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Found 10 results

  1. Hi, First post here and first Gaggia machine. Loving the machine so far even though it did highlight that I need a new grinder, the Bodum Bistro just wasn't good enough even with the 0.8mm offset top burr holder - ROK manual grinder does the job though. Anyway, I notice a lot of folk are sticking card in to the power switch to hold it in keeping the machine from automatically turning off after 9 minutes or so. This isn't great, if the switch has backed off a bit there's a chance of a poor contact which could mean high resistance meaning lots of heat and or fire. My solution, which you can do two ways: 1. Swap the power switch with the extraction/pump switch. 2. Buy an extraction/pump switch (approx £13?) and change it over with the power switch. The only problem with the first option is that you have to hold in the button for your entire pull/extraction... But I actually prefer this option, and, it saves me another £13. The quirk with swapping or exchanging the switch is: 1. One press (switch in IN position) will turn the machine on and it'll stay on, effectively disabling automatic timeout. 2. Another press (switch now in OUT position) will keep the machine on with the 9 minute automatic timeout enabled (operates like normal); unless, the 9 minute timeout has lapsed from 1st switching on, if this is the case the machine will power off. If within 9 minutes of 1st switching on,these two apply: 3. 3rd press (switch in IN position) operates same as first press. 4. 4th press (switch in OUT position) will turn machine off. Hope that helps. Gives you both options of having the 9 min timer enabled or disabled. Simplified: 2015 Operation - Press button twice. (Timer enabled, auto off) Pre 2015 Operation - Press button once and leave on for 9+ minutes. (2nd press turns off machine) P.s. The switch covers do come off and can be swapped over so they identify the switch function normally. P.p.s. Both types of switches are rated for the same voltage & current. Cheers, Kev
  2. This has happened thrice in our ownership of this otherwise wonderful machine. The frothing wand drips (quickly) water while you are brewing espresso. Since I'm in Kentucky, the repair is a major hassle (must be packed and shipped, resulting in ~$150 total expense each time - added to the high cost of the machine.) So, is this something I could repair myself (I'm reasonably good with tools.) Input appreciated.
  3. Even cheapo coffee machines have a basic water level check via a slot/window or clear plastic tank. No such feature in the case of the Silvia4. Silvia5? Not just inconvenient, its very irritating having to guess how many pulls you have left before the tank dries up. An inexcusable design oversight on an otherwise terrific machine. Numerous electronic DIY solutions abound on the web, featuring ‘push-test’ buttons or switches that light LED’s or sound buzzers. One circuit activates a water pump. Genious. Not having the required electronic skills I set about cobbling together this simple but effective fix using household junk. (see PDF download attachment) Materials: 1 x ‘uni Laknock’ push-lock ball point pen or similar. 1 x BBQ wooden skewer/spike. 1 x cork Tools: 1 x Drill bit the same diameter of the pen shaft - see (A) 1 x Pliers 1 x Rule/measure Instructions: 1. With the pliers gently ‘crush’ the clear plastic barrel holding top of pen. 2. Pull off the pocket clip and file to match radius. 3. Drill a hole in the centre of the Rancilio water tank cover the same diameter as the pen shaft. 4. Push the point of the wooden skewer firmly into the pen housing. Take care to centre. 5. Make a hole in the cork to take the skewer and slide on. The water will expand and make a tight fit. 6. Push the cork 16cm from base of water cover. 16cm will show the water level has a reserve up to the moulded cross in the base of the tank - approximately 2 cups/4 single esspresso pulls. To test: If the little pen-head sits UP and proud, you’ve got water. If it sits flush and doesn’t pop back up if you push it down, then it’s time to re-fill. PLEASE NOTE: The author accepts no responsibility if you mess up! However, if you do complete the project I guarantee it’ll be worth it. No batteries. No flashing lights... and NO more guessing.
  4. I've just left my full-time job (as founding engineer/machine guru) working for a fairly major London and national coffee and machine supply company to go back to being self employed, which was where I started nearly 20 years ago! For the last 12 years I've been working on espresso machines (you name it, I've probably fixed it!) after helping to set up a now well respected service department. The real base of my skills are in La Marzocco machines, and I've also worked extensively on Spaziale, San Marco and Conti gear, Mazzer grinders, Lever machines (love them!), and Giotto Rockets amongst many others. If you need advice: I'm happy to give it (time allowing!) - I believe that knowledge should be shared, not hoarded. If you need more - a service or repair of your beloved machine for example, or a part that you're having trouble getting - I'll be happy to provide you with a quote. Feel free to get in touch! I'm looking forward to meeting and working with people who actually care about the coffee they're making and drinking, rather than primarily being concerned about the cost equation.....there's nothing worse in my opinion than coffee made to an accountants formulation!
  5. Hi all. I am a newbie to the forum so please go easy. I am building a mobile coffeee van and have purchased a used (fairly old) CMA Astoria AL2 lever machine which runs on LPG and Elec. I was wondering if anyone could offer any advice on finding an engineer (ideally based in the north of England) who has the skills to service the machine. Clearly being a lever machine, AND dual fuel puts it in a rare space in terms of finding a suitable engineer and I have heard that most engineers won't touch them because they are no longer used to working on them and/or dont have correct tools to work on them. Also, how would I go on with getting a boiler pressure check done? Are there any gas safety engineers who specialise in espresso machines for the LPG side of things. Thanks in advance fo any advice that can be offered. I guess I am just really looking for someone who can inspect it before use, and replace any parts that may need replacing, certainly from a safety perspective. Best wishes coffee lovers!!!
  6. Newbie - just purchased a fracino piccino machine 2nd hand, by the sounds of things the steamer / pump is not working is this something i could fix myself ? thanks . B
  7. I've been doing some research recently - and have now managed to quite easily disable the 20min timer on the latest 2018+ Gaggia Classic / Gaggia Classic Pro / Gaggia Classic 2019. Some quick background, and where I started from: The first image below is the switchbank of an EU Gaggia Classic 2018+, which has the timer. The second one is the switchbank of a US "Gaggia Classic Pro" version, that doesn't have the timer - but otherwise is very very similar. The wires used are largely different colours, but there's also two or three connectors that are used on the EU version, but unused on the US one. Curious.... ? So - with quite a bit of digging around, tracing wires, taking things apart and general investigation - I found that the easiest way to defeat the 20min timer is to simply remove the two "extra" cables from the front switch-bank (the green one and the blue one below it) and then to bridge these two wires together. Doing this doesn't seem to affect the machine in any other way - it turns on the same, heats up the same, brews, steams and turns off the same (but only when you press the button to do so, it doesn't turn off automatically after 20 mins). Hooray! I've shown some pics of the wire that I made up for this mod - using high temp flexible silicone cable and a couple of 6.3mm male spade connectors - you simply plug one connector in on one side, and the other on the other side, and fold the wire over. Simples and reversible if required. (I'm going to make them slightly longer, as it makes folding them easier - even though it's using flexible silicone cable, when they're short it's not quite as easy). I've also included some additional photos of the wire installed. If anyone buys my 2018+ Gaggia Classic PID kit and wants one of these cables then I'll include one free of charge IF THEYASK FOR IT. (If you've previously bought a 2018+ kit and want one then it's just £1 for 1st Class postage and packing). If anyone else who's a member on here can't make one, and wants to just buy one from me - then I can provide them at minimal cost - £2 plus postage (1st Class 70p, 2nd Class 61p!). I'm still working on a good, effective OPV mod - and I'll probably combine this timer disable mod, with a 9 bar OPV mod, and sufficient silicone pipe to properly replumb the OPV (right now they have the OPV dumping into the drip tray on currnt models, which is a crazy waste of water) within a "Fixes for the Classic 2019" combination mod kit within the next few weeks.
  8. Hi all, I got an error code when turning on my Minima this week and I've been trying to figure out the issue ever since. I need an expert (paging DaveC !!) or at least someone with more knowledge than me at this point. Error code is "A1" displaying on the front display. The manual says (page 18) this means Brew boiler temperature probe not connected or short circuit. I have opened up the machine to check for any loose cables, and found nothing. Nevertheless, I unplugged and reinserted every cable and connector, and the problem remains. Then I took out my multimeter/voltmeter and tested for continuity between all connectors between the brew boiler thermocouple (the probe with two wires going in the top of brew boiler) and the controller's PCB. I verified that all connectors have proper electrical connection, all the way to the controller board's PCB. I verified that the two wires to the probe are not shorted to each other (no connection between them). My next step (I think) would be to unscrew the thermocouple fastener and inspect the thermocouple all the way in to the brew boiler. I haven't done that yet because I don't want to reseal the fixture if I don't have to, and honestly that part is intimidating (because water). My question: what should I try next? It's under warranty still, but I don't want to pay shipping to EU or wait for such a long time. I'm usually pretty handy to solve these things myself. Thank you for reading this far! Evan
  9. Every time I press the steam button my spout just pops out after 2 seconds of steam. There are screws behind the spout should I mess with them or are they not related?
  10. A place to post a simple picture of or few words about something you built, moded or brought back to life today. As a huge fan of the "Postie thread" (http://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?10791-What-did-the-Postie-bring-you-today) and just as huge a fan of DIY - I thought I would see if this would stick. (As cool as Posties are, making it yourself is even cooler, no?) Preferably coffee related but anything cool will do. Doesn't matter if it's simple, complex, been done a thousand times before, all fair game.
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