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  1. Hi all! I bought my first serious espresso machine, Cherub. I was on a low budget pressurized portafilter "espresso machine" earlier for a few years, but then it stopped heating. So it was time for a new one. First I did not want to spend too much on new machine, but later saw that this is not a low budget hobby. So I overspend a little bit and got meself a cherub. Now I'm affraid that I'll not now how to use it properly. I know a few things about espresso and am looking forward to using it (have not recieved it yet), but don't really know what should look at when the machine
  2. For Sale - Fracino Cherub, in Stainless Steel I bought the machine new in December 2013, have used it exclusively with bottled water (Tesco Ashbeck) and descaled and backflushed regularly (though it is probably due a descale about now, tbh). It has not been heavily used, probably averaging 4-8 shots per week. The machine is generally in good condition, though with surface scratches (consistent with age) in the areas where cups make contact - the cup warming area, drip tray plate, and the metal plate covering the over-pressure tube. I've tried to capture these in the images. It h
  3. Thinking of selling my Cherub due to moving house soon and lack of use. It was manufactured March 2013 and I bought it from a forum member in November 2014. Whilst I have had it I have only really used it once or twice on weekends and always used filtered water, back-flushed regularly and descaled so it has had a very easy life! It has a few small scratches here and there but nothing major and it polishes up nicely. Just wondering what these tend to go for nowadays?
  4. Having bought Jon’s Rocket last week, it’s time for me to sell my Cherub. This is one of the early models but is a fantastic entry in to HX machines. Mechanically it’s in excellent condition, working perfectly with no known faults or issues. I recently dismantled it having had what transpired to be an airlock in the HX pipes, and was pleasantly surprised with the fact that there was no limescale whatsoever. I have been running it on Brita filtered water, but also descaled regularly. Cosmetically it’s a nice tidy machine, with just a few age related marks, the worst being a chip and
  5. p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; line-height: 26.0px; font: 17.0px Helvetica} p.p2 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; line-height: 26.0px; font: 17.0px Helvetica; min-height: 20.0px} Hi everyone, I’m a newbie at an early stage of his coffee journey, learning a lot from the forum - which has made me aware of the urgent need to upgrade my espresso machine* (currently a cheap model from a discount retailer). Reading around, I like the sound of an HX machine such as the Fracino Cherub because of its ability to brew and steam virtually simultaneously and apparent value for money. How
  6. This new set up is providing me with a near-constant supply of quality coffee and saving me a great deal of money on visits to the cafe. The Cherub (and milk jug) were kindly supplied by @coffeebean for very competitive prices.
  7. Hi Coffee Forums and its members, I am new to the forum and have used insights and wisdom on the threads for many years. I have had 3 happy years using a Delonghi Dedica that was a wedding gift. Over the years I have craved more control over the espresso and lattes that I make at home for myself, friends and family. First was a grinder upgrade from the stock delonghi grinder to a sage grinder pro (my kitchen is very small so this was perfect). I also added a Rancillo silvia steaming wand to give more control over foaming milk with good results. Finally, after many months of considerat
  8. I would appreciate some recomendation I have recently been really enjoying Rio Magdalena from the Foundary and I would like to sample some other roasters, as I have taken my inspiration from the roaster challenge. In terms of taste I love the chocolate and caramel favours, also I have recently purchased a naked portafilter and really trying to improve my tamping dosing and general technique to try and get the best coffee I can make. Thanks all
  9. Hi all, I would appreciate some help or if other people have experienced this same issue, this morning while making my coffee during the initial pressure build up I notice that the portafilter was moving i.e. trying to unlock itself now the movement was on about 5mm but this was enough movement for me to keep hold of the handle just in case. Could this be the case of the seal needing to be replaced or something else. Thanks
  10. So, I unfortunately need to sell this as I’m moving in with the other half and she already has a Rocket which she isn’t keen to swap. So, I am selling my much loved and cared for Fracino cherub. This machine was originally purchased from Peter at Espresso Underground in 2012 by @fatboyslim who then sold it to @johnbudding in 2015 who I then purchased this from. So, the machine has been owned from new by well-known members of this forum and well cared for. I also feel that they will vouch for the quality of this machine. Personally, I think it’s in very good condition, it has been wel
  11. We have an outdoor cafe attached to our bike shop. It's not insulated and so, as winter approaches, the night-time temperature is starting to dip below freezing inside the cafe! Could anyone give me advice regarding our Fracino Cherub machine as I understand it could potentially be damaged if the water in the machine freezes? It's not plumbed in so one option would be to bring the machine inside our main building overnight (where the temp is more likely to stay above freezing) but that would be a bit of a pain. Or would it be sufficient to insulate the machine with a jacket made from the s
  12. http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/Coffee-Machine-Plus-Whole-Kit-Grinder-Knock-Out-Box-Etc-/231831408016 Interesting package. It may include a tamper (or is it Tapper?) and I really don't agree with his choice of grinder! Possibly a bargain for someone if they want to monitor it, but its just too big and too far away for me.
  13. https://www.gumtree.com/p/other-miscellaneous-goods/fracino-cherub-coffee-espresso-machine/1159280692 Tempting, but still too big for what I'm after. Hopefully it will interest someone else here.
  14. Looks like a reasonable price subject to conditon being as described http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Fracino-Cherub-Espresso-/262367353080?hash=item3d165018f8:g:53gAAOSwGOxXARGw
  15. Hi. I'm thinking to upgrade my Gaggia Classic. My first choice was Fracino Cherub, but suddenly I found this one on ebay: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/La-Scala-Butterfly-Cappuccino-Machine-Professional-Tested-and-Working-/112139579262?hash=item1a1c0a2f7e:g:vKwAAOSwTA9X3VRz Does anyone know anything about this machine? It's HX and has E61 group and probably over 15 years old. So what would be a better buy, this one from ebay or slightly used (if I can find one at all) Cherub? Thanks.
  16. Hi Long time lurker first time poster. I was looking for some sage advice as I have opened a bit of a budget rabbit hole....... I have been coming to the forums and reading advice and reading reviews, I started looking for a grinder I currently have a Ascaso Dream with a a standard blade grinder (I know I need a decent grinder, life and kids have stopped me spending monies on it). Therefore I started looking for a grinder but have come across a a second hand Fracino Ariete with a Compak K3 Doser grinder, tamp and knockout draw for £600 (hence the rabbit hole). Im not a
  17. http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&alt=web&id=251886565762 £260 ONO. Seems like a decent deal, sounds like it needs a bit of work though.
  18. My Cherub has develouped a fault. It's still giving hot water and steam, and as far as I can tell the boiler is still being filled from the water tank. However when I turn turn it on the pump just makes a laboured noise and no water comes through the group. Any idea what the best 'next step' would be in getting in fixed? Thanks DripDrop.
  19. Selling my Fracino Cherub partly to raise funds for imminent house-move (which is proving increasingly expensive) and also out of a desire to probably move to a Technivorm Moccamaster once am settled in the new house. The machine was bought originally from shrink on this forum (in Edinburgh) and has been with me since (coming up for 18 months I think) and has only ever been exposed to nice soft Scottish water (and Brita filtered too at my end at least) so scale shouldn't be an issue at all. I didn't even know scale existed prior to a one-year jaunt living in Stevenage! Fitted to the
  20. Brand new Fracino Cherub is now £750 delivered for Forum members. Give me a shout if you are interested! Andy
  21. Hi everyone, Before I pay the extras, I'm looking at either of: Cherub in Black Cherub Stainless Ariete What do you guys think/recommend? Thanks
  22. I'm quite pleased with the results I get from my modded Classic, though I think I've really pushed it about as far as it can go. I don't really do milky drinks (which is probably just as well) though Mrs.urpert wouldn't object if my next machine was better at steaming milk. Most of what I drink is either espresso or (increasingly) longer shots, up to lungo size. The problem is that my kitchen is ridiculously small (really not much bigger than a caravan kitchen, it's ridiculous) and there's no prospect of that changing soon. Swapping the Rocky for a Eureka actually made me quite popular as
  23. Hi all, I'm currently in a bit of a state over the £500 used Cherub that's just arrived today - after having it turned on for an hour it's still stone cold. The pump is working fine, though no movement in the pressure gauge and any water pumped through the group is also cold. To say I stretched my budget to buy this would be an understatement. Repairs were certainly not accommodated for! On a scale of 1-10 how screwed am I? Is this something that'll be quite straightforward to fix or is it an engineer job? Thanks for any suggestions, Will
  24. peter1982

    Hi All

    Names Peter and from Walsall, Been looking at getting a espresso machine and a grinder but could do with some advice. Have looked at few machines on line and have decided I would like one that allows me to make a drink and steam milk at the same time, I would also like to be to make a number of drinks from it like Espressos, Cappuccinos, Lattes, Flat whites so on. I will be using for home use and making around 1-5 drinks a day. The machine I have been drawn to so far is the Fracino cherub on myespresso.co.uk for £790 but is there better in the same range or is this a good machine
  25. jdlk

    SOLD Fracino Cherub

    Owned from new (April 2010). In very good condition (the pictures below are of the item for sale). I've only ever used filtered water. Includes two portafilters (1 single, 1 double). £350 collected. You'll need to collect from Folkestone, Kent. The Cherub weighs 22 kilos, and it's also impossible to fully empty the boiler for transportation, so using a courier would be problematic. This is the first item I've sold on this forum, but I have a 100 per cent positive rating on eBay, with more than 350 pieces of feedback (I can provide a link to my eBay feedback on request). Reason f
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