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Found 48 results

  1. I saw this on Barista Hustle: Seems like another one of his pseudoscience theories to me. I have a hard time believing in the "water doesn't penetrate into the inside of the grounds" idea when grinds are >250um though I guess there's some upper limit on how large particles can be to hit a decent extraction. But using drip it's possible to hit 20%+ extraction yield using very coarse grinds, like the coarsest setting on your grinder.
  2. Hi folks, Just been having a chat at work about coffee and wondered if anyone has any recommendations for beans that are easy to get a good cup from? I love fruity coffees but at but at work we have a porlex hand grinder, not ideal water and using French press brew method - it doesn’t seem to do them justice. Any advice on what to try is appreciated. Cheers
  3. Do you fellow members deliberately under/ over extract a certain coffee as you prefer the taste of it that way? an example from me is Crankhouses CH7, I seem to prefer a ratio of 1:1.5. Bearing in mind I can't control dose, this gives me around 32 grams from 21g. Here's the thing, if it takes 40 seconds then I find the resulting espresso much smoother . I experimented yesterday and again today. Im quite happy with that but all advice tends to point to '1:2 in 25-35 seconds. I know that's a rough guide but this isn't he only bean I seem to veer away from this standard advice. I almost like to see the extraction struggling at the beginning, well struggling maybe too strong a word but you get what I mean. This tends to suit my tastes. I wondered what others thoughts are?
  4. Hi, Just a question out of curiosity... I was wondering how (good quality) coffee shops get consistent doses of coffee repeatedly? Do they use scales? Or do expensive grinders have scales built in to them so that you can just programme the grinder to output 18g (for example) and it does it every time? This has always puzzled me, because to get a good quality cup you really need to measure the weight, and I thought in a commercial cafe this would take too long? Thanks in advance! Rory
  5. Hi, just had a quick question about coffee flow. I'm about to start some CC Gusto Gold beans on a gaggia classic with a compak k3. Basically i was wondering, in general really for espresso extraction, if you are looking for a steady flow of coffee throughout the extraction process? Or is it okay if the coffee drips for the first 10-15s then comes through thin and steady for the remaining 20-30s, as long as the desired weight is extracted in the correct time? thanks Rory
  6. Hi all, I am wondering how you guys adjust your brews based on taste. I am aware of Barista Hustle's Coffee Compass: https://baristahustle.com/blogs/barista-hustle/the-coffee-compass I have trouble when a coffee is tasting flat almost flavourless. Both the descriptors "dull" and "empty" are on opposite sides of the compass. How do you guys adjust brews when the coffee just tastes flat?
  7. Picked this up for £7.52 on ebay. £10 on a couple of baskets, £10 on rancilio steam wand and a bit of hacksawing and filing later this is the result. Looking to PID in the future. This is a bad example as it stays reasonably consistent but quite often find the extraction speeds up a LOT towards the end, anyone have any idea why this might be? pressure, channelling, basket size? Cheers, Toby
  8. Hi all..... I am a very raw newbie and am awaiting my first machine (Gaggia recon Classic) but I would like some advice regards adding sugar.I know this will raise eyebrows but I am a sweet tooth. My question is ... when do I add the sugar into the espresso..... before the brew or after. So far I have only made with a caffetaire and the 2/3 week wait for my Gaggia is agony. Any comments or advice regards the Classic will be most welcome. Take care all..... Frederick:):)
  9. Hello to all, I'm a newbie & I've found it quite impossible to find a single source of key reference values. I understand that there are many variables and personal preference to consider but would I would like to compile the following key points into a table to help myself & others; pre-grind weight post grind weight post extraction weight shot volume shot time milk texturing time pre-texture milk volume post texture milk volume I have probably missed some key points & I fully understand that these would all be approx values but a good starting point would be extremely helpful for beginners. I think basing all the above on a basic double espresso shot & the mile on a basic latte would be the best starting point as these are probably the most popular. Any help is appreciated.
  10. Anfim on Demand grinder - http://www.anfim.co.uk/html/why_on_demand_.html Anfim have have been around for quite a while and well known for thier quality of grind. Now the guys at anfim have produced a range of on-demand grinders. I have one of these in the training room and I have to say that I'm very impressed. The quality of the grind is far better than the mazzer creating amazing extraction results. It's fast too, not quite as fast as the official spec for a fine grind (a throw of 16g takes 9secs) but still, compared with setting up a doser-grinder with 2 fresh shots is still fast! The grinding adjustment isn't micrometrical, but the notch's are small enough for it not to be a problem. The styling is much beter in the flesh than in the photographs, it would seem that it's not very photogenic! With an RRP of just £580.00, (nearly £500 cheaper than the flagship Mahlkonig) this really is a grinder to give some serious thought to. Regards Lee
  11. dja57

    Baby Gaggia

    Looking for ideas, just got baby gaggia, waiting for grinder.Using pre ground lavazza which takes @ 20 secs for a double and crema thin, my wife thinks coffee is bitter. I have tamped fairly firmly but not mush diffference. To show my wife that when grinder comes we need to grind finer to slow extraction, to illustrate this I put a double through using filter grind with a light tamp it went through in about 30 secs with a slightly better crema. I am now confused. Any advice welcome. thanks David
  12. It would be really handy if there was a sticky or similar in the bean sub-forum where people could add their experiences using different temperatures or even ratios. As fun as it is to go on the voyage of discovery yourself sometimes it is better to use a map (saves a lot of beans as well). ps. this is where someone probably directs me to precisely the above, already in existence!
  13. I had assumed that triples would take long to extract. More coffee with same diameter of puck, therefore a longer column of coffee to push more water through seemed to be self evident that this would take longer to extract a triple than a double for instance. However when I asked about triples when we down for the forum day at Rave I was told by someone quite experienced (forgotten who though)that the triple should be extracting in the same 25-30 sec target range. I just oust can't wrap my head around that as it doesn't seem to make sense given my understanding of the physics involved. Could someone explain this to me?
  14. So I had this problem for a while, and couldn't quite figure out what was happening. I ended up making a 'wiper' that would create a crater in the center of the puck before tamping, but this wasn't ideal and didn't always work to boot. Today I decided to try and fault find, and I swapped out the IMS screen I have in there for a bog standard e61 spot welded one, didn't really expect it to solve anything but was my first point of elimination. Anyway I locked in the PF and then remembered I hadn't flushed, pulled out the PF and when checking to see if the puck had got any water on it already I see... Shower screen indentation... bugger me that was the problem all along. The puck had been too close to the screen, so there hadn't been enough room for the water to form over the top of the puck, so it just went directly from screen to puck, missing out the 'blank' in the center and causing my dead spot. I was dosing 18g in a 18g VST, and going down to 17g gives a much better pour. I think this is also a symptom of when I began to tamp lightly, I found great benefit in that it was much easier to tamp evenly with a light tamp, and achieve the same light pressure each time, but being that the puck is larger it may well have been the root of my center dead spot. Anyway, lesson learnt.. onward.
  15. I have had the Barista Express for about 2.5 years. Recently I have had issues with the extraction. It continues to extract my coffee fully and it wont stop until there's no water left in the machine. I have descaled the machine and back washed it. I have used different grinds and beans and the issue is still occurring. It is possible to stop it manually with the button. Anyone have any idea what is going on?
  16. I've recently acquired an 18g VST basket and I do like but coffee definitely runs faster through it, I received some Gaslight from BB yesterday and tried it this morning. I'm dosing 18g and I'm getting 35g out in just 18 second? The grind is very fine, could I be grinding to fine? I realise grinding finer should produce a slower extraction but it doesn't look much in the basket as it is? Could try 19g but just wondered if you can go to fine.
  17. So Thanks to Coffeechap i have got myself a Rocky grinder. So i have been playing about tonight Double basket 16g ground coffee i am extracting 40g in about 25 seconds this seems a bit fast but the taste is pretty good? Bean : Java jampit Mike
  18. Right ive finally got around to getting some portable scales. I am using a hand grinder for now but i want to start making some good coffee. using the double basket how much coffee should i be aiming to put into the basket?
  19. Hi- a quick bit of advice please! My equipment is a Gaggia Classic with the OPV set and a Mazzer Super Jolly. I am using a naked portafilter, WDT and skimming the top with minimal compression (sorry not weighing my dose). I am tamping at about 13-14kg according to my incredibly scientific bathroom scales. I'm getting good extraction, flavour and crema but I'm only getting 30ml (in about 20-25sec) before it blondes. The beans are probably old (I bought them from myespresso with no roast date) but not the worst. Should I grind coarser and tamp harder? I tried tamping at about 11-12kg and the puck was breaking up. I have new beans from Square Mile on their way here now so that may tell me something. Or is this whole thing just a 'if it tastes right its fine scenario'?? Thanks
  20. Assuming you've dialled in your beans and found your perfect extraction.... what do you do then? Repeat and repeat? Or for the sake of variety, keep trying different ratios and combinations? For those of us who like variety between one cup and another, what's the procedure? Change extractions or have a couple of bags on the go at any one time?
  21. This is a video I made ages ago, shortly after getting my shiny new Alex Duetto I was happy with this shot, but what do you guys think? Does it look like a decent extraction to you? [video=youtube_share;TFM-QN4lplI]
  22. I've already emailed Sage about this to see what they say but figure it can't hurt to get a second opinion. My Oracle doesn't seem to be grinding fine enough for what I expected. During my white glove service I was using Rave Italian Job but Steve (CC Barista) didn't seem to be able to get it fine enough either and it was over extracting by quite a bit. He changed over to the CC Barista Guatemalan coffee and with the grinder set at 8 and a 30 second extraction, this made the perfect shot. This coffee was a bit dark for us and when I went on the website it says it's for filter coffees and cafetieres, not espresso. That and the delivery was expensive so it wouldn't be a viable option to use this. I've been trying to replicate these results using more Rave coffee, roast dates vary from about 4 days old up to a max of about 9 days and it all seems to be much the same. I've got the grinder set on 1 and have even removed the burrs and manually turned them to fine a notch (Out the box they were set at 6, now they are at 5) and it still seems to be over extracting. I'm getting about 70 - 80mls for a 30 second shot with the grinder at its finest setting. I'm assuming Rave coffee should be a good coffee to use as I know it's quite popular on here. I asked Steve about the low grind numbers and he says it varies from machine to machine. My thinking is that I would like it somewhere in the middle (About 20) and that would give me the option to go up or down depending on what beans I'm using and accounting for changes over time as the beans age. My puck is usually dry after extraction, sometimes there is a small area of surface water but not a lot (Steve adjusted the dosing as he said it was a bit wet). I've tried adjusting the tamp settings but this results in the puck breaking up rather than coming out whole and didn't make much difference to the coffee. All settings are stock on the machine apart from the grind settings. My workflow is as follows, Turn machine on, fill cup with hot water to pre-heat, run a sink shot through the porta-filter to heat everything, purge milk frother, start steaming milk, remove portafilter and dry, grind, put porttafilter in grouphead and extract. Does anyone have any advice?
  23. Came by this interesting article by Scott Rao where he also touches on the limits of extraction yields. https://www.scottrao.com/blog/2017/8/27/fines-fine-for-espresso-not-so-fine-for-filter
  24. I have bought a Feldgrind and a ROK press and although it technically isn't Espresso (Not 9Bar) however so many parameters have been shot out the window now by the 3rd wave I wonder what is considered espresso now. Anyway I have been having a play around and am struggling somewhat, I am getting heaps of sourness through I used to be able to remedy this but it appears that with the ROK I can't get round it. Is it a temperature issue, I've tried heating up the metal and putting hotter than I would like into the top to get round this problem with little progress. I started with as fine as I could go and have let out the grind incrementally but always an element of sourness and it is frustrating. Cupping gives clean red fruit and a full body. Using Ashbeck, Bonavita and Good beans stored well. (The bag got binned forgotten the exact bean as label got destroyed) Any advice would be well received as I am trying to see just how good I can get out of this little setup as I am convinced that any kit can make good coffee with a bit of effort and time to understand the kits character.
  25. Sami

    For puck sakes!

    So I picked up a second-hand LI about a month ago and after getting my head around the differences was pulling consistently great shots. In fact, I was finding it very difficult to pull a bad shot! Worked my way through a couple of kilos of Rave beans and recently placed another order. Happy days. Something I had noticed though was that spent pucks where looking very messy on top, despite there being no obvious channeling with a naked PF. Also it seemed like a lot of grinds where getting all over the place in the group head, even past the gasket. The shots were tasting great however, so I didn't worry about it too much until the other night when I decided to remove the shower screen and inspect. Doing so revealed that I must have used too much lube when re-assembling the group head as some had 'splurged' out of the sides and even made its way onto the shower screen, hence the messy-looking pucks. Easy to fix right? Gave it all a good clean and popped the shower screen back on. Since then 4 things have happened: 1) No longer getting messy pucks. 2) Seem to be getting more crema. 3) Where I was dosing 15.8g with what I assume is the stock double basket and getting dry(ish) pucks, the same dose with Signature Blend is yielding wet pucks, even 15 minutes after the shot is pulled. 4) Every shot now has a terrible sour aftertaste! Remedied the wet pucks by dosing up to about 16.2g and using a slightly coarser grind but shots still have an awful, lingering sour aftertaste. Using the same beans, same routine (apart from slight increase in dose, approx 27g out in 27s, 6s pre-infusion, tamping marginally harder than the weight of the tamper, pulling every shot just after the red light goes out). The only thing that's different is that I'm currently using Evian instead of Volvic. Surely that couldn't be the cause? Another thing that I've noticed is that due to the low clearance of the shower screen combined with a light tamp, there aren't enough grinds in the basket to do a nsew sweep as they're just below the rim. Are other Londiniumites experiencing this also? And finally, does anyone think it would be advisable to remove the group head and make sure there's no lube where it shouldn't be?
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