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  1. Hello - new user here. Does anyone happen to know the technical specs for the replacement seals etc for la pavoni groups, steamer and so on? The prices charged by the official suppliers for a few rubber seals and brass washers seem pretty outrageous (north of £30) so I was wondering if it were possible to buy generic equivalents separately? Also is there a way of getting the horseshoe washer out without wrecking it in the process? (even with needle-nosed pliers!?)
  2. So, I believe the piston seal in my la pavoni is worn. What do you guys think.....Am I best buying just the seal from theespressoshop or should I get the full seal kit? Really my question is am I better replacing seals in a piecemeal fashion or all at once? At this stage I just want my la pavoni back making coffee. Also if anybody can recommend a cheaper alternative to theespressoshop, that would be great I feel kind of bad paying so much shipping for such a small item
  3. https://www.gumtree.com/p/coffee-machines/la-pavoni-vintage-europiccola-lever-espresso-machine/1287384146 Probably needs seals doing but looks ok for the money? She also has a Iberital MC2 Coffee Grinder for £100
  4. Got to be an easy fix! £150 Buy it now Europiccola in what looks like great condition near Woodbridge. I would. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/La-Pavoni-Europiccola-Chrome-Expresso-Coffee-Machine-/192270975967?hash=item2cc43e43df:g:lQcAAOSwU1RZibcx
  5. Look like it is in good condition. Keep an eye on it if you are local. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/La-Pavoni-Europiccola-EN-8-Cups-Espresso-Machine-Black-Black-/332305553982?hash=item4d5ef45a3e:g:ZuQAAOSwb~9ZafRt
  6. Woohoo!!! I just got me a Pavoni on ebay! - http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/332307790618 My first lever and first espresso machine! Complete noob to espresso really, but I had to give it a try and I love the engineering simplicity and heritage of the Pavoni levers. And the fact that they can make fantastic espresso in the right hands... hopefully mine too eventually! Think this is an 80s machine, no idea what shape it's going to be in so it was a bit of a punt really, but will be happy to strip it down and rebuild as a project if needed. There have been some great threads here lately from
  7. 'Sup Lever Lovers! I'm looking into joining the world of lever machines, and am taking the plunge on buying a La Pavoni Europicolla. Been scouring ebay, and whilst I can grab a deal at around 200-250, i'm not sure if it is worth spending the extra 100 on a brand spanker? (they're 349 at caffe italia right now) Just wondered if anyone had any knowledge on this, for example I shouldn't get a newer model..as i know is the case with the Gaggia Classic! Appreciate any tips
  8. On eBay year or so back you could get Europiccola boiler caps with built-in pressure gauges. I never got one, don't need one, and don't reckon they'd be much use, but a chum has bought a Mignon and, feeling rather at sea wrt. temperature, pressure and water level, is clutching at straws. Anyone know where they may still be found?
  9. Got a bit bored with my old avatar so looking around for something Pavoni related I remembered this clip. Not sure if this has been posted here before and I expect lots of you have seen it but here it is in all it's 70's glory - the La Pavoni Europiccola as demonstrated by James Bond himself in the film Live and Let Die The prop 'espresso' looks very odd and spot the unorthodox steaming technique - espresso in with the milk and the opv tube! These bloopers seem so obvious to us now but of course back then no one would have had a clue. To a British audience this was all new, this
  10. This is the second attempt at documenting my restoration of a Pavoni Europiccola 1977. The previous thread got corrupted and the admin decided to take it offline. This is it, a Europiccola 1977 bought on Ebay for about 150 EUR. There is a bit of rust on the base, but the rest looks good: I will disassemble it and then start documenting the restoration
  11. Hey folks, Am thinking between getting a Gaggia Classic and install PID on it, or getting a La Pavoni and just work with what a beauty it already is. Anybody here with experience with both? I have heard that the La Pavoni compared to a Gaggia without PID would be better, but what about with the PID? I am just planning to make 1-3(usually 2) drinks at a time, milk based. Anybody got any insight to help me on this? Would appreciate any advice, thanks!
  12. Folks - been using the EP for about 6 weeks now and I'm still having some difficulty getting the shot volume consistent, I think it's because I'm not venting the air out of the group head (if that's what it's called in a lever machine). Today I poured a shot with 14g in the basket - that only arrived at about 21g of coffee in the cup. The first part of the pour was very soft and it felt like I was compressing air with the piston rather than pushing liquid through the coffee. It was fine by the way, but a few days before I got easily over 30g. The boiler is running at 0.75 PSI so that's no
  13. Morning all, What sort of output are people getting using one pull (no fellini etc.) on their millenium machines with a double basket? I find myself getting ~25g from a standard single pull, this is whether I dose 12, 13, even 14 or 15gs. I've done a bit of searching online and from the small amount of info I've managed to find people seem to be getting 30g plus... Thanks, Harry
  14. Hi all - am thinking about adding a pressure gauge to my Europiccola millenium in the near future, but a little confused by the different nuts for different models etc. Am I right in thinking that for the millenium model, I would just need this nut: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Pavoni-Europiccola-Pressure-Gauge-Nut-S-STEEL-3120104-EURO-/263180996703 And a gauge like this: https://www.bluestarcoffee.eu/la-pavoni-chrome-boiler-pressure--gauge-5921-p.asp And I'd be good to go? Thanks!
  15. Hi all, Have recently picked up a very, very clean Europiccola. Has high/low switches, sight glass is protected by metal and is obviously pre-millenium. Any indicators on working out the age? No dates inside or underneath either...
  16. So, now that I have both, both made on the same year of 2012 and only months older than each other, I can compare them all. I get that the Pro has a bigger boiler and in theory better steaming ability. But, am I the only one who finds steaming milk on the Pro awkward? The boiler having a wider diameter means they the venting outlet sits almost touching the boiler on the Pro, whereas on the Europiccola it almost touches the group, leaving more space to tilt and manoeuvre the milk pitcher to get the milk spinning. Am I missing something?
  17. My old faithful Gaggia Classic had got far too scaled up. A lesson learned, use bottled water. It was time for a new coffee machine, but what to get. After much dilemma about whether a lever machine would be suitable or not, especially when I had guests, I decided against it. My wife decided for me that getting a new Gaggia would be a good idea as I had always been happy with my old one, until it died after lots of use. It seemed a good plan a slightly better machine was going to be lots more money, and lots bigger. The lever urge remained and a quick glance on ebay identified a
  18. For anyone wanting the above kit to add a Full Piston Pressure Gauge kit, I just ordered one from this company, https://coffee-sensor.com/product/coffee-sensor-full-piston-pressure-kit-for-the-la-pavoni-europiccola-pre-millennium-and-millenium-machines/ Cost is €200 with free postage, spoke to The Espresso Shop this week and they are going to put something on their website along the same lines, a full kit, the quoted me around £200 plus their hefty postage costs, or they do have all the parts on their website now, not sure what the individual parts come to, I took the e
  19. Hi all. Having been given a La Pavoni Europiccola I was told to check out this forum as a good place to get advice and tips on how to get the best out of what is proving to be a lovely little coffee machine.
  20. So far found these: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/La-Pavoni-Europiccola-Single-Hole-Steam-Tip-/291757497611?hash=item43ee1a1d0b:g:dB8AAOSwnTJXAtPH http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1-Loch-Dampfduse-fur-La-Pavoni-Europiccola-Professional-Steam-Nozzle-Tip-/262419552621?hash=item3d196c996d:g:7QIAAOSwosFUXOtF http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/STAINLESS-Single-hole-STEAM-WAND-FROTHING-TIP-NOZZLE-for-LA-PAVONI-other-/201564652750?hash=item2eee3084ce:g:2WMAAOSw3ydVxPGQ http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/262403703107?_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT Does anyone have any thoughts or ex
  21. Hi guys, I've recently bought a pre-millennium EP (1978) from @ coffee chap and absolutely love it. I exclusively use Coffee Compass espresso blends and really like cappuccino or milk based drink however I do like the odd espresso. My grinder is a La Cimbali Magnum and I grind pretty fine with a light tamp. My routine is 13g into the double basket with a ten sec pre-infusion and pull around 25/30 secs and end up with about 35/40g of espresso. Now when I started using the machine a month or so back I was getting a nice crema on top of the coffee and it was pretty consiste
  22. Well in response to @jimbojohn55 and his wooden gaggia handle .... And the disappearance of Peter Bradley and my money and wooden handles .... I decided to buy a cheap lathe and make my own. 1st attempt :- Not too bad for a first attempt at using a lathe ... Not happy with the shape ... But buy the time I have experimented a bit with a few types of wood I'll be there ... Next up, boiler cap and steam valve
  23. I have just bought a late 1980s Europiccola, with added pressure gauge. At about 0.5 bar the opv starts passing steam. By the time it's at 1 bar it's really sending out a lot of steam. Is this normal. If so I may have to find somewhere else to locate it. It's making a mess of our kitchen cupboards.
  24. Hi Everyone, Was wondering whether you guys have some suggestions on how to make the coffee less sour. I manage to make a great espresso with Arabica beans. Now I'm running into issues when switching to a different type of bean and the coffee comes out very sour. The beans I have used are a Brazilian yellow Bourbon from Hasbean (http://bit.ly/1UgvLO7) as well as a Tanzanian Bourbon from Ozone Coffee roasters in London (region Mbeya, fully washed). Both smell amazing as roasted beans, but the espresso comes out way too sour. It becomes a bit better after the following adjustmen
  25. -WARNING, I got carried away. Also will have to be multiple posts due to 5 photo per post restriction. And sorry about rotation- Part1 About a couple of weeks ago and after a few failed attempts at wining a bid on a Pavoni on fleebay I happened to be scavenging the depths of Gumtree for misspelled ads at 2am as one does. And would you believe it, there it was! An il pavoni europiccolo (a.k.a. La Pavoni Europiccola) for £50… in Leeds. Couldn’t believe my luck. I texted, emailed and texted again, and all that before 8 am. Got a response eventually from a very obliging seller much to m
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