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Found 13 results

  1. Hi all, So my last bag of beans where RAVEs Fudge Blend and while it was a lovely coffee like others I couldn't quite get the fudge notes so this time I'm thinking of trying Foundry Coffee Roasters RIO MAGDALENA - COLOMBIA as it sounds amazing. I had a small pouch of coffee beans a while back from a shop which had buttery notes and while I never thought that sounded great I absolutely loved that taste! So that along with chocolate, raisins and caramel just sounds bloody amazing! I was wondering though, has anyone got any ratios they want to throw in from past experience if I order these so I could try them out? I usually start on a 1:1 over 32 seconds or so and go from there. I've got a Gaggia Classic with Mr Shades PID and a Mazzer Super Jolly
  2. Who else could serve us up a winning Christmas LSOL coffee? Sorry for the delay but Foundry have been very busy so this has only just been finalised. We're aiming for dispatch on 18th December with DPD delivery so it should arrive before the end of the week and before Christmas! Pricing for a guest slot is £20 for 500g delivered to your door. If you would like a guest slot please sign up below and await a PM from Daren with payment details. If you've been a guest before please feel free to go ahead and pay Daren to the usual account/paypal add. Don't forget to add your forum username to any bank or paypal transfer. 1. fbs 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
  3. Hello all, I've received a number of enquiries about our forum deal that suggests to me that there is a need to clarify what we are offering. All forum members can receive a discount of 15% on our beans. The process is that members need to PM me with the email address that they will use when placing an order on our site. I will then authorise that email address to be able to make use of a coupon code which can be used when checking out. The coupon code is ukcf15%. The code can be used as many times as you like and it will remain in place for the foreseeable future. I hope that this post helps clarify our offering. Many thanks to all of your for your continuing support and encouragement, the feedback we receive on an almost daily basis from here is a great way of letting us know that we are on track! Cheers, Lee.
  4. Right oh, It's January and today in the Hopper of my Mahlkonic Vario Home is Foundry Coffee Roasters - Moata. Like many folks, I picked this up as part of their Black Friday Deal, and thus spent a kilo of coffee getting to know this very good coffee. Espresso. I pull with an 18g VST on a gaggia TS. I start at 1:2 with time 25-45 seconds and from there, follow taste. No VST, no formal training, just following whats good to me. This Bean shines in the 10-21 days post roast window. Taste notes are a good guideline. This is a generally sweet, and restrainedly fruity Espresso. It is not notably acidic. Its balanced, and can be either delicate, or super smooth as your preference. The two best type of shots I had were 18 -> 42 in ~35 seconds. This was a wonderfully sweet, apricot, peach tasting shot with a notably smooth mouthfeel that made the longer sweet shot shine. Sweet, balanced and never overpowering. Great. Closer to the roast date this bean shone as a shorter shot, 18g -> 32g in 30-32 seconds. This shorter shot was a little less sweet, more noticeably fruity, the apricot note was very apparent here. This type of shot was silky silky smooth (as one might expect from a central american Bourbon for example) The bean seems to lose it's smooth mouthfeel as we go into and beyond a month past roast, but in the 10-21 day post roast, it is magic for espresso. Brewed - V60, 15g -> 250g in about 4 minutes give or take technical flaws. The brewed side of this bean is, quite good. Much less exciting than the espresso. Flavours are balanced, cup is sweet and clean. In any other case i'd be very happy, but after the amazing espressos, i am a little underwhelmed. Would I buy this bean again - Yes Would I buy from this Roaster Again - Yes
  5. Foundry Coffee Roasters and Cupper Joe are excited to announce this collaborative coffee event To be held on Sunday 22nd April between 9am and 1pm. At Foundry Coffee Roasters cafe venue, 44 Bank Street, Sheffield S1 2DS. Foundry are the roasters we all know and love. Their pedigree speaks for itself. Newer on the block, Cupper Joe is a coffee company providing training for home baristas and a pop-up coffee shop for events. Both companies are focussed on quality and passionate about coffee education, information and most importantly enjoying a good Cupper coffee! This workshop will include everything from breakfast to several brewing methods and more, for a fantastic price. If you are interested in any of these Getting started with filter coffee brewing Improving your filter coffee brewing Adding to your coffee knowledge and describing aromas and flavours Meeting fellow coffee enthusiasts Enjoying a jolly nice morning out. then this event is for you. Click here to see the full detail and purchase your ticket via Foundry's website. p.s. this is an unusually high quality event with a limited number of tickets. We'd recommend you move fast and book-in if you're interested to attend p.p.s Glenn has confirmed it's ok to post about the event. Look forward to seeing some of you there.
  6. Ok folks, putting together another Forum day for you all. Rave have once again very kindly given us the use of Rave HQ for the day and will roast us up some lovely beans for the day. Foundry Coffee will also be at the event with the marvellous Callum pulling shots and talking coffee. Probably see some amazing coffee from those guys as well. This time round you will have the opportunity to see and compare the LR and L1 side by side. Will sort out a two group Lever for the bar and will also get a really tasty selection of grinders together for folk to have a play with, contrast and compare. These will include both KafaTek grinders an r120 an Ek43 and hopefully a couple of other truly bling grinders. Glenn has agreed to provide some prizes and I will put together a raffle on the day. Patrick will once again be there to give his experience with all things brewed and I will be on the levers too pass on as much or as little knowledge as you want. Due to space the event will be limited to 40 people and is first come first served, the cost will be £20 per person, this includes the coffee from Rave on the day all prizes including the raffle and any money left over going back into the Forum Add your name to the list only if you are definitely coming, full payment will be required a few weeks before the event which is Non refundable. Is a great opportunity for new folk and old to get together, chat coffee and play on some fab bits of kit Names on a list below, just cut and paste and add your name.
  7. I'm going to be doing a Macmillan coffee morning this Saturday in my local village hall - Foundry Coffee Roasters have kindly supplied me some of their lovely Kenyan and I'll be either running this with the EK or E8 and a Fracino Classic 2 group. I'll be trying to make the coffee as well as I can and would love it, if any of you are available to come along and support this great charity. We'll also have some tasty home made cakes - the ones I've heard of so far are: Apple Crumble Cake, Strawberry and Cream Shortbread and Nutella Cheesecake I'm considering having the option of filter via the Brazen Behmohr but that's still an idea for the moment. This is being held at the Pavilion, in Bramley, Hampshire between 10am and 1pm. It's close to the Bramley Pub and Clift Meadow - in case you're interested in coming along.
  8. I had a look and didn't see a review thread for these guys, although they do seem to be well regarded here. I bought a Compak E8 from them, Lee was happy to chat on the phone about the grinder answering any questions I had. Seems like a very knowledgable guy. Shipping was fast, dispatched the same day for next day delivery with a 1hr timeslot notification. They even threw in a big bag of coffee for me to try I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them based on my experience so far.
  9. I am very pleased to say that Foundry have agreed to provide the January offering for the Lighter Side of Life collective. We are looking at a likely delivery date in the 3rd week of Jan, which gives Lee time to recover from Christmas and profile a few roasts before final selection. The last LSOL offering from Foundry was a huge success and still one of the most popular beans on this forum (and on Jeebsy's coffee stand!). In anticipation of quite a high demand Foundry have said that they should be able to supply as many guest slots as are required. Let's start the number at 20 and see where we go - just a reminder - a guest slot is 500g (2x 250g bags) and is likely to be £12 delivered. Please sign up below. Cheers and have a great Christmas. Nick
  10. Until the end of the month as per title http://www.foundrycoffeeroasters.com/shop/coffee-brewing-equipment/compak-e10-on-demand-coffee-grinder/ Ordered mine today..... I blame the R120 raffle for the need to upgrade my Grinder .
  11. Brian as in Brian's Coffee Spot has just posted a review of his visit to Foundry with honourable mentions to Lee and Callum. Enough to make everyone move to Sheffield (especially when you open your coffee shop). http://www.brian-coffee-spot.com/2015/07/18/foundry-coffee-roasters/
  12. OK folks in time for christmas here is a little belter of a raffle, I personally have this grinder and must say it is knockout, lovely grind consistency much lower retention than the K variant and in stealth matt black! Foundry Roasters have just announced that they are now a compak retailer in the UK and to celebrate, plus give something back to the forum which has been a resource that both Lee and Callum really value, they have agreed to supply us a Compak E10. They really enjoyed supplying beans for the lighter side of life and hosting the Forum brewed day, both are really keen to continue being active members and hope this will give us a fantastic chance to win a top notch conical grinder. Info on the compaks can be got from the links below. http://www.foundrycoffeeroasters.com...e-grinder2014/ http://www.foundrycoffeeroasters.com/were-proud-to-bring-you-compak-coffee-grinder2014/ Foundry are supplying the E10 at cost with absolutely no profit being made, so 60 tickets @ £20 which will include a donation to the forum so that everyone is a winner. One lucky person will win on one of the best Conical grinders you can buy. Usual rules apply, add name to list, payment details will be sent out once we get all 60 entrants. Draw will ONLY take place once all entrants have paid up, entrants responsible for payment within 5 days of notification, winner is resposible for collecting or delivery. So come on folks this is a fab opportunity to get a £1500 plus conic
  13. This tiny micro roaster in Sheffield is knocking out some amazing coffee. Tried their Gashonga and was blown away by it; couldn't pull a shot over 15 seconds with it but that's another story... Would highly recommend. They do nice large 350g bags too and £2 postage which makes them very well priced. I am very lucky to have them on my doorstep! I realise this is a small roaster but has anyone else tried the Rwandan Gashonga? http://www.foundrycoffeeroasters.com/shop/fresh-coffee-beans/gashonga-lake-kivu-rwanda-350g/
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