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Found 23 results

  1. Hello all, My machine broke down this week. I believe its a faulty element, no continuity across it and the ECU is still providing power to it. I've seen a few places online supplying them, I assume its good practice to replace the element gasket at the same time? Is it as straight forward as it seems? I'd like to thoroughly descale the boiler while I've got direct access to it, any tips for descaling through the element hole? Ha! Thanks!
  2. After upgrading to a Fracino Heavenly in the summer, I have finally become comfortable to pull shots without using the scales each and every time! [video=youtube_share;015SbtUAA1k]
  3. Are they any good? Thinking of moving up from my classic. Worth the extra cash? Cheers Dan
  4. dfk41

    Fracino Heavenly

    Hi, having had one or two of these, I am after another one just to have as a second machine. Does anyone have one they want rid off?
  5. My beautiful Fracino Heavenly with bottomless portafilter. This carries an 18g VST basket. I use a Graef on-demand grinder, but keep minimal coffee in the hopper. The white jar is from Starbucks but most of my coffee is kept in a Kilner jar. I get 1kg per month from Limini Coffee. The tamp is from Motta and that's on a Cafelet mat. The knock box is from Happy Donkey.
  6. Seems like a good price. No idea what the grinder is. http://www.gumtree.com/p/for-sale/heavenly-shop-quality-coffee-machine-with-grinder-and-tap-out-drawer-excellent-condition/1018647183
  7. Awaiting the new love of my life a brand new Fracino Heavenley which will hopefully be with me for next week !!!!! Anyone had, used or know anything good & bad with the machine ? I am currently using a low end grinder (Gaggia MM) which I am apprehensive about as I believe the machine wont be as forgiving as my current Cubika.
  8. I recently bought a new Fracino Heavenly I gave it a quick clean and then filled it (it's a hand-fill machine) I have used pre-ground stuff*, and ground fresh beans (*I know this is undesirable - but it's Illy stuff, fresh and kept in an air-tight, freezer-based, tin...) I regularly wipe the various components and run water through the head/portafilter to keep it clean, I have also backflushed (is that what you call it?) with water on a fairly regular basis... BUT... There's a weird taste to the espresso, it's a sort of bitter taste with the smell of stale coffee (but
  9. Hello all, I'm looking for a Fracino Heavenly (but I'd also consider a Cherub) Fingers crossed someone on here is looking at selling one soon Budget £350'ish Let me know what you've got
  10. Recently backwashed the machine and when I started it up the next day all seemed well, pressure reading ok, but after pulling the shot got no pressure to steam the milk. Thereafter no heat at all. Is the element gone? My husband has got the machine in pieces on the worktop and is trying to remove the element. There is some scorching on the spade connector and no heating. Having to resort to using a DeLonghi coffee machine - HELP!
  11. It's the screw on sort, 57mm diameter. Coffee machine shops only seem to be bothered whether it's a Series 1 and 2 or Series 3 and 4 machine. I haven't got the foggiest what Series it is. All I know is it's a Heavenly with no hot water spout and dates back to at least 2002 (there's an electrical testing sticker). When I tried to set up the machine and grinder the other day I got huge variations in shot times (sometimes 20 seconds sometimes 45 seconds) when I've weighed the same amount (on kitchen digital scales admittedly) on the same grind setting to produce the same amount (32g). I'm gu
  12. The great debate on whether crema is beneficial to espresso may rage on, but you can't fail to be excited when it wobbles at you like this! [video=youtube_share;RZeIqI99MEA]
  13. http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/like/281594251124?lpid=82 buy it now - £200
  14. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=310616646959&ssPageName=STRK:MESE:IT this is my delonghi perfecta up for sale as my father bought me a Fracino heavenly!
  15. Just got my fracino heavenly, but on the basket where the coffee comes out it has 2 outlets, where can I get a single please, as I notice it only screws on. If someone can tell me the correct terminology that would be great.
  16. I bought this new about 2 years ago - always ran it with filtered water. Engineer looked at it recently and replaced gasket and shower screen (and another couple of parts) Works perfectly, probably shouldn't sell - but I've got more machines than I need really! These are £895 new now in John Lewis: http://www.johnlewis.com/231674520/Product.aspx So offers around £500 ish - what do you think?
  17. I would Just like to introduce myself & my love for all espresso based beverages My name is Carlos & I am addicted to coffee, Its been about 12 months since it all started with a little Gaggia Cubika and and matching MM grinder. Ive heard a LOT of bad things about the cubika but Ive managed to get some superb creme & sweet textured milk from this very cheap & amateur setup, (hopefully have some pictures up with this post). Ive also managed some half decent rosettes. Ive been looking to boost my addiction for a while with a better machine & if I was a sensible m
  18. Fracino Heavenly in good working order The Gaggia MD64 is a commercial grinder, it works fine but looks a bit rough. I have installed Mazzer Super Jolly / Mini E Grinder Burrs The cups and saucers come too, and the Tamper which cost about £30. Comes with 2nd MD64 in bits / poor condition / parts missing with new burrs for spares Also, S/Steel knock out drawer Sad to see it go. £399 No post. No offers. Thanks :-)
  19. Hi Guys, I've recently been getting some strange behaviour from my Heavenly. I've been doing my usual 30 min warm-up, then pulling a shot (no cooling flush). When I do a second shot to flush the group clean, the machine/pump makes a loud noise (with reduced water pressure from the head). This normally happens on a second flush, but sometimes not until third. It sounds like a loud vibration through the machine.. Seems really weird, and i'm hesitant to strip the machine down because it still works perfectly on first flush. (more annoying than anything, cleaning, flus
  20. Ive just bought a used Fracino Heavenly, went to pull a shot and water spews out from over the portafilter during the shot. It seems the portafilter isn't sealing into the grouphead well enough. Is there anything that could be causing this other than a worn out seal? Or anything I could do to fix it? Just asking on here before I phone the seller. Thanks for your help.
  21. I've just got my missus a second-hand Fracino Heavenly after our Gaggia Baby Dose packed up last Spring. I'm very worried her present will be a flop on Xmas day (and I'll be in trouble if I have to let on how much I've spent) because it's all too complicated to get right immediately and she'll lose interest before the Fracino has even been given a chance. So, could you give me bullet pointed instructions for her to read in 15 minutes to get a DECENT, but not stunning, macchiato or cappuchino, including grinding instructions (I've also got her a second hand Wega 6.4 Amaranto) and machine care (
  22. Price reduction on Fracino Cherub and Heavenly Coffee Machines Offer expires 31.01.2013 http://www.coffeeomega.co.uk/coffee%20machines/Fracino%20coffee%20machine/Fracino%20Cherub%20Espresso%20Machine We only have few units left - first come first serve basis. All the best Coffee Omega Sales
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