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  1. Good afternoon guy's. So I upgraded from a dedica to a Sage Duo Temp. I've just run a descaler through it but screwed up and forgot to remove the filter :/ so I'm in desperate need of one of those odd filters and annoyingly sage are out of stock! Any help pointing me in the right direction to buy a filter or is there a workaround at all? Thanks in advance, Gindy.
  2. Not sure if anyone else has seen this but I’m certainly interested
  3. Hi all, I’ve really gotten into using my v60 filter again recently and I’m using a Wilfa Svart grinder. However I’m not getting great results on it, I’m finding that even when I have the grind set to ‘FILTER’, I.e pretty coarse, I’m still getting much longer drawdowns than I’d like, and the coffee just tastes a bit sour too. Im using the Perger technique, so just 12g into 200g over 2:20s. The problem is that at the end of the final pour the water seems to get stuck and just drips through very slowly and barely draws down at all. Is this a problem with my grinder maybe making too
  4. Hi Clear clever coffee dripper, 300ml. Bought in September from Hasbean but upgrading to the larger one. Used a handful of times, unfortunately no box, but do have the order receipt if required. Comes with some small filters. £13 + postage Thanks Nik
  5. Brew perfect drip coffee at home with this machine. Bought brand new from Bella Barista in February of this year for £210. One of the only machines to be accredited by the speciality coffee association. No need to explain more to the forum members as they know the quality of this machine. Barely used and in great condition. Looking for £140 plus any postage. Collection from Glasgow area is preferable.
  6. Hi all, I've been using my V60 recently and been buying a lot of nice (and expensive!) coffee's to try. And to be honest I'm really not getting coffee's im very happy with. None of them seem to have a tonne of flavour to them, which Is almost certainly to do with HOW im brewing, and not WHAT im brewing. I'm using a Wilfa Svart grinder and using the Hario kettle along with a Hario V60-01 filter. I'm currently using the Perger method, which uses 200g of water into 12g of coffee over 2 mins 20s (which feels too quick). So i'm just wondering what people's 'go to' methods are when
  7. Hi I am due up for another water filter change and wondering if anyone has sourced these from anywhere other than Sage? Mine is the newer one which uses the Clara filters.
  8. Hi all, so ive just received the Kalita wave 155 in SS as a birthday present, which I’m excited to get started using. HOWEVER, I’m just wondering how the 155 compares to the 185 if you were brewing for just one cup? From comparing the two brewers, they seem to have quite different shapes. The 155 version seems to have much more vertical edges than the 185, which is a lot more slanted. Im only brewing about 14g of coffee to 230g water. So my question is, would the extraction of the two brewers (155 and 185) differ because of the difference in shape? And would I be better off with
  9. Hi, i am new to the forum. I recently decided to drink quality filter coffee. After studying a bit (using Coffee Forums a lot..), i concluded order of importance was : 1) coffee quality 2) grind rather than ground 3) grinder quality 4) filter coffee machine So i bought a coffee brand that seemed universally acclaimed : Rave, i took their Signature blend to have a consensual quality coffee I bought the Sage Smart Grinder pro and a Moccamaster i terms of process, i rinsed the filter, grinded the amount of coffee usually recommended (60g/liter), at the setting Sage indicates (46-54, i used
  10. Mine just arrived today, when assembling the water filter doesn’t seem to fit properly in the tank. When you push it down onto the connection, it seems to come into contact with the side of the tank before it’s all the way down. It then isn’t able to sit upright in the tank. Is that expected and just a poor design? It’s just the filter that came provided in the box.
  11. So... i finally tested my water with one of cheap testing kits. I know my water is hard/very hard - and it indicates 250 ppm, so probably in the right ballpark. The bottled water i use (forum recommendation - not this forum or country though!) looks closer to 500ppm!!!!!!! Might be time to change water and maybe descale the machine after 12 months! Have been trawling the forum and the internet and it seems a toss up between: 1) 5-Stage RO for £150 (£35 filters/membrane). 2) £110 for a Claris Ultra kit (2500L cartridge for £65) ... or BWT/3M equivalent. Questions and co
  12. Hi, I only run Ashbeck or Waitrose water through my machine - I also use the sage water filters. Do you guys use the filters if you are using bottled water?
  13. Hello I would like to buy a new Set of baskets for the Sage Oracle (Touch). So that it will dose different amounts of Coffee in those filters. Has anyone tried some filters? I would like to try those: https://decentespresso.com/basket Maybe someone has experiences with different baskets. Thanks Udo
  14. Earlier this week I forgot to take my V60 and pourover kettle to my current placement accommodation, which called for a bit of improvising... The cheese grater worked well initially, but ended up slipping out from under the makeshift band securing it (rolled clingfilm) so I went for the Carling glass in the end. Just call me MacGyver! Surprisingly, it didn't totally suck! You'll be glad to know that I went home on Wednesday evening and returned avec gear, so order was quickly restored.
  15. Good morning all, I have a unused Osmio Zero RO water filter/kettle system in Black available (UK plug) I purchased this for my roast space after getting a white one for my house and getting on well with it. I tend to take a jug of water down to the roast space if i need it and have never actually used this black one, it still has the original set of filters with it that have not seen any water so are as new. The unit has been out the box and sat out of sunlight. The box is there with packing, i don't remember seeing a set of instructions in the box when i unpacked it but they
  16. Hey guys! I have a Gaggia Classic bought in 2016 from the UK. It should be 9403/11. I have a double basket but I don't know whether it is a 14g or 16g basket. Mine has a ridge on the vertical side. I have been dosing 17-18g and flow seems okay, but the taste is bitter. The following video at 4:10 shows of the two baskets. Some images of the basket I have. From left, Gaggia Pressurized Single, Gaggia Pressurized Double, and Gaggia Commercial non-pressurized double Coffee that comes out with the lack of crema. Looks like overextract
  17. Hi everyone, I find myself having filter coffee most of the time I'm after a coffee. I currently have a Rhinowares hand grinder but I'm not satisfied with the grind quality. Which hand grinder would give me most uniform grounds at filter/aeropress courseness? I'm eyeing kinu m47 right now but maybe there are other grinders I should consider? Comandante also looks good and is a bit cheaper, anyone had a chance to compare these two? P.s. I do like grinding coffee by hand for filter but if there are some electric ones giving more uniform grounds at similar price point I'm all
  18. After my ceme failed a few weeks ago I have taken the plunge on the new digital preinfusion module. Installation was actually pretty simple once I got my head around the wiring with help from Reiss. The hardest thing was removing the blanking cap from the pipe. Have to say being able to adjust the preinfusion is massive. I had never played with it with the ceme and didn’t actually expect to have much of an effect on extraction and flavour but it’s a big taste difference. I am currently drinking a bean made for filter that I have never been able to get espresso from before but at 4.0 bar pressu
  19. Recently bought a Behmor Brazen. Been having some difficulty getting a solid 1.2l of coffee from it with the Kalita Wave 185 filters recommended by Has Bean. I've found the filter paper overflows during the brew even at the 66g recommended by Behmor - and certainly no chance of going for the 72g I'd like to try. Any suggestions?
  20. Just wondering if anyone prefers not to use a spout on the portafilter. I’m always changing between single and double but I think you can gauge your extraction better without one, plus is easier to tamp as the whole portafilter lays flat so no holding it raised slightly. Anyone prefer this?
  21. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2627948377447606/ maybe a project if it’s fooked?
  22. Just how effective are the metal Aeropress filters at giving more body to the finished coffee? I've only ever used paper filters, but have been reading recently that the metal filters can give a fuller mouthful. What are your experiences with them? And which ones do you recommend? Thanks!
  23. Anyone seen these 2 versions around £500 or so! If filters well, it looks like be hard to fill a jug say to add to espresso machine. https://virginpure.com/
  24. Hi all, Just bought the Sage DTP last night and got it set up. Just thinking down the line and wondering what advice people have on cleaning products and filters? I don't think mine came with a descaler, although apparently they usually do so might double check the box when I get home. Do people recommend using the sage descaler only, or are there cheaper/better alternatives? I've heard a lot of people mention Puly, and I know some people just use citric acid? second thing I'm wondering about is the water filter - it recommends changing every 3 months. the filter type on the mac
  25. Hi there! I'm relatively new to the espresso world. I've inherited a barista express (yes I've read its not the best but its perfect for me) and would love to keep it working as long as possible. It's been around a year, and afraid that the London hard water was affecting it I ran it through a descaling procedure. After reading about how tough descaling is on machines I now regret that and flushed the whole machine thoroughly. Lesson learned and I'll never descale again. Sage makes hard water filters, which I read are ion exchange resin based, so if I let the water sit in the tank
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