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Found 55 results

  1. I tend to only drink espresso during the week, but treat myself to the occasional flat white at the weekends, particularly when friends are over. One milk brand that is very popular in many speciality coffee shops in London is the Estate Dairy. It has a really creamy, rich texture and really enhances the flavours of the coffee I find. However, it is hard to get for the average consumer. Given that there seems to be a consensus over what bottled water to buy for your coffee...I wondered if there was a similar consensus over the best milk? What fat / protein content should I be looking for? The Cornish Gold from M&S could be a good option potentially? https://www.marksandspencerfoodhall.co.uk/nutrition/4a3c8227-1313-477c-9897-663c69b15f19--1508433759
  2. Hi loking to put an order in tonight and looking for some recommendations for a bean for flat white coffees, no citrus or floral notes please ? Thanks
  3. hopefully i have put this in the right section im looking for a small milk jug i only every make 1 coffee at a time as no one else in the house drinks coffee i always make it as a flat white in a 6-8 oz cup they jug im using at the moment is huge and no good for small quantities of milk and gives a rubbish pour for latte art, only use it when im filling up my 470ml travel mug for work but want something better for when im drinking at home please can someone send me a link to the ones they recommend thanks
  4. Went to a family attraction place this morning and I was pleasently surprised to see a little artisan coffee van and I was even more pleased to see a Mazzer SJ and decent looking espresso machine behind the counter - so far so good and I'm wondering whether to ask for a cortado or flat white or maybe they want to recommend something. So up I walk and ask for a flat white, response from lady "sorry we don't have flat whites" - riiiiight...diet coke please!
  5. Here ... http://cedarwood.coffee Really good flat white - take out - Akinson's prototype . Delicious . Worth a visit !! Small selection of cakes and ice cream ..and you can buy beans at 2 bags for £12.00 I hear good things about Ham And Jam in Preston too ..... http://hamandjamcoffeeshop.com about time ....
  6. First it was Starbucks who stated that they will introduce Flat Whites onto their menu for 2010 (starting with a London rollout then spreading to the rest of the UK), now it's Costa Coffee's turn to 'follow', although a quote in the Metro would indicate otherwise. According to Metro, Costa Coffee will spend £1m introducing flat white to its drink menu. MD of Costa Coffee, John Derkach was quoted as saying 'The flat white is an important innovation to keep us ahead of the competition' Considering that many independent cafes in the UK already offer this, and Starbucks has already rolled out flat whites then Costa cannot be 'ahead of the competition'. Will this go against the 'single shot as standard'? as traditionally, Flat White's are served as double espresso, a smaller cup size than a latte or cappuccino, and slightly cooler, textured milk, resulting in a creamier texture, 'folded in' to the espresso base. I will be popping along to a Costa on Thursday to try this out, and compare it against the Starbucks offering.
  7. ok so i've decided on my machine - i've settled on the Ascaso Pablo (Basic) after seeing a demo in selfridges last night. even with the laclustre shop assistant it pulled a really good looking shot so i'm happy i know i need a decent burr grinder but as this machine is a birthday present the grinder will have to follow. i do how ever want to get some accesories. i've been looking at milk jugs online - is there an optimum size? i'd be looking at doing two cappucinos at most at a time and we prefer them on the smaller size so they're nice and strong. i've got a thermometer on the list too (although i'm yet to research the optimum temperatures!) other thing is cups - is there a good make and size for getting a decent strong flat white - the ones in costa at the moment are perfect but i have no frame of reference when it comes to measuring them in ounces! the other question i have which is related to the machine is that the steam wand seems to have a slit at the top from which the steam escapes rather than some i have seen with just a tiny hole. does this affect the microfoam performance of the steamer and should it affect my technique when frothing the milk? i can feel myself becoming obsessed with this new hobby already i don't even have the machine yet!
  8. In the UK we know Flat Whites as 5.5oz drinks with 2 shots espresso and the rest nicely textured milk. Almost all of the Flat Whites I have drunk in New Zealand this week have been between 6oz and 8oz in volume. I have tried coffee in Queenstown, Wanaka and South Auckland so far and we head into Auckland city this weekend and early next week, before flying to Wellington and Wanganui too. This will give me a chance to taste a great cross-section of coffee from across the country. There are an amazing amount of roasters here and the standard in general has been good. Price-wise the average flattie costs $4 or $4.50 (about 2 quid or thereabouts) However, you need a mortgage to eat anything!
  9. Guest

    How to make a flat white

    I can honestly say that I have no idea whatsoever as to how to do this. I use the same amount of coffee as i have been usually (16g) then foam up the milk but it never gets very hot and when i pour the milk into the cup with the shot of espresso (30g) it's too weak!! HELP!
  10. Hi guys, What Bean do you like the most in your flat white? Love to hear your recommendations. Thanks
  11. Hi guys, Can anyone tell me the "official" volume of milk to make a flat white with? I've read anything from 3 to 5oz (100 - 150ml) of milk? Cheers.
  12. Hey guys, as some of you know I've recently bought a bean to cup machine. After t tonight I decided I fancied a coffee, my other half said "I'll make you a flat white". Lovely job I thought, then she presented me with the rather good looking flat white attached. She then fancied one herself but the milk had cooled, so she produced, the newly dubbed, penis latte
  13. Ive been dipping in and out making coffee, i just don't get the time as i used to I seem to of lost the ability to make nice milk and getting any form of art is a real struggle I'm not sure where i am going wrong. One thing it could be is when to start the art part. Here is what i do currently, I pour the milk into the middle from around an inch from the cup so it break the surface. I allow the cup to fill to around hlf way then i pour quicker to get the art foam but that isn't working i seem to be overfilling. Ive tried to start earlier but i can't get it right. Any tips?
  14. Dallah


    Back to the daily commute to the office so need an espresso drink to travel. Two double shots of Ethiopian Dumerso espresso with 8oz of lovely microfoamed whole Cravendale milk in my 16oz Keepcup. Sure its just two flat whites, but in the spirit of North American excess I have dubbed it the Megawhite ™.
  15. Indian Bibi Plantation & El Salvadorian Finca La Fany beans have been blended to create a lovely smooth and sweet coffee. Jose describes this as Red Wine Sangria and the red fruit tastes are abundant, with cocoa notes in the background too. There is a bite, but this is some type of spice flavour which gives the coffee a hint of intrigue. As an espresso this coffee is very enjoyable, and when milk is added the cocoa/chocolate tastes are more dominant. I have enjoyed this as an espresso and as a macchiato, while my wife was very happy with her flat white. Available as a 60g sample pack or in 250g and 1kg bags as well, this is a coffee that is sure to please. Available for a limited time on the Lazy Jose website
  16. Hi, My first post so be gentle lol. What ratio would i expect when ordering a flat white to take away in an 8oz cup?
  17. I can make good espresso (most of the time) and I do enjoy the taste. But as soon as I add milk to it, not much left of the "interesting" bits. The flat white is nice and smooth, nothing alarms me in the taste. But equally nothing to show off to my friends (and all of them have coffee with milk ...). I use mostly medium-roast beans, e.g. from the Has Bean subscription or Gatare from Foundry. Whats is the trick to make flat whites with more "interesting" taste? Do I need e.g. to brew longer medium-roast beans, to make espresso a bit more bitter to cut through? Maybe this is the pre-infusion which softens the taste (this is what I usually use). Or do I need a dark-roast to make it work?
  18. Hi all I’m looking to try some new beans that people would recommend with flat whites. Most months I tend to get a blend and a single origin- the single origins are my chance to try something new, but knowing when its sold out I’m unlikey to get any more, whereas I try blends in the hope that I can have a fairly consistent coffee taste from month to the next. If there is a regular supply of a single origin that would be fine too though. Anyway, I’ve enjoyed Rave’s signature blend and Hasbean’s red blend, although sometimes I feel the beans are being drowned out by the milk and I should consider a darker roast. Any recommendations of blends people find go particularly well in a flat white? Open minded on taste historically I've tended to prefer almond/hazelnut flavours but willing to try something new.
  19. Hey all - so I was in Berlin recently and stopped by Tres Cabezas. My preferred drink is a flat white, and I honestly think it could've been one of the best I had there. They was using their own blends - https://www.trescabezas.de/en/coffee/espresso-blend-wild-at-heart. I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for similar blends which are more readily available in the UK? Thanks!
  20. monish

    Flat White

    Hello, hello! Long time lurker, first time poster! I've just far too much money on a new espresso machine (which I LOVE). However, I haven't been able to produce a decent flat white yet and the wife is questioning the purchase... Anybody on here recommend a good value forgiving blend to make a flat white? Thanks,
  21. Macchiato is too short and strong for me but flat white bit too milky so meet the Macchiato White; I need to work on my latte art, I just chucked some foam on top as i created it accidently.
  22. This is a relative question. Most people refer to a flat white as a double shot (ristretto) with 5oz of microfoam. So, why is it more expensive than a latte that generally has a double shot with 8/10pz of microfoam? I personally prefer a flat white (if it's made correct), however consider it to be quite a fashion drink. Opinions greatly appreciated!
  23. Hi all, I've been reading a lot on this forum over the last few weeks and was initially set on getting a Gaggia Classic with an upgraded wand, but my friend has suggested that a La Pavoni Europiccola may be a better starting point. Until now I've been using a V60 and Rhinowares hand grinder at home, but have been seeking out good coffee shops - mainly in London - for years so have a good idea of what's possible with espresso / flat whites. Which machine would you recommend? The Europiccola seems to only produce a single shot at a time - is this an issue for flat whites? I am planning to stick with the Rhinowares hand grinder for now until I can afford a decent powered grinder - do you think this will be ok? I understand the La Pavoni has a steeper learning curve and this doesn't put me off. I'm happy to put time into learning things, but would ideally like to buy a machine in good condition - I don't want to spend time on repair / diagnosis. What sort of price should I expect to pay for a good second hand Europiccola? I know the Classics are sometimes £75 upwards or £150 for fully reconditioned. Any input appreciated! Cheers!
  24. 18 Duralex 4.5oz glass tumblers. Nice flat white size. £18 posted
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