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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, Apologies if this is not the right place to post this thread. Any recommendations for additional sites to use to reach as many people as possible would be much appreciated. Pro-active, resourceful and highly motivated individual looking for work within the coffee industry. Whether in a fledgling or established coffee shop (or mobile unit), Import/export of raw materials or somewhere else in the sourcing, roasting and distribution process, I am open to discussing a variety of opportunities. On returning from two years travelling across Europe, Asia and Australia I want to focus on an industry that I have a real interest and passion for. As such, I am happy to discuss working in a volunteer capacity for accommodation and meals in the beginning, but am also open to more formal arrangements anywhere worldwide. I have varied experience across retail, hospitality and recruitment, as well as a sociable and personable approach with customers, clients and suppliers. I have good people skills and enjoy working in a sociable environment. Please feel free to get in touch with any questions you may have. Kind regards, Chris Davis
  2. Hi guys, You may have heard of us before, we're Blink Collective: Marketplace for Experiences. We're currently looking for coffee shop owners to become part of our growing community. We've a new campaign that we've just set up, aimed at getting coffee shops to run introductory coffee experiences in their shops after hours. These sessions will be a fantastic way to get new people involved in the world of Coffee. As introductory courses, they'll typically run for around 90 minutes (give or take), and give a nice introduction into techniques, knowledge, history and everything in-between. Our current business model charges a 10% commission for every experience booked through us, but as we're looking to grow our community, we're willing to take you on the site, with the introductory classes, 100% Free. That's Free to list and free to gain bookings. You're more than welcome to add intermediate and advanced classes, and these will only ever have a 10% commission rate taken from every booking (to cover our costs for marketing, advertising etc). We've some fantastic hosts who've already joined up, I think you'll be familiar with some of the names. Here's a link to give you all the information you need: http://blinkcollective.com/blinkbarista I hope you can join us in our campaign, if you've any further questions, please don't hesitate to ask me (Email: [email protected]kcollective.com), or simply bring them up on this forum post. Thank you, Michael.
  3. Well, here it is, the long awaited for thread! Ok, so. The begining of the summer holidays after secondary school before college i really wanted a job, to kepp the time over the summer occupied; Starbucks was one of the first places that i applied to in the late June 07, applied for loads of other jobs too, anyway.. my summer passed, no replys from anyone. Got a call from starbucks calling me in for an interveiw; so im waiting for the interveiw watching the girls behind the bar.. 'Wow. how the hell am i going to remember all of that?!' anyway, interveiw goes well, i get what Sbux call an OJE [on job experience]. im given a really quick basic training session on the bar [literally 5 mins] and im left on my own for an hour to see how i do. Turns out ive done really well, the hour passes really quickly and the only thing i struggle with is remembering the difference between latte and cap Im offered the job [the same day as offered a job at Woolworths[turned out i hated shelf stacking and boring till work, so i quit]]. Employment started on 13 August 2007 [this time last year! Exciting huh?] Ok. so, i get to know all the old people, have a laugh and really enjoy working at the Bux, tbth, i had absolutly no problems with any partners[starbucks word for collegues] [although, me and a new girl got told off for having a joke with another partner, that was taken a bit to much to heart, slapped wrists, appologised, and were really good freinds now, and the new girl left!]. Once had a problem with the manager.. She changed the rota without giving me notice, and turned out i had to work that day [i only went in to get a drink] at 3 oclock, this was at 12.30! what a cow. anyway, had a few harsh words with her, and she swears she didnt change it. well. i know different, but you cant exactly argue with the boss only being 3 weeks new..? Anyway, trained on the automatic espresso machine, trained on cafe, tills, and food. [incase your interested, discounts are 30% at all times; Free Drink before,during,after shift on handmade drinks[lattes,hotchoc,cap,frap..etc] before,during,after shift:1/2price food and one free bag of coffee every week!] Christmas came, big big hype about it: New red tshirts, new drinks, new coffee beans on offer [Christmas Blend, i can give you my tasting notes if you are interested?] i volounteered for a close down on xmas promotion, we stayed a few hours late to do a proper major clean up;walls, ceilings, behind boards. and had a laugh with everyone else. Weve all been out for a few drinks [maybe i shouldnt be saying this..?] but weve all gone out got drunk, had a great laugh, and maybe thats why i get on with everyone..?[im shy usually on first meetings you know?] Then, news of the new Starbucks store in basingstoke opening has traveled through our store, All the newly employed staff are to be transfered to the new store [literally 3mins away from old store..]. Me and the girl that i kind of bullied[?] helped set the new store up and i was suprised to see how cool it looked, alot brighter than the old store [but exaclty the same set up.. hmm.. haha]. over the last 4-5months that its been open weve had several managers: Manager of the old store --> She was ok, but didnt really seem to care about the store, or the people, only getting it set up.. Newly Trained manager[who had previous experience, working for sbux as a supervisor somewhere up north.. o.O] --> really nice and friendly, pretty old though! Asst. Manager of old store --> Really funny, easy to get along with, could probably get away with murder.. Current Manager[newly trained, new to sbux, used to be a manager for Next..] --> well, lets say hes more interested in our store making money than he is interested in what the staff think of him.. Ok, hes not that bad!! but. he realy does have his moments, and when he does, theyre major!! [For instance.. Last sunday, we had 3 people in from 12.30 til 6, about 1+1/2hrs of breaks to cover, and no hope in hell of being out ontime, well we were out 30mins late.. not too bad, but because he hasnt hired any new people yet, we couldnt get any other people to come help us, so we had to suffer.. Well, current status of our store: -Some new people joining our store.. -Two supervisors leaving, one barista training to be a supervisor [that leaves our store with 1 manager, 1 supervisor.. should be funny..] -3 baristas on holiday, 1 in hospital [appendicitis], leaving... 4[?] to work the next week.. Well.. i hope thats informative.. maybe a bit too much detail.. and i probably rambeled on for most.. sorry if its too hard to read But, hopefully youve spent some nice time to read, maybe over a nice steaming cup of Starbucks® - Ethiopia Sidamo -Ant
  4. Lets start something that's not about, when is my grinder coming, interesting as it might be. How is everyone who has received their Niche Zero finding the grinder. Have you compared it against your existing grinder if you have one, has it helped the coffee making process, do we have some videos of your Niche in action and the shots it's producing. How are you finding the weight consistency out vs in etc..
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