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Found 122 results

  1. Good afternoon guy's. So I upgraded from a dedica to a Sage Duo Temp. I've just run a descaler through it but screwed up and forgot to remove the filter :/ so I'm in desperate need of one of those odd filters and annoyingly sage are out of stock! Any help pointing me in the right direction to buy a filter or is there a workaround at all? Thanks in advance, Gindy.
  2. Mine just arrived today, when assembling the water filter doesn’t seem to fit properly in the tank. When you push it down onto the connection, it seems to come into contact with the side of the tank before it’s all the way down. It then isn’t able to sit upright in the tank. Is that expected and just a poor design? It’s just the filter that came provided in the box.
  3. Hi I am due up for another water filter change and wondering if anyone has sourced these from anywhere other than Sage? Mine is the newer one which uses the Clara filters.
  4. Hi Clear clever coffee dripper, 300ml. Bought in September from Hasbean but upgrading to the larger one. Used a handful of times, unfortunately no box, but do have the order receipt if required. Comes with some small filters. £13 + postage Thanks Nik
  5. Hi All, Just looking for advice, I'm wanting to get a filter coffee machine (to compliment my aeropress). Just wondering if anyone has used the Merlitta Look (glass or flask without the hot plate)? Or whether I should spend the extra and on a Moccamaster or a Wilfa Svart Classic any advice greatly appreciated, Thanks!
  6. Ok, so I recently joined the forums looking to improve my coffee. I predominantly drink filter coffee using a Melitta Therm Look IV using pre-ground coffee (I know, I know, I'm a beginner, what can I say!). Realising my best option to improve the flavour without splashing out on a new Brazen Plus, would be moving over to beans and grinding them myself, so, thanks to recommendations from here, I have purchased a Wilfa Svart grinder which should be with me on Monday/Tuesday. I like the idea of a V60 or Chemex but realistically would prefer to keep the brewing process as simple as possible hence the filter machine. I put the machine on, walk the dog and get back to fresh coffee before I start the days work. So I am now looking at what else I can do to improve it, which led me onto water. I have checked the water hardness for the area, which is rated as Hard, 115.2 Ca mg/l, 288 CaCO3mg/l (whatever that means). I have no idea of the TDS. I am thinking of using a Brita or BTW filter jug as I would prefer not to use bottled water from a conservation side of things. Now, I have no clue as to what I have just told you about my water, or what filter would be most suitable and I'm wondering whether anyone would be kind enough to point me in the correct direction before I buy something totally unsuitable! I have added the report from Southern Water if that helps anyone, it just confuses the hell out of me!! ZH524.pdf
  7. Good evening Folks, Looking to a purchase a water filter jug for my espresso machine was thinking a Zerowater pitcher (as it comes with TDS meter) can anyone offer any suggestions or advice? Thanks, Mike
  8. Hi, As I am on my quest to upgrade my grinder situation I have inevitably come across the Mignon in the electric grinder department. From what I can see it seems like a great entry level grinder for espresso that will not leave me wanting to upgrade within 6months. I think I could cope with the clumping problems as I would likely dose and then grind into small vessel and transfer to the PF anyway. My main question for people who have used the grinder is, how good is this grinder/how easy is it too switch from espresso to brewing say aeropress or v60? I know it is a stepless grinder so it may be the case of keeping a note of how many turns of the knob you made but has anyone got direct experience of using the grinder like this? In a normal week I probably pull 3 espresso shots a day, but I do really like the process and result of an excellent v60 or Aeropress say twice times a week. I am willing to accept the hassle of changing the grind so that I can enjoy these other brew methods, the alternative would be to hand grind for filter so its which ever is the least hassle I guess. I have all the Hario equipment for v60 along with a rather nice wooden stand I've made and it would be a shame to see it all become redundant. Plus, who doesn't love using a gooseneck kettle! Conversely, is there some other grinder I should consider? Thanks, Steve
  9. I've been experimenting recently with different Aeropress filter combinations and wondered what others used. I didn't realise until recently there was such a big difference between paper and metal filters and currently I prefer the metal filter for a cleaner taste (albeit less clean cup!) Do you have a particular combination, multiple filters, filter sandwich?
  10. Hi, For anyone interested, I'm selling a new 54mm Sage Bottomless Portafilter, ordered from Sage and hand machined for £46.50. These have a unique group fitting, only for use on Sage and Breville 54mm coffee machines like the Duo Temp Pro. I believe it's also compatible with these machines... BES810, BES840, BES860 and BES870. Please check compatibility with your machine though. A friend of mine with a Sage Duo Temp Pro expressed a lot of interest in having a bottomless portafilter like the one I was using on my Rocket. Without thinking I sung the praises of bottomless portafilters... They're great for figuring out how to make fantastic shots, diagnosing shot issues and the coffee only ever touches your basket and your cup. Once you've got your shot dialled in, there's less cleaning and dripping over your worktop, and of course... it's a unique and enjoyable way to make coffee. However, the small flaw in my sales pitch came about when he mentioned that he'd looked everywhere and Sage and Breville only sell a bottomless portafilter for their top of the range 58mm machines, and the only way to get a bottomless portafilter for the unique 54mm group head was to buy a custom made one or make one yourself... So weeks later, and more conversations about bottomless portafilters, I decided to surprise him and order a new portafilter from Sage, and machine it myself as I fortunately have all of the metalworking tools required. He was blown away with the result, so mission successful, and he suggested that I sell these online as there are probably others like him. So here we are!
  11. V60 was what got me hooked on "quality" coffee after a visit to a speciality coffee shop with a friend who took charge of the ordering. He ordered us both a Filter (V60), to my amazement I suggested it must have had some form of Strawberry syrup in it as it tasted of Strawberry and apatently was just a black coffee! so I went out, purchased a grinder and coffee and the journey began. Now some years on I've been more of a Espresso and Flate White drinker however brushed off the cheap grinder and made a Yirgacheffe V60. I used the following recipe - 32.5g Course Grind (Krupps Burr Grinder/£50) 500ml water It wasn't on the final course setting however it took over 9 minutes to fully extract, I will try the full course setting however I take it the grinder is poor and I need something. Enter for when I fancy a filter coffee at home! I noticed a few dissuasing the Wilfa SVART, any views on this or other grinder purely for filter?
  12. Simple question (not!!) i want ant to take advantage of my 'plumb to mains' feature but what filter should I go with?
  13. Quick question for those who have - my wife ordered one with the steel filter as a Christmas present for her mother. What she received was a sealed Aeropress box, containing 350 filters but there's no mention of the steel filter anywhere, and she doesn't want to open the box to check. Anyone here ordered one with the steel filter, and if so, was it in the box or supplied separately? Thanks
  14. GrahamS


    I've just watched an EK43 prep video, using a portafilter funnel, and see the same issue a I have - a nicely stirred up distributed grind, and when you pull out the funnel, an empty dead band about 1.5mm wide all around the top of the puck, where the funnel sits, which sort of defeats the even distribution, and further fiddling afterwards can lead to grind spillage, which was the reason for using the funnel in the first place. i'm thinking of modding the funnel, so most of it only sits a mm or so inside the portafilter, with maybe three thin legs that go in further to locate it. anyone already made a mod, before I go hacking and ruin the funnel?
  15. I recently bought a Gaggia CLassis (older one not the new one) and it came with the pressurised filters. Looking to replace so I can get a better pour but wondered what people recommended? I really like the naked style / bottomless ones...
  16. Hi all.... now my mind is reeling with possibilities.... what exactly is a French Press ? Please help. Take care... Frederick (Fred)
  17. Last week my pump started rattling and smelled burnt after several shots from it in a row. Then it stopped pumping water altogether! I left it for the day and switched it back on, the electrical burning smell still there but now pumping water. For the last few days i've switched it on, pumped some water through and pulled a shot and now the smell is going and espresso tasting ok but i just don't think the pressure is like before-put any tamp weight on it and the coffee just drips out Rang Gaggia at Halifax on friday who were too busy to talk to me so took my number but never called me back. This is crap service- i told them my machine is 2 months old! Anybody had experience of their warranty services?
  18. The first coffee filter was invented in 1908 by Melitta Bentz, a housewife from Dresden, Germany. She created the filter using blotting paper. The Melitta Bentz and her husband Hugo Bentz started the Melitta Bentz company that same year in 1908. The Melitta brand is synonymous with coffee filters to this day.
  19. Hi all I have had my aeropress for a couple of weeks now and I have been getting on great with it, so far I haven't had a bad cup from it. Today I didn't have a bad cup but a cloudy cup, I noticed it yesterday (Sunday) when I came back that my coffee was not very clear I just assumed the paper filter was not fitted properly but today I tried again, same grind as sunday and (I believe) as the week before, I double/triple checked the filter was fitted properly but again my cup was quite cloudy. There was a slight amount/hardly anything of thin sediment in the bottom of the cup and the taste was fine but I was just wondering what has caused this. I haven't altered my grind setting from the week before and I would have thought I would have noticed a cloudy coffee last week but could the paper filter be letting grinds through if the grind was too fine? Many thanks HLA91
  20. Hi, After much deliberation I have just installed the BWT Bestmax Premium water filter kit onto my water supply. I did a drop test of my water before and after, as well as a bottle of Volvic. These were the results (TH=Total Hardness, KH=Carbonate Hardness): Water supply: TH 12 drops = 214ppm, KH 7 drops = 125ppm Water supply with filter: TH 7 drops = 125ppm, KH 5 drops = 89ppm Volvic: TH 4 drops = 71ppm, KH 3 drops = 53ppm I can play around with the bypass setting (which determines how hard it filters the water), but I couldn't resist making a brew straight away. I applied the same recipe for the Rave LSOL that I've been using all week on the Kalita Wave and the flavour was considerably improved. It has taken some of the rough edges off it and the desirable flavours are much more pronounced. In terms of espresso, 89ppm KH is possibly pushing it a bit in terms of scale. I will report back when I've done a few more brews at various bypass settings, but initial impressions are very positive.
  21. Does anyone have any experience of using a cartridge based water filter system such as this http://www.osmiowater.co.uk/water-filters/ft-line-ve-water-filter-system.html instead of a blue tank CTU in a commercial environment? Also does anyone know the comparative ecological impact of the two (i.e. if blue tank CTU is recharged and re-used does this mean it's more environmentally sound than the cartridges, which I believe you simply swap out and discard).
  22. I've not long moved house and have a smaller kitchen, which has just been re-fitted. As a result I have been banned from using my machine in there (La Pavoni PCL and MC2 grinder). Partly 'cause of space but mainly because of the mess sometimes made. Now this could be my own doing by not mopping up the odd stray grinds or coffee splatters up but this is where I'm at. I thought about B2C machines but not read anything good about them, what they really like? So I'm looking at other methods. Making do with Aeropress at the mo. Thinking maybe going back to filter (Brazen/Bonnavita) or maybe pour over. However I can't get over the fact that espresso is, imo, the tastiest coffee to have. My drinks are always black. Thanks.
  23. So, a while back I got some great advice from here and invested in a Cherub. I recently got the chance to plumb it in, so have done so. Anyone else done this? My pour is quite fast but I am currently running filterless. I am going to fix that next week, any advice on inline filters? Britta-C seems to be the thing. Do you think the filter will slow the water down or is this all due to the pump? I think the grind is dialled in correctly. Any finer and my pucks break up. And the coffee is good, so. One annoying thing about the plumbing is that it comes out of the bottom of the unit and the design means it basically has to go through the surface of whatever it is stood on. Not a problem for me, but may well concern others! I am also thinking of getting a bottomless for xmas. Can anyone point to one that will 'just work' (i.e. fit). One final thing, if I wanted to descale the machine, would I have to go back to a tank fill? That is a bit of a faff, and I had not thought of it before. It means opening the machine and changing things... Cheers Nathan
  24. Recently bought a Behmor Brazen. Been having some difficulty getting a solid 1.2l of coffee from it with the Kalita Wave 185 filters recommended by Has Bean. I've found the filter paper overflows during the brew even at the 66g recommended by Behmor - and certainly no chance of going for the 72g I'd like to try. Any suggestions?
  25. After my ceme failed a few weeks ago I have taken the plunge on the new digital preinfusion module. Installation was actually pretty simple once I got my head around the wiring with help from Reiss. The hardest thing was removing the blanking cap from the pipe. Have to say being able to adjust the preinfusion is massive. I had never played with it with the ceme and didn’t actually expect to have much of an effect on extraction and flavour but it’s a big taste difference. I am currently drinking a bean made for filter that I have never been able to get espresso from before but at 4.0 bar pressure it’s delicous. How are you finding yours @Snakehips ? Also I reckon the pump is quieter and cuts in less than before.
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