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  1. So. Recently unpacked my feldgrind. Instruction says 1.6-1.10 for aeropress. Wow! it is SO MUCH finer than im used to grinding with hario skerton! Its almost espresso like fine grind! now all my coffe is just off on this fine grind! I was very happy with 1 scoop of beans for aeropress, 2 scoops for clever dripper, fill with as much water as i can fit in, leave for 20min and drink it! now after 20 minutes coffe tastes super bitter (currently rave signature blend). This morning tried 1 minute brew on aeropress. quite a bit better. What should i adjust first? try to get as rough
  2. Hello! Long time lurker first time poster! After a year of drinking rave coffe with hario skerton / aeropress / clever dripper, and eyeballing my coffe, i decided to upgrade my game. Ordered knock feldgrind directly from them, as shown in stock, like a week ago "4 in stock" was shown... And now 3 weeks later nothing. No grinder, no response to email. From one side i knew about shipping delays ordering direct from them and i am in no hurry. but from another side? how long does it usually take? and has there been a non delivered grinder? and is there a tracking number after it is shipped? o
  3. New integrated dial-lid + crank arm assembly, same burrs as the original. pre-orders before 6/11/17 - £40 discount on the rrp of £140 (inc vat) for December delivery. http://www.madebyknock.com/store/p40/FELD2_%3A_HONED.html pre-orders before 13/11 it's £30 discount and before 20/11 it's £20.
  4. I have a Hausgrind and a Feldgrind. The Feldgrind handle comes off, and so it has a little lid which stops the beans jumping out. The Hausgrind handle stays on at all times, but as a result there is no popper stopper, and beans sometimes jump out. Is there such a thing as a popper stopper for the Hausgrind, or do people have any innovative solutions I haven't considered?
  5. Looks like MBK will only be making 250 more Feldgrinds before they tool up for the new Aergrinds. There is a special price for the next 100 to order. Just pulled the trigger myself. £105 incl UK P&P and VAT. http://www.madebyknock.com/store/p24/the_feldgrind%3A__October_2014_-_September_2017.html Best Steve
  6. Hey people, I'm away for a few days so the Aeropress is getting an outing! I've seen this recipe on the Feldgrind thread: Feldgrind set to 1:6 and 45 second pour/steep/press (for a total time of 2.15) but just wondering if anyone has any other recipes/tips? Cheers!
  7. Hi, The hopper on my feldgrind is slipping off (up the way), has anyone else had this issue? I can't see anything I can tighten to keep it on:
  8. I've got a Feld2. Pretty happy with it. Nicely made, nice to use, easy and quick to dial in, etc. I quite enjoy grinding by hand, and I enjoy the fact it takes so little space and isn't made of plastic. From what I can gather having read comments online here and elsewhere, it easily surpasses electric grinders of the same price point and even slightly more in terms of its grind quality. Completely out of interest, how much better would the grind quality be from an electric grinder that costs several hundred pounds more than the Feldgrind?
  9. Recently got hold of a Feldgrind (Feld2) and have a couple of questions I'm hoping someone can help me with: Is there a particular brush that people are using to clean these with? I'm thinking I'm going to need a long, slim, stiff brush to access those burrs. I can't seem to access the instructions at https://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?30212-Made-By-Knock-Feldgrind-Manual-Tips-amp-Tricks-Modifications/page23 - I get the following error message: "pottolom, you do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several reasons: Your user account may not
  10. Hello, As I’m looking at buying an espresso machine for Home in the next couple of months I wondered what opinions were prevalent re grinders currently available. I currently own two MBK handgrinders... a Feldgrind for home (used for V60 and Aeropress) and an Aergrind for work (used for Aeropress). Should I just use my Feldgrind at home and put all my money into an espresso machine or should I buy something like a Eureka Mignon or try and hobble on with the feldgrind until I can source a second hand Mazzer Mini? Any opinions on this are appreciated.
  11. Sorry, if this has been asked/answered 1000 times before but cannot find answer on searches - although I'm sure it's buried in a long thread on page 76 or similar! What is a reasonable grind setting for feldgrind & my new aeropress please? I made some pretty bad coffee today so I can see this will take a while mastering!
  12. Has anyone here got one of these beautiful looking Rosco hand grinders? http://www.portaspresso.com/page007.html I'd be interested to hear people's thoughts - especially comparison with Feldgrind or similar/
  13. I have bought a Feldgrind and a ROK press and although it technically isn't Espresso (Not 9Bar) however so many parameters have been shot out the window now by the 3rd wave I wonder what is considered espresso now. Anyway I have been having a play around and am struggling somewhat, I am getting heaps of sourness through I used to be able to remedy this but it appears that with the ROK I can't get round it. Is it a temperature issue, I've tried heating up the metal and putting hotter than I would like into the top to get round this problem with little progress. I started with as fine as I
  14. I am looking at purchasing a manual coffee grinder to go with my Rok espresso maker and was wondering if anyone has any recommendations? I have had a brief look around at the Feldgrind, Lido 2 and Rok grinder but can't seem to decide between them. Has anyone compared these or are they all pretty much the same quality and ease of use wise? Thanks, Garth
  15. Hi Guys, Going camping for a few weeks this summer. Looking at maybe getting a handgrinder and aeropress for coffee on the road. Porlex seems to be pretty commonly paired with Aeropress, but reviews of the porlex seem to be middling. I am happy to shell out a little more if the travel grinder will find a decent second life as an aeropress & Moka Pot grinder once I get home. Candidate grinders seem to be Porlex, Rhino grinder and the the Feldgrind. How do these compare is the aeropress space, and is the Feldgrind worth the rather large jump in price?
  16. What Feldgrind setting do you find works best for the Moka pot please?
  17. I'm looking for something to experiment with over the next few months, trying V60, aeropress, espresso etc. Originally I was looking at an MC2 and also thinking of the Mignon but the price would be a big stretch. The other option I'm considering is the Feldgrind, seems to be much better at swapping between the various brew methods than the stepless electric ones but how does it stack it up against those for expresso usage? Is the hand grind effort going to be a put-off for 4-6 espressos a day?
  18. Hi All I'm wondering if anyone knows that version of Feldgrind is sold by Dear Green? Is it the 1.2 model? Link: http://www.deargreencoffee.com/product/made-by-knock-feldgrind Thanks in advance!
  19. We just purchased a feldgrind travel grinder to enhance our coffee making while traveling. We use an MSR Mugmate inserted directly into a coffeecup to reduce the amount of equipment we need. We have a small Bodum electric teakettle for boiling water where there is household current and an MSR Reactor backpacking stove where there isn't. Our feldgrind will always travel with us also except for while backpacking. When backpacking we pre-grind our coffee and use a Food Saver to vacuum seal. Our equipment, other than the Food Saver and MSR Reactor stove, fits in our carry-on luggage.
  20. I think the burrs on my Ceado E7 may need replacing but before I do I wanted to try using my feldgrind to see if there's a noticeable difference. I've only used the feldgrind for brewed so far but can anyone recommend the rough grind setting for espresso? I'd rather not waste beans being miles off
  21. It looks like a few people here have got hold of one of these recently so having got my cosmetic second direct from Knock last week I thought it might be useful to post about experiences so far, and perhaps hear how others are getting on with theirs. After 5 brews now it feels like today's grind has hit the sweet spot as it was easily the best brew I've had for ages (Jolly Bean Rocko - roasted 21/11 but now with the mighty F better than ever!) The burrs were run in with 100g of old beans* instead of the recommended uncooked 'minute' rice whatever that is (like a muppet bought cooked
  22. Hi, I have finally managed to finish my home setup for making coffee, aiming for quality and small footprint. The tray is 44 x 36 cm. How many different ways of making coffee can you identify?
  23. I’m set on the idea of handgrinding for espresso as I think the good quality electric grinders tend to be too expensive and over-engineered for my own needs; i.e. just one or two espressos per day. I do want an excellent coffee, but don’t need to make 80 cups per day or enter any barista championships! I have a Feldgrind and I think that does a very good job. Early days with using it for espresso, but I’m liking it a lot so far. But I wonder if I could improve things even further; maybe with a larger burr-set? Or at least get an interesting variation in flavour in the cup if I run two han
  24. Has anyone done this (or similar). I'm really tempted to go down this route. I understand the Feldgrind is capable of espresso, and it's significantly smaller - for my uses (2-3 shots a day) I don't think the manual grinding is going to be an issue. There's a possibility I'd have to travel a bit for work in the future, spending 6 months or possibly longer in one location - my plan would be to sell the SJ once I've got the Feldgrind, and if I move I'd then have to only sell/replace the Gaggia at each destination. Really interested to hear all opinions. Thanks, Tobie.
  25. I have been trying to find a quick and easy method for brewing a fairly large amount (~880ml) of coffee, with as little cleanup as possible. I would like to introduce more people at work to specialty coffee, but it has proved difficult to find a method that works. Since I generally use v60/AP I thought the V60-03 size would allow me to do this, without the need to buy a Chemex/drip machine. However, the brews I am getting are consistently as a much lower extraction and I'm not sure what to do to correct this. I am aiming for 1.50 TDS 21% EY as that is generally what I aim for with
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