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Found 22 results

  1. Hello all, looking for some help/guidance/suggestions before I dive in with the tools, please. I have a Mazzer Royal that has not missed a beat for three years and now has a problem. Most of the time it won’t work. Went wrong three days ago. About once a day when I try it, it spins okay, but once it stops it won’t go again. Background: It’s about 11 years old, but was not used till I got it 3 years ago. Light domestic use since. Has been rewired with an external Auber Instruments Timer. Done 18 months ago, and it’s worked fine since. The various switches (hopper etc)
  2. Went to grind my morning coffee today and there's no power going to my 3 tear old mignon. When I flick the switch the red led doesn't come on. I've checked the plug, fuse and socket. Anyone else experienced anything like this? Any tips on how to fix it?
  3. Hi all, It would seem that my faultless verona is no longer faultless following a full descaling session where there is now a very small leak (10-20ml over the space of 8 hours) has developed. That aside, a more serious fault has developed where the boiler suddenly lost pressure and this was due to the feed inside the water tank not being submerged in the water correctly. Now these units automatically detect when there is no water feed and either top up or switch off - however this didn't happen. I'm beginning to think when I set the brew boiler switch off for the draining seque
  4. I have a 14 year old Andreja Premium that's never given me any problems over the years. However, it's just stopped working and I need my coffee fix! When I turn it on, normally I hear the pump filling the boiler with water. No sound of the pump and there is no water coming out if the ho water wand. So, my first thoughts are, its a faulty pump. Just to add a little complexity, I fitted a mains water supply around five years ago and wonder if the relay on this could be the problem, not 'allowing' water into the machine and so the pump has 'cut off' I hope this makes sense and I would
  5. So I guess something is going out, but I can't figure out what. So, around half the time the preinfusion stage does not start the pump and instead basically only flushes what's in the grouphead. But everything works fine the moment the timer reaches the full pressure. This can be repeated by pushing the manual button also, the moment I stop pushing the button the pump starts and everything is fine. I can hear something when the pump should be running with smaller pressure, but I can't really tell what that sound is (it's very quiet). Could be anything from coil whine. So why isn't the pum
  6. Hello everyone, This is my first post, but I'm hoping you'll be able to help me, as I fear I may be soon going through coffee withdrawal symptoms! My Fabulous Sage Barista Express (which I've owned since 2013 making anything between 4 and 10 espressos per day, every day) has developed a leak. Initially I thought it was just a case of the seal in the release valve broken, but after I've managed to open the machine, it looks much worse. I've attached a few photos here and a short video pointing to the leak (hopefully the link is working!). It seems the leak is from the white tube (apologie
  7. Hi, I’m new to this forum, I can’t seem to find an answer anywhere on google! so I recieved my brand new quamar q50e grinder and I’m unable to move the dial at all to adjust the grind, Anyone ever had this happen? And know how to fix it? I would just send it back to be foxed but with all thats happening (coronavirus) the factory is closed till I don’t know when. thanks Michael
  8. My Piccino coffee machine has lot's of steam coming out of a valve near the on/off switch and the pressure gauge does not move very much at all. Does anyone know what might cause this and how to fix it? I am not sure if it is safe to descale it as it is still in warranty. I have cleaned the filter which was clogged up but it still has not made it better. Grateful for any advice. Thank you! Mark
  9. Owned the grinder for around two months now. A problem has emerged after cleaning it this morning: turning the dial now causes the grind size counter to go up in a haphazard way. Might go 1-2-3-4-7-8-6-7-11-12 as I turn it. Will call Lakeland today and report back.
  10. I have before me a rocket evoluzione with which i have a technical issue. It might be essential to know that the rocket evoluzione has a rotary pump and not a vibration pump. When pulling a shot (with a blind portafilter in) the brew pressure gauge immediately shows the pressure to be 9 bars, but the pressure rapidly climbs all the way up to around 14-15 bars. Obviously by now the safety "over pressure valve" has opened and is letting water out the front of the machine to release all the extra pressure. My initial thought was to adjust the pressure adjustment-nut on the pump and so i
  11. My Sage Dual Boiler has developed a fault (2nd time) I'm not getting any acknoledgement on their email , and the telephone number is now not manned or dead. Does anybody have any alternate contacts ?
  12. I have this machine model, but the online manuals refer to a slightly different machine (possibly a newer model) The manuals refer to a machine that has a expresso cup button and a lungo cup button. My machine has a power button on the left hand side which illuminates and a cup button on the right hand side. My problem is that the coffee does not stop pouring even when it overflows the cup. When i press the cup button it starts to pour and when i press the same button again it stops pouring. I have tried to "program" it to only pour a desired quantity then automatically sto
  13. Hi Guys, Apologies if something similar has already been discussed somewhere, I had a look but couldn't see anything suitable. I am very new to the world of coffee. I started out buying instant coffee, then real bean instant and now I have taken my first step in real coffee by purchasing a 2nd hand Gaggia Classic. I am familiar with how they work and all the steps I need to take as my friend has one but I am getting some annoying issues with mine. As it is 2nd hand I am sure that some parts need changing (group gasket etc.) but I was wondering if I listed my issues if someone
  14. Hello everybody, I wonder if anyone can advise on this problem. My Gaggia TS cuts out about 10-15 minutes after turning it on. The red 'reservoir empty' warning light comes on (despite plenty of water in the tank) and the pump ceases to operate. If you leave the machine off for an hour or so and then turn back on, it then operates normally (but again only for 10-15 minutes!). It seems to be a temperature issue because when I put the machine in a cold garage with the top removed the other night, the problem did not occur. However, I can find no information to suggest that the red warning l
  15. Original thread and fix by randymir Here Gaggia Compact - No Power I have a Gaggia Digital Compact that I've had for a couple of years. It's been a great machine up until a few days ago. The machine was on and we made latte and left the machine on. I went back a couple of hours later and the machine had no power. I', pretty technical, so proceeded to take it apart looking for any type of fuse. None that I could find. O also checked the thermistor and it's fine too. It appears the main board is getting power, so I'm think it might be something on the main board, but can't b
  16. Hello, Hoping someone can help. I have a Kenwood espresso machine which was stopped heating the water. It still makes steam however, and otherwise appears to be operating normally. Pump still works, but cold espresso is created. I know some might say [myself included] buy a new/better machine, but that isnt about to happen anytime soon so I would be grateful of any diagnosis, ideas of components likely to fail, tips, suggestions, or 'how tos' for diagnosis or repair. I have had a look around and found spares available but need to know which parts to replace. I see that it h
  17. Hi, I just bought a Gaggia Classic second hand (little use - very good price from the friday ad), but now I'm facing a problem. The portafilter is really hard to put back into the group. In fact, I cannot get it to the centre of the machine (i.e. in a 90 degree angle) once I put a basket in there (doesn't matter whether it's empty or filled with coffee or a pod). I almost push the machine over each time I put it back with a basket in it. Without the filter basket it works fine though. While I'm very happy with the coffee the machine makes (nice crema, etc.), I'm unsure whether I sho
  18. Hello all! This morning I tried to make my regular coffee and found that the machine is completely blocked. Pressing the coffee button creates a lot of noise that then dies down to a whirr. Hot water/steam flows happily enough out of the side jet if I unscrew the valve. I've taken off the shower head and removed loads of crud from underneath it but still no luck. Should I try to remove the next layer? I've tried to unscrew the bit underneath the shower head but the hex-screws are just too tight! Any advice greatly appreciated - I'm having to walk to campus for my coffee!
  19. Hi everyone, new to the forum. I just bought a second hand Gaggia Baby, which was sold as faulty, so I have no complaints there, but the fault sounds thoroughly fixable to me so I though I would see if anyone had seen the same thing before. Basically, when the machine is turned on from cold, you can turn the pump on as if to make water come through the group head, however it doesn't. You can hear the pump working, and if you turn the steam wand on the water gushes out the steam wand, so I don't think the problem is with the pump. anyway, after about 20 - 30 mins, there is a click sou
  20. Hi there we have had this coffee machine for a number of years, a while back the milk froth are stopped working and water pours through that space when we descale, which we have managed to live with (perhaps we should’ve fixed it?) Anyway now the display is playing up, sometimes it will make a cup of coffee, sometimes it stops halfway through and goes blank, sometimes the light comes on on the display and then goes back off intermittently. I’m hoping I can fix this somehow but looking on YouTube clips and other forums I can’t find the information. Does anybody have any suggestions? Fingers c
  21. Hey all, I’m having an issue with my Gaggia Classic and was hoping someone here could help. It’s one of the newer (push button rather than switch) models and now it won’t stay on when I push the power button in. It does power on when I push the button in - so there is power getting to it - it just goes back off once I take my finger away. I took the top of it off for a cursory glance but couldn’t see any glaringly obvious issues like a broken or disconnected wire or anything burnt out etc. The one thing I did notice is that there’s a small spark on one of the connections to
  22. Looking for help here. Could be that I am doing something wrong, but my steam boiler has started spitting lots of water from the top centre brass valve on heat up. This is causing the machine to short out and tripping my circuit breaker. If I restart the machine and continue it does heat up and I can steam but then it is intermittent and spluttery and steam/water is escaping from the ball joint of the steam wand and spraying around. Been happening for a few days and I thought maybe some air had got pulled in but a couple of water tanks through and it's not getting any better. A
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