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  1. Morning folks, Advice please. My machine is turned on using a time switch so it's nice and hot by the time I get out of bed. However today, the machine did not heat up. The PID is stuck saying 20/21 deg. When I open the steam, hot water or brew switches nothing happens at all. From the lack of hot water and steam output this I gather there is no temp/pressure in the boilers thus no flow (correct?). However the pump doesn't work either. Tried a standard computer reset (turn it off and on again) and nothing. What I did notice is that a few seconds after turning the machin
  2. Will the warranty be void on a Expobar Brewtus IV if I take the case off to see if I have a leak? I am a bit worried that as I took the casing off to take some photos I inadvertently voided the warranty. I received the machine 2 weeks ago and used it a few times (weekends), and twice now I have noticed a little bit of water under the machine at the back. After the first time, I emailed Crem and they said it could be leak or something else but they couldn't say anything more from the photo I sent them of under the machine. When it happened again I immediately took the case off and n
  3. Can someone help me identify this machine? Any info appreciated. Thanks in advance, Matias
  4. Hi there, I am looking at upgrading my set up at some time in the hopefully not too distant future. I currently own a Sage duo temp pro which I am very pleased with but want to move on. I've been looking at the Rocky Appartamento, the Bezzera BZ 10 and the Expobar Office Leva. My one concern with the Leva is the filling of the water tank. I don't want to have to pull the machine out to take the water tank out (it would be under cupboards) but the hole in the water tank seems quite small. Do any of you mange to fill the tank using a jug? Best wishes, Teresa
  5. Looks in decent nick and saying only home use? Good price if so. https://www.gumtree.com/p/coffee-machines/expobar-leva-dual-boiler-coffee-machine/1254050720
  6. Hello, For a sale Expobar Brewtus IV (tank/vibra)verison. Bought in August 2015 in original packing and with everything that came with it: - portafilter - filter basket (single and double) - blind filter. It is 230V/240V version with schuko plug (germany, italy, austria, swiss etc). For UK it is just need a 3pin uk adapter. Machine was regularly maintained and always used with water softener. If you have any additional questions let me know and i am able to send any additional pictures. Joystick are sold. I did apply the original. I'm ready to sell it fo
  7. This is an advert for my recently replaced espresso machine. I bought it new from BellaBarista on Jan 4 2013 (I still have the receipt). It suffered a leaking relief valve in 2015, which was replaced and throughout its life has been regularly de-scaled and cleaned. Otherwise I have had no problems with it. It has delivered around 3000 espressos in its time with me and provided an excellent follow-on from a Gaggia that I had used before treating myself to a retirement present. A slippery slope. Initially I used (Brita) filtered water and then moved over to Volvic bottled water.
  8. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/173022175166 Looks good condition and good price - shame so far away - I wouldn't risk shipping if it was for myself.
  9. I find my PID sits 1 degree below the set temperature probably just under half of the time. Do we know how the Gicar PID actually rounds (i.e. to the nearest degree or does an actual temp of 91.99 still display 91 until it reaches 92)? Also if anyone has discovered any proportional integral and derivative variables that work particularly well (steam boiler on), that they'd like to share I'd be eternally grateful. I currently get about a 1 degree swing at worst, so not bad by any stretch but couldn't hurt to have it even better.
  10. Hi all, Just wanted to introduce myself and also ask for some advice on a bad case of upgradeitis!! A year ago, I ditched my Delonghi bean to cup machine for a Sage DTP with a Baratza Vario grinder. I’ve been relatively satisfied with it but must admit it hasn’t blown me away to the extent I was hoping. I think this is because we drink coffee from good coffee shops/restaurants. The wife still prefers the old Delonghi (!) but I think that’s more her not liking the new world of dosing, tamping, timing etc! Anyway, we drink almost exclusively long whites and espresso. At
  11. As above please; struggling to find a link or hard copy anywhere... thanks in advance
  12. Ok I admit it, I have been negligent, It’s been 3 years since I did a descale of my expobar dual leva I decided to check the mushroom and was pleasantly surprised to see it was pretty clean. The Edinburgh water is very soft, maybe too soft and some more minerals would improve flavour? The other side is completely clean so I think I will leave it for a while yet.
  13. Hi all, I'm soon planning to get a brewtus, but wondering what its warm up time is from cold? Comparing this to the Sage DB (heard this one takes about 5-10 mins to heat up from cold to brew espresso), how long will the brewtus take to pull the shot from cold (switched off machine)?
  14. Hi guys and gals, I have just upgraded from a Francis Francis X1 to an Expobar G10 compact (which makes my X1 look like it belongs in a dolls house!). I got a bit of a bargain on eBay and the machine works great, and seems to be well matched to my Mahlkonig / Baratza Vario, but the portafilters, one single spout one double spout, are pretty beaten up and the baskets are 1x7g and 1x14g. I went in to this purchase pretty blind, and didn't actually realise this machine works from an Expobar proprietary grouphead and not an E61, so treat me as clueless and you'll be not far from accurate
  15. Hi Everyone I'm selling my coffee machine due to my wife starting to drink coffee and thus us needing to have a more simple machine for her to use. I'm sure i'll be back at some time in the future but for now, I can move this machine on. It's a dual boiler, PID control of the brew boiler, pressurestat control of the steam boiler. Mains water and tank - I've tried both and have used this routinely with filtered water. Bella Barista serviced the machine and also fitted a new PID back in Apr 18, the old PID was occasionally shutting off, but now all in perfect working order.
  16. I'm cleaning up a used Expobar Office Control and am thinking I'd like to insulate the boiler. I like what I see here: #3 For those of you who've insulated a boiler on an HX machine of this size, have you noticed any downsides? I'm concerned about unforeseen consequences. Thank you.
  17. Can someone please list some parts that typically need to be replaced on an Expobar Office Control? I live in North Africa, where I recently bought a used Expobar Office Control. It's working well, but I'm sure it will need some spare parts eventually. As parts are hard to come by in my location, I'd like to buy a few spares during a trip to the U.K. in December. Thank you very much.
  18. So this year (well last month in fact) I bought my first home. Finally able to drill holes and plump in the beast! Expobar Dual Boiler Rotary (plumnbed) Mazzer Super Jolly with 320g Hopper Made by Knock 58.3mm Tamper IMS baskets and shower screen
  19. After giving my machines group head a full descaling and finding it in a pretty gruesome state, I decided my next task was to give the boiler a full descale. Maybe a little over-enthusiastically I opted for this method where you overfill the boiler. . It all went well – removing the level probe connection, filling the boiler with dezcal and the heat exchanger, leaving it for an hour, running several litres of clean water through the system. Then I hit a problem at the end. The last step where I had reconnected the water level probe and switched on the machine to heat it up to expel
  20. After using my Bean to Cup machine, I want something more advanced, better, essentially a proper espresso machine. I would like a controllable PID for the brew temps, and the Expobar caught my eye (mainly because it seems a very reasonable price). Am I picking a good machine? Should I go more expensive for any reason? Sorry I might be a little vague here, I'll let my thoughts out aloud; - I want a dual boiler (I suppose is directly related to my third point here) - I much prefer the "Rocket Appartamento" style of design rather than the "Profitec 300" style of design, henc
  21. Hi, up for sale is my Expobar Leva/Brewtus IV. It's the Plumb and Tank version manufactured Jan 2015. I bought it from a forum member about 3 years ago (see link to original sale). It's been fed Waitrose bottled water and back-flushed with water every other day and Pulycaff monthly. Has some light scratches to the finish. I've added the side rails to the cup warmer which makes it a lot easier to refill the water tank without having to take the cups off 1st. Includes double and naked portafilters with single, double and VST 18g baskets. Also includes single and three hole steam tips alon
  22. Hi All, forgive me if this is posted in the wrong area! As soon as the machine is powered on, there is continuous leaking coming from the safety release valve. If I turn on the machine and pull the pour lever, small amounts of water start coming through the group head but still leaks on top of the main boiler. Machine only has 2 months of usage! (not descaled yet which I know is bad, not sure if this is the culprit?) Not sure where to go from here, I'm in Devon and am happy to recieve any recommendations from pro's who might be able to help. I unfortunately bought this from a co
  23. Possible good deal if you’re around Aberdeen Expobar leva 2 with a grinder £250 https://www.gumtree.com/p/coffee-machines/expobar-professional-coffee-machine-with-iberital-grinder/1359603722
  24. Very late 2014 model bought from Bella Barista (not by me, I am the second owner) Expobar DB! Immaculate condition as I hope the pictures show. Total princess of a machine, only fed bottled water, back flushed after every use and has been descaled when I bought it (2 months a go). It has seen very light use since I have had it, hence the sale. I think it is a bargain for a double boiler machine at this price, also considering the package that comes with it for a quicker sale: Expobar DB Cafe Latte 58.5mm tamper Rattleware 550ml jug Rhinowares 600ml (black teflon) jug 4 hole A
  25. Purchased from Bella Barista about 10 years ago my Expobar Brewtus II now needs a new home due to me succumbing to ‘upgraditus’. This version of the Brewtus is switchable between internal water reservoir or plumbed in. This machine has been reliable and well cared for and is in very good condition. It has only ever used R.O. water and so has never required de-scaling. Early on I replaced the original fluid-o-tech OPV with the much higher quality valve which subsequently became the standard on all later Brewtus machines. I also re-routed the OPV water runoff back to the water reservoi
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