 (wi
  21. Anyone have any experience or words of wisdom over these two grinders? With so many going for MC2 as a decent entry level I feel pulled in that direction - just wondering why so many go for the MC2 when these two seem on paper to quite similar
  22. hi my piccino had randomly tripped my fuse breaker odd time in last couple montyhs i put it down to power surge or too much electric on my house circuit at one time. anyway i noticed steam from the inside of case when steam boiler heating up. ive opnened boiler case and noticed it starts to splutter from this nut when asteam pressure is about to start goin up from zero. and ideas. see pic please
  23. ...So to help me work out which of the machines I'm interested in gives the best compromise between price and small physical volume, I made a simple spreadsheet which ranks them in ascending order for both then adds the ranks to give a quick and dirty score. Simple stuff but might save someone else a bit of time! And it confirms that I should be looking for a Piccino or a Bezzera Unica :-) Here's the link: http://1drv.ms/1FsKe5W
  24. I'm selling my Fracino Piccino. It's a dual boiler machine finished in stainless steel and looks great when cleaned up. Has a pressure gauge and removable water tank with an empty water alarm. Full spec on the Fracino website: http://www.fracino.com/piccino.html The only thing you need to be aware of is a small mark on the left plastic panel, see the first picture. I believe it was caused by the plug socket not being bubble wrapped during transit, hence I strongly recommend pick up only. Otherwise excellent condition. It's 7 months old and has always drunk Tesco
  25. Hi all, New to the forum and hoping someone can offer some input- bought a 2013 Fracino Piccino a couple of weeks ago in great condition. Only thing is that the group head appears to be slightly loose (when the portafilter is being connected and removed, the group head can move from side to side). The guys at Fracino said to remove the top plate and tighten the bolts either side of the group head. Being somewhat technically challenged and not wanting to screw anything up lol I was just wondering if anyone could walk me through the process of removing the top plate/covering on a Fracino Pi
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