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Found 14 results

  1. Hi all. I put up a video here with a problem with my Gaggia Classic a few days ago, and the consensus seemed to be that the solenoid valve had gotten blocked with scale debris. The machine is 2011 but new to me, bought second-hand recently. I have been trying to get myself set up over the last month or so, getting a second-hand Baratza Vario from a forum member, tamper, scales, airtight container etc. Also got a brass shower screen holder and gasket as the originals did not look too good. The issue occurred, I think, after I put the machine on its side, to fit the new parts. (Really frustrating as I thought I was finally good to go, have yet to pull a single shot of freshly ground coffee on the machine!) After some helpful advice here I read up what I could on descaling and the issue in general, ran some descaler through a couple of times and used the method of intermittently switching on and off the steam switch. I think I’m really beginning to doubt myself now as I have a fundamental question which might be obvious but I can’t figure out: Is there even supposed to be any water flow through the group head, when the steam switch is on? From memory, the guy who sold me the machine, when showing me the ropes, switched on both the steam and and ON switch, before pulling an espresso. However, most online tutorials seem to have the steam switch off for such purposes. (I don’t drink milk, so steam function only really neeeded for visitors). I have uploaded a short video showing how the water flows now, both with the steam switch on and off (in the former case, not at all), and I would appreciate any pointers or advice: I think I will have to open the machine up and try to disassemble the solenoid valve, but as I said, I am doubting myself now. I should add that there is no water coming out though the pressure release tube, so that must indicate a problem is still there, no? Really appreciate any help, I have posted a new thread as my main question is the one above, cheers!
  2. Hi all, I was hoping I could get a bit of help with something please! I bought a 2011 Gaggia Classic second hand, and it was working fine at the very beginning. I then ordered a new shower screen holder (brass) and gasket as the originals were looking a little tired / corroded. However, now that I’ve replaced them (correctly I think, but you never know) I’m not getting any water flow at all. The answer may be staring me in the face but I’d rather suffer the online embarrassment than more frustration! I’ve added the links to the two parts below, and (I think) a video of the issue. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated! Thanks a mil. https://www.theespressoshop.co.uk/Mobile/en/Gaggia-Brass-Shower-Plate-Holder-57x14mm---WGA16G1002/m-m-1976.aspx[/url] https://www.theespressoshop.co.uk/Mobile/en/Gaggia-Classic-Filter-Holder-Gasket-72x57x85-mm---NG01001/m-m-1968.aspx
  3. I've been pulling shots from a used Gaggia Classic (unknown year) for a couple of months now. It's always taken a consistent 25 seconds to pull the requisite 2 oz or so. In the last week, it's suddenly starting to flow a lot faster. If I let it run for 25 seconds, I get way more espresso than I want. Another way to put it: now to get the same amount of espresso as I previously got in 25 seconds, it only takes 17 or 18 seconds. The coffee tastes and looks more or less the same. Maybe a bit less crema. When I got the machine, I adjusted the pressure on the OPV to have 9 bar at the group head. I just measured it again and it's still at 9 bar. I'm tamping just the way I always have and the setting on the grinder (Mazzer Mini) hasn't been touched. Any idea why this would happen or what to do about it? I'm stymied. All help appreciated.
  4. Would like to try a VST or similar basket as I think I would like to see if I can impove thinks abit. Has anyone got first hand experience with a classic ? And where is the best place to buy ?I have looked at few places and some people don't seem to have the stock of the double basket..
  5. Dear La Pavoni fellows, please can someone help me answering a very simple question? The following happens with my machine: The coffee already flows strongly when I lift the lever up. I thought only a little bit would come out int the top position, but it would mostly come out when you move the lever downwards. Did I misunderstand? Or is there a problem with my technique or my machine? Thanks so much for any advice from more experienced expresso makers... I am still quite new to this. ejulia
  6. Hi All, First off let me say, fantastic forum you've got here, you've already helped me so much with my technique and equipment. Unfortunately iv'e got a bit of an issue that i'm not sure how to address... but firstly, what i'm working with - - Gaggia Classic circa 2003: reconditioned by me, new group head gasket, new shower screen and a thorough backflush / decal. Also fitted a Rancilio V2 wand - Krups GVX2 grinder: all i could get at the time. Will buy a Eureka Mignon when Belle have them in stock again. - 58mm stainless tamper Also worth noting that I buy fresh beans from UE every week. Now, onto my problem. I got around to buying a bottomless portafilter and my god the channeling is strong with this one. First thought was a combination of shitty grind and shitty technique... the grind I can't do anything about but i practiced with about 250g worth of beans the other day and every single shot was still a miss. Tonight I decided I was going to take the shower screen and group head out to see if they needed a clean. They were pretty much spotless but when i ran some clean water through i noticed that, with the shower screen in place, there were 2 steady streams of water and only a few holes were it was 'showering.' I thought this might be an issue as when I'd googled a video earlier to make sure i put the screen on the correct way i came across this video : which shows a nice steady shower of water coming through. I sorta figured that, if there's a heavy stream coming through the shower screen then undoubtedly it's contributing to my channeling issue. Any thoughts greatly appreciated. Kind Regards Rob
  7. Hi all, Been having a few issues with my classic. I bought it off the forum around the end of Jan and I know it had been fully cleaned, serviced and descaled. I'm a light user (6-8 cups a week) but after 6 weeks all of a sudden the flow rate had slowed right down. Even without the portafilter on it was taking over a minute to get 30ml out. So I descaled and after running the descaler through the group head for a few mins there was a bit of a splutter and flow rate was back up to normal. A couple of weeks ago the same thing happened again any flow rate had slowed to a trickle (i gave up but would probably have taken 3 mins plus for 30ml). This time there was less of a splutter when i descaled but as with the first time after descaling the flow rate was back up to normal. I typically wipe the shower screen wand etc every use and backflush with water after every other use. I backflush with Puly once a fortnight. When i've descaled i've removed the shower screen and the bit above that (not sure of the name but the bit you need allen keys for). I live in a soft water area (Sheffield) so wasnt expecting to have to descale anywhere near as often - and am concerned about over descaling. I had also been using a cheap in tank filter ( a few quid from happy donkey) but i'd removed that after the first instance thinking that might be the cause. But seems it wasnt. Any thoughts? Have I just been unlucky with rogue particles from the water? Do I need to be concerned if i have to descaled every 6 to 8 weeks? Thanks, Mike
  8. hi all People on here were super helpful with problems a couple of years back, so posting again.. I recently descaled my Gaggia Baby (after leaving it a bit too long for a hard water area). It was fine before the descaling. The descaling went fine, but now I have an issue with almost no water flow through the filter holder apparatus. It will just about make a coffee, but takes about 5 minutes instead of 5 seconds, and I'm worried it will give up altogether. Water seems to be escaping back into the water reservoir, as you can see bubbling in it as the machine is straining to produce a few drops of coffee. What to do? Thanks :-)
  9. All, trying to get my head around the reason for adjusting the OPV on my new to me Gaggia Classic. I've done a whole bunch of searching, but nothing that exactly answered my question. Closest I got was here. Right now I am trying to dial in the tamp/grind/dose to just get flow through the machine (a different thread I have). Am I correct that even if you have a machine that has the OPV setting at 12bar, if you have a puck that will flow at 9bar that OPV won't come into play/matter. So if I can't get flow through a puck at a 12bar setting, changing the OPV to 9bar won't change anything for me. I need to dial in my tamp first to allow flow at that 9bar. I'm assuming too dense of a puck needs a higher pressure to get flow through the puck vs a lower density (courser grind, less tamp, less dosing) puck needing more? So does the lower setting just set the high limit for when you will get flow. It basically forces you to adjust your puck density so that it flows at the lower pressure and then you adjust how to balance the other parameters to get the taste you want? Is that right or am I still turned around? Thanks in advance, Andrew
  10. Hi all, I've searched around a bit and found a lot of helpful stuff that's allowed me to keep my baby class going for a while now, but lately I'm stuck. It didn't get used/descaled much through the warm months, so I took it all apart to clean it up, which I've done before and it's worked wonderfully. This time though, I'm still not getting water flow to the head - it barely drips out. I've taken the 3 way off and cleaned multiple times, same with the boiler etc. If I run the pump with the 3 way disconnected water shoots out of the boiler no problem. I'm just a little stuck now as to whats wrong. Does anyone know of something I may have missed? It's about 3-4 years old. Thanks All
  11. Multiple Classic owner here, strange problem that I can't quite work out. My machine seems to regularly lose pump prime. It starts off all good, flowing water happily through grouphead, unless I grind a bit too fine and restrict the flow past a certain point. Then, the pump seems to air-lock and water flow ceases. I try the usual pump prime/fill techniques (eg opening steam valve) but it won't suck up enough water to prime. A couple of syringe squirts up the inlet tube generally sorts it out, but it can take a while. Then, water flows perfectly, and things are OK and coffee is fine - till I overfill/tamp too hard/grind too fine - then bang, it loses prime again. The solenoid appears OK, as the valve operates and overflow is dumped through the outlet to the drip tray. If I have the grind just so, then it all works OK, and the coffee is good. So 2 or 3 times a week, it just loses prime - when the flow is restricted by too-fine coffee. On other days, when the grind and tamp are ok, it's fine. I've opened it up and checked but I can't see any holes or cuts in tubes that may be allowing air into the pump. I have had this particular machine for over 10 years. I descale it every few months, and replace the grouphead gasket when required, all myself. I've had it fully professionally serviced a couple of times - a year ago for a bunged steam valve as water was running out the wand, and 2 weeks ago both thermostats were replaced at the shop (machine got super hot then refused to turn on). I also have 2 other Classics at different places, all serviced by me, all running fine. Any ideas? Thanks
  12. Been the proud owner of a Gaggia classic for 2 years. Never had any problems after using it daily. I used filtered water and performed regular maintenance and regular cleaning. However about a month ago the pour flow dramatically reduced to the point where its just dripped. After a backflush made no difference I dismantled everything. The linescale was quite built up in the boiler but a night of every component submerged in descaler brought everything up cleaner. I put everything back together.......but sadly it made no difference. Searching this forum I discovered the OPV mod so adjusted the valve to 9bar hoping that was the problem even though it never troubled me in the last two years. However now its still the same. If I put any pressure while tampering the coffee nothing comes through but goes straight through the OPV. If I slightly tamp I get a very weak flow. How can it have gone so wrong. Please help me get my Classic back. Thanks in advance Matt
  13. Here is a video of a pre-2009 classic that suffers from two problems: The on light doesn't work; it sometimes comes on, and most of the time does not. If it does come on, it then goes off. The brew light seems to work as intended. No water is being pumped out the group head or the steam arm. What are the likely reasons for these two issues? Because this is not my machine, I would rather not do any teardown of the components (in fact, I would prefer not to really open it up given the fact the funnel screws are almost stripped completely). The shower screen and grouphead are clean as a whistle and should allow water through. There is simply no water being pumped up from the tank. Possibilities: Is Item 1 a thermalfuse problem? Video on replacing the fuse. Is Item 2 a solenoid valve problem? I had the impression with a solenoid blockage, at least the steam wand would work. But in this case, both steam arm and grouphead do not have flow. How could you tell whether or not the pump was functional and it's not a blockage? Can this be diagnosed without a teardown?
  14. Afternoon all. I just got into this espresso coffee, namely for making lattes in the morning and just got the Sette 270 and the new (to me) Gaggia Classic up and running. A quick history on what I have tried so far. Fresh (beans)from a local store. I started with a setting on the Sette of about 3 with 18g of beans in a double PF basket. With that I couldn't get very little if any flow with a moderate tamp. I did the same weight of beans and went to a setting of 5 and was a little different, but still not anywhere close to where I needed to be. So I went to the same weight of beans and ground to a 7/8 and was now noticing my grounds seem to be overflowing my PF moreso than at the finer setting. Makes sense, just new at the game so surprised me. Even then, there was pretty much zero flow: Setting 7 Video All this was with a VERY light tamp. So I eventually got to here. I went down to a setting of 11, and downsized the shot to only 15g of coffee and still a very light tamp and got this grind and this flow. It was about a 32s pull for a double shot. all that and it tasted REALLY good compared to the weeks old preground stuff I had playing with before (shocker, I know). I tried again this morning to a larger amount of coffee(18g) in a triple basket and still a very light tamp and it was still a very slow flow, probably 35s for a double shot, and definitely not as much of a large cone as yesterday (beans seem less oily - new bag). Here's my questions: 1. It seems odd to me I'm going so "coarse" on the grind to get the flow and have to basically only do a tamp to very lightly pack it down. 2. I assume the fineness is more important than the tamp? ie, if I can go to a finer grind and tamp enough to keep channels from forming, even if it's very light, I'm good to go?I just wanted to confirm my understanding as I'm just trying to dial in the flow and am not sure if I should be adjusting the grind or tamp first. Anything over a simple tamp to level the grounds seems to lock up the machine with any level of fineness. I have not checked my machine for proper pressure 9 vs 12-13bar. Be gentle, I'm new. Thanks, Andrew
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