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  1. Good evening Folks, Looking to a purchase a water filter jug for my espresso machine was thinking a Zerowater pitcher (as it comes with TDS meter) can anyone offer any suggestions or advice? Thanks, Mike
  2. I’ve started to notice weird transparent floaty bits on the surface of my black coffee. Anybody else got the same effect. Does anybody know what it is? I’m using the Hausgrind and V60 and AeroPress.
  3. What other methods are there for getting a decent coffee? My filter machine is quite bitter and giving me a mental 'buzz' and heartburn. I also have a French Press that tastes better doesn't give me the buzz or heartburn, but despite using James Hoffmanns technique I still manage to get quite a silty coffee. I like the look of the V60 but realistically not sure I have the patience (or the right kettle) to get the pour etc right. I would go for a Technivorm or similar but just don't have the funds at the moment due to a new business venture. Any recommendations for a simple fire and
  4. Hi, I'm selling my trusty coffee grinder, a Compak K3 Touch. I have only owned it for about 4 months, and I bought it second hand from a place called Wogan Coffee in Bristol, so it was a trusted place where all of their appliances are checked and in top condition. This is an absolutely fantastic grinder which can easily from filter all the way to very fine espresso grind, I'm simply selling because it is above my needs - I mostly make filter coffee. I personally have only put around 5-10kg of beans through it, so it really hasn't seen a huge amount of use. I have always cl
  5. I've been experimenting recently with different Aeropress filter combinations and wondered what others used. I didn't realise until recently there was such a big difference between paper and metal filters and currently I prefer the metal filter for a cleaner taste (albeit less clean cup!) Do you have a particular combination, multiple filters, filter sandwich?
  6. Hi, As I am on my quest to upgrade my grinder situation I have inevitably come across the Mignon in the electric grinder department. From what I can see it seems like a great entry level grinder for espresso that will not leave me wanting to upgrade within 6months. I think I could cope with the clumping problems as I would likely dose and then grind into small vessel and transfer to the PF anyway. My main question for people who have used the grinder is, how good is this grinder/how easy is it too switch from espresso to brewing say aeropress or v60? I know it is a stepless grinder s
  7. Hi all, I'm in the market for a new filter coffee grinder after basically selling my espresso set up. I only have about £100 - £150 (absolute maximum) to spend. I was looking at the probably getting the Wilfa Svart grinder, but just wanted to know if anyone had any better suggestions? Also not a huge amount of info out there about the Wilfa. Anything would be massively appreciated. Kind regards, Rory
  8. Hi there! I'm relatively new to the espresso world. I've inherited a barista express (yes I've read its not the best but its perfect for me) and would love to keep it working as long as possible. It's been around a year, and afraid that the London hard water was affecting it I ran it through a descaling procedure. After reading about how tough descaling is on machines I now regret that and flushed the whole machine thoroughly. Lesson learned and I'll never descale again. Sage makes hard water filters, which I read are ion exchange resin based, so if I let the water sit in the tank
  9. Kalita Wave 185 for sale in Stainless Steel, with matching glass server and a heap of filters that will keep you going! (Around 100 white,and some natural too) Never used so much and only in the house, so perfect condition. Fully boxed. Collection is preferred from SE London area, or delivery can be arranged I'm sure! £35 for the lot, or 40 delivered. Thanks
  10. Hi all, Im thinking of getting a brewer for the office, but being new(er) to brewed coffee cant make a decision on which to get. What are the differences between the Kalita/hario/chemex? I presume apart from the dripper, ill just need a grinder/karafe/scales and some filters. Cheers Craig
  11. Ok, so 6 months on, no complaints whatsoever. Fast, fluffy, lovely volcano-like mound, bugger all retention. Great workflow. Ram portafilter in, press button, blink, tamp and go. Having just started faffing about with V60/Aeropress, i've found that i won't grind coarse enough for a V60. Which was surprising. I have installed both shims and espresso hits the mark at step 5.5-7 on the 1-31 scale (1 being finest). Various docs online indicate that 1 shim shifts the grind by 6 steps, so if i removed a shim, i'd be at the very end of the scale for espresso. The Aeropress went fine
  12. I have a spare, unused BWT filter head. Fits all BWT filter cartridges. Same item as shown here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/BWT-Best-Premium-Filter-Head/dp/B006I19PSS £25 including postage.
  13. Hey guys, I'm keen to try some new beans from different roasters, if you have any suggestions that would fit the mentioned taste profile for a v60 that would be incredible. I tried the "Juice Box" from the Dept of Coffee in London, and it was full of berry flavour, definitely one of my top go to beans for this type. Have a go if you haven't already, I highly recommend it for filter coffee. https://departmentofcoffee.com/shop/juice-box-filter
  14. Hi, For anyone interested, I'm selling a new 54mm Sage Bottomless Portafilter, ordered from Sage and hand machined for £46.50. These have a unique group fitting, only for use on Sage and Breville 54mm coffee machines like the Duo Temp Pro. I believe it's also compatible with these machines... BES810, BES840, BES860 and BES870. Please check compatibility with your machine though. A friend of mine with a Sage Duo Temp Pro expressed a lot of interest in having a bottomless portafilter like the one I was using on my Rocket. Without thinking I sung the praises of bottomless portafil
  15. I have a Iberital Mc2 that I use for my Gaggia Classic and while it is a fantastic grinder, adjusting the grind is a pita. I am using DeLonghi KG79 for my Aeropress / v60 but I was wondering if getting buying something better would be worth doing? Are there any grinders that are notably good for filter coffee? BTW, not interested in hand grinding, I did it for 2 years with my Porlex and I have had enough. EDIT: budget around £100
  16. Hi all. I am on the hunt for a filter machine without plastic in the brew path...really surprised it's proving so difficult! Love the retro look of the Moccamaster and the tinkerability of the Brazen Plus....but they both obviously rely a bit on plastic. Any ideas or leads? I have the chance to buy a Bunn VP17-2 which looks quite interesting to me. It seems to be a plastic free path up until the filter, which I see can be upgraded to an all stainless one. Has anyone any experience of whether this is any good? It seems well made and week resourced in parts availability etc....and being a l
  17. Hi all, I thought id just do a quick post about the Wilfa coffee grinder which I recently bought. There seems to be a lot of talk about this, probably because of the price, the fact it's made with Tim Wendleboe, and with the various positive reviews from people James Hoffman. I got this grinder through Workshop coffee for £95, free postage and included a free bag of coffee (which is delicious). Just thought I'd share some of my views on it: - great price - small footprint - quiet grinding - easy to use with the 'aeropress/French press' settings etc - grinds ver
  18. Hi all, I am selling my Graef CM80 grinder in white. This is a great grinder that I have really loved using. Its incredibly easy to change the grind settings, simply twist the top. I'm also amazed at how quickly it dispenses coffee, and how good the grind quality is. I've only used it for filter grind but it could do espresso at a push (for darker roasts), and in the 1 year i've owned it its only been used for about 5-6 months and only had about 5kg of coffee through it. I am looking for £60, and would prefer pickup - I'm in Redland in Bristol. thanks! Rory
  19. Hi all, i am selling a Graef CM80 Grinder in white. This is a great grinder and can just about do espresso grind (for dark roasts) but mainly it's great for filter grind. I've owned this for about a year but has only been used for about 6 months, with only about 5kg of coffee been put through it. I'd really interested to know what people think this is worth? Please see photos below kind regards Rory
  20. Good afternoon guy's. So I upgraded from a dedica to a Sage Duo Temp. I've just run a descaler through it but screwed up and forgot to remove the filter :/ so I'm in desperate need of one of those odd filters and annoyingly sage are out of stock! Any help pointing me in the right direction to buy a filter or is there a workaround at all? Thanks in advance, Gindy.
  21. Ok, so I recently joined the forums looking to improve my coffee. I predominantly drink filter coffee using a Melitta Therm Look IV using pre-ground coffee (I know, I know, I'm a beginner, what can I say!). Realising my best option to improve the flavour without splashing out on a new Brazen Plus, would be moving over to beans and grinding them myself, so, thanks to recommendations from here, I have purchased a Wilfa Svart grinder which should be with me on Monday/Tuesday. I like the idea of a V60 or Chemex but realistically would prefer to keep the brewing process as simple as possible hence
  22. I bought a second hand Gaggia Color on ebay, unfortunately its arrived with no filter cups. Basically I need to know if filter cups are universal throughout the Gaggia range? If I buy a cup meant for a Gaggia Classic for instance will that work?
  23. HI, just after some clarification on a filter/pump setup running from a water tank. I plan to use the pump and softner listed below. However, the filter has a restrictor down to 1 liter per min, will this cause an issue with the Sureflo pumping @ 10L per min? If this filter isn't suitable, can you point me to one which would be please. Sureflo Trial King 10 (30psi/10 liters per min) https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Shurflo-30PSI-Water-Pump-Trial-King-10-2095-403-443-Caravan-Motorhome-Boat/201372840694?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 FT Lin
  24. I'm looking for advice on water treatment - I know the subject has been done to death, but I also know that there must be several forum members who have very similar circumstances and I'm interested in what has worked well for you. I'm about to have a kitchen extension done and would like to stop using bottled water to feed my machine. I have a Classic now, but of course with a bigger kitchen comes space for a bigger machine, so I will upgrade and am thinking of going with something plumbed in. London water being what is is, that will of course involve some sort of treatment to reduce the
  25. Hi All, Just looking for advice, I'm wanting to get a filter coffee machine (to compliment my aeropress). Just wondering if anyone has used the Merlitta Look (glass or flask without the hot plate)? Or whether I should spend the extra and on a Moccamaster or a Wilfa Svart Classic any advice greatly appreciated, Thanks!
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